Dressing for pleasure

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Dressing for pleasure

Postby maria » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:49 am

It's no secret - I love getting dressed up if I go sinking. I try to make it a sexy outfit and with rubber boots of some description. It must be the thrill of "trying" my hardest not to get muddy, not to sink too deep beyond the rims of my rubber boots ... but it usually ends up going beyond the limit. I think every sink brings on new challenges - in the clothing, the depth of the mud and the perils involved.

How do other sinkers feel about this - do they like to get dressed up for the special event? ;)

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Re: Dressing for pleasure

Postby bogbud » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:40 pm

Of course!
Protective gear and boots is an essential part of my fetish. Sinking or just getting messy in mud with everyday wear or just shorts or the like is unbelievable for me (i can "tolerate" this, when watching a female sinker ;) )
I do also choose my footwear fitting for the area i want to go to. Kneehigh wellies when i know the stuff is thighdeep, Thigh-waders when there is hip- or belly-deep mud to be expected and my tallest waders are used in bottomless bog. When i'm in imminent danger of sinking deeper than my boots is thrilling for me, too.
I'm chindeep in this mudbog and every desperate attempt to move my stuck legs only drives me deeper in. The thick mud slowly swamps my waders and i have nothing to hold onto. I'm so feeling at home.

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