Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

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Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

Postby MkIII » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:44 pm

Ever since I started sinking in my late teens, I've had a vision in my head; on that first sink 14 years ago, I didn't look at my body, I just looked out at the muddy clay rising to meet me. It was the sight of the mud rising to swallow me that sent an electric thrill through my body, and I knew I had to have more. One day, I wanted to see it rise higher. I wanted to look down and see the ground rising to cover my chest; I wanted to see those undulations at my chin as I squirmed in the thick embrace...and then keep going.

In the years since, I've struggled against buoyancy to fulfill my fantasy. There's a lot of good thigh-deep clay in east Texas, thick and creamy and good for a wallow, but with a definite and impenetrable bottom. I've made do with it, tiring myself out by "swimming" in it until I feel almost too heavy to move, but I wanted more. A few days ago, I finally found the best spot I've sank in thus far. A little unsolicited geology lesson: clay is one of the lightest dirt particles, and it can stay suspended in water almost indefinitely. I knew I was looking for a place where a stream or a creek forks off and slows down enough to drop the clay out of suspension and kept pushing water down into it. Turns out, there's a place nearby that is almost exactly this.

I slogged through the sand until I reached it, reaching knee-depth and still going slowly down. I started "struggling" in it, mixing it up and going down to my waist; experience told me I'd float there, touch the bottom and it would be a nice half-sunk mud bath. But as I started to lay flat, I felt for the bottom and didn't find it.

It didn't dawn on me at first that I had found a place to get really deep. The mud was thick but yielding as far as my legs could stretch. It was thicker at the bottom and harder to push through, but not impossible. I found that as I pointed my toes down and dug in farther, I was working myself past the point where I would normally float. I was diagonal, but the mud was rising to my ribs.

I was preparing for disappointment, seeing if my legs would rise above the surface like they always did...but the mud beneath held tight. I had worked my feet, at least, beneath four feet of heavy clay, and I wasn't going to float through it this time. I could feel my body trying to rise, but the suction was winning. I was stuck.

To say that this excited me was an understatement. I dug my arms in and heaved upwards, desperately trying to force myself deeper into that thicker goo. Slowly, it took more of me, rising past my chest, and up to shoulder level. It felt so good, the clay licking its way up my chest as I shoved myself into it. I reached as deep as I could with my arms, hoping to find the dense, heavy stuff that was encasing my feet, to lever myself even lower. In my feverish struggle, even though I was still in my boxers, the excitement was too much, and I orgasmed.

Breathless, I stopped for a moment. I looked around; even in the dark, I could see that my fantasy was nearly complete. My face was inches above the mud, and my shoulders had nearly been claimed by it.

I've been "stuck stuck" before. Post-nut clarity often has me climb out and head back home - it's a busy life I lead, and sinking is quite a dangerous fetish to fully indulge - but seeing how deep I was, even in the overstimulation, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to get down to my neck, and I knew that when I got there, I'd probably want to go deeper still...but that just made me want to sink even further. I knew I might be unable to escape, unable to reach my phone and call for help. It was night, and I was alone; if I went too deep, the mud might decide to keep me.

So I struggled more. I levered myself even further, almost reaching to the top of my shoulders...and I had to stop. Sadly, though my heart felt teenaged again, I had boring responsibilities to attend to at home. Reclining in the gooey embrace for just a moment, I savored the feeling before gently slipping my feet from the gripping bottom, oozing out as buoyancy again took hold. Covered in thick, sticky clay, I sank into places that had earlier held my weight, and it was all I could do to stay focused on getting cleaned up and leaving.

And that's the story of my first truly deep sink. I'm covered in bug bites, but sitting at work, my mind is filled with daydreams of a neck deep mire waiting for me to shove myself further into its squeezing embrace (I'll definitely bring a citronella candle or something next time). Needless to say, I'm addicted!

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Re: Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

Postby SabbieMobili » Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:37 am

Very nice account! I'm further west of you in Texas, and my happy hunting ground is the Red River. Technically, where I usually go the Red is owned by Oklahoma, but I temporarily claim it for Texas when I'm there. Weird yellow clay pits the color and texture of butterscotch pudding sometimes appear after high water events. They don't persist long, however.
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Re: Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

Postby bogbud » Tue Jun 15, 2021 12:11 pm

Sounds like you had a great time and welcome to the deeeep side! You will like it here!

For me it's much too warm right now and there are way too many bugs. Have fun you summer-sinkers here :lol:
I'm chindeep in this mudbog and every desperate attempt to move my stuck legs only drives me deeper in. The thick mud slowly swamps my waders and i have nothing to hold onto. I'm so feeling home.

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Re: Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

Postby Northerner » Fri Jul 09, 2021 6:02 pm

Dang thanks for the amazing story. It sounds like a dream come true for sure.
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Re: Had to share my latest (and greatest, so far) sinking experience.

Postby Sinkman61 » Mon Jul 19, 2021 2:36 am

What a great story. Made me want to go out sinking tonight. I haven’t done that in a long time, mostly because of Florida’s numerous and not so friendly wildlife. It’s something you definitely want to know about when it’s nearby (alligators, Cottonmouths, and several different types of Rattlesnakes). Once you sink deep, the shallower sinking(s) just aren’t the same anymore. I can walk out my back door and go sink waist deep in a tidal creek that runs along the back of my yard. It’s literally less than 50 feet from my bedroom. There was a time when that would’ve been plentiful for me, but that was a long, long time ago. Furthermore, the mud in that tidal creek is packed full with leaves, branches, and sticks, as there’s numerous trees that cover over it. While they work well to keep the sun off the mud, (one even keeps me completely hidden from the sight of my next door neighbors), they also drop organic materials into the mud that constantly are in need of being removed. That mud simply isn’t nearly as nice as that which is plentiful along the Intercoastal waterway. So I remain patient until the chance presents itself for me to go out on a sinking adventure.

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