How did I get into this mud thing

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How did I get into this mud thing

Postby quarrysinker » Mon Aug 02, 2021 12:14 pm

Surely my mind plays some tricks when it comes to details anyway, I still well remember the very first time this mud thing (fetish?) hooked me up.
It must've been end of elementary school, it was summer, I should have been like 10 year old and on one of national channels they were broadcasting a show featuring strange courious fun stuff from all over the world, and that night at some point they were showing a match where two scantily clad beautiful women wrestling each other in some brown-ish chocolate coloured mud.
By the end the girls got covered head to toe in mud and I remember wondering whether their mini bikinis came off in the process leaving them butt and boobs naked or it was just the total body mud look the prevented you from telling. What an exciting view anyway :shock: :o
Their bodies gleaming, their hair plastered and their faces somehow smiling. After the match ended some dude must have cleaned them both with a hose but for many years I had strangely pushed this thought in mind that only the winner got to be cleaned and offered a towel to wrap on. What happened to the loser? Did she have to go home all muddy?
No idea where this kinda perverted thought came from... :!: The loser must undure the humiliation to go away dirty.
Matter of fact, I've never been into the perilous sinking and damsel in distress thing but I'm always been for sexy hot chicks enjoying them in mud alone or together other hotties either pleasuring themselves or making out :P
Well, that would be how mud and playing in mud become my thing, and my liking for the more naughty sex related scenes vs quicksand perils.

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