Deep Snow

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Deep Snow

Postby TheDoctor6013 » Fri Jan 07, 2022 3:46 am

Although the snow that has recently fallen where I live is not that deep it is still a good few inches and way deeper than normal considering it hardly snows here at all. It occurred to me that if it was mud, even if it wasn't in the roads or impeding any walkway people don't know how to navigate deep mud. I have been largely desensitized to walking in deep mud actually preferring the difficulty more than I realize so this aided me walking in deep snow. But it is an all consuming marvel for most people when they step and sink into something that is less than halfway up their calf.

This snow is very dry and not compact but almost anyone I have met can't fathom walking in deep mud despite it actually being everywhere in my city. Hardly anyone knows how deep the mudflats are when the lake waters go low, and they go low alot. So I am seeing something all the time in cold or warm weather that those around me don't realize. The deep snow is the only real taste people around me get of anything sink=like.

Although I try to avoid mud because it would mess up my shoes and I am really not into shoe and sock mud play (although I have tried it just to see what it is like) if I could do it barefoot with shorts on at the most, I was alone and if it were mud I would not even notice if I had to walk in mid thigh mud. I automatically know how deep I can step before I transition into a crawl, how to stay shallow and how to sink deep. I have often walked on top on deep mud with well learned mud motor skills that allowed me to not sink at all but with some very well placed and barely perceptible pumps of my feet I could have sank more than half way.

I take for granted how I can navigate 3-dimensionally and seamlessly control the depth I sank, read the personality of the substance and derive fulfillment from the difficultly of it. Not to be patronizing but it is comical watching everyday people scramble at the prospect of sinking deep enough into something that not only could it squish between their bare toes if it was mud but it would be deep enough for the walls of the footprint to collapse under their own gravity, possibly hiding the foot even from a direct view down. I have even sank way deeper in food or wet cement I prepared and bought. Most people who can swim can't lay back underwater without covering any part of their face though.

Sorry for the random observation but it is a lesson to me how you can forget a skill you have or how secretly different, even without your full knowledge, your paradigm can be from your peers. But I also miss the innocence of sinking into deep mud for the first time.

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