Quicksand Fans Rules - edited 7/21/21

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Quicksand Fans Rules - edited 7/21/21

Postby dlodoski » Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:55 am

Well, maybe not so fast. ;) But we do have rules. So please take a moment to take them in:

1. Treat others with respect. Disagreement can be civilized.
2. No content (or linking/pointing to content) that discusses or depicts under-aged persons or characters is allowed. Violations of this rule will result in deletions and other unspecified damages.
3. No content or discussion of a scatological nature please. No poop. It just bothers too many people.
4. Be On-Topic. Whether you're starting a thread, or replying to one, make an effort!
5. No Sock Puppets allowed. Multiple identities are ok, but they cannot interact.
6. No selling or trading of commercially produced content is allowed. While it is not illegal, it will not be supported here.
7. Do not send unsolicited Private Messages or Emails through the board. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
8. No Spam is allowed (duh!). Spammers will be banned on first offense.
9. Discussion of, or references to, actual mortality occurring with the last 50 years is prohibited. This is to protect friends and family of the deceased.
10. Do not minimize the inherent dangers of solo sinking. There are numerous risks involved that should not be glossed over, especially by experienced sinkers.

We are going for a fairly laid back moderating style. As such, we're allowing attachments in the main discussion and off-topic forums. But, we are not allowing video attachments in the 'Nuggets' forum. If you want to share a mainstream clip, please upload it to a video or filing sharing site and link to it.

When the complete faq is finally hammered out, an announcement about that will be posted here.
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