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Re: DrWho Trivia

Postby Fred588 » Fri Jun 17, 2022 12:13 pm

Tim Kelly wrote:
Fred588 wrote:
groppingmire wrote:Deadly Assassin Tom Baker Trial Of A time lord Colin Baker

No that is not the answer. The question asks about an episode (one episode) during which the Dr is tried and found guilty TWICE. I don't believe there is a verdict in either of those episodes and in any case they are two episodes. But at least there was a trial.

The Doctor: " Don't I get a trial?"
Mirror Universe Lethbridge-Stuart: "THIS is your trial!"

Still not the answer.

The correct answer is the final story with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. Its a ten-part story called "War Games." In one part the Doctor is court-martialed by a phony general in a phone version of the First World War. In a later episode he is tried by the Time Lords for ignoring their rules about interfering with other cultures. He is found guilty in that one and sentenced to exile on Earth with a regeneration, so his appearance is changed. The next episode is the introduction of Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.
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