Quicksand Discord Group Update [AUG 2021]

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Quicksand Discord Group Update [AUG 2021]

Postby SargeE5 » Mon Aug 16, 2021 2:30 am

With the approval of the Server Owner, I have volunteered to take on the roles and responsibilities as Server Admin.

I am here to ensure NSFW Server Discord standards are being upheld, the Administrative Team is functioning efficiently, maintain a safe atmosphere for all members, enforce penalties on severe infractions when necessary, and to promote for a more proficient server. Those are my primary goals. That is my thrive towards excellence. I won’t guarantee total success, but I will guarantee maximum effort to the quicksand community, producers, artists, writers, and our nearly 700 server members.

The following directives will be upheld:
  • The server is for users 18+ only. This is in accordance with Discord Terms of Service standards as an NSFW Server.
  • Incoming new users must wait 48 hours before receiving Member status.
  • All past outstanding infinite-use invite links to the server have been revoked.
  • All current server bans will remain in effect.

Quicksand Discord Group Invite Link → https://discord.gg/VBZ2YxAw2p
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