Quicky Sanders Collection

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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby Viridian » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:11 am


The dinner party was a bit posher than what Sanders was accustomed to, but meeting with important people meant keeping up appearances. Her contact was one such important person – Tia Wellington, heiress to a hotel chain. But Sanders wasn’t interested in the hospitality industry. It was Tia’s connections. For the past month, Tia had been feeding leads to the journalist, providing insight into her father’s connection with the mob.

Sanders spotted Tia, who made eye contact and gestured to follow her to the secluded back garden. There, over a glass of wine, the two of them could talk in private.

“You look wonderful, Miss Sanders,” Tia teased, marveling at Sanders’ revealing dress.

“Not as much as you,” Sanders replied. They clinked glasses and took a long sip. “This lifestyle suits you better, I think. Anyway, what do you have for me this time?”

“A warning,” Tia said. “I’ve heard some rumbles at the top. They’re worried about some of their operations being exposed. Not the mob, yet. But investigation into their businesses will lead them to the mob sooner or later, and they’re not happy with that. And I know you’ve been snooping around.”

“I guess I have to lay low,” Sanders replied, taking another sip of the rich wine. Something felt strange about the after-taste. Her head felt lighter, and her vision became blurry.

“It’s important to cover yourself,” Tia continued. “I’m sorry Miss Sanders, but I have to cover myself too.”

Sanders awoke to find herself in the back of a car, her hands zip-tied behind her back. It wasn’t long before the vehicle stopped. Tia opened the trunk along with a strange man, one of the mob’s muscle men. Finding the reporter awake, they marched through the dark until they reached a secluded section of the beach.

“No one ever comes here,” Tia explained. “And just to make sure, we’ve blocked off the road here.”

Passing over some small dunes, they reached a flat patch of sand illuminated by the moonlight. Tia nodded at her accomplice. He gave Sanders a huge shove, sending her flying across the sand. She stumbled several steps over the soft sand until she plunged through it, sinking to her thighs. Sanders cried out, now seeing the glistening pools of water and the rippling surface of the quicksand. With her arms tied behind her back, she could only twist and squirm, the sand rushing up to swallow her curvy hips.

“It must be a frightful feeling,” Tia taunted, “knowing that you can’t escape. Your hands are tied. You’re sinking deeper, and so…slowly. It’s almost…arousing.”

Sanders looked down. Her dress had slipped to reveal more of her ample breasts, which she could nothing about. She scoffed, burning at Tia’s betrayal. “Why don’t you come and join me then?” She sank to her waist, her hands also dipping into the hungry sands. It was impossible to break free of the plastic zip-tie.

Suddenly, Tia shrieked. There was a dull splat and the quicksand lurched. Tia had just landed into the quicksand.

“What the hell?” she screamed. “What are you doing? Get me out!”
Sanders - Betrayal.jpg

“I don’t think so,” the thug replied. “The boss thinks you’ve been a bit too close to people on the outside. Don’t think we haven’t noticed that things that only you know have been leaked. As they say, loose lips sink…oh, they just sink. Ha!”

Tia struggled to free her legs, but only succeeded in sinking to her hips. “Ugh…please, you’ve got to get me out. I’ve got money…”

“Your FATHER has money,” the thug corrected, showing a surprising amount of wit. “And if your father is willing to pay, I’m willing to pull you out. In the meantime, I’ll head back and wait for the call. If you go under before then, well…” He shrugged. “He should know better than to cross the mob.”

The thug disappeared, ignoring Tia’s protests. She looked in panic at the quicksand hugging her waist. It took several minutes of heavy breathing before Tia calmed down.

“Don’t move!” Sanders shouted. “Not a muscle.”

Tia nodded. She knew that they had to play the waiting game and hope that her father would come through. But staying still was difficult. The sand would shift even with the slightest breath. The sand rose over Tia’s chest, filling her cleavage. Sanders watched as the sand oozed over her breasts, leaving juts her head and shoulders above the quicksand.

Would they be rescued in time? Or would Tia pay double the price of betrayal?
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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby Viridian » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:12 am

It was supposed to be a work assignment, but it felt like a vacation. Sanders had been investigating Lavender's retreat for supposed links to the crime syndicate, possibly as a front for its operations. So far, all she had found were handsome masseuses with strong hands, relaxing spas and some of the best cheeses she had ever sampled. Lavender was a gracious host - colourful, vibrant, a bit eccentric, and clearly someone who was attuned to nature. Despite the packed clientele, she always made the effort to ensure that all the guests were properly catered for. Sanders could tell from the other guests that it was always like this - and that none of them had noticed anything remotely suspicious.

As Sanders waited in the lounge, Lavender appeared, looking unusually flustered.

"Miss Sanders, I'm so sorry," she said, regathering her composure. "We've been double-booked. The mud baths have been filled up."

"That's quite all right," Sanders assured her. "It's been well worth it."

"That cannot do!" she protested. "We deliver what we promise. Not a single guest walks out without getting the full treatment. Which is why I'm offering you the exclusive option - something we save only for really special individuals."

Lavender ushered Sanders out the back. The followed a windy path through the woods away from the facility. Lavender explained that their mud baths were the prime attraction, but VIPs often wanted something more quite and intimate. They came to a wide clearing surrounded by stones. "This is our BEST experience. And secret too! It's not messy like the mud baths. It's like a really smooth tropical beach sand that flows all around you. It's like being wrapped in a silk cocoon. And you come out with great skin."

"Is it...deep?" Sanders asked, looking at the sandy clearing with doubt.

"What? No, of course not! We wouldn't endanger our clients. It's enough for your legs, and you can lie down if you want the full body experience. I use it myself when no one's around. Look!"

Lavender kicked off her shoes and waded into the pit. Her feet sank easily into the soft sand. She didn't seem to mind her jeans were getting soaked. "It's sooooooo good!"

Sanders shrugged, clearly worried about nothing. She removed her robe.

"You can take your top off too," Lavender hinted with a smile. "It's a private area."

Why not, Sanders thought to herself. She let her bra drop to the ground, though she kept her arm across her ample chest for modesty. Lavender's grin grew as Sanders stepped up to the pit. She wriggled her toes with glee, waiting for the initial reaction. And what a reaction it was! When Sanders stepped into the sand pit, the grains parted way, allowing her to slide easily through the sand.

"WOW!" Sanders exclaimed, channeling Lavender's energy. "This is...amazing! It's so...stimulating. Like I can feel every grain over my skin!"

"It's great, isn't it!" Lavender replied. "The best part is over there, in the middle."

Sanders made her way towards the centre of the sand pit. She slid up to her thighs in the warm sediment. The tingling sensations continued, sending shivers through her. As the sand crept up her inner thighs, she realised, embarrassingly, that she was feeling a warm dampness in her thong. She was breathing heavily and felt flushed. She paused and looked back at Lavender with uncertainty. Before she could say anything, she slipped another inch into the sand. She immediately felt the vibrations against her crotch. Oh! She moaned softly, doing her best to keep her arousal hidden. But Lavender knew what was happening. She had been through it herself. While Sanders was occupied, she reached behind a rock and flipped a switch.
Sanders - Special Treatment.jpg

"Wow, that was...something," Sanders gasped. "I see what you mean by an intimate experience." She turned back to see Lavender standing outside the pit. Strangely, the vibrations in the sand had stopped. The moisture that made the sand so smooth seemed to seep away, and her legs felt weighed down by the dense sediment. She couldn't move at all! "What is this? What's happening? What did you do?"

"So many questions!" Lavender exclaimed with mock surprise. "Like the questions you were asking my clients. It's a bit rude to go around interfering with our guests' experience. Especially when some of them are very important people. People you don't want to cross."

It dawned on Sanders that Lavender was indeed in the pocket of the gang - and Sanders was caught in her trap, stuck in the sand pit like a garden ornament.

"I designed this pit myself," Lavender continued smugly. "It's got pumps underneath that keep the water flowing when I turn it on. The vibrations keep the sand liquefied. You know, like quicksand." Sanders gulped at the sound of the word. "I wasn't lying when I said this pit was for very important people. People we want to make sure don't say things they shouldn't say. Or disappear if we want them to disappear. And in the most pleasurable way possible, I might add." She grinned widely, proud of her devious trap.

"What are you going to do with me?" Sanders asked.

"Oh, I was told to leave you here and let them know when you were ready to talk. Then they can decide how to deal with you. Kind of bums me out to be honest. It's not every day I get to play with someone with your...beauty."

Sanders scoffed at how she said it. She tightened her arms over her exposed body, denying what she could from the treacherous host.

"Shame, I might have put in a good word for you. I'm going to fetch my colleagues. Don't go anywhere, okay?" Lavender bent down to flick the switch back on. "And remember, it's a private area. Be as loud as you want. No one will hear you."

"No!" Sanders called out, but to deaf ears. Lavender was gone, and she was alone, trapped in the sand pit. With only a short amount of time to act, she quickly took stock of her situation. Lavender was right - she was isolated enough that no one would hear her. Her phone was in her locker at the facility, as were most of her clothes. She looked at her bra and robe, discarded carelessly by the edge of the pit. She wondered if she could reach them, perhaps use them as a rope.

But before she could try, she felt moisture around her legs, and a familiar tingling. The pit had activated again. Already crotch-deep, Sanders could do little to resist the vibrations. She grunted and moaned. She understood what Lavender meant by being loud, but she wasn't going to dignify that. If someone had stumbled across her, they would see how much she was struggling. She was breathless and shaking, her breasts jiggling with each movement, nipples firmly erect. Finally, her resistance broke and she reached her orgasm. Her body relaxed as she let the pleasure linger.

The pit didn't stop. It continued to vibrate, pulling her in deeper still. The sand was now pushing up against her breasts, and she felt the tingling crawl up her chest. Even if she could resist another wave, she was still no closer to getting free.

Would she be able to escape from the pleasure pit, or would the criminals find her naked, spent and at their mercy?
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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby sixgunzloaded » Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:25 am

After all of Quicky's experiences and close calls you'd think she'd learn to just avoid any sort of sandy areas altogether. But I'm glad she never does. :twisted:
Excellent job once again! I loved her expression in "Special treatment" and her poses in "Betrayal" and "New Years". Nice touch on the name on the wine bottle too. Thank you! :D
P.S. Fun stories too!
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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby Viridian » Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:45 am

The Ace of Hearts
Sanders moved carefully through the dark woods. She was looking for signs of the one they call the "Ace of Hearts", a member of the mysterious Organization. From what she had heard, the Ace fulfilled hit contracts on numerous victims, disposing them in dumping grounds in the woods, though why the authorities never found any bodies was unknown. Unknown to Sanders, there was someone else in the woods, watching her go deeper into the dangerous depths...

Next thing she knew, Sanders was at the mercy of the Ace. Sanders was bound more tightly than she had ever been. Compared to the hasty jobs the mob did to get her off their trail, the Ace had a more sadistic approach. Ropes were lashed around Sanders's shoulders, pulling her elbows together, stretched across her breasts, and even between her crotch. The mystery of the missing bodies also became clear when the Ace led her to one of the many deadly quicksand pits that Sanders had somehow missed. This time, there was no missing it. Tied and bound, she was helpless to resist when the Ace pushed her in...
Sanders - Ace of Hearts.jpg

Immediately sinking to her thighs in the thick, gloopy quicksand, Sanders realised that her odds of escape were nearly zero. She had gotten out of these predicaments before, but she was bound so securely that she couldn't move at all. Each movement not only caused her to sink, but also pulled on the rope between her crotch, causing her to feel an irresistible and unwelcome arousal. As Sanders sank to her chest, she realised what the modus operandi was. The Ace wasn't a thug who slipped her victims into quicksand and ran off to finish her job. This WAS her job - watching her victims struggle. The Ace wasn't going anywhere until she was satisfied with her prey...
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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby MadMax359 » Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:20 pm

wait, watching damsels struggle in quicksand can be a JOB??? :twisted:
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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby SecretDude77 » Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:38 am

MadMax359 wrote:wait, watching damsels struggle in quicksand can be a JOB??? :twisted:

For Nicole it sure is

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Re: Quicky Sanders Collection

Postby onesixthsinker » Mon Jan 25, 2021 3:18 am

Ms. Sanders' adventures... delightful as always :)

Thanks for the work :)

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