Rey: Lure of the Dark Side

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Rey: Lure of the Dark Side

Postby Viridian » Tue Jul 05, 2022 4:54 am

Despite the defeat of Palpatine and the Final Order, Rey struggled to find balance in herself. Her time spent in isolation at the old Skywalker home in Tatooine did little to connect her to her roots. As months passed, she found her mind idle, her body restless, but most worryingly, she felt the familiar pull of the dark side. Though she had conquered alongside many others, she was alone now. Without the mentoring of Luke, Rey felt lost, scared.

Recalling the last moments of the old master of the new order, Rey sat inside the Skywalker home and closed her eyes, entering the state of meditation that she had feared to return to. She had to purge her thoughts and free herself of the darkness that lay dormant in her. In what felt like an entire lifetime, she revisited her milestones in her mind. Her childhood on Jakku. Her brief training on Ahch-To. Kylo Ren - no, Ben. She called his last moments, his final sacrifice and redemption. Could she resolve the conflict and trauma inside her?

Suddenly, she was whisked away to another familiar place. She had been on too many desert planets to remember each one clearly but the immediate surroundings revealed that she was on Pasaana, She was zipping over the sands on a speeder, but without any of her friends and allies. She was alone. Running away. But not from stormtroopers. From... something darker, a shadow in the back of her mind. Reaching for her. Panicking, she turned sharply. Too sharply. The speeder stalled. She was flung off and hit the sand. Black sand. The Shifting Mires.

Like last time, she began to sink into the quicksand. But it was different. She wasn't really on Pasaana. She was on Tatooine. This was an illusion, part of her meditation. It was a test. The black, shifting sand was the dark side. She knew that she had to free herself... but to fight the dark side with force was no different to falling to the dark side. To resist the dark side only brought one closer to it. Only by accepting that the dark side existed could she conquer it. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to sink.

At first it was fear she had to overcome. But as she relaxed, she found another temptation that she had not expected, one she was far less familiar with, one that was too... intimate. While her real encounter with the shifting sands was sudden and brief, this prolonged exposure made her more conscious of the physical touch of the sand as it moved around her body. The sand felt surprisingly soft and gentle, helping her to relax rather than agitating her. It found its way through the tears in her robes, pressing against her waist, her thighs, deeper...

Rey shook her head, interrupted by the exploratory sand. Her broken focus caused her to sink to her chest. She opened her eyes to see that her situation was getting worse. Her arms were buried by her sides, and her robe had been pulled open, almost intentionally by the sand. She gasped as the warm sand began to cup her exposed breasts. She was not being tempted with power. It was overpowering her with what she yearned for - intimacy. Lust. Her breath quickened. No, resist it!

But to resist means to drawn closer to it. Accept it, and defeat it. Was she meant to allow the sand to have its way with her?
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