Three Sunk Goddesses-Credits to Nhaliz/H-Less Perv Side

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Three Sunk Goddesses-Credits to Nhaliz/H-Less Perv Side

Postby 4Bs » Wed Aug 05, 2020 10:16 am

On Devina’s suggestion, they hugged and glanced at the camera. All three of them put on a bright smile.

Quicksand or its similar counterparts, such as mud, can be an alluring aspect for some. There exist records of humans immersing themselves in it for the purpose of enjoyment and pleasure. Unbeknownst to most people, they are not the only ones who indulge in this unusual pastime. Even deities are attracted to this form of leisure.

This is the tale of three goddesses; Diva, Devina and Gina. Diva is a benevolent soul with white long hair outlined in light blue. Devina is a lady with short black hair outlined in red and who basks in earthly pleasures. Gina is a laid back tanned woman with long black hair outlined in purple. Blending into the world in human guises, they have heard stories of mortals’ activities related to quicksand. The divine trio fell curious and after much research, decided to experience them. They searched for an ideal location and eventually arrived at a secluded area wherein a patch of brown mud was found.

“This is the place?” Gina, wearing a white T-Shirt and blue jeans, placed her hands behind her head. “Looks pretty plain to me,”

“Come now, Gina,” Devina, in a black and red dress, spoke playfully. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Especially with how I’ll spice things up,”

“What do you mean?” Diva, wearing a flowing white and blue dress, looked at Devina curiously. “And before we engage in this pastime, aren’t we to don swimsuits first like the humans?”

“I’ve something better,” Grinning lightly, Devina snapped her fingers. The goddesses’ clothes shone in a faint light and were instantly replaced by bikinis colored white for Diva, black for Devina and purple for Gina. Apart from revealing the deities’ sizable assets and buttocks, they also came with bunny tails and ears as well as matching wire tiaras. Needless to say, Diva and Devina were startled at their new wardrobe.

“For real?” Gina touched her outfit’s ears and tail. “We’re going in with these on?”

“Goodness!” Diva observed her attire, almost speechless. “Is this not a little extravagant?”

“Extravagant?” In disbelief, Devina said, “Please, girls. We’re goddesses. Surely we would don something fancier than what the humans wear. Oh, and there’s more,” In a cheery tone, Devina conjured an ethereal sphere in one hand and tossed it ahead. It manifested a video camera mounted on a tripod that stood in between the women and their mud pit.

“Oh? Are we recording ourselves too?” Diva asked.

“Well, of course. Don’t you think we should display our graceful and elegant forms to the populace?” Raising her arms above her head, Devina struck up a sexy pose.

“I don’t mind but, it’d be a pity to dirty our swimsuits,” remarked Gina as she glanced at her bikini. “Looking at them again, they’re not bad,”

“No worries. These garments possess a trait which prevents them and ourselves from getting dirtied in any substance,” assured Devina. “In fact, let me show you,” She walked around the tripod, her butt swaying seductively as she moved to the mud pit. Standing close to its center, Devina positioned her left side to face the camera.

“Gina, be a dear and begin the recording, would you?” Hearing Devina, the tanned goddess switched on the camera. The former started to sink in the mud slowly. Gently, she pumped her feet and then her thighs into the mire. When her booty was above the surface, Devina turned to grin at her companions playfully.

“Watch carefully, girls,” Eyes shifted down to her figure, Devina slowly shoved her rear end into the mud. She moved it up once. Repeating this act a few times, Devina frowned as if pretending to be in a tight spot. Soon, her butt was lifted back up to the surface. Not a single speck of mud was seen on Devina’s skin. Even her swimwear’s thong was left untainted.

“So, what do you think?” Floating thigh deep in the pit, Devina smiled at Diva and Gina.

“It’s impressive I admit,” commented Diva. “I didn’t think you’d use your magic to make such unique clothing,”

“Yeah, normally you’d be using it to have fun like no tomorrow,” stated Gina jokingly.

“What do you think of me as? A hedonist?” Devina gave a witty reply. “Anyway, how about joining me? Diva, I propose you stand next to me with your right side in front of the camera. And Gina, you stand facing us,”

“Then, without further ado, we shall do so,” At Diva’s words, she and Gina walked and dipped their thighs into the pit. There lay the sight of three sunk goddesses, all of them in a circle and facing each other. On Devina’s suggestion, they hugged and glanced at the camera. All three of them put on a bright smile.

It was not just a sign they enjoyed their newly discovered hobby. It was also proof that they were close friends. There is a story behind this. But, that will be for another time. After the divine ladies looked at the camera, Devina spoke to her company.

“Now that we’re done with that, I have a special treat for us. Remember when I said I’d spice things up?” While she conversed, the goddesses were still hugging themselves.

“Yes, I’ve asked this but, what did you mean by that?” Diva enquired.

“Well, to start with, how about sinking our booties deeper into the mud?” said Devina teasingly.

“I’m in. This stuff kind of feels great,” Gina agreed.

“Alright. Then, shall we proceed?” Listening to Diva, the deities submerged their butts in the mud. Devina took in its embrace well. Diva and Gina were slightly taken aback though, they quickly adjusted.

“Dear me, this is soothing,” mentioned Diva in wonder.

“More like our butts are in heaven…” Gina seemed a bit mesmerized.

“Glad to hear you two love it. The real fun begins… now,” With a charming smile and snap of her fingers, Devina had the mud pit emit a pinkish aura. All of a sudden, the women felt their bodies heat up. A tingling sensation coursed up their features, prompting them to pant softly.

“Devina, what is this?” A confused Diva questioned.

“I’ve infused a charm spell into the pit. Fear not, it’s nothing harmful. For we’re all to enter a different world…” As if led by her instincts, Devina hugged Diva and Gina tighter. The latter did the same to one another. Their breasts squished together and the ladies gyrated their booties. They moaned, the tingling sensation they had prior turning into full blown sensual pleasure.

“Gods, this is so strange yet good!” exclaimed Gina. “Devina, when did you-“

“Right when I got in the pit,” Devina spoke like she read Gina’s mind. “I must say it’s unexpected for my spell to possess this effect on a non-living being,”

“By the divines, Devina. This is quite a thing you conceived- Oh!” Suddenly, Diva found herself thrusting her bottom half forward. The same happened for Devina and Gina. The three women began humping the mud vigorously. Devina welcomed the development open heartedly whilst Diva and Gina gradually accepted it.

“Devina,” Diva said in between moans. “This unbearable yet pleasant feeling… Could it be…?”

“Yeah, it feels like I’m going to blow!” Gina grunted.

“That’s correct. Don’t hold back. Let it all out,” encouraged a groaning Devina. Feeling that the deities were reaching their peak, she added, “Now, altogether, girls. One, two… MMMMMMMM!” Devina let out a cry of pleasure followed by Gina and Diva.



The three ladies tilted their heads upwards, releasing all of themselves to the mud. Their sensual session over, the pink aura on the pit dispersed to nothingness. The deities’ movements had stirred up the mud causing it to hold them in a sticky grip. Fortunately, with a little tugging and more gyrating, they managed to extricate their voluptuous features and brought their feet back on safe ground.

“That was great, Devina!” A happy Gina stood in front of the camera with her comrades. “We should do this again!”

“Much as I find this experience unusual, I admit I wouldn’t mind doing this once more,” said a satisfied Diva.

“I concur,” smiled Devina. “Perhaps, we should introduce this form of leisure to the other goddesses? I reckon they might have a blast with it,”

“About that, maybe we should take it slowly,” advised a hesitant Diva.

“True. Not sure if what we did is to their preference,” In good nature, Gina said, “We all leaving?”

“Yes, but, first, one last thing,” Devina turned to and gazed closely at the camera. Simultaneously, she reached for its switch and gave an enchanting smile.

“Have a nice day~”

And with that, the camera faded to black.
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