Me Tarzan: Pleasure or Gwen

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Me Tarzan: Pleasure or Gwen

Postby Sparky81 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 11:34 pm

Thank you for those who have been following Ethan’s quicksand saga. It’s been a while since the last chapter but now he’s back with more adventures. Comments are welcome as always.

The story picks up from the last chapter. When we last left Ethan he was fighting his inner demons and struggling to decide what to do. Professor Gwen Sykes had put him to the test by sinking in the quicksand…

“Help me! I don’t want to drown!” Gwen shouted at me

“Look at her sink. Just like me it’s hopeless. That mud will take her under soon. You want this Ethan stop denying your pleasure.”

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I was screaming in my brain.

“Look how far down she is. It won’t be long now. I can’t wait to see the mud shift and pucker with her bubbles!”

“Can I swallow your cum as the mud bubbles come up?” Judy asked as she quickly went back to swallowing my cock.

“You can’t save her. Everyone will know your secret.” Kayla whispered.

“Please! Ethan! Help me!” Gwen pleaded as her bottom lip trembled

Gwen’s chin was touching the mud. Her hands were reaching all around. The water had completely surrounded her. The mud had turned to liquid ooze. Her dirty blonde hair that framed her face was touching the ooze and colored the tips grey

My brain was fighting against me. My cock was hard with excitement. Kayla and Judy telling me to watch and enjoy and maybe they were right? I messed up and Gwen sinking would fix it. She was about to go under. God I can’t think…………..

And now his new adventures begin….

“Ethan…glub…. grrrr…glub…glub….”

I watched as her nose and mouth slide under. She was waving her hands wildly as grey mud covered her head.

“That’s it, just watch and enjoy. Let the mud take her. She’s only going to cause problems. “ Kayla’s voice was making sense and Gwen’s struggling wasn’t helping.


She was completely under and her mud bubbles were puckering up.

“Let go Ethan. Cum in my mouth” Judy said.

“No!” I shouted. When I got to the edge I knelt down and reached in right where the mud bubbles were popping. When her head cleared the mud she was gasping and choking for air. She slowly recovered as the grey mud dried on her. The ride to her house was quiet. Occasionally she would cough but said nothing. When I pulled up to her car in the commuter parking lot she said “follow me home” before getting out. I followed her 20 minutes or so to a beautiful neighborhood lined with large homes. Her house was a blue colonial style house with a large lawn. I followed her to the kitchen and sat down. “Wait here.” was all she said.

Ten minutes went by before she reappeared wearing a robe and slippers. Her hair was wet from the shower she took.
“I’m not sure what today proved or not. But I will tell you this; I’m taking the semester off to pursue the four of them. What ever it takes I’m getting justice for Pattie. You can help me or not that’s up to you. You have my cell if you want to contact me. You can see yourself out.” With that she hugged and kissed me on the cheek and left.

A little more than three weeks passed since then. I decided not to contact her. Work was going great. My new boss was a guy in his early 40’s and all we talked about was girls and fast cars. He allowed me to work from home when I wanted and only asked that I come into the office twice a week. Mrs. C was even busy too. Herb hadn’t traveled and was home quite a bit so she couldn’t text me as much and we hadn’t really talked since that time at the quarry when she tried to sink for me. Finally, maybe just maybe, I can get back to a normal life. Who was I kidding?

I just came home from a killer workout and was changing in my room about to go out to meet some friends.

“ Sweetheart is that you?”

“Ya ma I’m up here!” I can hear the stairs creaking.

“Hi Sweetheart so glad I caught you. Tomorrow cousin Peanut is visiting for a few days and she’s bringing a friend. I need you for a couple hours around noon to play chaperone. The three of us are having a beach day but Peanut and I want to visit with friends for a bit and I need you to keep her friend company.”

“Not Silver sands Ma.”

“Yes, and don’t call it that. Can you do it?”

“Sure Ma, no problem.”

“Thank you Sweetheart. Meet at you noon at the end of he coast road where it cuts back to RT. 44. There’s a public parking lot there.”

“OK” Mom went back downstairs. Tomorrow was Thursday and I had off anyways. Cousin “Peanut” got her nickname as a kid. She was tiny and really never grew much more. I bet she was 4’11 at most and a couple years younger than my Mom. They grew up together and are more like sisters. She loves to visit for long weekends and the two of them live it up. “Silver Sands” was a nickname the local kids gave the stretch of the coast road that had a few miles of retirement community’s. The beach was quiet there and the waves very gentle. Perfect for the seniors to swim and have fun.

Thursday 12 Noon.

I parked the beater and walked down from the parking lot to meet Mom, Peanut, and her friend.

“Ethan you look wonderful!” Peanut threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. I’d like you to meet my friend Iris.”

“It’s very nice to meet you Ethan I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Very nice to meet you as well”

Mom and Peanut headed back up towards the road to crossover and visit some friends living in then high-rise condos overlooking the beach. Iris grabbed my arm and locked hers around it like I was escorting her to her seat in church at a wedding. We walked slowly towards the end of the beach where then land juts out. The condos on our left and the ocean to our right.

“I understand you were a life guard?”

“Yes I started in High School and kept going right through college.”

Look, there was no other way to say this but Iris has wide hips. I mean really wide hips and carried a lot of weight in her thighs and ass. You can’t help but notice. She was wearing a halter-top bathing suit and the skirt bottom was pushed way out lying on her hips. She was pretty with black short curly hair and blue eyes.

“What about you? What do you do? How did you meet Peanut?”

“Well Sugar, I moved out here from Mississippi about a year and half ago right after my divorce. I’m a real estate developer. I started when my kids were old enough to look after themselves. My business is mostly rental properties. Peanut and I met at one of my seminars I give to help to people get started in flipping properties. We hit it off right away and became good friends. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, nothing steady.”

“Gawd are you kidding Sugar? You are gorgeous! I’d be all over you if I wasn’t a fat old woman.” She let out a loud cackle.

“Don’t say that. You aren’t old.”

“You’re sweet to say that but I’m 45 years old. Old enough to be your mother.”

As we were taking we walked to the end of the beach. The land that jutted out was high with tall trees. The ocean water collected in the corner since the beach there was lower than sea level but not by much. The parking lot I parked in was about 10 to 15ft above the ocean. The hills runs along the beach right the corner. It was a very quiet part of the beach since the condos ended a few hundred yards back.

“Looks like the end of the road for us huh Sugar?”

“Ya this water comes over the sand and just sits here.”

“Do you know what that is?” pointing to a part of the dark water with a few small plants poking up just above the surface.


“That’s quicksand Sugar.”

“Quicksand?!? Are you sure?”

“I’m a southern gal and I’ve seen my share of swamps and mud. That’s quicksand for sure. Did you know you couldn’t drown in quicksand?”

“I think you can?”

Waving me off “That’s in the movies. All you do is keep from panicking and work your legs up. You only sink to your chest and that’s it.”

“I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure you can sink under.”

“Tell you what, how about I show you Sugar?’

“You don’t have to do that”

“Oh I’ll be fine. I won’t need your help you’ll see.”

She stepped carefully into the water and mud. Turning around to face me she put her hands on her wide hips and sunk to her knees then stopped.

“Well Sugar looks I won’t be sinking…whoaaa…..whoaaa…”

The dark squishy mud started to swallow her fat thighs and hips. Slowly it crept up her body. Of course I was getting excited even though I tried to fight it.

“I can’t feel the bottom yet so maybe I can show you after all. Now don’t get nervous I’m in control. You’ll know when I need help.” She let out that cackle again laughing loudly.

This was exciting. She sank up to her chest. I could see the outline of her large breasts that laid flat against her chest. Her arms were sweeping in large circles just under the mud as if she was treading water

“Alright, now all you do is get your feet up and lay on your back.”

I think she thought she stopped sinking but she didn’t. I felt myself get hard wondering if she would go under. I know she wasn’t having any luck getting her feet free.

“Boy this stuff.... I can’t get my feet up. Damn Sugar it’s tugging on me hard. Still can’t feel the bottom.”

I mean she didn’t ask for help yet? But just her head was above now.

“I think…it’s deep…glub…I…. glub…glub…”

Iris slid under her hands came up waving along with the mud puckering like crazy. I reached down and grabbed her wrists. I quickly pulled her up and on her back.

“Sugar…Damn I thought I was a goner. I couldn’t get my feet free. A couple seconds more and I think I would have sank out of sight. Thank you.”

She caught her breath and I helped her up. Without saying a word she took my hand and led me into the ocean. We walked out to the sandbar. The water was up to her chest as we stood on the soft sand underneath. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to kiss me hard. One of her hands went under and pulled down my shorts. I felt her soft hand on my cock stroking it. It took no time before I was hard. She stopped stroking me and moved her bathing suit to the side. With her huge thighs she mounted me. The water helped offset her weight. Her massive thighs were around my ribs while she locked her ankles behind me.

“Fuck me Sugar….don’t stop…I can feel you deep. Ahhhhh….ahhh…faster..faster….Sugarrrrrrrrrr!”

I felt her shake and convulse throwing her head back. Sliding off she smiled and went under. With her hands on my hips she began to take me in her mouth under the water. One hand came up and pinched my nipple. Harder and harder she pinched as she sucked me deep. When her bubbles started to come up I lost it. I exploded into her mouth as I watched her bubbles break the surface.

We walked in to shore and as we turned to head back to where we left Peanut and Mom we could see them as they waved. They were still a ways off though.

“ Do you know where the Downtown Marriot Beach Club Resort is?”
“ Sure”

“Meet me tonight at 8pm. I’m in room 5021.” She smiled and winked at me.

“Alright I answered.”

This is the part where I should just say no. Make up some excuse and let it go as a fantastic afternoon. But will I?......

Next chapter: “To Iris or Not”

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Re: Me Tarzan: Pleasure or Gwen

Postby MaitoGaiYouth » Tue Feb 23, 2021 12:03 pm

Woo! Another great entry in the adventures of Ethan!

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Re: Me Tarzan: Pleasure or Gwen

Postby Sparky81 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:24 pm

Thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying the series!

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