The Swamps of the Underworld

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The Swamps of the Underworld

Postby Kirichii » Fri Mar 17, 2023 3:09 am

Welp, it's me again with a new fun tale from the Sword Art Saga, I understand that some themes and actions go against the very essence of the show but I try to stay true to the story. It doesn't have to make sense, but it was fun to write. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Kirito and Sinon are at present, trudging through the muddy forest in their swim wear. At this point Kirito begins to blush because Sinon was in front of you in her bikini. Kirito and Sinon were both up to their shins in mud and it was starting to get heated as they were getting frustrated. Kirito makes a wise crack about her current level in ALO (Alfheim Online) and Sinon struggles to turn around to face him. Once she is facing him shin deep in mud, she pokes his finger into his chest and starts yelling at him. "Maybe if a certain knight in shining armor would help me I wouldn't be so weak," she exclaims. She immediately pulls her finger back after the sudden realization... his chest is so hard with well toned muscles. She begins to blush and plops her right foot out of the mud and takes a large step backwards in order to create space. When her right foot made contact with the mud she let it sink. She was expecting it to stop shin deep... as deep as it has been the last 5 minutes... but she immediately sank up to her inner thigh. She stammered, "What the Hell!". Her left foot was still perched on the shin deep level and yanked on it as to cause it to sink and rest next to her right. She was now encased in the mud up to her upper thighs. Kirito wasn't paying any attention until he heard her start to yelp. When he seen her start to fall back he started to rush towards her. Just as Sinon regained her balance with both feet in one spot Kirito plopped right in front of her with both of his legs encased up to his upper thighs. Kirito immediately turned beet red as he was maybe 4 inches away from her. Kirito could feel her exasperated breath on his skin. He wanted to avert his eyes but he couldn't move. The sight before him was too much for him to handle. His eyes were fixed on hers.
Sinon blushed even harder than Kirito was.
> Kirito says "Sinon! I'm sorry. I tried to catch you but this mud slowed me down..."
"I-It's okay." She says. Kirito looks up at her. She was standing there in her swim suit with her arms crossed and her cheeks flushed. She was clearly embarrassed. Kirito had never seen her so flustered.
> Kirito ask "What do you suppose this place is?"
"I don't know. But we should keep moving." She replies.
> Kirito says "That will be a little.... difficult with your body facing mine. How do you suppose you can advance? I mean the only way I can see us moving on is if I can get out by pushing up on the ledge behind me and pulling you out..."
Sinon looks down at her feet and gasps. She immediately starts to struggle to pull them out. Kirito realizes she was stuck in the mud. So he sets his hands on the ground and starts to push up on the wall behind him. Just then the ledge gave way and the entire ledge liquified. There was now no solid ground behind him. He suddenly found himself sinking in mud up to his crotch.
"Oh my God!" Sinon shrieks as she starts to sink with Kirito.
The two are now in an extremely precarious situation.
Sinon was now noticing a precarious development unfolding. Kirito was now less than an inch Infront of her. She could feel the heat coming off of his body and she could smell his salty skin from sweating. It was starting to do unmentionable things to her resolve and resistances to certain thoughts. The mud was now reaching her bikini bottom. The mud was threatening to spill into her bottom and he was feeling a pang of arousal. Every night she would find new and exciting ways to relieve her sexual frustrations. Most if not all of the fantasies she enacted involved Kirito. She loves him deeply but would never mention it out of the sheer respect she had for Asuna. The smell and feeling of his close proximity was almost to much to bear. Sinon was now unconsciously turning the reddest Kirito had ever seen her. She was also slightly panting as if she was exhausted.
A thought came to mind.
She had been given the opportunity to make a move on Kirito. Sinon was actually quite surprised when she learned how many times Kirito had felt her up during training sessions. She had always assumed it was just another form of sparring practice, but now she knew better. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Sinon was now staring right at Kirito, who was now fighting the same battle.
Kirito was thinking to himself that the mud was now coating the entire pantlegs of the shorts he was wearing. It was now encroaching onto his manhood. It was so warm and inviting. He was fighting the pangs of arousal that he was now feeling. If he was turned on the extent he became hard, Sinon would undoubtedly feel it as it would poke her in her thigh.
Sinon was now finding herself completely immobile. The mud had reached her butt and started to creep upwards. She was now trapped in the mud and it was pushing them closer and closer with each second that passed.. She was panicking and trying to claw her way free but it was too late. She could feel her bikini clad breasts colliding with Kirito's chiseled frame. He was so warm and she pressed her hands up on his chest in an effort to make space. At first it was frantic shoving but it slowly turned into her caressing his chest and his skin.

> Kirito says "What are you doing Sinon!" Kirito turned beat red and he noticed how unimaginable soft her hands were sliding across his skin so effortlessly.
Her fingers were dancing across his chest and her palm was tracing the shape of his pecs. She then moved her hand down traced the outline of his abs and the lines of his abdominals. Kirito was trying to keep his mind clear, but he was having a difficult time focusing. His heart was beating so loudly that he could hear it in his ears. Sinon was now pressing her chest against Kirito and letting her hands wander over every inch of his bare back as she embraced him. She was now taking advantage of the fact that both of them were completely almost naked.

> Kirito ask "Shouldn't.... w.. we think a way to g.. ge... get o...out of here?"
Sinon say: "I don't know Kirito"
Kirito says: "There's only one thing I can think of. We need to find a way to get out of the quicksand. B... But. I...It... It's starting to feel so amazing...!"
Sinon says: "Oh too??" At that moment Sinon felt a hardness touching her and she reached down in order to find out what it was. She continues to say, "What is this? I feel something touching me..."
Kirito says "Ah! Don't touch it!!" He was so embarrassed and mortified that he couldn't even look at her.
Sinon says "What is this? Why am I feeling something?"
Kirito says "Don't touch it!"
Sinon says "Don't tell me not to touch it! What is it?" Kirito is now blushing so bright red.

Kirito's heart was beating out of his chest and was scared of what was going to happen next. The next thing he knew that happened was feeling Sinon grabbing his erect manhood that was still protected by his shorts. She could still feel the warmth of Sinon's hand as it squeezed gently and Kirito let an involuntary moan escape his lips. Sinon immdiately understood what it was that she was feeling. She knew two things at that moment. How big it was and how unbelievably warm it was. She was embarrassed that she had touched his manhood, but it was still under his clothes so she didn't think that counted as him cheating. It was an accident. Then all of a sudden Sinon suddenly felt compressed. Kirito had embraced her and pulled her close. He had jerked his legs in an effort of getting away from her but it only caused them to sink to their belly buttons in the quicksand. They were now stuck.
Kirito say: "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Kirito tried to maintain his calm and composure in front of Sinon, but deep inside he was aroused beyond measure. His heart was racing faster than ever before. He was having difficulty breathing and was afraid that he might pass out if he continued to struggle any longer.
Sinon say: "Why are you holding me?!" Her head was now in the crease of Kirito's neck and she could smell his skin so well now. The corner of her lips were touching his neck. She felt that one little move would set an event in motion that would ultimately guide their relationship closer...more than just friends. She wanted him so badly but her conscious was fighting her and telling her that it was wrong. The next thing she knew, she was feeling his erect member poking her bikini bottom right between her legs. Her thighs could feel his member pulse.. She heard him let out a couple more moans and her resolve was melting away. She let out a moan herself and moved her arms to wrap around his torso. She then slid her hands over every inch of his back. She continued to say, "It's okay Kirito... I don't think we are getting out of this quicksand.... If' that is the case and this doesn't matter... Noone is watching us, we are all alone in this forest and our real bodies are in the real world... Do you think we can just enjoy this moment for what it is? It will be our little secret..." Sinon said this with lots of pauses and what seemed like forever of her talking. But she could feel Kirito panting inside her ear and it was throwing her over the edge. She started to rub his shaft against her crotch and she could feel it throbbing inside her panties.
Sinon says "You're very hard."
Kirito says "Yes. My body is reacting to you... You are so very close... It's just natural stimuli...It doesn't mean anything..." Kirito stammered and said clumsilly. He was still embarrassed about being caught in the act. He thought that if he said this then everything would go back to normal. He tried to push Sinon off of him but she wouldn't budge. He noticed where his hands were and the mud from his hands made his grasp on Sinon's shoulders migrate to her breasts area. That was the straw that broke the camels back. His resistance had crumbled.
> Kirito asks "This stays between us, right Sinon? You do understand that I love Asuna, right?"
"I think so," Sinon replied with a smile. She couldn't believe how sweet Kirito was acting after having his manhood so thoroughly handled by her. She was truly impressed.
Sinon says "Your eyes look so pretty..." Then she leaned in to kiss him. Her lips touched his and she felt his breath on her face. This was heaven. Nothing felt better than this.
Sinon says "You're so soft...and yet so strong..." Sinon could tell that Kirito was trying to figure out how to react to all of this. He was like a deer in headlights. She could see it on his face. She then proceeded to pull the string of her bikini top . There skin was always in contact with each other and the warmth from each others skin was prevalent. She pulls the string and releases her bare breasts from her clothing. Her entire upper half of her body was now naked and pressing against his. Her nipples were rock hard and pressed up against his chest. She felt him begin to rise again and she began to squeeze his manhood. She could hear his breathing become heavier and harder to control. Sinon then kissed him again, this time her tongue was exploring his mouth.
Sinon was sinking deeper into lust and relished the feeling of her heart racing while in Kirito's grasp. Sinon then guided his hands to her ass and hinted to him to take off her bikini bottoms. She was the one who was going to get a thrill out of this.
She had never done anything sexually with anyone, especially not Kirito. But she didn't care anymore. Her mind was filled with nothing but carnal desire and she wanted to give in to it.
Sinon says "Take them off!"
Kirito took a deep breath and then released it. "Okay," he mumbled and then reached down to her waistband and pulled the strings of her bikini bottom free. He then started to tug on the string and let the suit fall to the ground. Her beautiful white butt cheeks were now exposed to the muds grip... But also Kirito's grip more importantly.
Sinon says "Oh my god! Your hands feel amazing!"
Sinon shivered as Kirito's fingers caressed her ass. It felt so good. She was so turned on. She wanted to do whatever it took to satisfy Kirito. Sinon reached down to Kirito's waistband and started to free his hard throbbing member from his swimsuit. She could feel it brushing up against her forearm as she shoved his shorts further down into the mire. When she came back up to meet Kirito's gaze the they felt a mutual panting on each other's lips before kissing each other deeply. She could feel his member pressing against her inner waistline. She could feel his pulse through his member touching her skin. She then asks, "Are you ready?"
Kirito nods and Sinon presses her lips up against his before kissing him again. His member was pressing up against her thighs now and she could feel it pulsating inside of her. Her pussy was already soaked and ready for action. She began to lift her legs up very slowly as to position them around Kirito's wait causing them to both sink to their upper ribs. It was fast approaching her breasts and his chest. This move was well worth it because as her grip around his waist became more pronounced she could feel his member come up to her womanhood. They were touching and she could feel his heat. She brought her hips closer to his and she felt his cock begin to enter womanhood. The head of his cock had some resistance because she was a virgin, also because her pussy was tight. It slid through causing some pain but as it grazed her g-spot she gasped in pleasure. Sinon gasped as she felt Kirito's hands caressing her butt cheeks. She then moaned as he thrust himself forward and penetrated her deeper and deeper. It felt amazing and she couldn't believe how good it felt to be penetrated by something other than her toys in her bedroom. She felt him throbbing inside of her and she could tell that he wasn't going anywhere. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him while he continued to thrust into her.
Sinon moans "I've wanted her for what seems like forever. I can't believe this is really happening!"
Her eyes were closed tightly as she basked in the heavenly feeling of being completely filled by his member. She could feel every inch of his shaft sliding all the way down into her. He was penetrating her to the hilt and she could feel him throbbing inside of her.
Every thrust caused them to sink further into the quicksand but their cares were abated by the sheer pleasure they were awarding themselves. She could feel the quicksand begin to kiss her nipples which caused her to grind against Kirito's cock even harder. This caused them to sink to their shoulders. She opened her eyes and saw him looking back at her. She smiled and then he leaned forward to kiss her passionately while still pushing himself into her. Their lips locked together and she could feel his tongue exploring her mouth.
She felt the mud start to fill her pussy with each thrust of his cock. It was only adding to the pleasure she was feeling. She was soon moaning in bliss as her orgasm began to overtake her. She couldn't hold back any longer and she came for Kirito. She arched her back and spasmed around his cock as waves of ecstasy washed over her body.
Kirito could feel Sinon's pussy clamp onto his throbbing member as he continued to slam it into her. Sinon continued to moan into his mouth and kissed him deeply. She was then moaning into his mouth while saying, "Thats it! Right there! I'm cumming all over you!".
"Oh god yes. You're making me cum too!" he replied.
Kirito didn't stop moving his hips however. He wanted to give her the best experience possible.
Sinon groaned as she felt his cock throb inside of her. The mud was now at their lower lip. She said, " I want cumming into me the last thing you experience in this world, my love. I love you so much, you have no idea. But Asuna is my best friend and I hope she will forgive me when we wake up. Tears started to develop in the corners of Sinon's eyes. The thought of losing her best friend after being so secluded for so many years from her tragic incident. Even her parent was so cold to her and slightly frightened towards her.
Kirito lunges forward and kisses her passionately while cradling the back of her head. This was something that could have been prevented. Kirito feels so strongly that he messed up and acted too quickly. "Before we fall into the deepest parts of this pit with you, I will make you glad we came here. This will be our little secret. I'm so close to cu-blublrblblr" Kirito started to say as his lips were overtaken by the mud due to his constant thrusts. Sinon uses Kirito's body as leverage, causing her mouth to break the surface. This causes Kirito's head to sink to his earlobes. Sinon says, "Cum in me my love, please make me a woman! I want to feel you expl-blubblrbluuf". She never got to finish what she wanted to say but Kirito heard her loud and clear. When Sinon returned to sinking it caused both of them to sink to just below their eyes. Their mouths, ears and noses were sealed off from the world. They were running out of time. Kirito and Sinon took a moment to stare in each others eyes lovingly and tears were forming in their eyes. Kirito seen Sinon advance throught the mud and pushed her lips against his all the while grinding her hips into his cock, forcing him deeper and deeper within her. Kirito could tell she wanted him to hurry and finish.
> You Kirito grabs Sinon's ass and starts thrusting deep into Sinon's pussy. Kirito was pulling her hard while thrusting equally as hard. This caused then both to sink completely under the surface. They were blind to the world, and they could only feel each other. An esctacy that Kirito was relishing. Her pussy was contracting on his cock once again. Sinon's arms were wrapping tighter and tighter around around his torso and her hips were locked in place keeping him completely sheathed within her wet walls. Kirito was thrusting the best he could as Sinon was moaning in his mouth causing him to taste the mud they were sinking in. He was so close as Sinon was clawing into his back. Sinon was fighting off the need to inhale... Kirito could feel her chest heave. He shoved his tongue in her mouth and with a lifetime of patience crumbling all at once... Kirito felt a rush of warmth radiate through his entire body as he came deep inside Sinon.

Kirito's cock was bursting inside Sinon's pussy and she could feel him pulsing and twitching inside her. She could feel his seed flowing into her and the warmth it was causing her to feel. This threw her over the edge. As she inhaled the mud that was surrounding them, she clamped onto Kirito's cock and came for the final time. They could both feel each other convulsing and grabbing each other tightly searching for air but all they could breath was the mud and then their consciousnesses faded into oblivion.
Both of their consciousnesses returned to the real world and outside of the soul translator. They were both laying on the gel bed of the machine and their eyes fluttered open from a groggy state. They both remembered what happened in the virtual world of the soul translator. And they both recalled the events of the past few days. Kirito was the last to recall it all. Kirito looked up at Sinon and stared into her eyes. She was straddling him, wearing the sleep gear the Ocean Turtle employees graciously provided them. She could feel that he was still very turned on from the virtual encounter that they had just experienced.
"We did it... We made it happen... You made me the happiest woman in the world..." Sinon said sadly.
"Why do you say it with so much sorrow." Kirito replied.
"Because I'm not sure if we will be able to repeat that again." Sinon said.
"I'll try my hardest to find a way." Kirito promised.
Sinon smiled and kissed Kirito's cheek. "Thank you. You're the most important person to me besides Asuna."
Kirito froze up as he recollected the events that transpired between her a Sinon. He jolted up and inadvertently bucked Sinon off of his hips. He then felt his erect manhood violently poke Sinon's private area. He thought, if they weren't wearing any clothes, they would have surely have accidently had real sex. But fortunately they were both wearing the sleep wear and the fabric blocked Kirito's erection from going anywhere near Sinon's pussy. The only thing that could make it more perfect was if they were naked. He could have sworn he felt how wet she really was under her clothes. He looked down and seen a clear outline of a moist spot on his pants. It was easy to see as they were wearing white. He began to think of the time they had in the STL.
Kirito asked, "Why do you love me so much?"
Sinon smiled sweetly, "Because you saved my life."
She held onto Kirito's hand tightly and pulled him close to her chest. "You make my chest fly higher than any arrow or bullet I let loose." She continued.
"And you give me courage to face the impossible." She added.
Kirito replied, "I love you too... So please don't think any less of me. My heart belongs to Asuna."
After a short pause, Kirito whispered, "Sinon... What would I do without you?"
She looked down shyly and said, "Nothing at all. That's why you need to stay by my side no matter what happens."
Kirito smiled. "If that ever comes to pass, I want you to promise me one thing."
She replied, "Anything."
"Promise me that you won't get hurt." Kirito said.
"Even if I am wounded... I want to be your shield. Even if you are paralyzed, I will be your sword. Even if you don't know how to feel, I will always be here to remind you what it is to live and love. Even if you decide you're not enough, you will aways complete me. I love you Kirito and I'm not ashamed to say it." Sinon insisted.
Kirito smiled and looked up at the blue sky outside the port window. Then he turned back to look at her.
"You will always have a special part in my heart, Sinon. I love you in it's own special way. If there was a way I could have you both, I would in a heartbeat." Kirito exclaimed.
"I love you too Kirito... And Asuna too. You both saved me from who I have became." Sinon replied crying and shoving her head into Kirito's chest.
"My feelings haven't changed for either of you. I don't care about my past. I don't care if you two betrayed me. All I want now is to protect you. That's all..."
Kirito slowly stroked Sinon's hair as she cried.
"I don't want to lose you Sinon. I don't know how many times I've wanted to kiss you, hold you, love you... I never knew I could love someone so deeply other than Asuna."
He then gently kissed her forehead.
Kirito sighed and pulled away from her. "I don't deserve a friend like you. I was a coward..."
Kirito looked off into space and muttered, "How can I repay this debt? How can I show my gratitude?"
Sinon reached out and took his hand. Sinon then said, "For what you did for me... I will never forget. You will be my shield forever. You will be my sword whenever I need you. You will be my lover when we grow old. And you will be my friend even after death... I am yours."
"I love you Sinon..." Kirito declared.
Sinon blushed and hugged him tight.
Then he whispered, "I'll be your shield tonight."
With those words, Kirito pulled Sinon close and the two shared a passionate kiss.
Sinon broke off and exclaimed, "But what about Asu-mmmmmhhh".
Kirito gave her a quick peck on the lips.
"I love you too..." He whispered.

With that he kissed Sinon passionately and lowered her onto the gel bed on his STL. She was shocked and her hands were ignorant on what to do. Her dream was coming to life right in front of her eyes. A world of fantasy and romance. Kirito was taking her to another level of ecstasy.
And the two embraced, their bodies heating up with desire. Kirito was exploring every inch of her back as he delved inside of her pajama top. Sinon was doing the same only she guided his hand to feel her inner thighs. The fabric was soaked and he instantly became full mast once more. She moaned into his mouth and Kirito started rubbing her womanhood from outside of her clothes.
It didn't take long before Sinon's breathing grew frantic and her hips began to buck wildly against his fingers.
Soon enough, her legs were kicking out uncontrollably and the sound of her voice rose high into the heavens.
Kirito then started probing within her bottoms slowly and tantalizingly rubbing her clit. She moaned into his ear and she was edging into a climax.
The two continued to thrust and rub against each other while Sinon was panting and screaming. She then proceeded to taking his top and bottom off. Kirito followed suit as he followed her wanton desires. They both were naked laying upon the gel bed of the STL.
Kirito was focused on pleasuring her while Sinon was trying to get him inside of her. He didn't want to rush anything though, because there was no telling what could happen.
Sinon finally got impatient with his slow pace and grabbed his cock and guided it towards her slick entrance. Kirito hesitated and said, "What about protection, this isn't the virtual world. We have real consequences here."
Sinon replied, "Kirito, I trust you completely. I'm not going to use any sort of protection. I'm ready for you."
Kirito felt a surge of unease and then slowly entered her wet warmth. His resistance slowly melted as he experienced the true bliss that was Sinon's tight moist walls. Kirito gasped and moaned as he kept slowly pushing deeper inside her.
Sinon smiled and whispered, "Don't worry. I'll hold still."
Kirito then moved his hand down and held her firm round ass firmly in his grip. Kirito was very careful as he slid his manhood deep inside Sinon. He tried not to overdo it but he wanted so badly to enter her entirely.
Finally, Kirito was buried fully inside of Sinon's pussy. The two of them came together and the sensation of their bodies joining was indescribable. Sinon wrapped her arms around Kirito's neck and began kissing him deeply.
Their tongues intertwined and Kirito could taste her passion on his lips.
Sinon was moaning into his mouth and Kirito responded by pounding her body harder and faster. His thrusts were getting stronger and Sinon was beginning to feel the pleasure building in her pelvis.
Kirito then gently pushed Sinon's head down to the ground and sat upright again. He then started licking her neck while pushing his erect member inside of her once more. The two had stopped moving and were now merely feeling each other up intensely.
She lifted her face away from his neck and looked up at him. Kirito then began pumping her from below and Sinon closed her eyes and let out an explosive moan. Her juices were flowing freely and her folds were engorged and dripping.
Sinon's entire body was trembling from the powerful sensations that coursed through her body. She was close to reaching a mind-blowing climax.
Sinon's hips were rocking back and forth and her hands were grasping for the ground as she pressed herself closer to Kirito.
Her thighs were clamped tightly around him and her legs were shaking violently.
Sinon began grinding her clit against Kirito's groin with every passing moment.
Kirito responded by pinning her down onto the soft bed and continuing to pound her body relentlessly.
Sinon screamed loudly and her body was convulsing uncontrollably. Her juices were gushing out and pouring down across Kirito's stomach and chest.
Suddenly, Sinon's toes curled up and she started wailing in ecstasy. The pressure was too much for her and she had to clamp her teeth down on Kirito's shoulder in order to keep from crying out.
Sinon clenched her teeth shut and bit hard.

This caused Kirito to pass the threshold. He was glowing with pleasure hearing Sinon thrash in ecstasy. She was already screaming wildly and her juices were flowing freely. Kirito was pounding her from below and Sinon was clinging to Kirito's shoulders and yelling,
"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh god yes!"
Sinon's entire body was trembling from the powerful sensations that coursed through her body. She was close to reaching a mind-blowing climax. "Cum with me, please cum inside me Kirito!"
Kirito slowed his pace as he was about to cum inside her for the last time. He didn't want to lose his seed before he could deposit it in the womb of his beloved wife.
The two of them kept locked together and began to shake.
"I'm going to cum soon...," Sinon moaned as she felt Kirito's cock throbbing inside of her.
Kirito knew what she meant. He was nearing the peak too.
He looked down at Sinon who was staring up at him with lustful eyes. "Do you want my cum baby" Kirito asked.
"Yes! Please cum inside me. I want your seed in me!"
Kirito smiled and began to pump his cock inside of her.
Sinon's entire body was shaking from the powerful sensations that coursed through her body. Kirito moaned loudly as he started to pump his manhood deep inside her pussy. She felt him twitch within her and she felt a magical warmth within her very being. "I'm cumming baby" Kirito moaned. His cock was pulsating with pleasure and he was about to release his sperm inside of her.
Sinon took the opportunity to wrap her arms around Kirito and pull him even closer. There was no pulling out, she had a death grip on his waist with her legs and he lovingly accepted their fates.
"Cum with me, please cum inside me. I want your seed in me!" Sinon pleaded.
Kirito's eyes rolled back in his head and he gasped for air as his penis swelled up and exploded inside of Sinon's womb.
As the two of them writhed in bliss, Sinon felt a warm liquid gush inside of her. She knew that Kirito's seed was filling her womb and she couldn't resist the urge to squirm beneath him.
Sinon then felt a strong sense of being disconnected from the world. The world turned black... and then a sudden grey flooded her eyelids. The cause was her eyes were closed and the hampered light of the STL was peeking through. She realized that it was all of it... the bliss that she encountered twice... was all illegitimate fantasies. Yes, the STL was so surreal that if let to believe the world around you was real... you would percieve it as the real thing. But alas, it was just in a virtual world. Sinon wanted Kirito all to herself. She felt extremely selfish at the thought but she wanted nothing more than to delve into Kirito and have a requitted love with him. When she got out of the STL she realized Kirito was gone and he had left a note.
"Dear Sinon, I left before you could wake up... I need to sort out some feelings. What happened was not fair to those we all love. My love for Asuna is real. I have no idea what happened in there... but, I know that no person in the virtual or real world can topple my feelings for Asuna. I will talk to you soon as soon as I figure out what happened."
Sinon read this half expecting what was written. " blockhead." She said aloud. She wasn't sure how she felt after reading that note. She didn't hate Kirito but she did find him irritating because he was trying to be noble by protecting Asuna and Sinon after the fact.
Later on, upon further investigating. The mud in those swamps were determined to have a highly potent toxin leech into the earth. It caused people who fall into the mud to experience a euphoric state. It explained exactly why what happened.....happened. Kirito and Sinon met up shortly after Kirito figured out what happened. It also explained why so many people had gone missing in the area. It could be surmised that the numerous people that had gone missing, sank into the mud with little resolve to escape. This was because they were under the effects of the toxin. The people of the underworld are not immortal like Kirito and Sinon were due to the fact that they were avatars in a virtual world. Them returning to investigate was a blessing due to that privilege. They then informed the upper officials of the realm and made it known to avoid the hot springs until further notice.
Kirito and Sinon then were alone for the first time that day. Kirito stammered to Sinon... "That was sure interesting... The fact that the swamps were chock full of euphoric toxins that is..."
"What do you mean 'that' was interesting? How does that quell the storm inside my head after we had such a blissful time together...?" Sinon said.
Kirito looked down shyly and confessed... "I don't understand what happened to me when I entered that quicksand pit. Something about it felt surreal, like a dream. It was so intense... I felt like my body was truly connected to yours, Sinon. Like we were sharing our bodies. I've never felt anything like that before."
"Kirito, please don't get ahead of yourself," Sinon pleaded. "Yes, the pit was full of... whatever the hell was in there... But you still said what you said! You have to understand that on some level... you believe what you said to be true... But I know you weren't yourself back in that moment... Neither was I... I would never have acted the way I had. My secret love for you was going to my grave because I didn't want to hurt Asuna or rip our gang apart. I treasure you all greatly and I don't want anything to happen that can tear us all apart." Sinon said all this with tears in her eyes.
"How did you know I was thinking those things?!" Kirito asked. Sinon paused for a moment and replied...
"Because I am your friend. And I was too scared to say those things to you."
Kirito asked, "Do you think we can still be friends after all of this... None of us were in their right state of mind... It was like all of our primal desires took over our actions... They would never of happened like that if it weren't for the toxins. We were all under the influence of the euphoric toxins and we couldn't help ourselves. It's not your fault, Sinon."
"You shouldn't have to apologize," Sinon said. "I should be apologizing to you. For acting like such an idiot. I'm partly to blame here too. I believe I initiated things by touching you chest and hugging you."
"Well, it was still nice and warm," Kirito quipped.
Sinon blushed and said, "It was."
Sinon continued, "This will be our little secret okay. We didn't REALLY have sex in the real world soooooo, I guess this can slide. I guess our vanity is still saved for when we both have sex for the first time. Whoever that will be with. You...Asuna for sure. Me... only time will tell."
Then she began to laugh.
Kirito smiled, "Are you saying that you're attracted to me...?"
Sinon nodded happily, "Yeah! I don't know why exactly, but ever since we met, you have always captured my attention. Then, when you saved my life, I felt indebted to you and my feelings for you skyrocketed from that point. Dealing with Death Gun... that kind of thing can create a lasting bond that will last a lifetime... So your not getting rid of me that easily... friend."
Kirito smiled, "I'm glad to hear that. I wasn't expecting any less from you... I haven't been myself lately. I've been feeling a bit off. I thought maybe it was because of the storms raging inside my head but now... I'm just feeling relieved that we can go back to normal."
"What do you mean by 'normal'?" Sinon asked.
"Oh, uh... Nothing much. Just... friendship. I'm just happy to have a friend like you. I was scared that what happened would have shattered any semblance of friendship that we shared. I'm saying that I'm glad that didn't happen and that we can continue to be friends."
"There's no need to thank me," Sinon replied. "I'm sorry I put you in such a difficult position, Kirito. If I'd known how you really felt about me, I wouldn't have done that. I should have told you before."
"No, I'm the one who should be thanking you," Kirito insisted. "For being honest with me and telling me how you felt."
"That's because I trust you," Sinon explained. "And I knew that you would understand. Because you were my friend."
"I'll try not to let you down again," Kirito promised.
From that point forward Sinon and Kirito's friendship became stronger than it was before. All the cards were on the table and they were addressed. Sinon knew how her feelings were to Kirito and now they can move on as friends. The little secret is still under wraps to this day. A conundrum that happened to no fault of their own. The benefit of that experience led the people of the underworld to monitor the situation in the woods and saving so many future victims of the swamp's powerful toxin.
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Re: The Swamps of the Underworld

Postby TBoneTony » Wed Mar 22, 2023 3:18 am

Considering she appeared in Season 2 onwards of Sword Art Online, Sinon has her dedicated fans.

I like how you included a few AI Art images of her so readers can feel that fantasy of her in the forest in quicksand.
Swamps of the Underworld I am assuming is based on the Aliceication War of the Underworld arc?

Nice Kirito x Sinon quicksand story, even if the quicksand event was planned investigation into the Underworld Swamps (less dangerous) between the two.
Would love to see a more dramatic and erotic story based on the SAO waifus but maybe I should try writing one someday.

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