Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby velocity88 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:20 pm

Thank you everyone for all of your responses. It’s nice to know that I’m not completely alone in my sentiments. Of course, one cannot talk about willing, orgasmic sinking without paying tribute to our dear friend, the late PM2K. Really, we all have to admit that no one can take his place. :cry:

I know what some of you are thinking: if this guy wants willingly drowning girls, then why doesn’t he JUST DO IT HIMSELF!?!?!?!?!?! Well, that would make sense, but here’s the rub: while my brain is overloading with too many of these ideas, the simply truth is that these are ideas that would turn me on more if I was reading them than writing them. Fellow storytellers: have you ever tried to do…things…to yourself (you know what I mean)…while reading your own erotic stories? It’s like looking in a mirror any saying “Hey, hey, hey Gorgeous. Somebody stop you. :roll:

Not sure if anyone would be interested in hearing this nutcase’s ideas, but I am eager to hear yours. If anyone’s interested, we might all just start something in the General Discussion session to get our willing quicksand fix occasionally. If there is anyone out there willing to turn these ideas into reality, then apparently there are others here who would welcome it. :D

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby Athkore » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:48 pm

I get your point, Velocity88, and I sort of agree with it. My opinion is that inspiration should not be forced. A story should be FELT before being written in a coherent scene with a scenario grafted around it ; it's the only way it can sound natural and not rush too fast to the main point. Let some ideas develop in your before attempting to write some various plotlines, then develop some of them further !

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby Chro_Zarco » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:28 am

If you really want to go that route, please be safe and use home remedies. There's a whole spread of bathroom spa products that can simulate different textures, and other WAM alternatives (syrups, shaving cream, slime, etc) can give you an idea of the messier aspect of the media. Don't push yourself to search out the real deal if it would be too burdensome an excursion, and please don't choke or smother yourself for the breath holding scenes.
I rather think that the red and black really suits me, don't you think?

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby DeuteriumTritium » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:25 am

I’m currently working on Part 1 of “Sink Park”(846 words and counting), so do look forward to that, should be a lot better than the other one :? The difficult part in my opinion is the sexual scenes, the experience is simply too difficult to imagine...

Also velocity, you’re the writer Person6 teamed up with for the comic aren’t you? The “see you at the bottom” clause seems familiar ;)

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby DangerousWill » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:09 am

Quicksand is an interesting fantasy, especially because of its cross overs with so many other kinks and fantasies. Its genealogy shares chromosomes with bondage, vore, power play, wam, forced orgasm, damsel in distress and encasement to list but a few. Like vore it was born purely of hollywood and rubbed off on us at a very early age, allowing it to morph into our other sexual desires as we grew up. Humans thrive on what we can't do and we were being told off for being messy years before we were being told sex was bad.

Because of the personal development of each individual we each have a sub branch of kink attached to our kink so opinions and attitudes will always differ.

Personally I like willing sinks of pleasure as it is a sensual fantasy first and foremost however there is significant difference between film and story. With film we are taking external stimulus and programming our libido based upon it. As such i personally don't like the eye contact, begging for help, sink to doom stuff. I like consensual sinking in the same way i like consensual sex.

However, with stories we are able to internalize the stimulus, get in the mind of the characters and feel what they are feeling. Stories do this perfectly but there are some actresses that can pull this off to different extents on film as they describe and tease.

Stories i think go one step further because they contain more than just prose. Quicksand is one giant metaphor. Id say the metaphor is the popping of ones cherry and the feeling of getting in too deep as we enter the scary and exciting world of adulthood, but then I'd be projecting.

The point is externally there are a lot of things we can't do or shouldn't do and this is correct. However, internally they will happen as they always have and there is always a psychological reason for it. A great example would be the rape fantasy. Rape is a disgusting act, no doubt about it. But in the western world where sex outside of marriage has been so taboo, rape fantasies are prevalent. Does it mean all these people want to get raped? No, it is just a vehicle to allow them to fantasize about the pleasure without experiencing the guilt. When you think about the girl sinking into the mud, trying to escape while the predicament traps her and forces her to be turned on, you'll realise this one has also slipped into the genealogy.

The point emphased is that all humans have messed up fantasies and these rarely get in the way of their sex lives. In fact for those willing to break the cultural norms it usualy excels their sex lives. But all humans have fantasies that they play out in their heads that they know would be wrong in real life. But don't get caught up on the act but the reason why you have the act.

When we follow the story of the evil man watching the damsel sink we are sating the animal, rewarding the animus and fulfilling the male side. Just like how we murder in GTA (video games) to satisfy that part of us knowing we'd never do it in real life. When we follow the story of the girl sinking we are sating our insecurities, playing with the anima and worshipping the female. She may die but our anima wont. (Jungian Psychology can be very fascinating)

So when you read about the girl dying don't get caught up on that. Its really a story about a free woman, experiencing all her kinks, getting the best orgasm she has ever had, becoming one with something greater than herself, lovingly taken, free from guilt as the sticky gunge chooses her path, able to finally be her true self, free from worldly burdens and there to be worshipped as the female form, both vulnerable and delicate but devine and great. Capable and powerful but still at the mercy of mother earth and fate. Then you'll realise its not just a sexual kick, but also a profound psychological one as well.

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby DangerousWill » Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:38 pm

DeuteriumTritium wrote:The difficult part in my opinion is the sexual scenes, the experience is simply too difficult to imagine...

The most realistic sexual scene you can ever write is a projection of your own sexuality. Everything else is just perception and observation.

When i was younger I spent some time researching how to pleasure my female partner and the consensus was that every one is different and turned on differently. The best example would be Roxy in Scott Pilgrim Vs the world, the evil ex whose weakness is the back of the knee. The number of people with such sexual nerves are rare but not nonexistent.

The point is, the way people are turned on, and the misconceptions made by porn and Hollywood, are such that you can write any kind of sexual scene and it will often be realistic and frequently be sexy.

So don't stress, decide the sexual turn ons for your character, be consistent but don't forget that they too are exploring and learning new things about their body during the experience.

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby Solrex » Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:37 am

So I have a story. It does involve a willing submersion, and a little bit of pleasure, but pleasure is not the focus. It does have a female, but she is trans. If you want to go check it out, it’s called Mortified in the Mire. I also got a cool idea from reading this, and kinda want to write a story now. Super excited!

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Re: Pleasurable Sinking: Attention All Storytellers

Postby I_M_Peruser » Tue Mar 30, 2021 3:13 am

Willing, happy fatal submersion is easily my favorite kind of quicksand story. Or, if not willingly walking into it, then at least not horribly concerned and terrified. For me, it's always been about the ecstasy, the joy of the characters involved, not the pain or peril. I think the grim ending gives a particularly wonderful flavor to the story, like a secret spice or promise at the end, the transition of petit mort into the big mort. I think there are great stories like this and I wish there were more of them.

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