The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

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The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby Bill » Tue Dec 08, 2020 3:11 am

Writer: William Harkness
Date December 7/20
M/F Quicksand
Main Characters: Wilfred & Jenna Jones
When we last heard of our Treasure hunting due they just gotten married after succeeding in stopping Cobra from attaining a dangerous artifact. Right know they are in a bed naked after making love, when they woke up they greated each other with a kiss. J: I must say I never would have imagined that I would wind up marrying my closest partner & friend". "W: You mean after all the times you tried to deny your love to me, saying that you would never find love again". "J: Okay I might have lied about my feelings for you, but I was just trying to protect myself". "J: But I guess losing someone you care about in this dangerous life we live in is inevitable". "Indeed" Wilfred said before giving Jenna another kiss. “J: So, Mr. Jones what are we doing for are honeymoon”. “R: What else, explore an ancient tomb & uncover ancient secrets”. “J: Really, I always believed that on honeymoons married couples usually go to the romantic resorts & have fun & relax”

“W: Going on those adventures is fun, not relaxing but fun”. “Besides, I want us to go on one of those adventures not just as partners but also as husband & wife”. “J: Well, when you but It like that than lets go”. So, Mr./Mrs. Jones get out of bed, wash up, get dressed & than back up & than go the local airport to take a flight to Egypt, the location of the tomb ware they will spend their honeymoon. On the way Wilfred explains to Jenna about the hidden tomb their going to. Who the tomb once belonged to an ancient sorceress named erotica that performed very erotic rituals to get the Egyptian people sexually active, using magic & special medians & odd treatments to make them horney. Once their plain arrived at cyro Egypt the rented a jeep & using Wilfred photographic memory they found the tomb of Erotica.

“J: So, this is It, don’t as impressive as I imagined, what are we even going to find in hear any way”. “W: O just the secret to having the perfect marriage, the only relic worth taking from this place is the Idle of erozel”. It’s what Erotica used in her rituals”. “Also, since It’s not one of those dangerous idles we won’t half to worry about Cobra trying to come after It”. “J: Well, that would be a nice change of pace not half to worry about tangoing with Cobra while getting this idle”. “W: That’s the spirit”. So, they came up to the entrance of the Tomb ware they found a special lock that kept It sealed. “W: Well, this is new I never encountered this before”. “J: Do you think you can crack It”. “W: Well, I was never good at janga or puzzles but If I do this & that than Wala”. When then temple door opened, they were greated by a vary dead smell. “J: O-PEE-U It smells like people died having sex”. “W: Coof, Coof, YA It does smell like that”. “So ladies first”.

Jenna gave Wilfred that anoid look than entered the tomb & Wilfred fallowed. When they first entered they accidently set off a trap of flying arrows which they avoided with ease. Then as they carefully walked through the temple hall way they came across another trap that sprayed sulfur gas which was deadly. “J: A PEE-U & I thought this place couldn’t smell any worse”. “W: Just hold your nose, take a deep breath & crawl under the smoke like you would do in a fire”. So, they tulk a deep breath, plugged their noses & crawled under the sulfur smoke. Then after avoiding a few more traps that arrived at the hidden chamber ware the idle was kept. “W: This is It Jenna the chamber to the erotic idle”. “J: This Idle better be worth It”.

When they entered the room, they suddenly felt all this sexual erozel which made them both really horney. “J: O-U-WOW Wilfred do you suddenly feel”. “W: Really horney, like my cock just got really long/hard, like I really need to make love to you”. “Then Yes”. “J: That’s what I thought because I’m feeling that to”. “I just feel so arozed right know”. “W: It appears to be getting stronger as we are getting close to the idle”. Just as they were about to pick the idle up, they were hit with so much sexual energy they just couldn’t handle It. They immediately removed all their clothes & began making love to each other. It was so crazy that they didn’t even pay attention to the fact that they were stepping in a pit of Quicksand that was next to the alter ware the idle was kept.

While Wilfred was pounding his cock in Jenna’s but & women hood, they were sinking in the sentient sand that just made them even horneyer. For you see Erotica added special herbs & farimons in the Quicksand that exited couples who entered even more. They sank from their legs to their privet parts than to their wastes & soon their chests & breasts. But as Jenna sank almost past her breasts, she realized that they were in Quicksand & managed to snap Wilfred out of It so he can see their predicament. “W: Well, this is quit the pickle we gotten ourselves in”. “J: You got that right; I was hoping that us getting stuck in Quicksand was a one time thing”. “W: Well, It appears not”, But don’t worry I think I can reach my gun that I dropped over their”. Trying to get that gun made the 2 sink up to their shoulders, but he managed to get It. “J: What good would that do”.

“W: Well, If I’m right & I usually am about these things If I shout that Idle It will lose Kit’s power that made us sexually arozed & remove It’s hold over the Quicksand which should help use get out”. So, Wilfred fired his gun at the Idle destroying It, so they no longer feel horney & with some effort they managed to get out of the Quicksand. Once on solid ground they tried to whip off as much Quicksand off their bodies as they could before putting their clothes back on. “J: Well that was quit the experience”. It was a shame that the Idle had to be destroyed, but I had to admit this trip has been vary erotic.” “But perhaps next time we just go to a resort like a normal married couple”. “W: Agreed but although the Idle is gone, theirs still something hear that will make this trip worthwhile”. “J: Like what”. “W: Like this the last peace of the puzzle I needed to find the lost temple of Agamotto that contains the one relic that no one believed to egzist”. To be continued
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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby MaitoGaiYouth » Tue Dec 08, 2020 3:34 am

Can you at least space out the lines? This is hard to read

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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby bogbud » Wed Dec 09, 2020 9:07 am

I'm quite sure this "Bill"-Account is some kind of Bot...
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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby theartofmud » Thu Dec 10, 2020 2:26 am

bogbud wrote:I'm quite sure this "Bill"-Account is some kind of Bot...

Either that or a troll with way too much time on his hands. He's churning out these poorly formatted stories daily and it's borderline spam at this point.
Plus it buries the work of other writers who actually put in effort.

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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby doltonutani » Fri Dec 11, 2020 7:29 pm

Dude stop posting this poorly formatted trash, no one wants to see it and you're spamming the section.

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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby Erazan » Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:25 am

Learn to edit and format please. You’ve posted like 10 stories and it’s impossible to read any of them

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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby higginshw » Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:54 pm

I like this bit of story, but how about an alternate ending where Willfred and Jenna are too enraptured by the pleasure from the idol, and quicksand that a few minutes after submerging, they become quicksand nymphs. They'd still go on adventures after getting the idol, but they would retain human shapes after resurfacing. 8-)

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Re: The Adventures Of Wilfred Jones PT2

Postby SunbeamZero » Mon Mar 29, 2021 5:19 am

Confusing story. I can't understand the story

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