Old Short Story- Lei Fang and Jann Lee (PG-13)

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Old Short Story- Lei Fang and Jann Lee (PG-13)

Postby DJlurker » Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:52 pm

This story is based on a manipulation that RBX2 did for me a while back, located here: https://www.deviantart.com/rbx2/art/Lei ... -584960630

It’s also a sequel to another story of mine, ‘Lei Fang and the Quicksand Cave: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=13170

And now, on with the show! :mrgreen:

Jann Lee was transfixed by the sight before him… his self-proclaimed rival, Lei Fang, dressed in a skimpy black party dress with long black gloves, her dark brown hair let down… sunk to her chest in quicksand.

At first, he had rushed to save her, but stopped when he realized that she didn’t seem to be distressed by her situation… in fact, she seemed to be enjoying herself. Her left arm was sunk in, but her right arm was still free, which reached up to brush some hair behind her ear.

The Chinese college student gave him a gentle smile, before slowly beckoning her with her index finger… “Come hither,” she whispered.

Against all better judgement, Jann Lee found himself taking a step forward… then another… then another… Soon, he himself was sinking into the quicksand in front of his rival, still unable to avert his gaze, though he still had enough presence of mind to keep his arms from getting stuck, letting them rest on the surface of the mud…

(She’s so beautiful…) He thought to himself. How had he failed to notice her beauty before? Then again, most other times they met, the expression on her face was one of either anger or determination, not the gentle, serene smile she sported now… He found himself reaching out to her, now sunk to his own chest in the quicksand… Lei Fang’s smile widened slightly, as she reached out herself, firmly clasping his wrist, causing Jann to shudder involuntarily…

That was when he knew, this was no dream. This was real.

He felt his body moving through the thick mud… Was she pulling him closer to her, or vice versa? They were definitely closing the distance… soon enough, she was right in front of him, draping her free arm around his neck. He looked down, seeing the mud bulging between them, pushing into Lei Fang’s cleavage… He then became aware of his rival’s long, strong legs wrapping around him, deep under the surface… She pulled herself in closer, their bodies now pressing against each other…

Jann looked at Lei Fang’s face again, so close now… She was still smiling, though her cheeks were now slightly flushed, likely from their close contact… Unable to resist, he shut his eyes before closing the distance…

Lei Fang let out a small ‘mmmph’ of surprise at the sudden kiss… but soon she relaxed, leaning into the kiss as her eyes closed, moving her submerged, gloved arm to wrap around Jann Lee’s waist, while her free gloved arm reaffirmed its grip on his neck… Jann himself pushed his arms into the quicksand to wrap around his rival-turned-lover’s waist as well…

After a few minutes, they slowly separated, breathing heavily, before looking into each other’s eyes once more. Jann opened his mouth to say something, but no words would come.

However, as he met Lei Fang’s contented gaze, he realized nothing needed to be said. Their romantic embrace, their kiss, had said it all. They were a part of each other, now… and they would never let the other go, figuratively speaking.

Though, he *did* hope Lei Fang had a plan to get this quicksand to let them go…

Jann Lee’s point of view ;-)

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