Quicksand Treasure Seekers Version 1

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Quicksand Treasure Seekers Version 1

Postby Bill » Mon Mar 01, 2021 9:56 pm

Written By: William Harkness
Date: Sunday February 28/21 Characters: Philip Johnson/Description: Short Blond hair, athletic body, blue eyes, & white skin Hailey Johnson/Description: Long Blond hair, athletic body, blue eyes, white skin, & big boobs

PH: Greetings my name is Philip Johnson, H: & I’m Hailey Johnson, were a husband & wife treasure hunting team who travels all over the world looking for treasure. We both met when we were helping a mutual friend with a archaeological dig in Egypt. PH: On that day we discovered that we shared a love of seeking out treasure & we were together ever since.

PH: But were not your average treasure hunters, because we are willing to look for treasure in parts of the world are no one else dares to go. H: Places that others would believe to be to dangerous or to weird to venture to, & this week adventure is no different. PH: Our travels have taken us to the grassy plains of the Louisiana Swamp lands wares their nothing but open grassy & dessert land for mills long located along the ocean borders.

H: Our contacts have informed us that in the heart of the Louisiana swamp lands theirs a secret pirate treasure buried some ware in those open fields. PH: After we arrived at the Louisiana airport we went to our hotel where we checked in & met with our contact & tour guild Mr. Pat Grant who works for the Louisiana wildlife reserve to give us some insight on the Louisiana pirate treasure.

P: Welcome Mr. & Mrs, Johnson to Louisiana I hope you’ll enjoy your time hear. H: Thanks & thanks for heling us with our surch. P: It’s my pleasure, we at the wildlife reserve hope that the finding of this treasure will help to continue our work to keep these lands protected from developers. PH Part of the deal we made with Pat, in exchange for helping us learn more about the treasure & help us find the location on ware the treasure was buried, we donate most of the treasure to the reserve funds & we get the rest to be donated to a local museum. H: So, what do you know about the treasure.

P: Well, all I know is what I learned from my grandparents, who have told me that my family’s ancestors who were part of the first group of settlers who came to Louisiana sentries ago & during that time pirates who served the dreaded black beard came here to beery treasure they stole from one of the ships the settlers came on to use to help build a new town in these lands. The pirate attack resulted in a bloody battle between them & the settlers which cost them their ship. But they managed to escape with the treasure on a row bought that they had. My vary great grandfather gathered a group of his fellow settlers to follow the pirates to try & take back the treasure they stole. They followed them to a open field where they saw then take the treasure out of the row bought to be buried. They knew the pirates were going to bury the treasure so they would wait until the pirates finished than reclaim their treasure. But suddenly the pirates started sinking in the ground taking the treasure with them. So the settlers knew their was Quicksand in those lands.

PH: Hailey & I gave each other & Pat a surprised & worried look than Hailey said. H: Wait Quicksand, theirs Quicksand in that aria. P: Yes to this day theirs Quicksand all over those plains, no surprise there would be since swamp lands like Louisiana have large pockets on Quicksand. But in the particular aria ware the treasure is theirs lots, some Quicksand patches are noticeable for having a dark bog like color & consistency & some are not vary noticeable because their iver located under the grass patches or matches the light brown dirt surfaces of that aria.

PH: So, what did you vary great grandfather do next. P: Well since they were still new to this corner of the world, he didn’t want to risk his or his fellow settlers’ safety, so they went back to inform the others on what happened. But over the generations of my family, this town tried to rea-claim their lost treasure but since the first settlers didn’t get a good look on ware the pirates &b the treasure went under, they could never know & a lot of searches endured early because some of the surch parties almost lost their lives in Quicksand, & It got harder over the years. Avenchualy the people hear gave up, but my family kept telling that story over the years so my family will always know of what happened here & as a way of preserving our families promise to find & rea-claim the treasure one day. That’s why I reached out to you to since you to have a history of finding/retrieving different pockets of lost treasure in the most dangerous places.

PH: Well, we’ll do our best. So, after Pat gave us the exact directions on how to get their & are his family have a good idea of ware the treasure is located. He told us to go ahead because he has matters, he needs to attend to at the reserve, so we left with out him but said to wait until he arrived because he’s familiar with the tirain.

H: When we arrived at the wield plain location, we were amazed on the open space this aria provided. I wanted to just sit in our rented jeep & just stare into the open aria, but my impatient husband had over ideas. Philip are you sure we should started looking for the treasure before pat arrives, aren’t you wired about all that Quicksand out there. PH: That’s what makes our adventures exiting, venturing into the unknown not knowing ware It takes us.

H: That’s true but what If we get stuck, we didn’t bring any wroup or some sort of gear to extract us out if we get stuck. PH: I don’t want to go fare, just get a proper lay of the land & put markers in a few spots ware the treasure would be. H: Okay but a cording to Pats stories the treasure sank in a Quicksand patch along with the pirates so theirs a good chance the treasure is in the Quicksand. So how would we even get it out. PH. One problem at a time. H: So, we tuck some mettle detectors & some markers & started to make our way along the grassy plains & as soon as our shows touch the surface we were instantly were tuck off guard on how soft the ground is. PH: But we kept on going, me going s bit faster than Hailey who was behind me.

H: Look Philip Quicksand. We were able to spot a few Quicksand patches & stay clear. Wow Philip Pat wasn’t kidding, look at all this Quicksand. PH: Ha we really need to be careful that WOW. A Hailey looks like I really stepped in it this time. H: I’ll say babe you just sunk up to your phis. I had a sinking feeling this would happen; don’t move I’ll try to get you out. PH: Okay but It’s not like I need to move to sink, because I can slowly feel my self-getting sucked into this crud.

H: Just try & to reach for my hand & I’ll, OMG, suddenly I found my self getting pulled into the same Quicksand patch as my husband both of us sunk to the same position close to our privet parts side by side. PH: Looks like we should have listened to Pat when he told us to wait. H: You think, I mean look at use were in Quicksand & were, O-My, did you feel that.

PH: You mean the feeling of getting a massive blow job as are privet parts sunk in the Quicksand. H: ya, I’m going to try to reach for my phone so we can call Pat to get us out of this situation. Hi Pat, this is Hailey calling, my husband & I desperately need your help. P: Why are you guys okay. H: Not really, we ended up trying to navigate through the flat plains before you arrived & know were stuck in Quicksand.

P: I told you two, to wait until I arrived. Why didn’t you. H: It was Philips idea because he thought we can get a heads start. I gave Philip my I told you so/disappointed look when I told Pat that. P: I see, well don’t panic I’m on my way to help you guys, just try not to move or get out before I arrive & make sure Philip actually does what I ask. H: I will good by & HEARY. As I hanged up my phone we both see that we are know sunk to our wastes in Quicksand & steadily sinking. Okay Pat said that he’s on his way to help but he said until than not to move or try to get out before he gets here. PH: Okay no problem. But the way were sinking should we try to call for help to see If someone is close my to help.

H: Your welcome to try but considering how far we are from the nearest town I think It would be pointless. PH: I guess so but hay look at the bright side you always wanted to go to a mud spay to get a free fariputic mud soak, so know we are. H: I suppose so, but I would rave have a spay day without the fear of death. PEW, God Philip did you just fart. PH: I can definitely/honestly say that wasn’t me, maybe It’s you.

H: I’m not the one who had that bean salad from the inflight lunch option on the phlite overhear. When we sunk almost to our chest/breast section of our bodies we started hearing these fart sounds than starting to smell a swamp gas like odder, which we later learned was the result of our steady dissent into the Quicksand. That revelation caused us to laugh. Than Philip started to get impatient & tried to get out himself, I told him to stop, but his attempts cause the Quicksand to turn abit which caused us to find some weird objects in the Quicksand, we managed to get them out which caused massive spews of swamp gas to hit our faces that really made us cringe.

PH: What we extracted from the Quicksand was sentries old cloving which we knew were old pirates cloving, so we knew that the pirates treasure was located in the vary Quicksand pit we got stuck in. H: When we expressed our joy, we sunk up to our shoulders but Lockley by than Pat & a group of ladies warrying special swim ware arrived managed to get some wroup to us that is connected to Pats Jeep that he used to extract us both from the Quicksand.

P: Are you guys okay, I told you to wait & look ware not listening got you. PH: YA I know, but If we didn’t get stuck in that Quicksand patch we wouldn’t have discovered that the treasure is in that vary Quicksand patch. P: If that’s true that we can use these special extended bars that can go in any kind of hole no matter how deep & lock on to a metal surface like the things that were used to carry treasure chests back than & extract them. I even brought my sister Aby & her swim team to help. Because a women’s body wait is more liter than men so they can crawl along the plains with out getting stuck.

H: So my self along with Aby & her swim team went back to the Quicksand pit & used those spears that pat provided & we managed to get the treasure out of the Quicksand. PH: After we tuck the treasure to Pat’s workplace at the wildlife reserve ware we divided the treasure to help the reserve & we managed to get the rest to give to a local museum. H: Well, I must say that Philip & I can agree that this was the most exiting treasure hunt adventure we have ever been on. But we didn’t just find treasure we also found that our experience in Quicksand has left us both seriously turned on, that we both got some sort of sexual profilment from that experience which is something we both will continue to explore in future adventures. PH: So, until text time, I’m Philip Johnson H: & I’m Hailey Johnson signing off until our next adventure.

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