Quicksand Treasure Seekers Version 2

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Quicksand Treasure Seekers Version 2

Postby Bill » Tue Mar 02, 2021 1:53 am

Written By: William Harkness Date: Sunday February 28/21
Characters: Philip/Description: Short Blond hair, athletic body, blue eyes, & white skin Hailey/Description: Long Blond hair, athletic body, blue eyes, white skin, & big boobs

Hi My name is Philip & my name Is Hailey. PH: were not your average married couple. Because we do things that others would considered down right crazy. H: Were Quicksand hunters.
PH: That’s right, during our entire lives we were fascinated with Quicksand, & all the movies & shows that had Quicksand. H: We found each other on a website dedicated to people that our fans for all things Quicksand related. PH: It didn’t much for us to want to meet each other in person. We arranged a meat up at local restaurant located in the same city ware we both grew up & live in.

H: We spent most of our first date talking about how we got involved in this world & we eventually got married & on our honeymoon we went to resort on a Island ware It’s jungles have different spots with Quicksand. PH: That’s ware are Quicksand journey began. H; Ever since we used our obsession with Quicksand to make our marriage & sex life amazing.

PH: Over the years we would plan these trips ware we would explorer amazing country sides & amazing jungle/swamp lands ware we find & sink in the most amazing Quicksand bogs imaginable. H: All were different & unique in their own special way. PH: Sometimes we would record our selves in those Quicksand pools to watch latter, which really gets us in the mood If you know what me mean.

H: I think they do. Our travels have eventually taken us hear, in a part of the world that has been known to have large volumes of Quicksand the Louisiana Flat lands. PH: A part of Louisiana were theirs nothing, but open fields of grass dirt patches located along the border of the ocean that according to the people that live in Louisiana has lots of Quicksand patches. H: So as soon as we arrived at the airport, we got a taxi that tuck us to our hotel ware we got checked in than we immediately rented a care & drove to those flat lands.

PH: When we arrived, we were blown away by the scenery, we knew this will be a Quicksand adventure we would never forget. H: As soon as we started to walk on the swampy ground we were amazed on how soft it was, so we knew we were at the right place. PH: Holding hands we walked side by side trying to find a good Quicksand spot to sink in. But that spot found us. H: With out warning we sunk all the way to our phis in some Quicksand that looked like normal ground. PH: After looking down at our situation we both exchanged happy surprised stairs & laft.

H: During that time we enjoyed our sinking situation. As we sank past our phis, privet parts than our wastes we wiggled/looking around enjoying this experience. PH: We even started to yell “HELP, HELP, WERE STUCK IN QUICKSAND, HELP. To determine how fare we are from other people. H: After a few hours we stopped & listened &b looked to see If someone heard us. In that time we continued sinking up to my husbands chest & my Breasts. PH: We giggled amongst our selves in the excitement of what would happen If someone did hear us & came to help which didn’t happen.

H: We even enjoyed this experience when we started hearing the ground we were sinking in make fart sounds, then we started to smell the stink of swamp gas which came out as a result of our steady dissent, as we sunk past our rib cages than reaching our chests & boobs.

PH, After a while he decided to come up from the Quicksand which was easy since we had years of practice getting out of different Quicksand patches, iver using a wroup or vine or just our own body strength, which was the case this time. H: After a few hours we got out of they Quicksand noticing how the mud coated our bodies. Than after confirming were the only people around we decided to strip naked than returned into the Quicksand. This time our sinking experience was 10 times better since we weren’t warrying any cloves.

H We struggled to make us sink faster up around our chests & breasts than we managed to get in a loving brace while in the Quicksand than we began to make love in the Quicksand kissing passionately. We did so for many ours than we decided to once again exit the Quicksand but this time we leave with our entire naked bodies coated in the Quicksand.

PH: We continued to make love while cleaning our selves in the local ocean removing the mud from our bodies than we cleaned our clothes, putting them back on & returning to our hotel ware we began to plan our next Quicksand adventure.

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