DR: Treacherous Shortcut

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DR: Treacherous Shortcut

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Treacherous Shortcut
A Danganronpa QS fanfic
By UltraWarriorX367
(Female, Sinking, Shoe loss, Submerge, Arousal, fondling)

A warm gentle breeze blew through the trees of the Osaka Countryside, the sun had slowly begun to set beneath the trees. The crisp summer air was still fresh as the day neared its end and a few insects were buzzing about, taking in the last few amounts of sunshine. The students from the Academy of Gifted Juveniles were invited to Korekiyo’s home out of the goodness of his heart, he also invited them all for movie night but the way he described it sounded like he was inviting them to a summoning ritual.

Kaede was able to convince the others that they should go, most of them reluctantly agreed but not without some opposition from Tenko, Maki, and Miu. Tenko because of her hatred for men, Maki claimed that she already had plans made, and Miu simply claimed that she had better shit to do than listen to the creepy twink vomit about humanity and shit. After much persuasion from Kaede the three had decided to join in, with Tenko still fuming about the entire thing.

Kiyo’s home was a weird blend of modern and traditional style housing. On the outside it had the look and feel of a Minka: a traditional Japanese home. But on the inside it looked like a modern Victorian home with a shower, kitchen, and bathroom. Kiyo himself said that his house was built as an idea to merge the past and present together which confused the hell out of everyone who wasn’t him.

Upon coming in a few of the guys went to the kitchen to drop off the numerous bags of snacks they brought for movie night, and a few of the girls were in the living room taking in the house’s architecture. “Kiyo, you have a beautiful home, Atua would be most impressed by its craftsmanship” Angie said. “Kehe... thank you Angie, my father built this home with his own two hands, I just made a couple of changes to make it more hospitable if you would” Kiyo said. “Yeah. That is if you call this ‘hospitable’” Kokichi spat only for Kaito to slap him on the back of his head. “I don’t know, I think it looks kinda cool,” Said Rantaro, he got a warm smile from the anthropologist in return.

“Okay, should we start peeping the food?” Keebo asked. “Might as well, pretty sure some of us are getting hungry right about now” Shuichi said. “The sooner the better, I’m starting to get hungry myself” Ryoma added as he stretched. while the guys got to work in the kitchen the girls were in the living room discussing the movies they brought. Tenko was fonding over Himiko as usual, Maki was off in the corner scrolling through her phone, and the rest were sitting on the emerald green couch. Kaede, Tsumugi, and Kirumi were all carrying piles of movies.

“I have all the seasons of Sailor Moon, Toradora, Fairy Tail, Fate Stay Night: UBW, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece” Tsumugi said only for her to get interrupted by Miu. “Is that all you have Otaku B*tch!?” She cried. W-well I also have Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and-“ Tsumugi began but got interrupted once again. “That was a rhetorical question four eyes!” Miu yelled.

“M-maybe I should go next” Kaede said, trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand. “I have Zootopia, Snow White, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella” she beamed. “So in other words, more girly trash compared to Miss weeaboo over here!” Miu yelled. “Kh... You really think I’m gonna waste my precious time and energy by watching kiddy movies with you all then you all can go fuck yourselves all the way to Sunday!” Miu yelled.

“Nyahahaha! No need to be so rude Miu, everyone is welcome to contribute to the festivities in there own special way” Angie winked which caused the inventor to scowl at her. “Pipe down ya fuckin midget! No one was talking to you!” Miu returned her attention to Kaede and Tsumugi “As for you two sour nipples! Y'all can go and slut it up for all I care! I’m leaving!” she said as she stormed out of the room. “What a shame, I actually had a few movies that Iruma would enjoy” Kirumi said sadly.

“The nerve of those two bimbos, cuddle around the fire and watch girly kid flicks!? Fuck no! I’ve got better things to do!” Miu grumbled as she walked out of the house. “I have Tangled, Cinderella, and Snow White” Said Miu as she imitated Kaede. “Kaeidiot is such a fuckin girly girl, no wonder she’s still a Virgin!” She continued grumbling as she walked deeper into the forest. Her black high heeled boots creaked and crunched against the ground as she walked.

Miu herself was clad in a sexy latex pink biker jacket with gold studs on the shoulders partially unzipped exposing her cleavage, black fingerless gloves with the same studs, and pink multi-pocket cargo pants with black straps and buckles attached to her waistline. On her feet were black heeled-boots with gold buttons and buckled on them. She also had brown googles with gold accents resting on her head. A perfect look for a genius girl she always told herself, her tall hourglass figure was enough to make any man swoon over her. On top of that she reeked of cherry perfume, she bought some three days before, and she decided to sprit herself with a few puffs before coming out.

Miu was angry that she didn’t notice that was getting further and further away from the house. She didn’t realize this until she got further in. “Tch! Sour tits and her virgin ass kid films, who’d actually watch the sh*t anyway!? Probably poo-ichi, god knows only single f*ucks like him would probably get off on that sh*t! Isn’t that right Bakamatsu!” She yelled. No one answered, she waited a few minutes then yelled again. “Hey dimple-tits when I’m talking to you I expect you stop blowin someone and answer me!” Miu yelled.

She looked around and saw that she wasn’t by or near the house anymore, instead she was surrounded by trees, bushes, and shrubs. “Where the hell am I?!” She cried. A sudden sound of a chirping cricket startled her causing the girl to fall on her butt. “I hope no one saw that” she thought, Miu got herself up and dusted herself off and examined the area around her. “Ran right into the forest like a dumbass prostitute! Fuckin hell!” She groaned slapping herself upside the head for being an idiot. She calmed herself down and looked about her surroundings trying to figure out the route she came from. “Ok. East, west, north, south. I came east, so I’ll just head west!” Miu said proudly, and with that she began to make her way back.

The sun was still lingering high above but the sky had already begun to transition to night, and Miu knew that when night fell it would be borderline impossible for her to see anything. “I’ll be a blind as a drunk stripper when the sun goes down, luckily my golden brain has already mapped out the area and found the quickest route!” Miu said confidently. The strawberry blonde beamed brightly as went along her way through the dim-lit forest with the sun partially hanging overhead.

The busty woman inventor walked at a calm pace, she wasn’t in much of a hurry to get back if it meant watching kiddy movies with the girls. “Bunch a fuckin 5 year olds! Being stuck watching those movies with those losers is the worst hell there is!” She mumbled to herself. The strawberry blonde kept on trucking as the fireflies started to come out and the sun’s orangish glow coated the sky, the day was nearing its end and sooner or later the moon would come out.

However the Inventor’s plan took a change as the trail she walked began to thin and the grass around her got taller and thicker abstracting her view. “The fuck?! Where did all these weeds come from!” She groaned. “Tch! Like some dumb nature’s gonna stop me!” She plowed her way through the dense foliage and continued on, wanting to get back to the house before it got pitch black outside.

Maneuvering through the dense grass proved to be little problem for the busty blonde, she wasn’t gonna get stopped by a little nature. “Hope this is the fastest way, all this walking is murdering my feet! I guess this is the punishment I get for walking through the forest while wearing heeled boots!” Miu grumbled. As she walked she could hear faint squishy sounds coming from the ground below, she thought nothing of it as she continued on her trek. Soon the tall expense of grass came to an end and the girl was greeted with a strong pungent odor to her nostrils. “Ugh! Why does it smell like a gummy bear sharded in here!?” Miu exclaimed in disgust as she covered her nose.

She had stumbled into a small patch of baron swampland. The entire area was littered with small patches of water, dead rotting trees, reeds prodding from the ground, and tufts of grass. “Khe... this is fine. It’s just a little swamp, nothing more” Miu spoke confidently as she stepped out onto the baron land, completely unaware of the dangers that laid ahead. “It’s gonna take more than this to stop Miu Fuckin Iruma Mother Nature!” she yelled as she raised her head into the sky while shaking her fist. The ground was soft beneath her boots but stable at the same time, meaning that it was safe to walk on.

“The sooner I get out of here the better, I don’t want this stench on my clothes” Miu said as she pressed on. The ground below slopped and slurped as she walked, it’s almost like if it was alive. Miu walked to the center and looked around, the entire area was unknown to her and she couldn’t make out the way she came. Not to mention the pungent odor filling her nostrils “God damnit! I can’t afford to get lost again!” She cried angrily. Looking up she saw that night already fell and the sun was a few inches away from setting. “Shit! Gotta hurry!”

Miu resumed her walk, wanting to get back before she got stranded in the dim dark forest. She wasn’t afraid, but was scared of what might be out in the forest itself. She was nearly halfway across the dim swampland when she felt the terrain get muddy and lose, upon taking another step her right boot partially sank into the swamp mud, the sudden event brought her to a stop and caused her body to slant at an angle. “Oh great! Just fan-fucking-tastic! These were my favorite boots!” Miu groaned, she sighed heavily and began to lift her foot out of the mud, but found that she couldn’t. The mud stretched up clinging tightly to the sole and heel of her boot holding her fast.

“What the hell!?” Miu cried, she tries lifting her right foot out again. But it remains stuck fast as the thick, gluey mud stretches up, still gripping tightly onto her boot. “You’ve gotta be fucking with me!? I can’t get out of a simple mud puddle!” Miu said angrily, getting frustrated over her situation. She continued to lift her foot only for the grippy mud to yank it back down, her boot was now a little past her ankle. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” She grabbed her right leg and tried tugging it free, the mud rippled and blopped as she moved. That didn’t stop the inventor from wanting out of the muddy trap.

“Come on... you piece of shit! Let go of me already!” She roared. Her right foot raised out of the mud once more with a dark brown strand attached that engulfed the toe and sole of her boot, she madly fought like hell to free it. After 10 minutes of utter hell, her foot shot out of her boot causing her to fall onto her butt once more. “Ha. Ha! Finally! Freedom at last!” Miu sang. She looked forward and saw that her boot was still mired, she then looked down at her white socked foot. “Shit!” She scrambled to get herself off the ground and ran towards her boot but she was little too late to grab it as it was sucked under into the mud, leaving behind a few air bubbles on its surface. Miu angrily slammed her fist down on the ground. “Fuck! Those were my favorite pair!” She groaned as her toes wiggled within her sock.

Iruma got herself up and put her hands on her face in anger. “No. No. It’s fine, I can replace them. But now I’ve gotta walk back with one shoe like some hungover prostitute!” Miu calmed herself down and resumed walking. The inventor grew more and more annoyed by the faint squishy sounds from the ground as she walked, it didn’t help that since she was down one shoe her sock-clad foot was getting muddied up from the spongy wet terrain below. “Stupid mud sucking my boots off and shit! I really loved that pai- AHH!”

The ground beneath the girl’s feet melted and she plunged ankle first and was up to her calves in the warm swamp mud. “Damnit! Can this day get any fucking worse?! First my boot and now this shit!” Miu asked herself, she tried to lift her right foot but the mud didn’t let go so easily, when she tried her other foot she got the same result. The ground around her felt very strange, it slightly wobbled with every movement she made. Her movements also seemed to loosen up the mud. “Great, I can’t get out, just perfect,” Miu said sarcastically. The more she tried to free herself from the swamp gunk, the more soft and liquidity it got. Miu didn’t seem to notice, she was too focused on freeing her legs from this clinging mud, which seemed to be getting deeper and deeper which slowly began to annoy her.

The girl writhed and thrashed about trying to free her legs but the only good that did was driver down deeper. She did everything but she just couldn’t get herself out of the muddy trap she stumbled into, every time she raised her leg a gooey strand would always pull it back down. Miu bent down and gripped her left leg and pulled as hard as she could but the sticky swamp mud held on tightly to him limb, in the process she plunged her right leg deeper in the muck, she cringed when she felt the ooze seep through the fabric of her knee high sock. The clinching and sucking grip of the mud was getting tighter and tighter around her legs as she sank, it was nearly up to the tip of her left boot.

After thirty minutes of utter tedium Miu looked up and saw that the terrain around her had... gotten bigger. “Duh fuck!?” She said as she looked around, upon looking down she saw the mud up to her calves. Her left boot was pulled under and Miu could feel the warm slurry seep in and coat her sock. “Ew, we, ew!” She uttered. That soon caused another problem, with the mud in her boots it made them heavy, evidenced by the speed of which her left leg was sinking. “Holy shit I’m shrinking!” Miu exclaimed, she pulled at either leg but the super strong iron grip held onto her fast pulling her deeper and deeper into its clutches.

“I have to get out of here,” she said. She grabbed her leg and pulled at it like mad but once again the super suction from the mire mud kept her in place. When she tried pulling her right leg she lost her grip on it and fell on her butt. “Shit! Now my pants are ruined, these were 900 fuckin yen Mother Nature!” She yelled into the air while waving her fist around like an angry mom. The mud hungrily sucked her down to her knees, she tried lifting her legs out again but they remained fixed in the mud. Even though she couldn’t lift them she could move them which gave her an idea, she wiggled her legs about and tried lifting them once more but her plan was once again a bust. “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!!!”

Miu was able to straighten herself up and looked down to her disappearing legs and is at a loss of what to do now. “No. It’s okay, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something to get myself out of here” Miu chuckled nervously to herself. She scratched her head trying to jumpstart her brain. “Come on! Come on! I need a plan brain! I don’t care if it’s shitty, if it works then I’ll go for it!” Due to her struggles water was pumped out from the spot of ground she was in, it loosened and thickened the swamp mud and reinforced its grip on her. She found this out when she wiggled her legs again and found them to only budge slightly. And all throughout her struggles her pink multi-pocket cargo pants had slowly began slip down, but she didn’t realize it yet.

“If I can liquify this shit enough I might be able to push myself out! Ha! My genius never seems to amaze me” Miu said as she mentally patted herself on the back. Using all of her strength she tried to liquify the mud again by leaning back and forth and turning around as much as she could. Soon more water rose to the surface and pooled out atop the mire, her plan was a success, but not without consequences. Her plan also softened the mud to such a degree it turned it into an earthy slope of dark brown oatmeal, it also made the mud deeper and was able to consume her knees and grip her thighs. If she kept it up she would be stuck fast in the crude concrete-like mud if she struggled for too long.

“What the fuck is this crap, is it?...no. It can’t be. That shit only exists in movies and porn videos! Man. This shit’s sticker more than a leaky blowhole!” Miu’s thighs writhed and thrashed about as the latter wiggled them in the sucking mud, she struggled and pumped her legs within the thick slurry. Leaning on one side with her arms at her side and her hands clenched, Miu gritted her teeth as the busty blonde thrashed and moved about within the goop, every move only drove her down deeper and deeper.

She took a rest to catch her breath, the mud practically took the wind out of her. When she looked down she was horrified to see how deep she sank, the quick-mud was now to her upper thighs, moving either of them slightly gave a loud slurp and blup sound from the gritty mud. “It doesn’t matter what I do, I still keep shrinking in this shit!” Miu said angrily as she slapped her hands down atop the mud’s surface. She was at a loss for ideas. Should she struggle again to liquify the mud again? Then she’d sink deeper. Stay calm? Then the mud would continue to suck at her legs like a vice not giving her the slightest chance to escape.

It seemed like there was nothing she could do to stop the ravenous quick-mud by swallowing more and more of her hourglass figure. The poor girl slipped deeper and deeper into her muddy grave and the ground came dangerously close to her crotch and thus her upper body, in a rush of panic Miu tried to wiggle herself to freedom but to no avail. The mud was now at the uppermost part of her thighs, and there were no signs of it stopping.

“Alright let’s try this” Miu said. Hoping to reduce the suction strength, she bent forward and tried to climb out with all her strength. “HMPH! Come on!... UNGH!... EUGH!... I gotta get out of this shit!” She groaned. Her butt stuck out as she gripped at the mud in vain but was unable to find anything solid, her fingers left small marks in the mud which were quickly refilled. She wiggled her legs and ass to and fro as she struggled, but no matter how hard she fought her hopes were immediately dashed. The suction was too strong and the mud was too deep, no matter how much she moved she’ll just sink deeper and deeper. The sticky mud now formed around her curvy hips and gently caressed the hem of her pant-clad butt.

With a loud wet gurgling noise she sank to her crotch and the wet gritty mud cling softly to her groin and femininity, along with her butt settling into the mud. A huge blush coated Miu’s face when she felt the wet silt brush against her panties, her cargo pants got soaked with water from underneath the mud and gave a loud sucking noise when she tried to move.

She pressed her hands down on the mud and tried pushing herself out of the devouring mud, all the while the blush on her face intensified. “Mm-hmm ah, ha ha! This feels so fucking hot!... Wait! Am I seriously getting turned on by this muck!? No, no I’ve gotta stay focused on getting out of this shi-“ she was interrupted from her thoughts when the mud cupped her special place and let out a small moan of pleasure. The thick grippy mud pressed harder around her crotch and pant legs to her curvy hips, it also got harder for Miu to shake off the arousing urge to finger herself. Determined to escape the deathtrap she struggled, twisted, and thrashed like hell within the bubbling muck but that just aroused the quick-mud even more as it swallowed more of her figure.

“Mhmm Ah! Ah! Ha... ha” Miu’s breathing hardened and sweat beads rolled down her forehead, her nipples got hard and poked through her undershirt as her entire body went warm. It became pure agony for her to ignore the intense feeling of arousal from the quick-mud on and around her crotch. Especially the wet slurp and sucking noises that came from the swampy mire mud, in her rescue attempts, made her very very horny. Her breathing softened as the girl leaned forward a little and began to rub her femininity in the dense thick mud, in hopes to feed the sudden wave of arousal that overtook her. “Mhmm!... Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!” Miu chanted as she rocked back and forth in the mire all the while pressing her crotch in the filth.

This only worsened her situation, she then stuck her right hand into her pants and began fingering herself causing her arousal levels to skyrocket. Her face went bright red, her heart rate and breathing accelerated, and she began drooling at the mouth. “Ohhh Yeeeaaahhh… Mhmm! Ah!..... Fhmmm!... Yes!.... It’s a shame I didn’t bring a video camera to record myself doing this… Ah!... I’d know some people who’d pay good money for kinky shit like this!” Miu moaned, she pumped her legs deep within the mud and shook her butt too and fro. She was in full masochist mode and she wasn’t coming out of it anytime soon. A wild lust crazed look filed her face as she wiggled and squirmed about in the bog’s bounds as she rubbed and fingered at her womanhood, she unzipped her latex biker jacket and threw it onto a small patch of grass, revealing her massive breasts snugged tightly in a white T-shirt that read “Big Tiddy Blonde G.F”.

Her nipples were rock hard and poked through the fabric of the shirt and the shirt itself was slightly damp with sweat from all the perspiration due to the warm air. “Ah….ah… ah! Mhhmmpph! Ah!...Fuck! I feel like someone jammed a pulg up me exit hatch! I FEEL LIKE A FUCKIN LIGHT BLUB!!!” Miu’s mind was all over the place, her initial thoughts of escape and combined with her masochism and lust was a deadly recipe for disaster. She pulled her arm out of the bog and saw it coated in dark brown mud. “Oh My Gosh! Im covered in creamy gooey goodness! I feel like one of those slutty mud wrestlers!” she gushed.

The busty inventor was in full crazy mode as she continued to rock about in the bog, bobbing up and down as she continued to wiggle and thrust her hips. She was almost at a climax when she felt herself shoot downward immediately. “The fuck?! What gives Mother Nature I was enjoying myself!!!” She yelled until a plethora of sharp “sucks” and “blips” filled her ears, upon looking down she was up to her waist in the thickening morass. “I remember being a lot taller than this!” she said, she tried moving within the muck but she couldn’t even budge an inch.

The girl looked around for anything solid but found nothing in her vicinity, curious she leaned forward and dug her fingers into the mud in front of her, when she did so all five of them sank in with a wet fart. “Okay. It’s best to say that everything around me is unstable, fantastic!” Miu grumbled. She moved with her ​​abdomen back and forth within the mud and shook it like crazy, hoping she would be able to break free from the fast sucking mire, but in the process her pants were pulled down even further. Resulting in her butt and thong briefs slipping into the slimy gritty mire, as well the mud was able to cling between her upper legs and groin with an unbreakable suction keeping her rooted in place.

She leaned and shifted her weight within the quagmire and thrusted herself forward hoping that it would allow her some form of movement, but alas that wasn’t the case. “Are you fuckin kidding me right now! I seriously can’t be stuck in some simple dirt and water!” Growled Miu as she violently twisted her trapped lower half sending massive ripples out along the mire’s surface, she slipped deeper and deeper into the swampy trap as her waist began to settle and got sealed into the mud’s sticky suction. All the violent struggles splashed mud upward that partially stained her shirt, the hem of her shirt along her waist was lined with a layer of dark brown mud while the rest of it was littered with sweat stains.

Growing frustrated and angry as all hell she placed her hands down on the mud behind her and pushed down as she twisted her crotch and hips in the gluey mud, she glares the mud with fury and rage as her eyes light ablaze, determined to get the hell out of this goddamn trap. She grits her teeth and violently twists at her hips, crotch, and torso, thrashing against the thickening doughy suction of the mud. Her strawberry blonde hair flailed about and her massive breasts jiggled and juttered as she struggled. Mud gushed and sprayed everywhere, staining her shirt and her hair.

Despite her valiant efforts, she remained rooted in place, she couldn’t move at all. Her pink cargo pants also ensured that she sank deeper into the swamp’s clutches, her pockets and crevices were all filled with mud which made her heavier. In other words, with the mud in her pockets she weighed the equivalent to a bag of cinderblocks. The busty blonde investor's descent increased tenfold, she sank past her waist and quickly reached her belly button and stomach.

“I ain’t gonna get done in by some wet dirt!” Miu growled as she went to lift her arms out of the mud to try and push herself up out of the ooze again, but is perplexed as to why her arms aren’t moving. “Oh what now!?” She grumbled, Miu looked at her sides and saw them sunk to the wrist. She tried lifting them out simultaneously but each time she did a tent-like glob rose up from the ooze, holding them tight and restricting her movement, she paused for a minute as she violently thrashed left and right in the morass, then tried raising herself up from the vicious goop, she rose up slightly but was quickly pulled back down.

Sweat flew off her body and her breasts bounced and jiggled as she writhed and squirmed about in the sticky gluttonous mud. “Ugh! I smell like motor oil and ass! She groaned. The mud continued up her luscious body past her stomach and rib cage and was inches away from her large vapulous breasts, Miu closed her eyes tightly and strained to keep herself above water. By this point her entire shirt was drenched in sweat, allowing her bare skin to show through the fabric. The layers of sweat made her entire upper half sticky, and combined with the shirt’s material, clung tightly to her upper torso and restricted her movement. Her strawberry blonde hair was lightly stained with mud.

The thick, sticky swamp mud conforms and squeezes the underboob of her breasts causing the busty dame to blush slightly once again. She closed her eyes as she hoped for the worse, but suddenly opened them when she found her descent slowing. She looked down and saw her massive breasts partially halfway sunk in the mud but were still visible atop its surface, they were squeezed together and pushed upwards to the surface. Her angered expression melted and was replaced with a wide cocky grin. “HA HA HA HA! Who’s got the bigger tits now Kaeidiot!? ME! I DO! I’ve got the biggest jugs in all of Tokyo! MY JUGS BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD! In your fuckin face Sour Nip-” Miu was interupted from her brief victory when her breasts went under leaving her cleavage out on the surface, her eyes went wide with fear and a wave of uneasiness broke her loud valuger persona, reducing her to a small timid frail child.

“Heh, heh, heh… So Mother Nature decided to have a feel of my titters eh? No matter I’m not picky do whatever you wa-’ she was interrupted once more when her cleavage was sucked under by the mud causing her to blush again and drove her deeper. She was now up to her shoulders in the warm swamp mire sweating and out of breath, the inverter had never once in her life stumbled upon a problem that was no match for her, unfortunately for her, she finally met her match. “...UNH!...UUUNGH!... D-damnit! I’m still stuck in this shit!...UMMPH!” She grunted, she looked around and saw that the entire swamp around her became gigantic and huge.

“...Oh my god! I-I’m...I’m really UNH! Stuck in the mud!... And I’m still sinking!” She stuttered, a feeling of dread and despair began to root in her mind. Looking down the mud was still slurping at her form, it already took her shoulders and was already at her collarbone. She’s still struggling and fighting desperately in her bonds, snarling and grunting in frustration like a wild animal, the thick clingy goop ruptured and quaked violently as the poor dame hopelessly thrashed about. It was clear as day that Miu was helplessly trapped, the more she moved the faster and deeper she sank, it was obvious what she needed to do now. “Help! Help me! Anyone?!” She began, her voice echoed around the empty land. “God I sound like a little ass kid! But what other choice do I have” she mentally said to herself.

The now doomed inventor pushed herself up and down, twisted her body back and forth slowly then rapidly. If Miu was still breast deep she could have calmed herself down and used her “golden brain” to think of a plan, but now she’s near her neck, she was grasping at straws and struggling like mad to escape. “Ha...Ha...Ha…. help me! Someone help me please!... mhmm… please help me!” Miu cried in between moans. Despite all the fear she had now, she realized just how wonderfully silky soft the mud was, as it laced and massaged every part of her body, giving off the sense of taking a mud bath causing her face to blush like wildfire. “UMPH!.. H-help me!… ah!.. help me please!... UUUGGGHHH! Help!.. HELP ME!”

Gently and slowly the poor girl sank deeper and deeper into the morass, it was then that it finally dawned on her. “Quicksand! Shit!” She cried, in a panicked state she frantically wigged and jerked about in the thick muddy quicksand scared as hell. She closed her eyes tightly and grits her teeth as twists and thrusts her body against the adhesive and thickness of the sticky mud, but her futile efforts only made matters worse as she shot downwards and drove her neck deeper into the quicksand, the mud formed around it sealing her in tight leaving just her head above the surface. Her face blushed harder upon feeling the slimy quicksand seep through her shirt and fondle and caress her breasts.

“HELP ME! SOMEONE FUCKIN HELP ME! PLEASE! I KNOW ONE OF YOU PERVS ARE OUT THERE OGLING ME!!! IF YOU RESCUE ME I’LL BUY YA DINNER AND PUT A SHOW ON FOR YA IN THE BEDROOM!!!” She screamed, the poor girl refused to stay still in the quaking mud, anyone without a brain knows that the more you struggle in quicksand the faster you sink. Unfortunately for Miu, she really wasn’t an outdoorsy type of person, so of course she wouldn’t know much about Nature's many dangers.

“SOMEONE GET ME OUTTA THIS CRAP!!!!” She yelled, her hair began to spread out along the surface of the bog, she was struggling up a storm. Her eyes were wide with fear, her heart beating against her chest, and the despair devoured her like a roaring tidal wave. The earthy slime pricked her chin, signaling that her time was almost over. “P-PLEASE H-HELP ME!... I-IM SINKING IN QUICKSAND… P-PLEASE…. PLEASE HELP ME!” She wailed, by this point Miu lost her hold on her emotions and began crying, tears filled her eyes and ran down her face ruining her mascara. The mud crept past her chin and was a few inches away from her mouth. “H-help me… h-help me please.. I’m sinking… please help me-Mmmhmm!” Her words were cut off when the mud covered her mouth and began to fill her throat, indicated by the thick ravenous burps and gurgling sounds from the mire. Her lungs began to burn from the globs of wet slurry traveling down her throat.

“Mhhhmmm! MHMPH! MHMPH!” Miu screamed, she couldn’t speak due to her mouth being covered and her throat lodged, but when she tried too all she got was a bunch of muffled screams. Her eyes shot wide open as her face got dangerously close to the ground, a certain fear crept its way back into her mind as a sense of fright and terror took over. She was all alone, away from her friends, in the middle of nowhere, and no one could hear her scream, no matter how loud she yelled. Miu sobbed as the mud reached and engulfed her nose, sealing off her last source of oxygen. She let out a miffed shriek as the goop continued up her face, she eyed to mud in horror knowing that she was a few minutes away from becoming one with the earth.

She tilted her head back to prolong the inevitable but she could still hear the loud gurgling sucks of the mud from her ears, which were quickly pulled under and filled. Now the quicksand had cupped the remainder of her face within it’s clutches and was slurping her down inch by inch, Miu gave one more weak thrust forward before she accepted defeat at the hands of Mother Nature. Her face went under and was blanketed by a warm layer of mud, her strawberry blonde hair floated atop the quicksand’s surface momentarily before it’s sucked up by the goop like a milkshake, the last few hair strands gently poke out of the surface before they are also sucked under.

A plethora of thick bubbly sprays erupted from the surface of the thick mass, until one by one the bubbles got less and less. Until one more rose to the surface and popped indicating her final breath. The mud filled a hole over where Miu was and reformed itself to its normal form as if nothing happened. The only evidence of Miu’s existence was the lingering, sweaty scent of her cherry perfume in the warm damp marsh air.

“Miu! Miu where are you!” Kaede called out. Night slowly began to fall over the horizon as the Ultimate Pianist walked through the forest with a flashlight in hand, the others we’re getting about Miu ever since she left and we’re more worried when she didn’t return. So Kaede decided to take it upon herself to look for her, she promised the others that she wouldn’t be long. The ash blonde girl was dressed in a pale pink zip up hoodie with numerous that was unzipped revealing a white collared dress shirt underneath, dark purple pants with five thin lines and musical notes, and tan brown shoes with thick black soles. She waved the light around to light up her surroundings, even with the light she was still having a hard time seeing anything. “I hope she’s okay,” Kaede thought as she walked.

She continued walking until she felt the terrain beneath her feet getting soft and a foul smell filled her nostrils, she groaned in disgust as she covered her nose with her left hand. “Ew! What is that smell!?” She wondered, the girl was so preoccupied by the smell she didn’t see where she was going, when she went to put her right foot down again her shoe broke through the wet grass and moss into a patch of mud. The resulting event caused her to fall forward, she struck her hands out and landed with a wet splash. “Ew, ew, ew! This is so gross!” She uttered as she shook her hands off, she looked at her clothes and saw her pale pink hoodie and dress undershirt singed with mud, she sighed angrily. “I hope Kiyo has a washing machine at his house” she grumbled, she got herself up and went to move but found that she couldn’t. She looked back down to the ground and saw her shoe ankle deep in mud. “Oh right, my shoe’s stuck” Kaede said as she mentally slapped herself up the head.

She grabbed her right leg and tugged at it, her shoe was embedded well in the silty earth, as part of the ground around her foot ruptured softly. “What the?” Kaede said bewildered by what she saw, she switched tactics and tried lifting her foot out. Upon doing do her shoe came out encased in a glob of dark brown mud and strands of mud clinging tightly to the soles of her shoes, the blonde pianist stuck her tongue out in disgust as she wrestled with the gritty ooze in order to relinquish her foot free from its hold. The ground rippled and wobbled as the girl wiggled and tugged at her leg, each time being met with the thick sticky mud stretching upwards as it cling tightly to the bottom of her footwear.

After five minutes of utter agony she lifted her right leg again, raising it as high as it could go, thick gooey strands of oozing earth stretched and firmly held onto the lower half of her shoe until… pop! Her shoe came loose off her foot sending the pianist tumbling forward onto the damp softened ground. “F-freedom at last!... I really gotta be careful out here” Kaede said as she dusted herself off, upon looking down she could see that her shoe wasn’t on her foot leaving one of her dark purple kitty socks exposed,the cool twilight air blew through her sock causing her toes to wiggle slightly. She looked over her shoulder and saw that her tan brown lace up was still mired in the goop. “And my shoe is still trapped… perfect” she mopped. She hopped back over to her stuck on one foot and bent down and grabbed it, it was stuck tight in the gritty slime but after a few short tugs her shoe came free. Globs of mud trickled and dripped off the toe. “I can clean these off when I get back” she told herself as she shook the goop of her shoe and placed it back on her foot, once situated she continued to look for her missing friend. “There’s no way Miu would came all the way out here...would she? I mean… this place reeks!” she thought, a group of fireflies flew by her, she couldn’t help but smile at such a sight.

She continued until she saw something that made her stop, looking over to her left she saw a pink latex zip up biker jacket, she immediately knew who it belonged to. “That’s Miu’s jacket!...That means she’s here!...But where is she?” Kaede wondered as she flashed her light around the area, it wasn’t until she flashed her light at the darkened patch of mud she could see a few bubbles rise up and pop on the surface. Curious, she walked over to the edge and shined her light at the mud, more bubbles rose to the surface, in Kaede’s mind she figured a small animal wandered in and went under, at the same time it didn’t add up since Miu’s jacket was only a few inches away from the pit. But suddenly the mud ruptured and something shot up from it’s depths, whatever it was it let out a banshee-like waill that caused the Pianist to scream and fall on her butt in terror, she backed herself up against a tree and weakly shined her flashlight at the mud coated creature. The swamp monster slowly rose up exposing its shoulders and part of its chest out of the wretched muck, the being’s chest was huge to say the least, but Kaede couldn’t help but feel reminded of someone from her class

The muddy being screeched and moaned as it yanked its arms free of it’s sticky gooey prison and clawed at the liquid earth with it’s muddied hands, trying to relinquish itself from the clingy grippy sludge. As Kaede sat there in fright her mind was busy piecing the puzzle together, it didn’t take long for the pianist to come to a conclusion. “M-Miu?... Is that...you?!” she stammered, the muddied being continued clawing at the mud in vain leaving trenches in its wake. “D-dimple tits? The fuck are you doin out here!? Did you finally decide to grow a pair and act your fuckin age!?” roared Miu as she wiggled and squirmed fraily about in the mud. Kaede got herself up and ran over the edge of the pit to help her, Miu had her hands pressed on the edge of the pit and tried pushing herself out, with little to no success.

“Don’t worry Miu I’ll get you out in no time” Kaede said as she grab a handful of Miu’s muddied hair and pulled hard on it “Ow! Ow! Ow! Why are you pulling on my hair, you flat chested skank!” Miu roared as she winced in pain. Kaede pulled and tugged as hard as she could but no matter how hard she tried the inventor remained trapped. She pulled one more time but ended up losing her grip on the latter’s hair causing her to fall on her behind. “Congradu-fuckin-lations sour tits! I should’ev known you were skinny little virgin with twigs for arms!” Miu spat causing the pianist to pout angrily. “Maybe your big boobs are weighing you down!” Kaede fired back. “Oh! Don’t be bringing my tits into this muffin top! Your just sad your saggy dumpy tits won’t blossom into these bad boys! Miu teased, that last bit really got under Kaede’s skin. “Wha—!? Wh-Who you callin' sad, sour, dumpy tits, huh!?” Kaede yelled which silenced the inventor immediately causing her to tense up with fright. “Heeeee!? Wh-What the—!? Don't shout all of a sudden... I-Im fighting for my life over here” she whimpered, the pianist sighed angrily. “Well maybe you shouldn’t be rude to the person who’s trying to rescue you!” Kaede yelled causing Miu to tense up again. “S-stop it! I nearly drowned in this shit! I nearly died berry nipples and you have the lady balls to yell at me!” she whined.

Kaede simply rolled her eyes as she got herself off the ground and went back to help Miu who was thrashing about in the roaring morass, her mud coated chest was quickly recaptured by the thick clay and was quickly pulled back to her shoulders. “Miu! Don’t struggle! The more you move the faster you sink!” Kaede cried. “So what do you want me to do Kaediot! Do nothing!” the inventor yelled as she furiously slammed her fist atop the mire’s surface, Kaede ignored her remark as she tried looking around for something she could use to pull her out with. Luckily for her, she was able to find a medium thick long tree branch. The blonde haired pianist lifted the agile branch and firmly grasped the end point. “Grab on!” she shouted, standing at the edge of the quicksand pit. Miu, once again at her shoulders raised both mud coated arms out and gripped onto the branch as tight as her muscles would allow her to, once she did that Kaede began to pull on the other end of the branch.

The ooze had a thick rigorous hold on the inventor’s busty build, it bulped and gushed in fury as it fought to keep it’s victim in place. Kaede refused to give up and pulled harder on the branch, Miu writhed and wiggled about in the quagmire hoping to liquify the goop again and in the process soften it up. But that plan began to backfire as she felt herself slipping downwards into the mire, Kaede felt herself getting pulled in but she firmly stood her ground and regained her posture and resumed pulling. But she must've pulled too hard, because the next thing she knew, the branch snapped in two sending her to the ground and plunging Miu in deeper into the quicksand’s clutches. “Hey acorn tits! I don’t wanna alarm you but...GET OFF YOUR TINY ASS AND GET ME OUTTA HERE NOW!!!!!” She hollard as she sank past her shoulders.

Kaede quickly got herself up and dashed towards her, the trapped inventor had her hands raised above her head as she twisted and rocked her trapped figure within the mire. Kaede quickly grabbed her muddy arms and began pulling her out, the mud clung and wrapped tightly around Miu’s sexy bod as the pianist strained every last muscle in her body to free her, her shoes slid along the ground as she desperately tried gaining traction to prevent getting sucked in too. Inch by inch Miu’s body came out of the mud she was at her kneecaps when she felt something tugging at her, Miu glanced down and saw that past her kneecap her lower legs were still trapped. When she tried lifting them she was met with a relentless stretchy iron grip from the muck, Kaede saw it too but she didn’t let that stop her, it just made her all the more determined to get Miu out. She tugged harder which broke her knees free from the mud’s hold and soon the rest of her legs followed, after a few more minutes she was freed from the deadly quicksand and pulled onto solid ground. Kaede was out of breath and her muscles ached as for Miu, every ounce of her body was coated in a thick layer of dark brown slime, her socked left foot was joined by her right, as it too was pulled out of her boot. The inventor laid flat on her back out of breath, tired, sweaty, and coughing up mud.

“Just so were clear Kaediot, this doesn’t mean were friends” Miu hissed. “What were you doing out here anyway Miu?” Kaede asked. “Oh I don’t know dumpy tits! Maybe I decided to be alone since you and miss weebaboo decided to act like a bunch of fuckin girly girls! I only meant to stay by the house but I was too busy jerking off to my thoughts that...t-that I…..I-I got lost” She said softly. Kaede raised a hand to her ear trying to pick up the last bit that Miu said. “I-I’m sorry Miu, I couldn’t quite hear that last part” she said with a little smirk on her face. Miu gritted her teeth angrily before she took a deep breath. “I said that I. Got. LOST!!! There, are you satisfied! I, the gorgeous girl genius Miu Iruma got herself lost in the forest! I said it clear as day and wet as rain, I’m pretty sure you think I’m some sort of idiot who doesn’t know anything other than invention shit or knowing all the hangouts where the single virgins go!” she sobbed as tears filled her eyes. “Hey, Hey I didn’t say any of those things and even if I did I would immediately apologize” Kaede said trying to calm the inventor down, the mud coated Miu tearfully looked over at the pianist and sniffed. “R-really, your not just sayin that to make me feel better about myself” She sniffled. Kaede went to put a hand on her shoulder but immediately dragged it back to avoid getting her hand dirty. “I mean it Miu, now come on, the others are back at the house waiting for us. Besides, I think you could use a nice warm shower” Miu wiped the mud off her face and got up. “Get up dumpy tits, I’m gonna be relying on you to be leading us back, I would lead but I think I’ll let you take the charge” Miu said happily as a smile formed on her face. “A-alright then” Kaede said but was immediately greeted with a death glare from the inventor. “Don’t tell anyone about this, it you do I’ll invent a shrink ray to shrink your boobs down to the size of blueberries!” she said as she flipped her off. Kaede gave a reassured nood as the duo began to make there way back to the house.

The End.

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