Fevering Madness.

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Fevering Madness.

Postby Driscoll_88 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:30 am

Perry Aberford and Glenn Harold are two doctors that are investigating some sort of unknown disease that is plaguing Nevada and its nearby states that is killing hundreds of people by commiting suicide by any means necessary.

But 2 months later, he was seeing odd behaviours on her like coping alone in an empty room, having some mood swings whenever they work on the hospital and she is always sweating in the house so bad that she often sleep naked. He was constantly worried about her and he tried to let her tell what is happening to her but she is always avoiding and when he was forcing her too much she began to burst her outrage after seeing her behavior, she tearfully walked out into the hospital and went home humiliated and shortly after he later advise her that she needs to take a week off and rest for a little while in which she followed and did so.

During those few weeks, she was experiencing severe delirium and high fever to the point that it broke her sanity and she began travelling to the desert in order to cope but she stepped and almost fell into a quicksand, little didn't she know that the desert curse is taking a toll on her as if it was commanding her to drown on it.

Meanwhile, he felt guilty that he was the one that caused her to take a week off from work and he was constantly trying to figure out what kind of disease that causes the people to kill themselves every single day and he was checking one of the live patients who's having a weird odd behaviours. Later on, the curse is triggering its deadly effect in which it now commands its host to initially kill herself and she saw that quicksand pit as a perfect place to do it. As Glenn checks up some lethal symptoms on that patient, he later realized the patient and Perry are also exhibiting the same behavior and this worries him too much as he began rushing to her home not knowing that she is going to her deadly demise.

She later writes down a note telling him to go into the location she is heading from (in this case, the quicksand pit) and telling him that she was very sorry on what had happened several weeks ago and she will make up for all the troubles she had made. As he finally come to her home, he realized that the door is unlocked and as he was searching for her, he found that all of her undergarments and underwear was left on her bathtub and that her favorite red bathrobe is gone as well and as he continue to search further, he saw the note that she wrote, he panicked and didn't hesitate to go to the location.

As it happen, she was already at the location with her red bathrobe on and then she strip her bathrobe, she later places four medium rocks into her second letter and then proceeds to plunge herself in the quicksand pit with both of her hands down into the muddy surface. As she sinks further, she reminisce all of the good memories with him and to her family as well, her tears of despair flows within the muddy pit as her body is being engulfed to her inevitable demise until her head has finally submerged into the muddy pit finally drowning her to death.

He later arrives at the location but it was too late to save her, seeing her red bathrobe means that she already plunged herself to death and as his tears of agony and pain flows within its muddy breach, cursing in every turn and he later saw another note she has written telling him that she was really sorry for what had happen and maybe by dying it could make him better but despite what she had done she will love him always, reading her second and final letter makes him cry in despair and break his heart.

Five days later, they later held a funeral into the quicksand pit on where she died and proceeds to put up fences into it and a cross nearby signifying that this was her gravesite.

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