Deep Spring Terror I

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Deep Spring Terror I

Postby Driscoll_88 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:01 pm

Meanwhile, Morgana finally realized that her boyfriend is not on her side the whole time and she went on a wrong way, she tries to call him from a far but it seems that she was far from where he came from. As she was trying to figure out the way into the forest, without her clothes she was shivering in cold foggy breeze as she tries to find something that would cover her body.

As she continues to call his boyfriend to know where he has been, unknowingly she slipped into a rock and fell into a mud puddle, but as she stands up and walk into it her feet got stucked up in the mud. As she move her legs and feet from it, the mud dragged her into the deepest part of the puddle causing her legs to sink on it and realizing that she couldn't get out she screamed for help and rescue.

While Corvin tries to call her name to find her, he heard a familiar scream from a far and knowing that was her screaming for help, he proceeds to run in a hurry as his girlfriend is in danger. As it was happening, Morgana sinked even deeper the more she tried to struggle through the thick mud to the point that its gripping her hips, she could hear her boyfriend calling her name and she proceeds to call him to help her out.

But the mud begins to swallow Morgana deeper and deeper that her body in the muddy pit is now in between the waist and chest, her tears flowing into her face as she is scared to drown, die and buried into the mud for all eternity. As Corvin hurrying up on finding where her current location is, she tries another attempt to escape on the muddy trap she is held in.

Later on, the fog was cleared down a little bit and the path was revealed unto him. While he was running to her rescue, he picks up her pendant that fell on the way and he saw another pathway that may lead to her location and as he was running, he can hear her cries of panic and plead for help.

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