Deep Spring Terror II

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Deep Spring Terror II

Postby Driscoll_88 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:14 pm

Morgana's body is sinking on the muddy pit even faster and she is now within the underboob level, her arms and hands being raised up are only making her sink deeper into it. She tried using her left arm to push herself out while her right arm tries to grab some twigs or grass within the vicinity, however her entire left arm was engulfed due to the sticky mud and her worst fears has finally come as she is now unable to escape unless Corvin will come to rescue her from being swallowed by the muddy pit.

And at last, Corvin has finally arrived and as he was about to give the rope for her to be pulled out, he was unintentionally plummeted into a deep watery pit near her causing him to sink fast and drowning him to death. To her horror, she has seen her boyfriend die before her very own eyes and she grieved and cried as the man who would suppose to rescue her dies unexpectedly and with that it was just on her own now.

She is now sinking within the boob level, she was shivering, crying for any sort of divine intervention to help her and also having goosebumps as the cold, wet, sticky mud has reached her nipples and cleavage. Her last attempt on escape is using her right arm to pull herself out and to her shock it was finally engulfed just like her left hand.

She finally panicked and tried to struggle as hard as she could in order to get out but it only made her sink within the armpit level. As she struggles for her dear life, memories of her life from childhood to adulthood flashes before her very own eyes thinking that this will be her final hour before being engulfed deep in the muddy pit.

As she sinks within her shoulder and neck, she hallucinates Corvin thinking that he has been calling her to join him in the afterlife and he will be assured that both of them finally found peace they truly deserved all this time. And finally she let up her happy lips, closed her eyes and let her river like tears flow up as her head and her hair got slowly engulfed into the muddy pit and the bubbling of the mud four times indicated that she breathed her last upon the deep mud and silence has followed soon after.

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