Forest of Doom.

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Forest of Doom.

Postby Driscoll_88 » Fri May 07, 2021 9:29 am

Elise and Jelanda were bathing into a spring deep in the jungle when a crackling and hissing sound were heard a few miles away but the two didn't mind it and they fell asleep as the water soothes up their body and mind. Suddenly, they heard a screaming sound that woke them up from their nice nap and much to their annoyance and curiousity they went into the deepest part to know where that sound is coming from.

As they walk around, they notice something different within the trees, they look dark and spiky and it covers up the forest and the two felt a tingly sensation. They were shocked as the small spiky trees grew larger as it was almost eating up a large chunk of the forestry and as they continue to traverse deeper the trees behind them suddenly grew causing them to be trapped inside of it. Jelanda began to panic and cry but Elise calmed her down and she promise that they will find another way out of this so they can go back home. While they are busy finding their way out, Jelanda found something horrific and terrible near those spiky trees and as Elise finally sees it she felt disturbed and uneased as she sees three human hands being slowly swallowed in a tar pit and they saw that something is pulling the remains down into it but they never glimpsed on what it looks like, the two hears the crackling and hissing sound from before then suddenly the ground is shaking beneath on where Jelanda is standing and fell into the tar pit.

Jelanda began to panic and shouting for help but Elise angrily tells her to shut up telling her this wasn't as deep as it seems, although they feel disgusted and horrified as the black goo is seemingly spreading around their body and it eats up their underwear. Then a strange vine appears near on her and it suddenly grabs Jelanda's feet and began pulling her down, Elise tries to help by reaching her hands but Jelanda was too stubborn to listen to her instructions and in panic she tried to remove the vines on her legs, but the pit reacts to her struggling as more vines grew and began grabbing her hands, it also grabbed Elise down into the pit as both of them are now in danger on being dragged down and sinking to their doom.

Elise tries avoiding the vines from reaching her right hand and tries to reach on something just so she can escape for her dear life, as for Jelanda she cries for help as the vines completely covers her body, the vines also started to react and cover on their bodies as if a hand was touching them and it started to tickle their boobs, nipples and their hips. Jelanda's body including her hair is now covered by it and it seems that Elise couldn't do a thing to stop it as she watches her helplessly cry for any help as it quickly covered her mouth and head and the vines slowly descends onto her unfair demise. Now that Elise is all alone, she tried using all of her strength to escape but the caress of the vines couldn't let her go and she began shouting for mercy and help but just like Jelanda the vines covered her mouth and her head as she began to sink into her doom.

Meanwhile, a man who heard their scream earlier went up ahead into the forest and he saw a struggling human hand sinking into the tar pit and he began to call for help nearby but what he didn't see is that the vines held its last grasp as it finally descends into its inevitable doom before they can come for any help and the two were never seen again as their bodies remained in that eerie and sinister evil forest for all eternity and several days later the spiky trees grew even more after the demise of those who went there, it continues to cover the forest and causing to rot the land exponentially.

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