Swamp Stories: A Second Conferuntation With The Swamp Ape

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Swamp Stories: A Second Conferuntation With The Swamp Ape

Postby Bill » Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:23 pm

Date: Tues, July 27/21 Author: William Harkness
M/F Quicksand Sinking
Main Characters: Harkery Richard from last story, Ted Low also from the last story & Tracey Make/Features: Short White Female, Medium Length black hair, Average body Hazel Eye's & good size breasts
This story picks up from that last Swamp Story feamed story after the head of the Florida Everglaze Swamp Pertection Agency, Harkery Richard saying good by to Eraine after surviving their encounter with the allusive Swamp Ape & almost dying in Quicksand. Learning from what he experienced with Eraine he decided to ask Tracey one of his employees on a date. Tracey dresses for work in the same uniform as Harkery & her fellow Swamp Pertection agency employees also warrying a Texas feamed hat. The date went well & they got to learn more things about each other that they did know before which made them become more attracted towards each other. Know It's the day after their date & Harkery decided that him & Tracey should do a swamp inspection check ride together just him & her. But first Harkery & Ted do their regular morning rutean as always.

T: So Harkery how was your date last knight. H: It went well thanks for asking. We went to that bar first, had a nice dinner, than we checked out this sweet bowling place close by ware we did some bowling. T: But you don't play bowling. H: Your right but Tracey should me how which was serial since I'm the one who always helps someone learn how to do something new. Know despite my poor bowling skills we had a good time, than we ended the knight with a nice walk around the city. T: WOW so when did you get home.

H: Around 11PM. So I ended up sleeping a bit past my usually wake time & I decided not to do a morning ride before coming hear.
T: OMG, who are you. H:Vary funny, know If you excuse me I need to meet up with our team meats & give them their tasks for today. So after giving his staff their marching orders he met up with Tracey privately at the docks.

TY: Ha Harkery. H: YA your self, slepped well after our crazy knight. TY: Kind of, & you. H: Same. That made them giggle a little. TY: So you paired just us together for a swamp run check. I assume that It's because of our date. H: Yes I won't denie that, I hope that's okay even though I'm braking the rule of no favorite tizim/fraternizing with staff. TY: Not at all, I like It, makes you appear human. That remark also made them giggle abit. TY: So what's our rout. H: About that, remember the breafing I made yesterday with our group before I asked you out.

TY: YA regarding your run in with the swamp ape, still can't believe that she's real. H: What make you think It's a she. TY: What not. That remark made Tracey give one of those kinds of looks towards Harkery. H: Well me & Ted with the help of Eraine the crypto zoologist we managed to determine the kreachers main habitat/living space in the swamp ware he keeps his movements centered, so we'll go along this tap & place markers to make sure are people & civilians don't accidently cross into the kreachers territory. TY: Sounds like fun lets do It. H: I admire your eagerness but we must be carful, the swamp ape really doesn't like trespassers. I should know. Hopefully we don't run into him/her. But theirs a good chance that we will smell him/her. & Let me warn you the swamp Apes odder is the worst thing you can ever smell.

TY: Thanks for warning, "she says in a nervous sarcastic voice. So the pair get on the boat & make their way along the map of the Swamp Apes main habitat section provided by Elain. H: Okay this is are last stop, lets get this over with. When the 2 goat off the boat & started putting those markers along a certain path they were hit with the same odder that Harkery smelled yesterday.

TY: AU-FEW, PE-U, "Tracey says why'll holding her nose along with Harkery" Man that's what I call a stink, is that the smell of the Swamp Ape you warned me about. H: Yes, really pungent right. TY: NO kidding, smell like a skunk sprayed at the same time as a puff of swamp gas puffed out of the swamp water.

H: That's what I said, fun fact Elaine said this smell is the reason why people originally called him/her the Skunk Ape. TY: makes sense, Few. H: Okay I think we should split up, well finish faster, you go that way I'll go this way, well meet back up in the middle. Also remember to us the new horn I gave you, If you run into the Swamp Ape or any other predictor. Be safe TY: You too. So the pair split up into separate directions.

So as Tracey begin to finish up placing the last of the markers, she was hit with a more stronger odder of the Swamp Ape that made her plug her nose tite with bouth hands along with hearing a vary unuziwel animal sound.

Than suddenly the Swamp Ape appeared which coat Tracey so off guard that she dropped the horn & started running. She was so scared that she wasn't looking ware she was going. Then suddenly she fell in a new pit of Quicksand, landing up to her thyes than quickly sinking to her waste, then once she got her composer her body began steadily sinking into the peat bog. Since she has reseaved training from Harkery on what to do If getting stuck in Quicksand with no safety wroup around. So she remained completely still but has yet to begin getting out using the back stroack teckneaq because she was afraid that the Swamp Ape will get her, although she see no sign of the creature, although It's sent still lingers around vary strongly. So she called for help/(HELP, HARKERY, HELP, I"M STUCK IN QUICKSAND & THE SWAMP APE IS AROUND HEAR).

She yells those words for a few minutes as she was sinking to her stomach close to her breasts. Harkery heard her calls for help than started to run not even getting distracted by the kreachers pungent sent, holding a can of bar spray he created to repel the creature. By the time he arrived Tracey was almost her her breasts.

H: Don't worry Tracey I'm hear tp get you out. As he was getting closer to Tracey to pull her out, the creature came out of no ware & attacked him, Tracey tried to warm him but It was to late. The creature jabbed him in the back of the head which nocked him on conches & caused him to fall into the Quicksand on his side sinking past his thyes & slowly sinking to his waste then rib cage. He even ended up drooping the bar spray in the Quicksand but close to Tracey's puzison, know seeing that It's up to her to rescue them both, she gritted her teeth using her right hand to reach for the can causing her to sink past her breasts but managed to get It. She held her breath closing her eye's while using the spray that caused the Swamp Ape to leave.

Know that she knows that the kreachers is gone she manages to get her self out of the Quicksand using the back stroack motion. Once she goat back on solid ground she needed a few minutes to rest. Than when she goat up on her feet she notices that Harkery has sunken to his chest. She called out which caused Harkery to wake up & when he did he was shocked to see his current situation but recovered fast enough so he wouldn't sink any faster.

Once Tracey got close enough & facing Harkery in his direction she said in a joking mater that, TY: HA, Harkery I though you were hear to save me. Harkery's face turned red in embarrassment but he did smile in humor of how Tracey said It. Going on her stomach reaching her arms as fare & long as she could with Harkery doing the same managed to grab hold of each other & Tracey managed to pull Harkery out of the Quicksand back onto solid ground.

H: Thanks for the save Tracey, I'm really gad we pared up. TY: So I see. Harkery looks down in the same direction Tracey is, looking at his long penis sticking out from his pants. H: Well know that's over lets first get a safety wroup from the boat rap It around this tree hear & get back to base before the swamp ape gets back & clean our selves up.

TY: Sounds good to me & how about we share a shower, to save on water bills. When Tracey said that made Harkery really horney & got the to spend a few seconds hugging each other & sharing a wet pashinet kiss. So after putting a new safety wroup next to the Quicksand pit they just escaped from than making their way back to base & after docking the boat got right in the shower before taking their clothes off so as the couple touck turns washing & taking off each other clothes they begun making love to each other. Which ends our story
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