Jungle Run Part 2

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Jungle Run Part 2

Postby Bill » Tue Aug 10, 2021 12:08 am

Continuing from when the explowers were running in separate jungle paths:

Indie, Clair, & Mila went in 1 direction, Fatima, & Casie went in another direction, Willy & Sara went in the opposite direction & Bill Mauna went in 2 different directions. Each group was able to get away from the Annda-Coundrie, getting a minute to get their barring's. For Fatima & Casie that will be difficult.

F: Grate out of all the people I get forced to be paired up with It's you. C: Well nice to know we can agree on somethings, like being paried up with anyone but/Casie was cut off when the 2 heard drumming sounds & movements coming from the bushes. F: I don't think were alone hear.

C: Well I also recale that Mila also told me that another danger of these Jungles are these one particular group of natives that capture people like us, strip us naked & sink us in Quicksand as part of some BS sacrifice. F: Fan mowian tastick. Then they appeared the native Tribe called the MUD Tribe, related to the name of 1 of the GODS they worship.

The 2 ladies scream & run as fast as they could to get away from them. Mean while Bill walks aimlessly in the Jungle, calling out his classmates names trying to find them. But his called get interrupted by the sounds of drums & movements coming from the bushes.

Before he could react the same Natives that are chasing Casie/Fatima jumped from the bushes & captured him. Tarrying off his clothing leaving him completely naked then taking him off. Using what he learns from refugia Nights of Columbus classes he tries to communicate to the Natives to say that he's not a fret. But all attempts fail.

Then after a few minutes of walking they arrive at a pool of thick gray/brownish sandy mud which Bill knew right away was Quicksand. He again tried to plead to the Natives but ends up getting pushed into the Quicksand, landing on his feet that quickly sink past his cafes to his knees, as he quickly sinks in the Quicksand pit. As he sinks from his knees to his thyes, than to his privet parts he begs the Natives to spare him.

But the Natives just stand at the edge just starying at him moshiounessly not saying a word. Than as he sinks to his waste, Mauna jumps out of some bushes fighting the Natives using ancient Marshelarts techniques. As Mauna fights the Natives Bill just watched in aw as Mauna hearowickly fights his captures as he sinks past his stomach. Bill is a guy that enjoys watching strong female empowered women fight injustice, & since he's still in his current predicament his penis is expanding in which he can feel while sinking which is giving him an arouzing/horney sexual sensation but must fight this feeling to not sink faster. When Mauna finally nocks out the last Native Bill reaches his chest in the Quicksand. Mauna quickly uses one of the Natives spears to pull Bill out of the Quicksand. When Bill gets back on solid ground, he quickly stands up.

B: Sweet Christmas Mauna thanks for the save, I thought I was a goner. I'm so happy I could hug you. When Bill walks up to Mauna to thank her she early steps away. M: That's not necessary, I'm already dirty enough. B: A-come on don't fight the love, bring It in slugger. Mauna than points the spear at Bill while giving him a sarcastic look that gives Bill the literal point that hugs aren't necessary. So than Mauna takes Bill to a near by leg of the Jungle/river ware Bill washes the Quicksand off his body. While he does that Mauna starts making Bill clothing similar to her's but are meant for men of her people to ware. After Bill dries off in the sun Mauna calls out to Bill to give him his new clothing.

B: Really I half to ware this. M: Well It's iver that or you end up walking in the jungle finding your students naked. B: Got It. So Bill puts on the home made attire but feels silly. B: I look ridiculous in this. M: You should be honored to ware the clothing of my people, know come out so I can see you. B: I don't want to, you'll laugh at me. M: I promise I won't. But when she see's Bill in the clothing she made, she ends up laphing anyway. (HAHAHAHAHA). B: Ya, Ya, laugh It up. M: I'm sorry It's just that you luck ridiculous, like a gaiter warrying a cows hide, (HAHAHAHA).

Than Bill joins in the lafter, but after a few seconds they resume their surch for the other class maits. Know back to Fatima/Casie they still run from their poseurs when they come across a vary old/not so sturdy bridge that is placed above a parona infested stream. Fatima walks on the bridge with no hesitation to the other side, but Casie stops at the edge.

F: Casie what are you doing their right behind us. C: I can't I'm scarred of walking on not so sturdy bridges & being eaten alive. I can't do It, just go. F: Look you, I may have issues with you, but that doesn't mean that I will abanden you. C: But I can't. F: Yes you can, I may not want to admit It but I honestly believe that your 1 of the the most strongest, smartest, most capable person I now, know just look right at me & just slowly walk along this bridge. But not that slow. So Casie manages to get across the bridge but not before the Natives catch up to them. Casie gets off the bridge as the Natives start crossing It.

Than the bridge brakes apart causing most of the Natives to fall into the Parana infested stream, while the 2 ladies fight off the rest because they both now KUNFU, pushing the rest in the stream. After the 2 stare deeply into each others eye's than start hugging each other.
F: Man that was scary. C: Ya, It was. Did you mean what you said back their. F: Every word. Look Casie I know I have been a jerks to you in the past but only because a secretly have a crush on you.

C: Funny you should menchin that because, so do eye. Then the 2 instantly exchanging a pashinet kiss then quickly taking each others clothes, having sex. So while those 2 have fun, Sara & Willy just spend every minute of their time trying to navigate through the jungle trying to find their fellow classmates, their teacher & their guide, just focusing on staying alive. But than they hear the same noises they heard back at the destroyed village. Looking behind them, they see 2 Annda Condry approaching them.

They scream than start running as fast as they could not paying attention to their surroundings. Suddenly they slip/fall & slid along a steep hill slant which causes the 2 serpents to loose their lunch. The 2 fall feet/legs first in a dark/watery muddy pool. At first they were relived that the Annda-Coundry stopped chasing them but they quickly realize that they escaped 1 danger to end up in another.

S: OMG Willy that was close, but why did they stop chasing. W: I don't know but I'm starting to get a sinking feeling that were in trouble. S; Funny because I suddenly feel like I'm sinking. Than the 2 look down to see that their feet have sunk under the mud pool, passing their shins, know sinking past their knees. The 2 yell (QUICKSAND, OMG, HELP, HELP, SOME ONE HELP).

They stopped screaming once they sunk up to their thyes, the Quicksand reaching their thyes. Willy has a medium Autism level but gets easily panicked when dealing with a totally new danger that he has never amanagined getting into.

W: O-God this is bad, were going to die, were going to die. Sara tries to come him down, making sure he doesn't sink faster than her. S: Willy stay come It's going to be okay we can get out of this. But when they sink past their privet parts they bouth get a vary sexual feeling but doesn't last & causes Willy to panic more. So throwing cousin to the wind Sara gives Willy a vary wet kiss on the lips because she know's Willy has a crush on her & probably fanaticizes kissing her.

The kiss ends up working but leaves the to just starying at each other in amazement in what just happened. Sara even gets a feeling deep inside her. Which tells her that even with all Willy's flaws he his a good man & perhaps she actually like/like Willy as much as he likes her. This lasts for a few minutes as they sink past their stomach/rib cages. Than they snap out of It once the Quicksand is about to reach Sara's breasts.

S: Okay know that acward moment is over lets focus on GETTING OUT OF HEAR. The 2 carefully looked around for something to grab when: W: Look theirs 2 vines we can us. S: Great, & we can use this stick a just spotted close to met to get them. Once Sara uses the stick to get the to vines to come down to their direction level, they grab on their separate vines just as the Quicksand has about to reach their chests. They successful used the vines to pull them selves out of the Quicksand & back on solid ground. They end up sitting on the ground just looking at each other examining the sudden romantic sexual tention between them.

W: I can't believe you just kissed me. S: I only did that to come you down. W: Well It worked, but I think theirs more to It. S: Their is. Look Willy you know that I have kept my distance from you because I thought you were a creap. But know after serving to sudden deaf situations, maybe I feel the same way about you as you feel about me. W: So does that mean. S: Yes It does. Than the to get close enough to share a pashinet kiss with each other. After a few minutes they get back on their legs & keep walking. \

while Casie/Fatima finished making love, know just laying on the dirty groaned beside each other naked. C: OMG that was amazing. F: Ya, prity safe to say that we bouth know now that were lesbians'. C: That we both have secretly had a crush for each other for years but have hidden It with petty rivalry. F: Prity much I suppose. C: So know what. F: Well we OW It to our selves to see ware this leads. C: Be be an official lesbians' couple to see If It can become something more. F: Yes. C: Well okay than.

As the 2 ladies are about to share 1 last kiss they notice that Bill & Mauna are standing above them, just looking in ow. Both parties used their eye's to tell each other that theirs no need to talk about It, so Mauna/Bill give the 2 ladies time to put their clothes back on & together they look to find the rest of their group. Mean while as those other advents were happening, Indie, Clair, & Mila were also walking endlessly in the Jungle, but not trying to yell the names of their friends to find them because Mila new that would atracked the Serpents or the Natives so they just kepped walking using their skills to find help.

But like what happened to Bill those Natives came out of the bushes capturing the 3 ladies traying their clothes off than drag their naked bodies to another pool of Quicksand. When they arrived the Natives quickly pushed them in the Quicksand quickly sinking to their shins than to their knees, thyes. They constantly Screamed for help, while the natives just stud at the edge starying at them. Which'd caused the 3 ladies to also yell at them, calling them perverts for just watching then sink in Quicksand naked. But they did not speak, just standing motionless. Their scream/yelling temporary stopped when they sunk past their privet parts, which caused them to blush & moon a little. But once they sunk to their waste they continued to yell for help, hopping someone from their group would hear them. Which some few did. Willy/Sara did hear their 3 ladle friends calls for help & ran in the direction of their screams for help.

Once they found their friends, they quickly hid behind some dens bush watching as their friends are in a similar situation that they used to be. As the 3 ladies were sinking past their stomach/rib cages, they quietly came up with a plan to save them. Before while they were walking in the jungle they were chatting sharrying interests/hobbies & other things they enjoy doing that they had in common. Like how they bouth studied KUNFU.
So using the divide/counker tactic with the ability of miss direction using mimic sounds they jumped out of the dense bush, fitting the Natives managing to drive them away. Than as the 3 ladies were sinking past their breasts, Willy/Sara used the Natives spears to pull their friends out of the Quicksand. Than once their friends were back on solid ground they looked away from them because they were naked. But since their was a stream close by they were able to find separate spots to wash the Quicksand off their bodies/clothes. By the time they finished they were reunited with the rest of their group, with Gods good graces.

Than with Mouna's help they were able to find an abandon village with a working boat which they touck back to the same docks they left from. During their boat ride back they all shared their experiences navigating through the jungle after the Annda-Coundrie first attacked, as well as laugh at Bill's new attire. Once they arrived they said their good buys to Mauna thanking her for her help returned to their hotel to prepare for their trip home since they lost their relief supplies which means their mission was a falier, or was It. The next day Bill gavered the group in their hotels main lobby in an early Indonesian morning for an announce meant.

B: Okay everyone, I know that our relief mission didn't go as well as we hopped, but I wanted to say before you teens go home to enjoy the rest of your summer brake, that I'm prowed of all of you. You all managed to come together to survive our near deaf experience in that jungle. Coming together you teens over come grate peril, which as even managed to create new forms of relationships for some of you while existing friendships between a lot of you became stronger, even I ended up forming a new bound with someone.

Than Mauna entered the hotel to join the meeting making the group wonder what's going on. MA: Hi everyone I'm happy to see you are all doing well after what happened yesterday & I'm sure you want to know why I'm hear but please let Bill finish. B: Thanks Mauna. Know ware was I, OW yes, yesterday after we got to our hotel I called the cultural relief board/Knights to explain what happed & along with the decision to let you return home early after what happened they also told me that they got word from all the villages we were supposed to visit that they goat the supplies we were supposed to give them. Well except the village we say that got destroyed of course.

M: But how is that possible. B: I guess It was Gods will that directed the relief supplies down the river, directing the supplies to their right stops. CL: Well paint me white & call me a white girl, I guess the lord really does work in mysterious ways. S: So all's well that ends well I guess. B: Not just yet, I already told the school board, the knights & my family this but I'm not returning to Mississauga with the rest of you. (WHAT, WHY) all the students said together. B: Well like all of you that near death experience brought me & Mauna vary closes together ware worked together side by side to find you kids. M: We even fought those same Annda-Condry that attacked us before together which amazed me. B: So during that time together I realized I can still do Gods work hear living with Mauna who also wishes for he to stay. W: But sure what about your job, your the best teacher we have ever had, you can't just leave.

B: Listen everyone I didn't just make this decision rashly, look I wanted to wait until we returned home after our work hear was done but I want you 6 to be the first to know that I have been thinking of retiring from teaching for a long time & I told principle Shepperd this at the start of the last school year that I want to retire by the end of this year after our trip which he has agreed to. C: But why.

B: So I can focus on helping the knights charity work for this is what I'm more pashinet doing. Although I never imagined until know living in a part of the world like Indonesia or falling in love with an amazing women like Mauna until know. Hearing that made Mauna smile & get close to him to give a kiss on his right cheak. CL: So your just going to live hear just like that.

B: Not exactly. Of course I'm coming back home with you kids first, to get my things in order, cell my house, plan to move most of my stuff to Mauna shack in the jungle, only taking what I'll need & give the rest to charity, plan with the knights to build a council in the Indonesian jungle close to Mauna home, & to TY up loose ends. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed being your teacher & I wish you the best of cluck in ware your path will take you. Although all his students were surprised & said that Mr. Bill is leaving them but their happy for him & wishing all the best to Bill & Mauna as they begin their new lives together.

So when Bill & his students return home, Indie, Mila, Clair spend the rest of the summer doing small charity events together. Willy & Sara enjoy the summer together going on multiple dates together along with hangout with their friends & family trips. Same with Casie & Fatima. As for Bill, It tock him 2 months to into Mauna shack in Indonesia ware they begin their new lives doing Gods good work together & every night they have pashinet sex with each other every night than sleep naked under the stars.

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