The Pirate & The Howien Princess

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The Pirate & The Howien Princess

Postby Bill » Tue Aug 10, 2021 12:44 am

Date: Thursday August 5th/21 Author: William Harkness
M/M/F Quicksand Sinking Main Characters: Mowana/Features: Adult Howien Women, Average Body, Long Black hair, Brown/Reddish eye's, & Amazing Breasts, Willery/Features, Adult White Skin Male, Average body Short Black Hair, & Brown eye's, Pirate Peat/Your Common Pirate, Pirate Smith/Your Common bearded Pirate, Pirate Bill/Your Common Pirate, Pirate Krill/Your Common Bearded Pirate, Pirate Till/Your Common Pirate & Captain Krack/Your Common Captain Bearded Pirate
In the Heart of the Atlantic Ocean sailed a loan Pirate Ship the Black Mermaid, It's captain is Captain Krack. His crew is made up of some of the most dangerous pirates throughout the 7 seace. Exempt 1 Pirate who was forced into this life. A pirate named Willery the soon of a black smith & a average 1800's house wife. He dreamed of traveling by sea, empowering Islands & seeking grate forchin ware ever he goes. But that life comes at a price when his 1800's feamed town was attacked by a different group of blood thirsty pirates that killed every living thing in their path including his parents. He was the only survivor because his Father hid him in a good hiding place in their house & made him promise to not come out no matter what. Willery had to wait until the noise of death got replace by pure early silence. When he came out, he was greated with the horific sight of his entire town massicard & the site of his parents dead on the ground. After crying, barying & morning his parents, he ventured off on his own, traveling from town to town beaging for food/money to survive. Always sleeping on the streets.

By the time he became a man he found him self in a pirate town ware he got recruited by Captain Krack to join his crew. So Willery is getting to live his dream but not in the way he imagined. He struggled living a pirates life, although he already new how to use a Sword thanks to his Late father & from watching other swords min he saw along his travels. Learning how to maintain/operate a pirate ship he learned from other pirates of the Black Mermaid. Willery was forced to plunder, steal & destroy other rival pirate ships or trading ships & small towns/villages. He wanted out, & he'll get his whish because today the Captain has an important announcement.

CK: Gather around you worthless swabies, I have grate news to share. T: Are we finally getting more wenches to satisfy our lust. B: Are we getting new swords. S: Did you find a cure for Skurvey. CK: No you blundering build rates, we have found the map to the hidden Treasure of Tahiti, Located on the sacred Island of Hawaii. I personally acquired the map from the last village we plundered. As you all know, we have seaked this treasure for many years, & at long last grate wealth is finally with in reach. Once we get our gruby hands on It, the options are endless. (YA,ARRYA,ARRYA,ARR,ARR)

This was the opportunity Willery was looking for, to leave this life & start a new one. Using the gold from this Treasure to do so.
W: Captain May I be so bold but to ask to keep the map safe until we arrive at the Island, I'll even take the lead on directing the ship to our destination. K: Captain I say you should reject that request, this man shouldn't be trusted with such an honor. CK: Silents Krill. Vary well Mr. Willery, over the years you have proven to be a loyal crew min, I wish I could say the same for the rest of my crew. But know If you disappoint, you'll walk the plank. W: Yes Captain. So Captain Krack gave Willery the map, than by night fall when all the pirates were a sleap, Willery snuck off the ship, stole a small row boat & went off on his own to the Island.

The Next morning all the pirates yelled in anger when they noticed that Willery & the map were no ware to be seen. CK: I can't believe that ungrateful build rate stole my map, after what I did for that boy. K: I told you he couldn't be trusted captain. CK: Yes you did Krill, as such I'm giving you the pleasure of assembling a group of our best men to go after that traitor. I want you to bring the map & that boy back alive. I want to personally make him walk the plank.

K: Yes Captain. So Krill enlists the help of Pirates Bill, Peat, Smith & Till, they take another small row boat they have & go off to get Willery & the map back. During all this time on the Howien Island their lives a grate tribe of natives that our prowed water riders. They build wooden fishing boats to venture out in the ocean to get fish while also live off what the Island provides, respecting nature & honoring their Gods, thanking them for the good forchin they've reseaved each day.

Their Cheaften is the Princess Mowana the only child of her tribes cheaften & is the only women to ever lead her people a change that is excepted be her people but only after she earned their trust after proving her self many times. Mowana can fight better than any man in her village, she has this ability to communicate to all animals on the Island which has helped to pertect her people from predictors or help a animal in distress & she has this sixth sense to always now when someone was lying or telling the truth which came vary useful over the years. Her mother died when she was only a little girl & than she lost her father the last Cheaf in her teens when he was leading a fishing trip & his boat was attacked by a sea monster.

But when the time came to take her fathers place It was welcomed by all her people. Mowana quickly tuck on the role of Cheaften well added by her friends. Like her peat gecko gigger. Mowana's daily ruteans are the same, getting up early, cleans up, does morning stretches' & morning training, eats breakfast that tens to average Village chources. Making decisions to help her people overcome common issues or not so common once. It can get vary stressful so she likes going to the main beach aria with gigger to relax.

M: I always enjoy coming out hear don't you gigger. (Gigger nodes). M: YA, this truly is the most beautiful spot in the Island. I could star in the vast empty ocean void all day. (Gigger nodes again) M: You know It's days like this I really mis my parents, & wonder If I'm really capable to protecting our people. (Gigger nodes left/right)

M: Ya I know I'm being hard on my self again. I know my father first welcomed the idea that I could be the next cheaften after mom died, that he helped convince our people to give me a chance to prove that I was capable but I can't help but wonder If It was only because I had these gifts that he said was given to me by our Gods. To have this grate act of knowing when someone was being honest or not & to communicate to our Islands animals like you. (Gigger Nodes left/right vigorously)

M: Okay, okay In get It your 1 of kind. (MMMM/Half). Mean while on the over side of the beach Willery was able to find the Island with the map. When he docked at the beach he looked at the map than at the large jungle & realized that even with this map It could take weeks to find the treasure, time he did not have. So he walked along the beach hoping to find a opening to get better barring's until he spotted Mowana which gave Willery the idea of forcing her to help him find the treasure an idea that was vary distasteful to him but something he new had to be done.
So he tuck out his pistle & slowly creeping up to her. But while Mowana was looking at the nice seanery when she suddenly got a wife of Willery's unpleasant body odder.

M: PEW gigger did Milrow forgot to bave again because something smells like he did. Turning her head to ware the smell was coming from she spots Willery holding the pistle. She quickly reacts by using a rock to nock the pistle out of his hand than talking him to the ground. M: Who are you how did you get hear. W: Easy my name is Willery, I'm a castaway looking for help.

M: Lyre, I know when someone is lying, why are you really hear. W: I speak the truth, I was hopping you could help me. M: If that was true than you won't need a wepin to do so, you thought just because I'm a women that you can do with me as you like. Look pirate I know of your kind, you may be able to do what you like with women in your world but hear you'll fin the women are not so easily conquerable.

W: So I see. Than Willery uses sneaky pirate moves manages to regain the upper hand, pining her down than getting his pistle & holding her at gun point. W: But your not the only one who underestimated their opponent. Gigger was able to walk on Willery hopping to break his focuse on Mowana so she could noke him out, but Willery was able to nock off Gigger into the jungle to the mersy of the jungle.

M: Gigger no, you animal you heart my friend. W: Your friends with a lizard. M: Yes I am, is that a problem. W: No It's not. Look I'm sorry I just need your help. I need you to help guide me through this jungle to the Tahiti so I can get the treasure It pertecks.

M: So that's' why your hear, than your a bigger foul than I thought. It is forbiden for anyone to enter that part of the Island, anyone from this Island or off It that deairs to go their risks angering the Gods. I will not help you. W: Look AU/M: I'm princess Mowana the cheaften of my village/W: Well okay Cheaften Mowana, you should know that I made a lot of pirates angree who are probably on their way hear right know, so If you want them to heart your people than I suggest you help me find the treasure so I can leave & hope that the pirates will chase me & leave your people alone. So agents her better judgment she leads Willery into the jungle to his prize. But mean while Krill & his fellow pirates arrived on the Island duking close to Willery's boat. K: Alright boys this must be ware that tarter started his fuels arined, Smith your a master tracker, do you think you can track our crower using these fout prints.

S: EI, that I can Mr. Krill. K: Good as for the rest of you destroy Wilery's boat & hid ours, If that rat some how passes us back to the beach we will have no means of escape. (EI, EI, EI, EI) After the other pirates reck 1 boat & hid the other, they follow Smith who tracks Willery along the beach than into the jungle ware Willery/Mowana ventured into. As for them, Willery/Mowana have a ready spent a few hours walking in the jungle when Mowana stopped & face Willery.

M: Listen pirate, I believe you when you said that your being hunted but our you really willing to risk the lives of my people & yours for some treasure. The Gods pertect that treasure for reasons of their own. If your fellow pirates don't kill you, the Gods will. W: Listen princess, first of all I have never had any relations with the pirates after mean, second I don't believe in curses & finally I need you to keep moving. M: You pirates really are all the same, you are all so foolish to put wealth above your own lives & others.

W: Listen Princess you don't know me, just because I dress like a pirate doesn't mean I'm like them. Besides have you ever met a pirate before. M: No but my father has many times when he used to lead my people on boats into the ocean to fish & every time he bested your kind. Every time he returned he would tell me all about your kind although he didn't tell me on how bad you smell FEW, (Turning her head slightly to the left pinching her nose), have you ever heard of bathing.

W: We have actually but in our line of work we don't really have much time to. W: Just keep moving. When Mowana turns back around walking she sees gigger, relived that her friend is okay was able to comun with gigger asking him to return to the village to get help, since her tribes elders can also understand gigger she knows help will come. But than she hears movements in the bushes behind them. She turns around again to war Willery.

W: I thought I told you to keep moving. M: Willery were being followed. W: Do you take me for a fuel. M: I'm not the 1 who's the pirate. Still keeping the pistle on her he turns his head around ware he sees his pursuers. W: Nutes, I knew they would come after me but not this fast, lucky for us It only appears that the Captain only sent a small party after me, which gives us a chance. Willery quickly grabs Mowana & a vin & tyes her to a tree. M: What are you doing. W: I'm going to us you as a distraction why'll I go around & ambush them. If you think I'm going to leave you to die than I'll remind you that I still need you to find that village. After tying Mowana tight to a tree he hides behind some bushes when the other pirates spot Mowana.

T: Well, well look what he have hear, a little trapped native girl all alone. P: I see ware your heading with this. B: Ya, we always wanted to (BEEP) a native grill. K: Wait lads this smells like a trap. S: Come on Krill loosen up, It's not every day a native girl is offered to us like this, lets enjoy It. When the pirates get closer to Mowana Willery fires his pestle killing Bill & Peat but misses the others. Willery left so fast from the Black Mermaid that he forgot to bring extra bultes, so know he's empty. So the other 3 fire back causing Willery to run deep in the jungle. While the 3 pirates were distracted, Mowana was able to brake free from her binds & nock out the 3 pirates leaving them on conscious on the ground.

Than she say her fellow tribes people come to her aid along with gigger on one of her worrier tribes mins shoulders. M: Thank goodness you arrived, tye up these smelly pirates & take them back to the village I'll go after the one who captured me. Mean while Willery keeps running deeper, & deeper in the jungle not even bothering to check If he was being followed, but not looking to ware he was stepping until suddenly he fellow in a pool of sandy watery Quicksand sinking right to his privet parts than his waste, than slow sinking deeper. Hearing about Quicksand from other pirates he new he had to remain still, while looking for something to pull him self out. But didn't, than Mowana spots Willery but manages to avoid falling into the same Quicksand pit he's in.
M: Well looks like the Gods decided to punish you before you got to Tahiti.
W: Mowana thank goodness your hear please help me out. He extends his hands to Mowana who just stands their as Willery sinks past his stomach & rib cage. W: Please help me. M: Why should I do that, you risked the safety of my people, forced me to be your guide, & used me as bait. You deserve this fate.

W: I'm sorry for everything, I never wanted this life, pirates killed my family & destroyed my home, I was living on the streets struggling to survive. I tried to live a just life trying to offer my services to just people but no noble person was willing to give me a chance to get out of street life so I had no choice but to join a pirate crew or risk dying on the streets. All I ever wanted was to just venture the oceans, explowers new places, to make friends with other people of a world beyond min to help make this world howl. His pleased lasted until he sunk to his chests while the Quicksand slowly reaches his shoulders. Suddenly Mowana felt compassion for this man & could not let the Quicksand take him. She got a vin taust It to him & pulled him out of the Quicksand. Once Willery got back on solid ground Mowana led him to a stream to so he can wash the Quicksand off his clothing & body.

W: Thank you again for saving me. But why did you, after everything I've done. M: Like I said I know when people are honest or not & I felt you were being sincere. I'm sorry about your parents & what you had to deal with. It's easy for my people to not care or understand/imagine how other people live in other parts of the world. Besides I understand your lose. I lost my mother when I was really young & than my father years later. I had to become cheaften at a vary early age, which wasn't easy, especially since I'm the first women of my people to be cheaften.

W: Really, I had no idea, & I'm sow sorry for what happened to your parents. M: Thanks. Look Willery I want to help you finish your quest If finding the gold is what you really want than I'll help you but we must ask permission from the Gods. W: Vary well lead the way. M: Alright than lets go. But first use this, a flower that only grows on this Island. My people rub this on their bodies when they bath to remove any unpleasant smells. Since your no longer a pirate, their no reason why you should keep smelling like one. W: (SNIFF) OUF, good point.

M: Also don't worry about our pursuers they've been taken care of. So the 2 return to Mowanas village. Once they arrive she tells her people that Willery was no longer a fret, so all welcome him to their home. Willery was amazed in how quickly they welcomed him into their home & quickly fell in love with Mowana's people learning from their ways of doing things which he found simple & serial.

Than at the village Ulter Mowana/Willery asked the Gods for permission, when they heard the comise of an Island breeze Mowana new the Gods gave them permission to continue their jerny. So the next day Willery/Mowana made their way to Tahiti, during that time they learned more things about each other which'd caused them to quickly develop a friend ship & perhaps something more. After many hours of hiking they have arrived at Tahiti. Ware Willery quickly sees the treasure on a alter in the center of an abanden village. W: This is It I thought their would be people living her.

M: A fraction of my people used to live hear until they started fighting over the treasure amuncks them selves, forgetting that the treasure belongs to the Island & our Gods. So The Gods unleashed deadly storms forcing the people hear to leave. After that the people of this Island agreed to make this part of the Island forbidden to everyone to venter to. So no one can loose them selves to greed again.

Than with out warning a small earth quake erupted under their feat causing the earth under them to brake, causing them to fall/side along a steep hile ware they sanded feet first in a mud bog. Still on their feet they see their up to their caves in mud. Than the earth quake stopped.

W: Glad that's over. What as that about. M: I have no idea, the Gods allowed us to enter this part of the Island It makes no sense that. Mowanas train of thought was lost when she felt her self sinking. Willery also noticed that things around them were getting tiler. They looked down seeing that they have sunk to their knees & sinking deeper.

M: O-no this is Quicksand & their is nothing around to grab onto, to pull us out. W: Their has to be something we can do. M: If this was a different kind of Quicksand we could just back struck our selves free. But this Quicksand was created by the Gods theirs no way out. W: Well I'm not giving up not when were so close. They try to find a way out as they sink past their knees, their thyes, their privet parts, than waste. Sinking deeper & deeper in the Quicksand. Than Willery say It. W: Look a vine I can grab It to pull us up.

M: Willery wait look this vin is a tached to a security system that my people designed. If you pull the vin you'll create a chain reaction that will cause the treasure to be mired so deep in the earth that you'll never be able to get It. w: Are you sure. M: Yes, my Father told me of this, It's a test we created to see If people can really determine If they believe humans lives are worth more than treasure. Willery hesitates to pull the vin but after looking around their situation, seeing that Mowana has sunk to her breasts he realizes that he can't waste any time on this. He grabs Mowana tells her to hold on to him as he pulls them selves out of the Quicksand. Mean while the treasure descends into the earth. Once the 2 get back on solid ground ware they see ware the treasure used to me.

They then make their way to a near by small lake ware they wash off. M: Looks like I had you all wrong from the start Willery, you really do value human lives than just treasure. W: Actually, you weren't entire wrong about me when we first met. Before I only cared about the treasure, but than I met you your people than everything changed. I though endless adventure is what I wanted but know I. His train of thought was interrupted when he notices that he can't get the mud off his clothes. Mowana said that we should remove our clothes to properly clean them selves.

Once they removed their clothing they were able to admire their naked bodies, which got them really turned on, than they begun to share pashinet kisses which led to them making pashinet love to each other. Their hands stocking each other naked bodies, rubbing their privet parts, leading to Willery striking his manhood in Mowana's womanhood than her but. (AU-AU-OH-YA-AU-OH-AU-OH-YES-YES YES YES) After hours of pashinet sex they lay on the ground holding each other than Willy told Mowana, W: I want to stay hear & live with you & your people.

M: I was wondering when you would ask. They shared one last kiss then they returned to the village ware Willery shed his outside world clothing for Island clothing to begin his new life.

As for Captain Krack & his crew the Gods made sure they could never heart Willery or the Island people by unleashing a monster storm that destroyed the Black Mermaid & killed all the pirates.

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