The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Murder Mystery Stories P1

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The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Murder Mystery Stories P1

Postby Bill » Tue Aug 10, 2021 1:20 am

Date: Thursday July 29/21
Author: William Harkness
M/F Quicksand Sinking Main Characters: Casie Tatigian/Features: Tan Skin middle age Female, well fit body, green eye's, long black hair, & amazing breasts, Travis Tatigian, White Skin Middle age Man, Average somewhat fit body, brown eye's, & short black hair, Jinga Fay/Features, Black skin middle age women, long black hair, green eye's, good size breasts, Keakea Lay/Features, Middle age Asian Women, average body, long black hair, black eye's & good size breasts, Max Smith/Features, White skin Male, Average body, short yellow/brown hair, & blue eye's, Jessie Smith, White skin Female, long red hair, blue eye's, slim body & average size breasts, Detective Kristin Kraimer/Features, Tan skin middle age women, long black hair in pony tale, hazel eye's, skinny well fit body, & good size breasts, Mr. Joe: Typical dangerous New Orleans ganister, & White Fox/Features: Tan Skin First Nashian elderly Male, Short What hair, Light White beard, Average fit body, & red eye's

Our story takes place in a big size Louisiana style menchin that his building of the Louisiana Bed & Breakfast vacation home that's run by Casie & Travis Tatigian, a husband & wife business team. But that wasn't always the cause. When they were younger they were police detectives the best in their preasinks. Casie lived her entire life in Louisiana as a dective while Travis was a detective in his home city of Detroit. They both had an act for solving mysteries, putting the peases together & finding the guilty party. How these to top detectives met was like this. Casie & her team came a cross a crim seen that was new to them, so Casie boss reached out to a decretive that was, Travis.

Know when the police captain introduced Casie to Travis she wasn't that opened to working with him. But as they worked together to solve the case, they learned to trust, respect, even like each other. So after when they solved the case they realized that theirs methods were the same & they started to develop a attraction to each other. So Travis managed to get a transfer to remain in Louisiana as Casie's partner. Then after a few hears of being police partners they decided they wanted more, so they got married, retired from the force & opened a Bead In Breakfast vacation home.

A dream they both had & wanted to do when they found mister/misses right. Their still in their first year of business which has been going well for the most part, they even quickly became fames for serving unique means made with the freshest/nurtishes foods that have not only helped people get a healthy body but help enhance their sex parts to help them proform better in bed. But today something will happen that will make their new lives more interesting. It begins with Casie doing the reguar cleaning of the rooms getting them ready for use since she's expecting a good crowed of new guests coming. (Ring Ring),

CT: A-That must be the first set of guests coming. When she opened the door she was greated with the warm sit of her 2 closet friends, Jinga & Keakea. The 3 ladies shard a nice hug with each other. CT: I'm so glad you ladies decided to test out min & Travis bead & breakfast & that your hear know. J: I know, we always talked about coming hear when you first opened but so many things got in the way. K: Well lets not waste anytime let us check out your little vacation home. CT: Of course come in I hope you like It. J: WOW-Casie this place is amazing, know I see why you wanted to give up the exiting life of a police officer for this. K: Especially since you get to run this place with that hansom man of yours. TT: Why thank you Keakea, nice to know that you think I'm hansom. Travis just walked in with some bags of groceries. CT: Babe welcome home. Casie than walked towards Travis planting a nice whet kiss.

J: Jeeze you to can never seem to keep your hands off each other when your in the same room. CT: Sorry If this makes you unconvertable but, what can we say were crazily in love with each other. TT: But Jinga has a point how about you help them settle in why'll I get these groceries in. K: That's not necessary, besides It looks like you might need some help with those. So The 3 ladies' helped Travis take the groceries inside the Kitchen & to put them in their proper spots, until the door bell rang again. CT: Sounds like we have more guests arriving.

TT: You go We'll stay hear & finish up. So Casie went to open the door to allow more guests to come in, 2 out of the many to enter are Max & Jessie Smith a unhappy couple from the city of New York trying to rea-kindle their love. M: I can't believe you talked me into coming hear, I can barley get any cell service out hear in the Bonnies. J: That's the idea, I thought coming out hear could help us rea-kindle that flame we had for each other in high school/college. M: O-please the only reason why were out hear so you can keep an I on me & away from the office so I don't try to make off with your family forchin.

CT: Is every thing okay hear, can I help you 2 with something. M: No were fin, just take us to our room. CT: Well okay than (Casie says in a shocked consirned expression). So after Casie Takes the Smith couple to their rooms, she constantly years how they don't like each other, wondering why their trying to fix their marriage. Mean While Jinga & keakea finished helping Travis put away the groceries, so next Casie tuck them to their rooms. J: A-Man these rooms are amazing, I feel like a princes staying in a kacel. M: Agreed, Casie why didn't you tell us your rooms were amazing.

CT: I have told you how good these rooms are. M: Well than we should have visited sooner so we know how good. CT: Well I'm glad you like them, well know you excuse me I have other things to do. Fee free to relax in the main lounge aria, ware their are always light snakes being served. So Casie heads back down to see Travis talking with the guests. TT: HA, sweaty, looks like everyone is settling okay. CT: Looks like, but we should keep an eye on the smith couple, considering their marriage seems vary rocky & could blow up at any moment. Suddenly the door bell rang again. TT: Are we expecting more guests. CT: I don't think so, all the guests seemed to have arrived. So they 2 head to the door to see who's their. When they did their noses were attacked by a vary swampy like aroma which they are used to smelling in the swamp no when It's coming from a man.

TT/CT: Greetings welcome to the, (WOW, OU-Few Man, PEW), luizinana Bend & Breakfast vacation home. They say to a man named White Fox who works as construction worker/fisherman deep in the BYU, which is why he always smells like a swamp.

WF: Is this the Luizinana Swamp Bed In Breakfast. CT: Yes It is, do you have a reservation. WF: Yes I do, can I come In. The couple pinching their noses prevents him from entering. CT: We don't recall you reserving a room, so can you wait hear while I check. Travis can you wait hear while I check. Reluctantly he agrees. TT: So may I ask why you'd like to stay in my wife & eye's bead & Breakfast place. WF: Why do you need to know.

TT: It's just comin curticy. CT: Well I just checked & It appears that you didn't make a reservation. I'm sorry you can't come in. WF: Okay I lied about a reservation, but I really need a room, It's just for one knight please. Casie & Travis still pinching their noses spends a few minutes looking at each other than says. CT: Alright you can spend one knight, looky for you we have 1 room available, but promise you'll take a shower when you come in, so the other guests don't be bothered by your aroma. WF: Don't worry I won't be leaving my room.

So like that White Fox enters the vacation home, Casie & Travis holding their noses tight while he paces & as White Wolf makes his way to his room, all the guests instantly get a wife of him & plugging their noses. Later on Casie makes her rounds making sure all the guests are comthy, why'll Travis makes dinner. When she get to the room ware the Smith's are staying she over hears a angree phone call made by Max about how he fretense his attorney to push for acquiring Jessie family forchin. Knowing that he was byssi she didn't even bother so she moved on while passing Jessie as she enters the room. So on her way back down to the main level Casie than hears the Smith couple arguing & hearing Max going as fare as fretining Jessie. So when dinner time came & all the guests gathered together to eat, Jessie was the only one not wanting to take part in any group conversations & Casie made sure no one pressed so she could just eat in Pease.

Than as Casie & Travis were cleaning up they noticed Max talking to White Fox about a job ware he could earn lots of money, when they tried to hear more on what they were taking about they left in separate directions. CT: That was weird right Travis, what do you suppose they were talking about. TT: No idea but I'm surprised that Max could stand to be around White Fox since he still smells.

CT: YA: UEAF. You know while I was making my rounds I heard a lot of arguing in the Smith room about Jessie family forchin, from what I can gather It appears that Jessie doesn't want Max to have access to It for what ever reasons. TT: Well I hope those 2 realize that their not good for each other & leave, last thing we need is their bickering making the other guests feel uncomfortable. Agreed. But as the hole vacation home sleeps peacefully, a sunden scream & banging noises wake everyone up. As the owners Casie/Travis were the first up, heading to the source of the early rachis which came from White Foxes room. When they entered they were greated with the horific sight of Jessies dead body on the ground. As such they made sure no one else entered that aria than called the police.

When they arrived they were lead by the Louisiana's police department's new head detective, Detective Kristian Kraimer who used to be a regular beat cop back when Casie & Travis were still detectives, who knew each other vary well. KK: Well, well, well, I should have guessed that It would take a homicide for us to see each other again. CT: We'll you made It clear that you didn't want to remain friends after we left the force.

KK: I just don't understand why you too would give up being detectives just to be owners of this little menchin. CT: It's a bed in breakfast/TT: Look ladies perhaps we should focuse on the situation at hand. KK: Your right, were all adults hear. So let's start with a name. CT: Her name was Jessie Smith she came year with her husband Max Smith who were having marriage problems. KK: Really how so.

TT: Apparently they were arguing about some family money that belonged to Jessie, & she refused to share It. KK: I see, that does make a good motive to comite murder. CT: But you should know that last knight Max was having a secret meeting with a guy named White Fox, a man that works as a construction/fisherman in the swamp. KK: What was It about. TT: No idea when we tried to see what was It about they left the room in different directions. KK: I see, is their anyone else who was staying in this menchin the night of the murder that would have a motive to kill the victim. CT: No the rest I assure are molded guests.

KK: Well I'm going to interview with everyone hear anyway. So Kristin Kramer got the police officers to round up all the guests to the main lobby to interview them 1 by 1. KK: Alright Mr, Smith I've been told that you & the diseased have had marriage problems regarding some inheritance issues. MS: Let me first make things perfectly clear, I did not kill Jessie, I don't have the stomach for me, ask anyone. When I stepped on a insect by accident & got all screamish, when I killed a cat by running It over by accident because I was arguing with my wife at the time when I ran that cat over with my car, & when I say the body I threw up, Jessie even tuck a picture of It. Check her cell phone you'll find the picture. The point is I'm no killer, I can't even hold a gun with out shaking like I fell a pool of ice cold water.
KK: We'll look into It but I would like to know why Jessie would share her families inheritance with you.

MS: Well If you must know, Jessie & her parents are a bunch of goodie too-shews who choose to make bad investments to support random charity causes. Weather It's sending relief supplies to poor countries like Africa or supporting animal shelters that can't keep their own buildings from shouting down them selves. So when Jessie's parents past away she got all of their money from their old business that got shout down after they past. So instead of discussing as a proper married couple she decides she'll give all of the inaritance away to every top charity organizations that she valued the most.

KK: I see, but didn't Jessies parents just gave the money away them selves in their will. MS: According to Jessie they per ford that she should send the money away to make sure no greedy business man doesn't walk away with the money without people who really need that money to get a single sent.

KK: So people like you. MS: Hay, don't think that I'm agents helping those in need but smart people need to take care of them selves before helping others. That is why I wanted her to put that money in our sharied account so we can make an equal investments. KK: Sounds like a perfect way for you to just take all the money for your self. MS: Are you accusing me of something. KK: Look Mr. Smith, I have delt with scum like you ever since I joined the force. You think what you do is just & you think just because your a big time business man that you can do what ever you want with no consequences, well let me tell you something, all of that doesn't mean you should do squat. MS: What hold on/KK: Let me stop you their. What is your relation with White Fox. MS: Known we just met last knight.

KK: The Tatigian's said that you 2 were having a conversation. MS: He was just some smelly construction/fisherman worker in the BYU, he heard of me & what I can do for people like him since my company specializes in turning dead beat small time business workers into top brase employers & so on. KK: So he just wanted your help. SM: Yes. KK: Well lets see If his story is like yours.

But when Kristian Kramer ordered 1 of her officers to get White Fox he was no ware to be found, & after an hour shirch around the aria, they find no sin of him. So she ordered the cops to bring Max Smith into the station since he's the prim suspected. Which made Casie/Travis cornered. Once the police left, they tried to help the guests & friends return to their peaceful vacation. K: I still can't believe someone was Mordred in this exact menchin.

J: I knew something wasn't right about that Smith man. When I herd him arguing with that poor women, I knew something was going to blow up.
CT: But we still don't know the hole story. As much as I want to believe the husband did It, we still don't know White Foxes involved meant.
TT: So what do you want to do about It. CT: I think we should pay White Fox a visit. We know that he works at the construction yards in the BYU, I think we should start their. J: But you 2 aren't cops anymore, wouldn't you to get in trouble for interfering.

TT: Well I could but I won't stop Casie, right dear. CT: You better believe It. So the old crim solving due traveled deep into the BYU to the Fishing construction aria ware White Fox works. When they arrived their was no one their. But they heard 2 people arguing. They went deeper into the construction zoon ware they saw White Fox talking to a bunch of tuff sketchy individuals. They hid in a field of tall grass/foliage that was close to the river. They stud on a vary muddy surface that was strong in a sulfury odder, crouching down under the grass.

WF: Look I'll get you the money, I just did a job that will help me pay you back Mr. Joe. MJ: You have deliade paying back your debt for too long, If you don't have It right know, I should get my men to end you right. know. The Tatigian's hearing this were about to move into stop any blood shead but, WF: Look I'll get It before tonight I promise. MJ: You better. The 5 men went in 2 separate directions. Once they were gone the couple stud up from their hiding spot wondering what that was about but not realizing that they were getting shorter than the grass.

CT: Looks like What Fox has some money problems. TT: A pears so, but why did he owned those men money, & who were they. CT: Well sounds like White Fox reasently did a job that will payed him the money. So he must have killed Jessie for Max so he would get the money to pay his det.
TT: It's a shame that White Fox won't get his money. CT: We need to follow White Fox to figure. But when they tried to move they realized their having a hard time lifting their feet. TT: Ha Casie I think were stuck. CT: I think your right, & It looks like the tall grass surrounding us is getting taller.

The couple was trying to figure out what was happening but when Casie looked down she broke out in early lafter. CT: OMG, bab, looks like our detective curiosity got us stuck in Quicksand. When Travis looked down, he was shocked to see that they were already thigh deep in a pool of black bog/peat Oss & still sinking up to their privet parts. Their sharied shocking glairs at each other for a few minutes as they sunk to their privet parts than to their wastes.

CT: This is insane were in Quicksand. TT: I know, when we were cops we traveled every inch of these swamps for different cases & have never gotten stuck in Quicksand once. CT: Well thanks to our training at the academy w know that we need to remain still & slowly move on our backs to get out. But when they tried to get out using a back stock motion, they realized that It was making their situation worse & caused them to quickly sink to their stomachs. They than tried to pull them selves out using anything solid they could reach, which didn't work ever. By the time the Quicksand was about to reach their chests/breasts they say Detective Kramer walking around the construction yard so they yield for help. It touck a few minutes for Kramer to shockingly see them sinking in Quicksand. She carefully walked to the 2 trapped EX-cops than using her belt she first pulled Casie out of the Quicksand than the 2 ladies pulled Travis back on solid ground.

KK: What are you 2 doing out hear, I thought I made It clear that this is a police matter. TT: We know Kristian but since that muder happened in our vacation home, that we should help out. CT: Yes & thanks to us we learned that White Fox owned a lot of money to a guy named Mr Joe.

KK: The police has heard of this Mr. Joe, he's this new big time crime boss that popped out of know ware & touck control of the New Orleans criminal underworld. Operating under the radar using a family coseano he owns to run ealigel gamboling operations atracked all sorts of people. We believe that he uses that to trick people into gamboling until they ow him so much money that their willing to do anything to clear their debts. TT: We were about to go after him when we realized that we got stuck. KK: Well so was I & I would have gotten to them If I hadn't needed to come & save you 2. Know you 2 return to your bead & Breakfast place & get a shower, while I do my job. So after Kramer left the aria angree. The 2 return home & shower off the Quicksand from their clothes & bodies as they consider their next move

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