The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Murder Mystery Stories Part 3

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The Louisiana Bed & Breakfast Murder Mystery Stories Part 3

Postby Bill » Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:26 am

From the last chapter we left off at the part when Casie was about to talk with White Fox.
Casie enters the interrogation room ware White Fox is cuffed to the other side of the table.
CT: Hi Mr, White Fox, do you remember me. WF: I do, you run the Bead & Breakfast Vacation home with your husband. You let me get a room.

CT: Yes, & I want to help you know. WF: You would help me how. CT: By proving your inasents. Your charged with the death of Jessie lain, & the evidence is agents you. But I know that you didn't do It. It was your brother Black Fox. WF: How'd you know about my brother.
CT: I have friends that know the right people. I know the you came hear from Manitulan with your brother many years ago because of some violent crimes you 2 committed & that you haven't seen each other since. WF: You know nothing, It didn't happen the way people think.

CT: Than tell me your side. Look unless you want to spend the rest of your life in prison than you need to trust me. WF: Alright, I do have a brother. You see growing up on the reserve was ruff back than, my people have tried to stayed true to our old ways but the white Fock cepted interfering. When they came to settle things god hard for us. But me & Black Fox always had our backs & together we helped make things not so hard for our family & other Aboriginal Families. Years ago Black Fox & I were getting things ready to help our family survive the coming winter. Than a few bad news white man came to cause some trouble. They were sabotaging us, trying to make our family leave. I tried to settle the matter without any blood shead but Black Fox always had a really bad temper, & he tuck things to fare.

CT: He killed those people didn't he. WF: Yes, I knew that If word got out the white settlers would revolt which would lead to blood shed. So I had to help Black Fox hid the bodies which have stayed hidden still than we left our homes & came hear to make sure what happened never got out.
CT: So than what happened. WF: Black Fox refused to leave, he thinks that our people should us this as a means to rally agents the white people to show them that they can't keep pushing our people around, forcing us to follow their ways. But I still followed the ways of our people & ware would only bring more pain & suffering that our people shouldn't half to deal with. So I forced Black Fox to leave with me resented me for making us leave. So when we arrived in New Orleans Black Fox tuck a different path & we haven't seen or spoken to each other since.

CT: Do you think your brother killed Jessie, to frame you as payback. WF: I do. In the past I've tried to reach out, find him so we could patch things up, but every time I tried he kept pushing my away, but over time I felt his presents around me, studying me, learning about my new life & rutean. Than on the knight of the murder I heard a scream I rushed over to the source ware I found my brother standing over the women's body. I knew he would make It so that I would take the fall, I knew because we always had a way of knowing what each other was planning without saying a word. I tried to chase after him to turn him in but he got away. I've been trying to track him down since.

CT: What about the money, my husband so you carry, houd you get It. WF: Besides the job I have in the swamp, I also help white fock keep their homes in good shape, which helped me get the money I needed to pay off my debt. CT: May I ask why you owed Mr. Joe money. WF: Well over the years the pain of loosing my brother got to me & I allowed my self to be swallowed by the curoped world of Gambling/Drugs because I thought I could numb the pain of falier/shame I brought on my family. CT: I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. I just need to ask one last question. Do you know ware your brother is. WF: I don't but I can help you find him.

So thanks to White Foxes confession, Detective Kristian Kramer was able to help settle his dept. with Mr Joe which helped her put him & his gange away for a long time. Which also helped to convince her superiors to let him take Kramer, Travis & Casie to the spot ware Black Fox was living. They spent few hours trekking though the swamp to find Black Fox.

CT: Thank for letting me & Travis tag along with you, feels like the old days. KK: Well I owed you for helping me get the last peases of the puzzle I needed to solve this case. Thanks to White Foxes confession I was able to get info on Black Foxes moves ments through the town & so on.
TT: Hay ladies I think White Fox found his brothers shack.

They came across a shack similar to White Foxes shack ware they see Black Fox outside packing up some stuff. WF: Let me handle my brother this is between us. Kramer relungteckly agrees but only to give her, the Tarigiens & her team time to surround the premises.

WF: Hello brother. BF: White Fox, this is a surprised I thought you'd be in prison by know. WF: Well thanks to some good people I was able to prove my inusince & come hear to settle things. You need to turn your self in, enough killings have been committed by our hands already.
BF: Turn my self in, for what, for protecting our people from those that would forcing us to forsake our ways, who made our lives a living hell, I've been pertecting you & our family from them for years, & you repaid me by making me abandon our people our traditions. I've been trying to keep our ways strong hear while you live in their world, following their rules. That's why I hate you, that's why I did what I did, to punish you for your trechory. WF: Your wrong I've also been keeping our traditions alive, I you bothered to visit me, to see how I lived my life you would have seen that. I don't want to turn you in to the police but you need to own up to your crimes, like what our Father has always tout us to do.

BF: How dare you bring him into this. Than Black Fox pulls out a gun so Kramer orders her team to come out/move in to arrest him.
KK: New Orleans Police department, we have you surrounded, drop the weapon & put your hands behind your head/stand down.

But Black Fox didn't, instead he pulled a hidden leaver which set off an assortment of traps that he placed in the emergency that the afforities or intruders found him. In the confusion he was able to shout White Fox in the heart & killed him, than he ran in the opposite direction. Casie went over to try to save him While Travis ran after him. Casie began to follow after paramedics came on the seen to treat the body. The chase between Travis/Black Fox lasted for a few minutes when Travis cached up to him & jumped on him to try & take him down. But Black Fox new how to defend him self, & he was a good fighter, he managed to push Travis in a Patch of Quicksand which he knew was close by. Travis fell on his back & when he tried to stand up he quickly sank to his thyes/privet parts. Black Fox than continued to run away. Travis tried to get out but nothing he did worked & he just kepped sinking deeper, from his privet parts to his waste, than his stomach, than his rib cage. Just was Black Fox was about to leave the swamp Casie jumped in front of him blocking his path.

CT: Your going to answer for what you have done. BF: Get out of my way women, you can't beat me. CT: You know for a guy that hates races White fock, you have no problem in acting sexist to a women. BF: Fin, have It your way. When Black Fox was about to move in for the kills, Casie using her marshelarts/Police training fight skills was able to take down Black Fox in 3 moves. She knocked Black Fox to the ground than Kramer came in to cuff him. KK: Nice work, I forgotten how good you were in taking punks like this one down. CT: Well I may be retired but I still know how to handle my self. She says while standing over Black Fox with her hands on her hips showing female empowerment/superiority.

Than she got Black to tell her ware her husband is. He said that he left him to sink to his doom in Quicksand a few meters a head. Casie used his directions to find her husband to her astonishment sinking in Quicksand up halfway past his stomach & slowly reaching his chest. When Travis saw Casie standing a few feet from him with her hands on her hips giving him one of those funny looks while he gave her a luck of embarrassment.

CT: Well It seams that lately you seem to get your self in these situations. TT: Not for a lake of trying, know do you think that you could help me out. CT: Well this is a surprise a women rescuing a man from Quicksand, you don't see that everyday. Travis thinks she nagging on something as he sinks to his chests. TT: Okay, I feel like you trying to tell me something. CT: When we first started dating, you made me watch those bad 50's, 60's, 70's & 80"s movies ware the guy always saves the women from situations she could have easily got her self out of.

TT: But I thought you like watching them. If you didn't than you cold have told me & we wouldn't watch them any more.
CT: I only watched those because I wanted to try to love the things you do, like old time films. But the ones I disliked the most were the ounces with Quicksand scenes, ware the women just stud in the Quicksand, waiting & beging for the man to save her. TT: Okay I see ware this is going, you think that this is the universe getting back at me for making you watch those old sexist films. CT: Pretty much.

During that little chat Casie managed to pull a vine down & tossed It to Travis, than using her women strength was able to pull Travis back on solid ground. After that the Triaging's helped Kramer put away Black Fox & arranged a proper funeral for White Fox ending that little mystery. With that Travis & Casie inform their friends of what happened than return to their room at their vacation home to have some fun.

CT: Although I'm said that the mystery didn't end on a complete happy knout, I must admit It felt good getting back out their & solving mysteries. TT: A agree, & If I may be so bold to say that little adventure & you saving me from Quicksand has left my manhood wanting some action. CT: O-really well, If feeling a little horney my self. With that they tuck off their cloves to have hard pashinet sex.

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