Drown It Out (male qs)

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Drown It Out (male qs)

Postby DemonicLime » Wed Aug 18, 2021 2:58 pm

First story, and I apologize since it is rather short.
Expect a lot more male stuff from me.

Lucas wandered through the woods. He felt like walking, just to think. Wearing his blue sleeveless shirt with, grey shorts and black sandals, he felt freer and more relaxed than in his Akatsuki cloak with all the weapons he usually carried.

He walked among the trees, inhaling the air of the lowlands he walked through. Lucas walked until he was out of breath and his side hurt like a dagger under his ribs. He stopped and panted. Looking around, he realized he must have gone miles in his wanderings, and didn't really know where he was. The trees here were gnarled and twisted, and the ground was darker and mustier. He shrugged his shoulders and walked on.

Soon, the trees grew further apart, and the smell of decay became stronger. Lucas was curious, and kept going. Soon the trees were gone, and Itachi stood at the edge of what looked like a meadow. It was lower ground than Lucas stood on now, and could see across to where the trees began again. Rushes and cattails grew head high in the large field, and a small stream ran from somewhere amongst the plants, dissapearing in a deepening gully in the woods. The place looked calm, but the smell of rotting plant matter wafted in the air.

"Strange place..." Lucas muttered to himself, taking it in, ruffling his black hair a bit. He stepped forward, into the tall water plants. He pushed them aside as he walked deeper into the field. Stepping forward, his right foot hit water, and he pulled back a moment. He stepped forward again, and tried to find drier land as he went. The ground was getting wetter, and there were pools of water everywhere, often hidden among the dense growth of plants. Once, the sole of his sandal sank into black slimy mud. Lucas scoffed, and tugged it out, but he kept going, determined to get to the other side of the glade.

Lucas leapt onto a hill of grass and looked around. Now, dry land was impossible to see. There was only water, about an inch deep with a reddish-brown dirt underneath. Small patches of grass and cattails stuck up like small islands. Lucas stepped forward carefully, trying the water. underneath, the earth was nothing but mud, and his foot began to sink. He pulled it back.

"I'm getting across this..." He muttered. He knelt down and tightened the ankle straps of his sandals, then jumped, landing on the next small island. He leapt again to the next one. He was starting to enjoy the game a little. He jumped again to a rather small island. There was a bubbling from the water, and the small mass shifted. Caught off guard, Lucas jumped forward, and landed on his feet in the water. he felt the cool mud engulf his feet. He spied the next bit of grass, and tried to walk to it, but when he attempted to lift his right foot, his left sank even deeper, his leg sliding into the mud halfway up the ninja's leg.

"Ugh..." He groaned. He lifted the legs of his hakama past his knees, not wanting to get them filthy. He tried to pull his left leg up enough to get it free, but his right sank too. He struggled a bit, feeling the suction of the wet muck on his sandals, and wishing he hadn't tightened them so much. If only he could break them...

Lucas groaned with effort as the tried to pull hard enough to break the sandals, working his feet up and down. He churned the mud, sinking deeper...deeper, his kneecaps dissapearing into the muck. He let go of his pant legs, and clenched his fists as he pumped his legs harder.

"Ugh! Come on, damnit...let GO!" He growled as he thrashed in the quicksand that was pulling him down more and more. The slimy brown ooze slid up his thighs, and claimed his pant legs, working higher and higher, until Lucas realized that he could no longer move his legs more than a little at a time. "What...what the hell...is this QUICKSAND?!" Lucas panted. He looked around, trying to analyze the situation, looking for something to help him get out of this trap. There was nothing within arm's reach but more water, and more mud. He felt a cool, wet, yet sensual feeling and looked down as the mud reached the tops of his thighs, and engulfed him up to the hips. "Oh damn...damn it...I gotta get out of this..." He said, his voice starting to show a little fear. He struggled, trying to loosen the mud around him, but it still held him tightly. He sank to his stomach, and for a moment, held his arms out and let out a small whimper. Lucas wasn't prone to fear or panic at all, but he was beginning to feel a little of both. He had never been in a situation that he couldn't think of a way out of, and he didn't like it.

"I can't die like this..." Lucas gasped. His slim body slowly sank deeper, up his stomach to his chest. "No..." Lucas said, stretching his arms forward and digging his fingers into the mud in front of him, pulling, trying to drag himself out. "Help!" He shouted. "Help me!" He strained, pulling at the muck, his bare arms sliding into the quicksand as he fought for his life. "Please, help me!" He knew screaming was useless, but maybe someone would hear him...maybe someone was close by. Lucas was up to his shoulders, his arms trapped, the mud pressing in around him. He felt the deadly substance rise over his shoulders, and the wetness at the base of his neck.

"Not like this..." He panted. "Please...somebody...no..." He took a deep breath. If the quicksand was going to claim him, he wouldn't go without a fight. He strained against the grip of the bog, desperately fighting against the doom that was creeping closer with each second. As the quicksand reached his chin, he felt his right foot break free of the sandal the mud gripped relentlessly. He found he was now able to raise his right leg. Itachi tilted his head back as the quicksand reached his cheeks. His ponytail floated on the shallow water behind him. He tugged with all his might, and his left foot finally broke free of the sandal that held it. His head was still slowly sinking into the mire, the quicksand at the edge of his bottom lip. He twisted and kicked, trying to push himself up.

"HEEELLLLLP!" He screamed, just before the silty substance began to enter his mouth. He spat it out and coughed. He moved his legs up and down in the quicksand, and pushed his arms deeper, managing to push his body up a little. It only lasted a moment, before he sank even deeper, his mouth sliding under the surface. He panted desperately through his nose, and forced his right hand out of the mud, clawing at the surface, frantically searching for something solid to grab onto. He felt the silt reach his nose, and inhaled deeply before it claimed him to the eyes that now darted wildly around as his only free hand sought a way out before the end. He whimpered again under the mud, and it came out as a muffled cry. His hand finally found something, a branch or root just under the surface, at the end of his reach. He closed his eyes as they sank into the quicksand, tears finally forming. He had to reach...

With one last burst of energy, Lucas grabbed hold of the root and pulled. His lungs hurt and he needed air badly. He pulled with all his might, feeling the mud loose its grip. His head broke the surface, and he gasped a deep breath of air. He tried to get out just a bit more- maybe at least his neck- but then he heard a loud crunch.

Lucas's eyes turned right from relief to panic. The root had broken, and now he was sinking again. He struggled again, his head starting to get engulfed once again. "NO!" He yelled. He looked around for anything, literally anything, he could use to grab onto.... But nothing was in sight.

With no leverage, he was forced to go under the muddy bed... Forever.

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Re: Drown It Out (male qs)

Postby Sparky81 » Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:11 pm

First off, I’m not one for male quicksand scenes or stories. But I was curious so I read. You know what, I liked your story. It was short and to the point with plenty of description. Now you have me curious as to your next story. Great Job

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