The Legend Of Lady Tarzan/Tarziena Part 2

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The Legend Of Lady Tarzan/Tarziena Part 2

Postby Bill » Sat Aug 21, 2021 3:19 am

When last heard of Tarziena & Richary Obrady they have survived their run in with poachers & rescuing the other from Quicksand. Know Tarziena is leading Richary through the jungle to her Gorilla trib.

R: You know I'm the one who usually takes the lead on these jungle hikes. TZA: Tarziena knows these lands better than Richary, so Tarziena should lead. R: Makes sense but do you think It's a good idea for us to head back to your Ape families camp grounds, Gorilla's don't really like intruders in their home. TZA: Tarziena will convince Ape parents & brothers/sisters to welcome Richary in their home for the knight. Than Tarziena will take Richary out of the jungle so you can return home.

R: That doesn't work for me. I gave your grandparents my word that I won't return with out you & I'm not going to/Richary got interrupted when Sheff & Gougie came out of no ware in front of the 2. R: Holley beep ware did these guys come from. TZA: Don't be alarmed, these are Tarziena's friends. Elephant is named Sheff & the Ape on top is Gougie. Gougie come down from Sheff to hug Tarziena, than in Ape asks Tarziena If she's okay & who the man is.

TZA: I'm fin, you 2 know that Tarziena can handle bad man. But this is good man, named Richary he helped me beet the poachers by distracting them. Gougie than goes up to Richary, getting ocwardly close to him. Than tried to touch him in places ware he would usually get food from his fellow Apes bodies. R: O-AU ha, hello nice to meet you, & you to Sheff. After Gougie inspects Richary he tells Tarziena that he doesn't trust him & Sheff. agrees. TZA: Well he Richary did try to force Tarziena to leave home. Once she said that Gougie went on a attack frenzies on Richary who tries to fight him off. R: Easy, easy, Tarziena why did you tell him that.

TZA: Gougie stop, he knows that I don't want to leave & understands, please stop. Than Gougie stops & backs away but gives Richary a death look. TZA: Sorry about Gougie Richary but Tarziena never lies to friends. R: So I see. Anyway, how fare is your Gorilla heard. TZA: Vary fare, still have long time to hike before we get their. R: I see, do you know a faster way. TZA: Normally I swing along the vines to get me to places faster. but since you have never swung on vines before than Tarziena takes you to family the slow way. R: You could teach me how to travel by vines, I'm a fast learner. TZA: Are you sure. R: How hard could It be. It was harder than he imagined.

Richary had an easier time cling trees to get to the vines. But when It came to swinging on the vines, It proved to be difficult. He kept on slipping & falling on the ground hard. But with Tarzana's help he eventually got the hang of It, sort of. Tarziena had to spend a lot of time making sure Richary did slip & fall again as they were climbing, she even had Gougie & Sheff keep an eye on him from the ground. But Richary was one to get cocky vary easily after getting good at something he never did before right away, & quickly ended u swinging away from Sheff & Gougie, so Tarziena needed to pick up the pace to follow him to make sure he stayed on the right path to the Gorilla heard.

Suddenly thanks to Richary's croakiness he accidently grabed a large anaconda snake instead of a branch witch surprised him & the snake quickly ensnared him in a tied embrace on a long sturdy branch slowly squeezing the life out of him. Lukly for him Tarziena quickly came onto the seen, landing on same branch grabing the snake by the head to get him to let Richary go. It worked but the fight caused the 2 to fall in a pit of thick black mud. The splash was heard from grate distance & when they emerged from the mud standing up they see that both their bodies are covered in Mud & when they share a glance Richary sees a annoyed look on Tarziena's face.

TZA: Tarziena told Richary to stay close since you were swinging from vines for the first time. R: I'm sorry, what can I say I get really into doing something for the first time. TZA: You shouldn't have gone off on your own. Know were stuck in Quicksand. R: Come one Tarziena If this was Quicksand than. Suddenly Richary & Tarziena feel them selves getting sucked into the mud their stranding in. As they used to be sanding nee deep in the mud know their sinking to their thyes slowly reaching their hips.

R: Okay so were in Quicksand, great first I managed to get my self nearly killed by a snake know I'm back in Quicksand. Well at least I have company know. Wait how did you know this was Quicksand TZA: Tarziena has lived in jungle for long time, has gotten vary good to spot pairels of all kinds.

R: Well the last time I was in this stuff I had you to get me out, so what do we do know. Richary says as they sink past their hips, privet parts than waste. TZA: Don't worry, Tarziena has been in Quicksand before, so Tarziena knows that we must remain still to not sink faster. R: Anything else.

TZA: Yes, If trapped in Quicksand always move on back & back swim to solid ground. So when the Quicksand was covering their stomach, they moved to their backs & managed to get back on solid ground. Once they 2 got back on Solid ground Sheff & Gougie managed to catch up to them.

After Tarziena told them on how they nearly died in Quicksand Gougie told Tarziena they found something that they should see. Sheff & Gougie brought the 2 to the destroyed pain that Tarziena came to the jungle on. When she say the remains of that plain she feels a great deal of sadness that she has never felt before. As the 2 approach the rekig coated in Quicksand & their friends. R: This must be the plain that you & your family crashed in years ago. Are you okay. Suddenly Tarziena feels great pain in her head as she starts remembering her old life & how she got to the jungle. R: Tarziena are you okay please snap out of It. Her other friends also call out to help.

Than Tarziena started to come down since the memories stopped poring in. R: Tarziena are you okay. TZA: Tarziena is okay, but I also remember everything know. My birth parents, my life before I came hear. R: So does this mean that you will consider coming back with me home.

TZA: No, this Jungle is still home & my new family is hear. R: Well than I'll remain hear to. TZA: You will. R: Ya, I like this place & the animals hear. Also you. Than the 2 get close enough to hold each other & give a pashinet kiss. Than they find another lake to wash the Quicksand off their bodies than they return to Tarziena's Gorilla tribe ware with Tarziena's help managed to help Richary be welcomed in their home. Ware Richary git rid of his clothing to ware something similar to what Tarziena wares but for a man. Know they spend the rest of their lives together in the Jungle

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Re: The Legend Of Lady Tarzan/Tarziena Part 2

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