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DR: No Joke

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No Joke
A Danganronpa QS Fanfic
By UltraWarriorX367
(Female, sinking, rescue)

“I’M WALKING ON SUNSHINE! WOAH! I’M WALKING ON SUNSHINE! IT'S GONNA FEEL GOOD!!!” Ibuki cried as she jerked her body and bopped her head to the music blaring from her headphones, the musician was once again in her own little world as she danced about on the woodland trail. The two girls were trying to find their way back to their friends, since they were lost. Hiyoko was dressed in a pink short sleeve shirt with a cherry blossom tree design on the front along with orange shorts and white slide-on platform sandals. Her toenails were in a nice metallic electric yellow. Ibuki was in a gray punk rock shirt with the union jack on the front along with ripped sleeves, pink and blue mitch matched baggy pants, and Nike Victori One sandals also in pink and blue with the straps in white on her feet. Her toenails were long and sharp, the left were in bubblegum pink and the right were in cotton candy blue. “Will you shut the hell up! You’ve been singing for the last hour!” Hiyoko yelled, the peppy musician turned around to face her. “It’s not my fault I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine, and besides a little music never killed anyone” she beamed. “Yeah, except when it comes out of your mouth!” Hiyoko spat, she lifted her head up to the sky and groaned angrily. “How the hell did things get this way?!?”


Hiyoko and Ibuki were on a nature hike through the lush forests of Yakushima, Japan due to Sonia wanting to see more of the beautiful environments the island had to offer. The group was led by Sonia of course. Following suit was Gundam Tanaka, the Ultimate Breeder, who was there to protect Soina and the others from “demons” and assure them a safe trip. Next to him was Kazuichi Soda, the Ultimate Mechanic, and resident Sonia simp of the group. He claimed that he was intrigued by the terrain of the forest and plantlife, by even a moron could tell that he was only going because Sonia was going whom he had a massive crush on, along with his grudge against Gundam for being at her side. Mahiru Koizumi was present as she quickly snapped a photo of a nice bundle of hydrangeas with her camera, she was drawn by the gorgeous forest scenery and wanted to make a scrapbook. Beside her was Hiyoko Saionji, Ultimate Traditional Dancer, wherever Mahiru went Hiyoko would soon follow. She wasn’t on the hike for the scenery, she just wanted to be around Big Sis Mahiru and pester Mikan. Speaking of the Ultimate Nurse, she was staying back lingering behind Soda when Hiyoko shot a mean glare in her direction. Last but not least, Akane Owari, the Ultimate Gymnast. She was on the trip mainly because she wanted to get out of the house, that, and Sonia promised her that they’d go for food later.

The group was making their way through the forest, everything was going well with no problems. Mahiru was taking pictures as usual, Ibuki was rocking out to her music via her phone, Gundham and Sonia were holding hands much to Soda’s annoyance, Mikan was trying to keep with the others best she could, Hiyoko was snacking on a bag of gummy bears, and Akane was gnawing on a Snickers bar. However, things began to slowly fall out of place. As the group continued down the trail Hiyoko was tapped on the back by Ibuki. “What do you want idiot!?” She said rudely. “I need the little girls room” Ibuki replied with a nervous smile. Hiyoko facepalmed hard, “Why didn’t you use it before we left the hotel dumbass!?” Ibuki’s face grew red with embarrassment, “don’t yell, the others will hear you!” she said with a finger over her mouth. Hiyoko sighed angrily as she looked over her shoulder and saw the others getting away, giving the situation she didn’t want to be left behind. “Alright Fine! Just use that bush over there, I’ll watch you” She seethed. “Roger roger!” Ibuki saluted as she dived into one of the nearby bushes and did her business. Hiyoko stood watch making sure no one saw her, she angrily tapped her foot impatiently, just fuming about the whole endeavor. She popped a gummy bear in her mouth to calm herself down but her anger was still present. A few minutes later Ibuki came out from the bushes with a smile on her face, “Done!”

“What the hell took you so long!?” Hiyoko cried. “In the bushes duh! It’s common knowledge that when nature calls, your gonna be held up for a while^3^” Ibuki beamed. Hiyoko just sighed angrily and dragged her hand down her face, “Fine! Fine! Let’s just join up with the others, it’s not like they got that fa-” Upon looking behind her, Hiyoko didn’t see the others further up the trail. “Big Sis Mahiru! Big Sis Mahiru! Big Sis Mahiru!” Hiyoko cried, there was no answer. “AKANE!!! SODA!!! SONIA!!! WHEEERRREEE ARRREEE YOOOUUU!!!” Ibuki yelled loudly, Hiyoko covered her ears and angrily glared at her loud boisterous companion. “Nice going you idiot! Because of you, we’re separated from big sis and the others!” she growled. “Look, all we have to do is just find them. Besides, a little walking never killed anyone” She said with a smug grin. Hiyoko sighed bitterly once again as she glanced up at the latter, who had a wide smile on her face. “Let’s get a move on” Hiyoko hissed as she began to walk down the path. “Leave it to Hiyoko to take charge when Mahiru’s away, it’s kinda out of character for her” Ibuki spoke as she ran after Hiyoko, not wanting to be left behind.


Hiyoko and Ibuki were sitting on a log taking a short break from their walk, they spent the last few minutes walking down the trail and calling out their friends names to no avail. “We still didn’t find them, and the only thing we’ve done was tire ourselves out!” Hiyoko grumbled. “Well at least all the walking we did gave me some inspiration for my song! I’m having a hard time choosing between Nature Wrath Rush or Frolicking Timbers, which one sounds better!” Ibuki asked ecstatically. Hiyoko just rolled her eyes and looked away in disgust, it wasn’t until she felt something land on her lap. She looked down and saw Ibuki’s feet resting on her lap, her toes were sprayed and scrunched in the warm summer air. “While we rest do you think you can rub me peds, all that walking made my tootsies sore, can’t rock out if my feet are soooorrrreeee” Ibuki groaned. Hiyoko just buried her face into her hands and went silent.

Elsewhere in the forest Sonia and the others were still going about their hike, Soda was angrily fuming at Gundham as he helped the princess over a small creek. He saw Mahiru coming up and decided to act like a nobleman, hoping that his good gesture would make him look good infront of Sonia. “Hey Koizumi, let me help you across” he said as he walked up to her and took her hand, Mahiru quickly relinquished herself from his grip and stomped his foot and followed up with a swift kick to the nads. Pepsi simp clutched his crotch as he fell backwards, all the while Mahiru scowled at him. “That’ll teach you not to touch someone without their consent! Were all you boys raised in a locker room?!” She huffed and walked away from him as the latter continued to wallow in pain. Mikan was with the photographer and stood by her for the deration of the hike, it was then she noticed that their group was lacking two certain people. “U-umm… I-I don’t want to alarm anyone but, we s-seem to be missing a few people of our group” She spoke. Her words caught the others attention as they stopped and turned around, and lo and behold they were down two members. “Hiyoko and Ibuki are missing!” Mahiru cried. “The foreseer is correct! Two of our own have vanished! I detect the essence of dark magic within the vicinity” Gundham said ominously as he placed two fingers on his forehead. “There’s no magic idiot, they simply got separated from us!” Soda spat. “Soda’s correct, they might be looking for us” Sonia said, Soda’s eyes sparkled when Sonia acknowledged him. “They couldn’t have gotten far, let’s hurry up and find them before the day ends” Mahiru said, everyone else nodded their heads in agreement.

Somewhere in the forest the sound of pop music filled the area as Hiyoko and Ibuki continued their search for their friends, well, more like Hiyoko was searching while Ibuki was losing herself to her music. So far their search didn’t turn up much, which was slowly eating away at Hiyoko and only furthered her frustration. “I don’t care if I’m a misfit. I like it better than the hipster bullshit. I am the motherfucking princess, you still love me. Some-somehow, It’s a little different when I’m with you. You know what I am all about, you know how the story goes. Oh, oh, oh,
Oh yeah” Ibuki sang, Hiyoko gritted her teeth and covered her ears, until she couldn’t take it anymore, she turned around and yelled “SHUT UP!!!” Ibuki stopped in her tracks and pulled her ear buds out of her ears and looked at her. “I’m sick and tired of hearing your chiper happy go lucky voice every five minutes!” She yelled. “I-I’m just staying positive…. T-there’s nothing wrong with that owo” Ibuki said sadly. “Yeah, but you are just brewing with some much happiness, people think you have problems!” Ibuki sulked but puffed her cheeks in anger. “Y-yeah well, at least I’m not some bratty little kid in a teenager’s body!” She spat, Hiyoko gasped in shock. “At least I don’t act like kid on a sugar high listening to early 2000s songs on youtube!” She fired back. “Leave Avril Lavigne out of this!” Ibuki cried, nearly on the verge of tears as she cradled her Ipod like a newborn baby.

“Face it Mio-duh! Your just a brainless, immature, upbeat idiot!” Hiyoko spat once more, Ibuki was slightly red in the face and her cheeks were puffed out. She gritted her fists and angrily glared at the blonde dancer, a sly grin formed on her face. “Your right, I mean it’s not I’m a brainless immature idiot would walk out onto a salt marsh when they were told not to, and nearly drowned >3>. You’d have to be a reaaaal idiot to let that happen, it’s a good thing that never happened- Oh wait! It did! T3T” Hiyoko was taken aback by the comment, her face blushed slightly and her teeth were grinding against each one another. “Y-you promised you wouldn’t bring that up!” she seethed, Ibuki stood victorious as the sly look on her face shifted into a shit eating grin. “I remember it as if it were yesterday, I can still hear your panicked screams and cries for Koizumi. You were all “Big Sis! Big Sis! Save me!” She cried in a voice similar to Hiyoko, this caused the traditional dancer to grow even more angry and flustered. “S-stop it! I-I mean it, if you don’t stop I-I’ll..”

“What? You gonna cry? Is whittle Hiyoko gonna cry?” Ibuki teased as she pretended to wipe her eyes, Hiyoko puffed out her cheeks and was fumming bright red like a tomato. At that point she reached her boiling point, she ran towards Ibuki at full force and knocked her Ipod out of her hand, it bounced a bit along the floor until it stopped, the dancer then angrily stomped on the device repeatedly until the front screen was cracked. Ibuki ran towards her ipod, she fell to her knees and picked up the badly damaged device. She pressed the home button a few times but the screen didn’t come on, her eyes began to water. She angrily turned towards Hiyoko, her eyes were laced with fury and rage.”You killed my Ipod!” She seethed, Hiyoko fell on her butt and scotted away from her until she backed up into a tree. Ibuki was slowly advancing towards the poor blonde, she was absolutely livid, this a first for Hiyoko since she never saw Ibuki this mad before. In reality, none of the 77th-B class have never seen her mad at all, whenever she was it was just played for laughs and giggles.

“Hiyoko!!! Ibuki needs her Ipod…. Without it, she can’t have good vibes. IBUKI NEEDS GOOD VIBES TO LIVE!!!” The musician shrieked, “HAVE YOU EVER GONE ONE DAY WITHOUT GOOD VIBES!?! IT’S PURE AGOOONNY!!!” Hiyoko sulked further down on the ground as the latter towered over her, she looked down at her in pure anger. “S-Sorry” Hiyoko squeaked. “S-sorry? Your Sorry!? YOUR SORRY!?!” Ibuki roared, “If you were really sorry you wouldn’t have broken my Ipod!”

Hiyoko shot up from the gound and quickly ran in the opposite direction away from Ibuki, the musician turned her head and saw her running away. “Muah-haha! Run run run as fast as you can little Hiyoko!” Ibuki laughed as she ran after her. The Traditional dancer ran deeper into the forest pushing her way past branches and bushes in an effort to evade being caught by Ibuki, Ibuki had a wild crazed look as she pursued Hiyoko. She felt like an apex predator chasing down her pray, her eyes were wide open and her teeth were bared like a lion showing its fangs. “Oh ho ho, I love the chase! Ibuki can feel her adrenaline levels go through the roof!” She picked up the pace as her target was slowly getting away of her. Hiyoko was fearing for her life as she continued moving forward and didn’t once looked back, all the while Ibuki’s footsteps grew louder and louder behind her. “IM GONNA GET YOU!!!” Ibuki hollered evilly. As Hiyoko continued to run, the path before her began to widen and started to get slightly wet underfoot but she was too worried about Ibuki to even notice.

The two girls ran close by a semi dry riverbed, Ibuki was closing in on Hiyoko with the latter nearly catching up to her. Ibuki then jumped off and prepared to pounce on the blonde, Hiyoko quickly turned left to evade her. Ibuki missed her target and landed on the ground with a loud wet “SPLAT!”, she looked to the left of her and saw Hiyoko still running. “Your not getting away from me that easily!” She laughed, with that she went to resume the chase but when she went to raise her leg it didn’t move. “Huh?” Looking down she saw that she was up to the middle of her shins in warm sandy brown mud, she jerked one of her legs within the mud but it didn’t budge, the same went for her other leg. “W-What the Heck, Why’s the ground sucking on me?” Ibuki wondered. She curiously pumped her legs only to find that the super fine wet earth clung and held onto her legs, every time she tried rasing her legs the ground below would slightly raise up in small tent-like globs. “Hey ground, Ibuki is not a delicious, edible treat to be eaten, so she would appreciate it if you let go of her now” She said as she tried lifting her legs out again. The mud didn’t comply with her orders and kept it’s grip on her, she slowly raised her right foot and was shocked to see the mud stretched up all the while latching onto her lower leg and shoe. Small globs of mud squirted up around her left foot as it gently plunged deeper into the mud as well, when the girl went to lift her other leg she was also met with resistance, she lifted her right leg again but she was only able to raise it slightly before it got pulled back down into the gumminess of the river mud. “Damnit! She shouted in frustration, she continued sinking further down in the thick sticky mud to her calves, at this rate she’d be to her kneecaps in no time.

“Heh, heh, heh… this isn’t a problem, I-I can get out of this. I’ve gotten outta tougher jams before, this is just another stage on Ibuki’s path to greatness!” With her newfound determination she grabbed her left thigh tightly and began pulling on it. Ibuki aggressively pulled against the suction of the muck like she was playing an intense game of tug-of-war. “Urrrgggg!” Come on! Ughhhhh!” Let go of me you dumb mud!” She shouted, she pulled and tugged viciously at her stuck leg in vain, her struggles only ended up quickening her decent, along with plunging her right leg deeper into the mire up to her calf. The jet black haired dame angrily twisted her legs and torso in conjunction with pumping her legs as the pale haired dame worked to extract herself from the large mud pit she stumbled into, the mud held onto her ankle and foot vigorously as it bubbled and growled greedly at it’s captor’s pathetic attempts to free herself. Every time she pulled at either leg it would slightly bob up and down as if she was standing on a waterbed, thick rings and folds of mud confined around the girth of her legs, causing the girl to blush slightly as she felt the warm mud ooze through her pant leg and prick the barness of her skin. “Ahhh!!! Why is the mud touching me!? No touchy! No touchy!” Ibuki cried as her face blushed once more, she was completely oblivious to the fact that her brash movements were only making her sink faster in the hungry sludge. The musician still kept fighting against the hungry earth, she was only focused on one thing and one thing alone, getting out. “UNGH!... UMMPPHHH!... I don’t understand why this isn’t working!?... UNGH!... If this were one of Nanami’s videogames, all I would have to do was mash the jump button!... UNGH!” She grunted as she tugged harder and harder on her lower leg, nearly straining her arm muscles.

Vigorous “SPLCHs” and “SSUCKs” came from the mud’s suction as it’s grip tightened around her legs, feet, and ankles, making it harder for Ibuki to pull them out. After five more minutes of tedious struggling Ibuki felt the goop loosen up around her foot, her face slightly warmed up as she leaned forward and continued to jerk and pump at her leg in rapid succession, growing more and more ecstatic with each passing second. She got a little to into it, as when she pulled hard on her right leg again, she lost her grip and fell flat on her butt in the dirty riverbed. But even though she was down, that didn’t stop her from continuing to pump and jerk her legs within the packed thick mud. After one final jerk of her leg, her shin, ankle, and right foot came out with a loud wet “SLSHH!” and was coated in a heavy layer of sandy brown mud. Ibuki raised her mud coated leg up and viewed her foot, drops of mud fell of her foot and leg. She smiled and wiggled her toes madly, causing small globs of mud to fly off. “Haaa! In your face mud! Your tight sticky grip fails in comparison to Ibuki’s UNBRIDLED DETERMINATION!!! She yelled victoriously, she kept staring at her foot until she noticed that something was off… her sandal was missing. In a state of panic, Ibuki got on her knees and dug her hands in the soft mud and began feeling around for her shoe. “Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Where is it!? It can’t be lost already? I just bought those and they feel so nice and soft on Ibuki’s feet! She can’t afford to pester Sonia to get her another pair!” She mentally panicked, she kept feeling around until her hands caught wind of something within the goop. She grabbed hold of it and pulled it out, once out of the mud and within her grip she was greeted with her sandal, which was in a nice sandy brown as opposed to its original light pink color. Ibuki frowned as she held her now mud-stained sandal within her hand. “Bummer! Is this what Celeste feels like whenever one of her expensive shoes gets ruined?... Maybe. Except, whenever she gets mad she’s all like…”I’M CELESTIA LUDENBURG GODDAMMIT!!!”...” she yelled in a voice similar to Celeste which got a small chuckle out of her. She shook the mud off her shoe and threw it to the bank and got to work freeing her other leg.

She tugged and rocked back and forth within the mud pit, furiously digging her fingers into her legs to better hold them as she tired again and again to lift them free of the thick sticky suction the mud had on her, the gummy rubbery earth had wrapped itself around the majority of her upper and lower legs, everytime she pulled them up they would stay in place for a split second before they were sucked back down. Ibuki was building up quite the sweat as she struggled and fought against the sticky mud, she was completely perplexed by the fact that she couldn’t break out of some simple dirt and water. “Man, what a sucky day this has been!” whined the pepy musician as she glanced around the barron riverbank. “The only good thing is that no one’s out here to see me like this! It would so SUPER MEGA embarrassing if that happened!... Worse if Hiyoko found me like this!... Oh my gawd, if she were to find me like this, she’ll drown me in a sea of endless laughter, not only that she’ll tell the others! I can just see Teruteru’s creepy perverted face go into overdrive…. Ugh!” She tried shaking the though from her head but it wouldn’t leave, she furiously pumped her legs with clenched fists and gritted teeth as she tugged and pulled her leg muscles in anger, wanting to be out of the disgusting trap. "...UUNNNNNGGGHHHHH!!!... MHMPH!!!... Let… Me… Go!!!... Ibuki wants her other leg back... please?... If you do I’ll name my next album after you” She grunted. “I should be fine as long as I-”

“Well, well, well. What do we have here” Came a voice that made Ibuki freeze in place and stopped struggling, she slowly looked up and saw Hiyoko standing on the edge of the bank with her arms folded and a sly grin on her face. “Having fun?” She sneered evilly. “Wh- Oh Yeah, pffth! I’m having a ball over here!” She said casually as she rested her elbow on the mud’s surface and placed her fist against her cheek, only for her elbow to partially sink in the mud. “Yep. Just havin a good time I am” she said with a fake smile, on the inside she was screaming and praying that Hiyoko would leave. “Are you sure?~ Seems to me like your stuck” Hiyoko said snidely, Ibuki’s blood ran cold as her eyes darted back and forth. “NO. Pffth! I-I’m not stuck, Ha! Ha! Ha! T-that’s ridiculous! Ridiculous as a giraffe riding a tricycle!” She nervously laughed…. “Alright, I’m stuck” she finally admitted. When she did Hiyoko broke out into a fit of laughter.

“Don’t laugh at me! I’m not laughing! Nothing about this is funny!” Ibuki pouted angrily. “Your right, it’s not funny, it’s hilarious! HA! HA! HA! HA!!!” Hiyoko laughed. Ibuki was just fuming and pouting at the seams and was trying her hardest not to laugh. “Stop laughing! I’m being serious!” Ibuki yelled, “Help me!” Hiyoko just continued laughing, there were tears coming from her eyes. “Serious! What are you talking about! Your just stuck in a little mud, it’s not like your in a life threatening situation! HA! HA! HA! HA! And besides, I’m not the brainless immature idiot that got stuck in the mud! HA! HA! HA!”

“Hiyoko! Hiyoko! I’m sorry I chased after you like a raging chiwawa, but I’m beggin you, help me, no joke I seriously can’t feel my legs” She cried as she felt her left leg plunge deeper up to her kneecap and lower thigh, she stood up to get her bearings straight only to fall on her butt once more, only this time when she did her butt sank into the mud and formed tightly around her hips and thighs. “Ah! Hiyoko help me!” Ibuki cried, sighing reluctantly Hiyoko walked out onto a soil part of the riverbank close where Ibuki was and stretched her hand out. Ibuki stretched out her mud coated hand and with her other hand she used that to propel herself forward within the dense thick mud, she got close enough to Hiyoko but was still struggling with maneuvering through the mud.

Deep beneath the surface her legs were moving but really, really slow. It was like she was swimming through a tub of peanut butter. When she got close she reached out to grab Hiyoko’s hand… only for her to retract it back from her leaving the musician dumbstruck in disbelief. “Sike!” Hiyoko teased as she stuck out her tongue and walked away. “This is not funny Saionji! I don’t want to be rude buuut… THERE’S MUD SEEPING INTO MY PANTS AS WE SPEAK! IT’S TOUCHING MY NO NO SQUARE!!!” Ibuki screetched, she clawed viciously at the mud trying to find solid ground, her fingers dug trenches in the warm slop as she continued to inch downwards. “Hiyoko, I’ve tried everything but whenever I move I keep getting pulled downwards. It feels like quicksand” Ibuki said feeling slightly scared.

Hiyoko stopped mid-walk and turned around. “Wait… quicksand…?! Y-Your being serious right?!” She cried worriedly. The musician nodded yes frantically, then the mud around Ibuki shifted and thinned out beneath the surface, the particles of the liquefied soil and mud began to loosen up drastically and in a split second Ibuki plunged down to her waist. “AANGH! Ah! Ah! The mud’s filling into my pants again~ S-stupid mud! Ibuki’s not a cliche damsel in distress! even though she is at the moment.” Hiyoko remembered her first time when she was in a similar situation as Ibuki, and also remembered the instructions that Mahiru gave her when she was rescuing her. “Okay, okay just stay still! If you keep thrashing about you’ll sink faster” she instructed, as on command Ibuki stood as still as a statue. “A long stick seems like it would be really useful for leverage, good thing there’s a lot of trees in the area” Hiyoko said as she glanced in back of her to see a plethora of timbers, she stepped away for a few minutes to search for a stick, as she did that Ibuki resumed staying still but constantly got squeamish when the mud continuously pricked her skin. Soon Hiyoko came back carrying a stick that was roughly 4ft long. “Well, this was the longest stick I could find… We can use this” she said. Ibuki looked at the stick then looked at the distance between herself and Hiyoko, “I don’t know about that one chief, looks a little short to me. Only way that’ll be of use is if you willing to get your feet dirty” Ibuki replied.

That caused Hiyoko to think hard about her plan, Ibuki was right, the stick she picked out was too short and Ibuki was too far out for it to reach. She looked down and saw a few mud stains on the sides of her sandals, “What would Mahiru do in a situation like this?” she thought to herself, she closed her eyes for a brief second until the answer came to her. She then sat on the floor and removed her sandals off her feet and rolled up the pant legs of her shorts, from the pit Ibuki saw what was transpiring. “You’re… you’re really coming out to save me?” She asked. “It may not be the smarted idea I had, but we’re out of options” Hiyoko replied as she grabbed her sandals and placed them beside her. Ibuki’s face brightened up, “Oh. good idea! It was smart of you taking your shoes off, don’t wanna get stuck like me, even though I’m still wearing mine.” Hiyoko got herself up and dusted off her shorts. “I’m more worried about my pedicure, Big Sis and I gave each other one this morning before we left, and I don’t wanna ruin them” she said bluntly. “Heh, heh, yeah. Kinda mad that mine are ruined7^7” Ibuki sulked as she tried wiggling her toes deep within the muck, a few bubbles and farts snapped her out of her saddened state, upon looking down she was past her waist and the mud was dangerously close to her bellybutton, this caused her to panic once again. She lend back and dug her hands into the soft doughy mud and pushed down trying to raise herself up and out of the sticky trap. “What are you doing?!” Hiyoko yelled. “I can get out of here, just stay there! The more you fight, the stronger you get... That's what being a battle-lover is all about!" Ibuki cried, she lend to the left and shifted her bodyweight to make herself lighter. She viciously rocked her upper and lower torso madly about causing the gooey doughy quicksand around her to ripple and quake like cake batter, and the punk musician was only digging herself deeper and deeper, she raised one of her hands up and saw it coated in a glob of sandy brown mud. Spreading out her fingers she cringed in disgust and vividly shook her hand to shake off the contents, she resumed thrashing and twisting her body about. “HNNGHH!.. I just wanna free my legs! HMPH!.. I need those to walk!... UNGH!... There’s gotta be a way!” Ibuki grunted.

Hiyoko shot her hand out out her, “Don’t struggle! I said I’ll get you out of there! Now just stay still!” she yelled. With that Hiyoko began to walk out towards her with the stick in hand, the ground beneath her feet rippled and jiggled slightly, Hiyoko’s body shivered as she felt the warm wet slime touch the soles of her feet, she ignored the feeling and kept moving forward. With each step faint “OOZEs” and “SPLUTs” erupted from the soggy ground below, it was then trouble struck. After just three steps in on the bouncy riverbed, she was soon up to her ankles. Her feet easily pushed through the semi-dry crust on top, down into the wet gooey mud that looked-and felt- like thick doughy frosting. “Ah! Don’t get distracted Saionji! Ibuki’s counting on you!” She mentally spoke as she brought herself back to reality, her ankles were slowly being molded into the goop’s suction, her slightest movements caused her legs to stab further downwards in the thick sticky mass.

She raised her left leg up but her ankle was caught within a glob of sand brown clay that clung tightly to her limb like wet molasses, her mind struggled to keep a straight track on rescuing Ibuki but was refocusing its attention on freeing her legs. Hiyoko stuck the stick into the mud and pulled on her left leg, just as she thought, it was stuck fast in the mud. She gave a few tugs on her right leg and was met with the same result, she switched tactics and began to slowly pump her legs. They rose slightly but were firmly attacked to sticky thick strands of mud clay that would pull them back down, Hiyoko took a deep breath to calm herself down so she wouldn’t get frustrated. “Big sis said if I should ever encounter this stuff again, I should take slow careful movements if I want to free my legs” She said to herself. After Hiyoko’s first quicksand encounter Mahiru decided to teach her what to do, if she ever got herself trapped in it again and what safety tips to use, and it seems like she was making good use of them. Looking ahead she saw that Ibuki was still sinking, she was now to her stomach and was slowly panicking.

Gritting her teeth and twisting her leg, she pulled her left foot came out with a wet “SSSHLPH!”, the entirety of her foot was now a dirty sand brown. Looking down she saw mud dripping off her foot and her once electric yellow pedicure was now ruined. “ Thanks a lot Dumbass! Now my pedicure is ruined because of you! Do you have any idea ho-... No... No… Just calm down Saionji. You can always ask Big Sis to give you another one” A few hearty tugs later and her right foot came out as well, just like her pre-existing foot, it too was in a fine coat of sandy brown mud. “I’m starting think that saving this idiot isn’t even worth the hassle” Hiyoko thought to herself, with her feet freed she continued making her way to her stuck friend. With every step she took, her feet were gently pressed and sagged down on the bouncy wet surface. The way the wet, silky smooth mud felt on her feet made Hiyoko blush slightly… She wasn’t sure if she would judge Ibuki harshly if she got stuck on purpose to rub her feet in the stuff. She probably would, due to all the walking the two did, knowing Ibuki, she would totally do something like that. While the mud did feel nice on her feet, it also made them her heavier, and made the trek to Ibuki all the more tiresome. But she pressed onwards determined to reach her.

She was able to get close to her but upon taking another step her legs plunged deeper into the mud bringing her down halfway to the lower tip of her kneecaps. “This is it! We’re both gonna perish just like Bonnie and Clyde, partners in crime till death does us part!” Ibuki wailed “Hey hey! just stay calm and try and relax, I’m okay” Hiyoko reassured her. The area Hiyoko stepped into wasn’t as thick but the suction was still at large, she grabbed her right thigh and pulled hard on it all the while twisting her leg as well, it soon came out coated in a thick layer of mud. “See, no problem! I’m fine, just a few more steps and I’ll be able to reach you” Ibuki gave a reassured smile in return. Hiyoko kept trudging through the muck, as she got more away from the bank the more loose and soft the ground was, it was like the earth became a fresh batch of brownies that have yet to be cooled down, so every step felt more warm and mushy than the last. She was worried that she might end up getting stuck again.

With enough determination and grit she managed to reach Ibuki, by that time she was up to her kneecaps in the filth, she stretched the branch out towards Ibuki. “Okay, uh… grab on, and I’ll just pull you out” She said. The musician nodded her head as she reached out and grabbed the branch and held onto it tightly, from there Hiyoko lend back and pulled on the branch. Surprisingly, her plan turned out to be all for nought, Ibuki didn’t so much as budge from the thick suction of the quicksand, it was almost like she was pulling a gigantic boulder. But that didn’t stop Hiyoko one bit, she kept pulling regardless if she was making herself sink deeper, she wasn’t going to give up now, not when Ibuki was counting on her. “Hngh!... Hand on… Mhph!... Everything’s gonna be alright!” Hiyoko said to her friend who was shaking like a leaf. “Uhh… Hiyoko, your getting shorter and shorter with each passing second! At this rate you’ll get so short we’ll have to put you in an ant farm!” Ibuki cried.

Looking down, Hiyoko’s expression went pale. She was up to her upper thighs in the fine sticky clay, slight movements indicated that the muck was beginning to tighten and compact more firmly than before. She raised her left leg up only to find part of it heavily coated in a heavy packed glob of sand brown clay that tightly wrapped itself around the girth of her leg, when she tried to raise it higher it was pulled back down into the goop with a wet “SLSHH!” in doing so also drove her right leg deeper into the hungry quakening mass. The stuff not only consumed most of her legs but had swallowed a portion of her shorts, which caused her to groan angrily. “Great, add shorts to list of things of mine that are ruined today” By now Ibuki was past her stomach and up to the ribcage, panic began to swell within her again as she violently twisted and thrashed her upper torso to and fro to keep herself afloat. This affected Hiyoko, since Ibuki’s violent movements loosened up the clay drastically, which caused her to drop down to her crotch in a split second.
“What did I say about staying still!” Hiyoko yelled but was stopped by the sounds of a few bubbles popping on the wet sand’s surface along with a couple of “SHLLPPs” and “SLTHHs” a faint blush came on her face upon feeling the warm wet mass gently graze her crotch and massage and caress her thighs. “Uhh… I’m getting a little too deep… maybe I’d better rescue myself before I get any deeper” Hiyoko said. “Good idea, best to get out while the crowd’s still low. While your at it, can I borrow the stick, please” Ibuki asked. Hiyoko just ignored the latter’s words as she gave her the stick, then she sat on her butt and lifted her legs, only to find that they wouldn’t move, confused she tried moving them again only to get the same result. Thick heavy layers and folds of clay swirled in between and around her legs, clinging and molding tightly onto them like tar, heavily restricting her movement. She viciously moved from side to side all the while twisting and pumping her legs, gritting her teeth she angrily glared at the mud. In spite of her impressive efforts, she can't move... she can't budge her thighs at all. The thick, heavy mud tightened drastically and had formed a more powerful, inescapable sticky suction around the girth of her thighs and calves. With some serious aid, the traditional dancer was going nowhere but down.

“Uhh… Well, that didn’t work, damnit!” Hiyoko cursed, Ibuki lightly chuckled at the latter’s misfortune. “Heh heh…. You’ll be fine, me on the other hand” She looked down at the stick laying flat on the mud in front of her. “I’m gonna need a LOT of leverage if I wanna break out of this brown sugar caramel taffy!” Ibuki placed her hands down the stick and pushed down all the while wiggling and rocking her upper and lower half. “Come on! Come on! Please work! UNGH! MHPMH! HUNNFFFHH!!!!!” She grunted, through her determination and immense struggles her mired stomach, waist, and hips came out. “The goddess of good fortune shines down upon me with a smile on their face, thank you o great spirit!” Ibuki cried happily, but unfortunately her happiness wouldn’t last long. In a split second, the stick she was using for leverage broke through and sank deep below the surface with a faint loud “BLP”, bringing the girl down to her breasts. “Uahh! Not good! Not good! Not good!” She chanted. “The stick didn’t work! I repeat, THE STICK DIDN’T WORK! Mission failed, we’ll get em next timeT^T” With the stick sunk beneath the clay’s surface Ibuki lost her only source of leverage to stay afloat, on top of that Hiyoko was just as stuck as she was, not in the same condition as Ibuki but just a serious. “I’m starting to think you picked the short stick on purpose!” Ibuki said angrily as she glared at Hiyoko. “T-That was the only stick I could find!... I think you picked a bad place to jump!” The dancer yelled back. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” Ibuki yelled. Before the two could get into a yelling match, a yep escaped Hiyoko’s mouth as she was pulled down to her waist in the hungry quicksand, she was inches away from being at the same depth as Ibuki, and if that happened then both of them were royally SCREWED.

Hiyoko took deep breaths as she rested her hands at her sides, she was trying to keep a calm focused mind in order to plan her next method of rescuing Ibuki and getting out of the quicksand pit. “Okay, we lost the stick, but that’s okay…. We can get out of this stuff, if not we could always call for help” She thought, but she was distirbed from her thoughts when she felt her descent quickening. Looking down she saw she was to her stomach and was quickly sucked down to her chest. Glancing to the left of her, she saw Ibuki holding tightly onto her like a lifepreserver, which was causing her to sink faster. “You do know that by holding onto me, your making us sink faster!” she yelled. “Shit! This stuff isn’t letting us go! We wiggled, squirmed, twisted, and still nothing! Don’t worry, Ibuki still has one ace up her mud coated sleeve!” Ibuki said proudly. “And what would that be?” Hiyoko asked bluntly. Ibuki took in a deep breath and yelled. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!”

Elsewhere in the forest the others were looking for their missing fiends, until a loud blood curdling screech was heard that rocked the entire forest. Mikan dive bombed behind Akane, while Mahiru and Sonia were startled by the loud sound. Maga-Z’s fur began to rusile and the hamster began to shake in fright by the loud sound, Gundham took him out of his scarf and held him in his hand. “What is it Crimson Steel Elephant Maga-Z? What troubles you?” He cooed as he gently rubbed the hamster’s fur to calm it down, then Jum-P looked up to the sky as the sound came again. “What’s going on with your rats? It’s almost like something’s scaring them” Soda said. “That might be the case, Maga-Z was frightened by the sudden sound of the wailing banshee, Jum-P also heard the siren’s cries” Gundham spoke. “In other words your hamsters were frightened by the loud noise we heard just now” Mahiru said, translating Gundham’s words into basic human language. Sonia caught wind of the scream again and looked to the left of her down a separate trail. “It sounds like the screams came from this direction” She said. “The river! Of course! I knew I wasn’t the only one who heard running water in the distance” Soda said proudly with a smile on his face causing the others to groan bitterly.

“Please! Somebody help us! Big Sis Mahiru! Sonia! Help us! HELP US PLEASE!!!” Hiyoko yelled. “I DON’T WANNA DID WITH AN AIRHEAD!!!” Ibuki ignored her comment as she sank halfway breast deep and was dangerously close to her head, tears filled her eyes and rolled down her face. “It can’t end like this… I-It can’t!... I WON’T ALLOW IT!!! I-If I give up now, all my friends won’t know where I went. I won’t be able to spend anymore time with them! I can’t play video games with Chiaki, I can’t eat anymore of Teruteru’s delicious food, I can’t play with Gundham’s cute hamsters, I’ll never figure out what Fuyuhiko and Peko are talking about! THERE’S STILL SO MUCH I NEED TO ACCOMPLISH IN MY LIFE! AND I DIDN’T EVEN FIND A NAME FOR MY LATEST ALBUM!!!” Ibuki wailed. By this point the punk musician was to her shoulders, while Hiyoko was nearing her breasts. She had her hands and arms laid out atop the surface and was taking continuous deep breaths, but given her worsening situation her breathing was more sporadic and uncontrollable. Before Hiyoko went to scream for help again, she was stopped when she felt something warm and furry on her arm and saw a hamster with white and brown fur with what looked like rope in it’s mouth as it made its way to her wrist and tied the rope around it. Ibuki stopped panicking when she saw a large golden hamster on her right shoulder, and another hamster of white and brown fur with a chipped ear atop her head also carry rope. Like with Hiyoko, the hamster went and tied the rope around the girl’s wrist and the other did the same with the other. The hamsters hopped off the duo and towards the sound of demonic evil laughter. Hiyoko and Ibuki recognized the voice all to well.

“Fuhahahahaha! Excellent job Jum-P,! Maga-Z! San-D! Now then mortals, Pull!” Gundham instructed. Hiyoko and Ibuki looked up to see Gundham, Sonia, Mahiru, Akane, Mikan in tow pulling on the rope that had been tied around their wrists. Hiyoko and Ibuki grabbed the rope with both hands and held on tightly as their friends pulled them to safety. After a few minutes of fighting the fierce sticky sludge, Hiyoko and Ibuki were pulled onto solid ground, heavily coated in dense thick sandy brown mud. Ibuki ended up losing both of her Victori One sandals to the death trap. “Freedom at last!!!” Ibuki cried as she began to kiss the ground. “Muwah! Muwah! Muwah! Oh solid ground, how I missed you” Ibuki then turned over and looked down, it was then she noticed that her sandals were gone. “Oh come on! As if today wasn’t enough torture as it is!” She fumed angrily as she wiggled her toes in anger.

“Ah! You had us all worried sick! Are you alright?” Mahiru asked as she helped them up from the ground. “Yeah, that was really scary. Real scary!” Hiyoko said as she grabbed Mahiru and hugged her tight. “How did you find us anyway?” Ibuki asked. “What do you think? We heard your screams coming from the river, so common logic dictated that you were in the area” Soda said. “To completely destroy Kazuichi’s claim, Maga-Z heard the shrieks of a wailing banshee coming from the moorlands. We ventured forth to the cursed swamps only to find Ibuki and Hiyoko slowly being dragged down to depths of the netherworld, thinking quickly I sent out Jum-P, Maga-Z, and San-D to rescue them quickly before their souls were lost forever!” Gundham said ominously. “Y-yeah…. What he said” Akane said, slightly confused, it was then that he stomach rumbled loudly.

“Can we go already, I’m hungry, and I mean REALLY hungry” Akane said as she rubbed her belly. The other’s agreed to that, as it was getting late and they all had a long day. Hiyoko and Ibuki were given time to wipe some of the mud off their bodies before they took off, Sonia stood beside Gundham for the walk home much to Soda’s disappointment. He saw Mahiru coming up and went to grab her hand, only for her to slap him across the face. “Didn’t you learn your lesson this first time we did this! You boys only please woman hoping that you’ll get some! Ugh! Why do boys have to be so pervy and horny all the time!?” She groaned. Soda clutched the side of his left face and kept his distance from Mahiru as she went on ahead, Mikan went over to him to check is injury just to make sure he wasn’t in pain. As Hiyoko went to catch up with the others, she felt a tap on her shoulder, turning around she saw Ibuki with her eyes closed and wide grin on her face. “Guess who finally found a name for their new album” She smiled. Hiyoko sighed and looked at her with a calm reassured look on her face. “Alright Ibuki, what is it”

“It’s…. Drum roll please…. Bogtown Swamptown! What do ya think!” Hiyoko giggled slightly as she flashed the later a thumbs up. “Not bad, I mean I would've come up with something better though” Hiyoko said. Ibuki’s eyes shined bright like diamonds as she ran and hugged the dancer in a big ol bear hug. “You can let go Ibuki, you're crushing my ribs” Hiyoko sputtered, as on que the musician released her from her grip. “Sorry, it’s just that I’m so happy! I went out today to find inspiration for my latest song album and I did! Mission complete!” She cried as she saluted. We should probably catch up with the others, don’t wanna get lost again now, do we” Hiyoko teased. “Oh ho ho! Don’t start!” Ibuki playfully teased as she chased after Hiyoko as the latter ran to catch up with the group.

The End.

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