MHA: Stupid Drone

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MHA: Stupid Drone

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MHA: Stupid Drone
A MHA QS Fanfic
By UltraWarriorX367

(F, submerge, rescue, stuck)

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning in the city of Musutafu, Japan, civilians were out and about enjoying their day as usual. Pro Heroes took to the streets stopping any crime or villain attacks that disrupted the peace. Far away on the outskirts of Musutafu, in a small forest, miles away from the city limits the sounds of laughter could be heard. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just wait till the agencies get a load of this!” Mei said as she raised her fist in the air feeling proud of herself, she had just finished up a new invention of hers. Mei Hatsume was a student of U.H’s, she was a part of Class 1-H and was currently a part of the Department of Support. Students in that department are responsible for development of support equipment used to help heroes out in the battlefield. While most of her classmates within the department were talented, Mei, was in a league all of her own. She was smart, off-setting, and a little assertive, which made her kinda uncomfortable to be around for the rest of her classmates.

Mei was feeling extra preppy that day for one reason and one reason alone, the Gadget Fair was coming up. Everyone else at U.A dreaded the Gadget Fair since it meant they’d have to partner up with the students from the support department, and you can bet twenty dollars that a certain explosive hothead would be screaming bloody murder whenever it drew near. But for the students of the Support Department, they loved the fair, it was a time where they got to be creative and quirky when creating equipment and other gadgets. The major highlight for them was that people from different support agencies would be attending the fair examining each student’s work, and there would be a grand prize given to the student with the best gadget or equipment. For Mei, the Gadget Fair was like a national holiday to her, she’d always have the date circled on her calendar, even mentioning it will turn her into a raving fangirl much to the annoyance of her classmates.

The moment she caught wind of the Gadget Fair being held at U.A. On Wednesday from Power Loader she immediately got to work creating her latest “baby”, she wanted to create something so immersive, so revolutionary, that she’d be feeding Hero agencies out her hands. After three long days of relentless work and nightless sleep, her “baby” was complete, she immediately went to test it but stopped herself, due to an accident involving one of her “babies'' which resulted in a hole in the ceiling Mei was forbidden to test anymore gadgets in her lab. But that didn’t stop the pink haired inventor, nor crush her spirits. She left early Saturday morning and went out to the forest far from the city to test her “baby” out, far away from civilians and far away from doing any harm. She checked the weather before she left and dressed accordingly. She was decked out in her workshop clothes. Which consisted of a simple black tank top sung over her ample breasts, workshop coveralls and some black ankle lace-up work boots along with black gloves and her signature red and gold steampunk goggles resting atop her head.

“I can just see the looks on the judge’s faces when they fix their gaze on this!” Mei thought ecstatically, she was firing off on all cylinders. She took a deep breath to calm herself and turned around with a smile on her face. “Friends, Classmates, and staff. My name is Mei Hatsume, a student of Class 1-H and support department prodigy! I am here today, standing before you all because I have created the ultimate support item!” She projected as if she was talking to an audience. Here's a question for you pros out there, have you ever been out in the field fighting bad guys all the while trying to save hostages and other civilians? I know it’s hard to multitask out there, Pro’s are doing everything they can to contain and fight villains at the same time trying not to let innocent lives get caught in the crossfire. Thus, we come to the over arching question of, What if there was someway to aid pros in helping civilians when villains attack?” She imagined the judges faces oozing with curiosity and wonderment at the question asked of them, Mei grinned evilly. “Now that I’ve caught their attention, time to real them in” She thought.

She walked over to a tree stump with something on top, it was covered by a white cloth. “I, ladies and gentlemen, have created the solution to solve the problem plaguing our esteemed society! So with that I give you” She pulled the cloth off the stump in a dramatic fashion, revealing a white drone with pink decals and a small camera protruding out of the bottom. “Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Rescue Box! The name’s still a work in progress but we can talk names later” Mei said as she casually swayed her hand. “Now I know what some of you are thinking… Why would a prodigy student of U.A. 's Support Course make a silly drone? To the man who asked that question, hold onto our butts. The Rescue Box may look like a normal drone at first glance, but that’s where you're wrong. This baby can do more than the average drone” She gently patted the device as it switched on and flew off the stump and hovered beside her, her imaginary audience were starstruck in amazement, Mei smiled as she continued her presentation. “The Rescue Box is armed with a plethora of gadgets and weaponry to aid Pro Heroes. The first of these gadgets is the Capture Net-- The drone fires out a strong stretchy fibermesh net that entraps any hostile targets, the drone can shot five nets at a time if multiple are present within the area.” To prove her point the drone turned around and locked onto a nearby rock and fired a capture net at it, entrapping the pebble in the process, the captured rock tumbled along the ground for a short distance until it came to a stop.

“Next. We have Auto Balancers-- These are long retractable poles located underneath the drone, should it be knocked out of the air It will deploy the poles to catch itself mid fall preventing damage to the device” To demonstrate Mei picked up a small rock and threw it at the drone, knocking it out of the air, as soon as it was close to the ground the poles extended stopping it’s decent. And just like what Mei said, no damage was seen or present on the device, except for the dent from the aforementioned rock. “Then we have the Taser Arrow-- Let’s say a villain breaks out of the capture net and you're all out of ammo? Have no fear! That’s why the taser arrow exists. These little babies are a combination of a taser with an arrow-like grappling hook attached at the end, if struck by the taser the target will be pumped with enough volts to temporarily stun them allowing pro heroes and authorities to properly detain them. But let’s say the villain shrugs off the numbing effects of the taser arrow and keeps on going, then don’t worry, the Glue Gun is here to remedy the situation” On que the front of the drone opened up to reveal a small compartment where a small cannon emerged, the cannon fired off a shot of glue at a tree upon impact a wet “SPLAT!” was heard. In reality Mei was aiming at a hornet that was resting on the tree trunk, when she walked over to the trunk she saw the insect stuck fast in the gunk and was trying to free itself. “Bondo from Class 1-B helped out by supplying me with a tub of glue produced via his quirk, it was quite the... sticky situation if I do say so myself” Mei snickered as she laughed at her own joke.

“Up next is the drone’s Targeting Scouter-- This gives the drone a heads up display of its surroundings and identifies and differentiates Heroes from Villains, along with scoping out hostages and other innocents. A real lifesaver for rescue missions and hostage saving, any questions?” A few hands shot up within the audience, Mei picked on the man in the back. “Is the drone remote controlled?” She said in a man’s voice. “Ah! What a great question, to answer, no. The drone is not remote controlled, it operates via voice commands as opposed to a normal remote control. If this ran on an rc you’d have to deal with interference, staying within range of the device, etc. With a simple voice command it makes the process all the more easier” To demonstrate her point she looked towards the drone, making sure her eyes were staring right at the device. “Land!” Upon command the device landed on the dirt trail. “Fly!” She said again, this time the drone took off the ground and into the sky, but before it could go any higher she yelled “Hover!” Once again the device obeyed as it stopped and hovered in place gently above the trees. Her imaginary audience roared with cheer and applause at the display, all the while Mei was standing victorious with a gitty look on her face. She won, she was able to bedazzle the crowd and judges alike, especially the people from the various hero agencies. The crowd ruptured in a chorus of applause as the inventor bowed dramatically, “Thank you! Thank you! You're too kind” she beamed.

She brought herself back to reality and stood straight, she brought her hands together and squealed happily. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll knock everyone else outta the park when they see my baby take home the gold! I can just imagine every hero agency knocking at my door wanting me to join them” she gleamed as she began to space out in her thoughts again. “Although” she began, glancing up at the airborne stationary drone. “I could take it back to the lab, just for a last minute check up to make sure all the equipment and systems are in working order. Can’t risk my baby malfunctioning on opening day” She thought, she figured that it would be best to take her baby back to her lab and make some last minute revisions. “Check-in with Bondo and ask for more of that glue of his, increase the firing rate of the capture net, while I’m at it I may try a stronger material. Do another test of the taser arrow, and probably lower the voltage down to 50. Thermal vision’s working fine. Oh right! I still haven’t tested out the emergency rescue feature, I mean… I tried a couple of times in my lab but it never worked, I might have to look into it when I get back” She further thought. Once she was able to get a list of needs to be done she was ready to head back, all she had to do now was the drone back down.

“Okay then, land!” She called, the drone however remained floating in the air. “Huh, that’s weird. Let’s try this again, land!” Just like before the drone didn’t comply and resumed being stationary. “Mommy needs you to land for me okay, I’m just gonna bring you back to the lab so she can give you a nice tune up. You wanna be ready for the big day don’t you” she said in a motherly tone, regardless of her words the drone refused to come down. “You will come down from there immediately or I will throw you in the junkyard!” She yelled. The drone beeped as it heard it’s creator’s demand and slowly came down...and flew off in the opposite direction. “No wait! Come back! I promise I won’t throw you away!!!” Mei cried as she ran after it.

The drone flew low above the trees with Mei in hot pursuit, she was determined to get back her prized possession, that thing was her ticket to fame town and nothing was going to stop her. “Land! Land! Land!” She uttered, but no matter how much she said it the device refused to comply with her orders. “Ah! I should've known the audio scanner was still buggy!” She mentally yelled. She continued her chase with the drone as it flew further and further down the dirt trail. Her boot smacked against the ground as she ran, her hair bobbed up and down all the while chasing the device. The drone got further away from her line of sight, utilizing her quirk, Mei focused her eyesight on the drone’s flight path and saw that it was nearing a riverbank. A surge of panic went off in her mind like a warning flare. “I designed my baby to be waterproof right? Right? RIGHT?!?” She quickened her pace towards the river to prevent her priceless baby from being damaged. She couldn’t afford to lose her first place ticket.

Upon reaching the river she saw that the drone had landed on the other side, focusing her eyesight on the device she found that it wasn’t too far away from her, it was within walking distance. “Gotta get my baby back!” She yelled. The flat open area was dry and slightly cracked on the surface with a few strands of grass and reeds poking up from the surface, Mei brought her boot clad-foot down and found that the ground was firm and stable. “Perfect! Getting my baby back will be a piece of cake!” She carefully stepped out onto the lakebed and began making her way towards the landed drone, all the while daydreaming of winning the first place prize of the fair all the while hearing all of U.A. chant her name. The ground underfoot remained firm and stable as she traversed across, but it was quite peculiar that her boots left footprints on it’s seemingly solid surface…. “Weird” she thought as she looked over her shoulder but shrugged it off and kept on trucking, completely ignoring the danger presenting itself.

As Mei continued across the riverbed, the ground below began to soften and sag beneath her boots, she stopped her walk to glance down. She saw that her boot was gently pressed down and forming around the sides in the mysterious dry ground, she pulled her boot up and out and saw the sides lined in light gray mud. “Well. like the saying goes, always expect the unexpected. Heh, heh” She laughed nervously, getting slightly worried about her surroundings but kept going on regardless. The further out she got the more soft and loose the ground got, her footprints were prominent on its surface and would slightly jiggle like jelly, the ground also began sucking at her footwear trying to pull it off. Faint “SLUPs” and “SLOPs” were heard as she trekked across the area, she was completely oblivious to the sounds, as she was tunnel visioned on getting back her drone, or baby as she dubbed it.

Nothing was going to stand in her way of getting her baby back, she wasn’t going to let countless hours of construction and sleepless nights go to waste, she was determined to get it at all costs. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Upon taking another step, the ground beneath her foot gave way and broke through the crust and pumped into warm gooey gray mud, she nearly fell forward but was able to catch her balance at the last minute to save herself. Looking down she saw warm gray ooze seep out of the hole where her shoe was, her face tensed up in disgust. “Ewww!” she felt the warm silt seep into the opening and folds of her boot which fueled her disgust even further, she tried lifting her leg but found that it wouldn’t move the silt formed and enveloped all around her boot and was slowly sealing it in with it’s iron hold suction. She tried lifting it again only to get the same result as before, then a third time which was greeted with the same thing.

She placed her free foot ahead of her right and jerked at her left leg in hopes of thrusting her trapped foot out of the mud’s clutches, the warm slurry had a firm hold on her boot and foot and refused to let go no matter how hard she jerked or lifted her leg. “Ungh!... Hmph!... Unh!.. I need to get my baby!.... Unh!.... Let me!... Ungh! Get my baby” She grunted, the mud splattered and squished in response as she feebly continued to writhe about in the mud. Unbeknownst to her, the more she thrusted and lifted at her leg, the deeper it caused it to sink. Glancing down Mei saw that her boot was nearly about to go under, she quickly bent down and grabbed the upper tips of them and pulled hard on them, the ground around her footwear raised up slightly as she pulled up on her boot but was quickly pulled back down by the mud. She gripped her boot tiger and pulled on it harder all the while gritting her teeth and straining her leg and arm muscles. Mei wouldn’t consider herself strong in any regard, she wasn’t physically fit or showed any raw strength. But she did build some muscular strength from working with heavy materials and constructing her babies.

She began to slowly twist her leg as she continued to lift and pump at it, thinking that it would aid in loosening up the mud around her foot and ankle further. Mei leaned forward as far as she could and jerked her body forward in conjunction with wiggling her leg and foot, hoping that all the movement she was making would loosen up the mud’s grip. After ten minutes of struggling and moving around, her left foot came out with a wet “SHLORP!” Leaving behind a hole where her foot originally was. The entirety of her boot, ankle, and pant leg was splattered in warm gray mud, she shook her left foot shaking off any leftover globs of mud that were still attached along with some of the mud splatter on her pants.

“Ah! Ha.. Ha.. Ha~ F-Finally! My foot is free'' She said as she gasped for breath, she was tired from the excursion of freeing her foot, but at the cost of nearly draining herself of all her stamina. Looking ahead was her precious drone, resting on the other side and basking in the sunshine. “Now that’s over, time to get my baby!” She announced to no one but herself as she resumed trekking across the riverbank. Her footsteps were the same as before but there were more noticeable “SHLPs' ' and “SPLLTHs' ' from the mud below as her feet made contact with the wet bouncy ground. A few steps further and her walk slowed to a trudging slugging crawl as her boots began sticking to the gooey clay composition of the terrain, an hour went by, not only was Mei burning up in the sun’s rays, she was still ways away from her baby.

Her boots were constantly sinking into the gooey sponge cake-like ground, which caused her to constantly stop every five minutes and play tug-of-war with the ground to free it from it’s grasp, lacing her footwear in a thin frosting of gray goo. “Hah, hah, hah, it feels like I’m walking across a pile of bread dough. No…. matter… Ungh!... If the going… Umph!.. Gets tough… The tough… Mhmph!.. Get going!” She grumbled as she struggled through the thick clay. As Mei continued she found her forward progression rapidly diminishing with each passing step as the thick, sticky, clay sucked viciously at her boots. Walking soon became a chore to do as she found it difficult to lift her feet free of the mud, the sounds from underfoot grew louder and wetter with each step, indicating that there was danger present ahead but the determined inventor didn’t pick it up with her ears and kept on walking towards the danger.

As she took another step with her left foot, it plunged through the crust once again bringing her leg down to her upper calf nearing her kneecap. She tried stopping herself before her right foot went in too, but she was coming in too fast to stop herself, and as a result her right foot slid in too and sank to her calf. “Oh great! Just when I thought everything would go my way today!” Mei grumbled, she bent down and grabbed her ankle and pulled on it as hard as she could. Her leg went up for a split second before it was yanked back down by the mud, she then pulled on her other leg and just like her left it too was stuck. She jerked and pumped her legs but they did nothing but rock the mud around her, and when she tried lifting them again they would rise up slightly only to be pulled back down.

Deep beneath the surface, the thick dense silt and clay swirled ane enveloped around the girl’s legs and ankles, she winced slightly when she felt the goo ooze and pool around her socked feet, feeling the warm wetness of the clay seep through the fabric and prick the tops of her feet. “I’m not going to lose first place!” She cried, she twisted her legs and lower half in conjunction with pumping them as the pink haired dame worked to extract herself from the large mud pit she stumbled into, the mud held onto her ankle and legs vigorously as it bubbled and growled greedly at it’s captor’s pathetic attempts to free itself. Mei tried lifting her feet again, thinking that this time things would be different. She lifted up at her left foot but it wouldn’t budge, then she pulled on her right foot only to experience the same thing. The mud held onto her boots very stubbornly with its tenacity and suction while inconspicuously drawing her in a little bit deeper with her every movement. Again she tugged on one leg then the other, still unable to move while the mud squelched in apparent laughter at her pathetic attempts to escape.

“You’re joking! You’ve gotta be!” Mei growled, both frustrated and astounded at the strong suction gripping her boots and keeping her in place, if Mei wasn’t here on business and instead getting inspiration for another one of her “super cute babies” she would be totally immersed by the strong tary grip and adhesiveness of the clay. But since she was solely focused on getting her drone back, she could care less about a pit of dirt, water, and clay.

As Mei tugged and jerked at her legs, the distribution of her body weight placed upon her right foot drove it deeper into the gooey mucky trap. A sharp pain flared in her leg muscles which caused her to stop tugging at her legs and let herself rest for a bit until the pain went away. However, by doing so, the brainiac inventor soon found that she made a huge mistake, the mud exploited the opportunity presented before itself by sucking her in deeper to the upper reaches of her calves and kneecaps. “Can things get any worse!?” She whined, all she wanted out of today was to take her latest creation out for a test run, and instead she gets herself stuck in a muddy riverbank. And to make matters worse, her baby was on the verge of getting water damaged. “If water gets in, the electricity from the taser arrow will cause it to short circuit! My first place prize! Ruined! MY DREAM TO GET INTO A GOOD SUPPORT AGENCY, SHATTERED!!!” She shrieked.

As Mei’s priorities gulled her into worrying about insignificant issues and inconveniences of her day, she was completely oblivious to the fact that her legs were sinking ever so slowly into the dreadful adhesive thickness of the sticky clay in the vast riverbed. The deeper she sank, the more ensnared her feet and legs became in the tenacious, iron grip of the mud’s relentless suction. Unable to free her feet and now mired up to her kneecaps, the inventor closed her eyes tight, gritted her teeth, and lunged forward to generate momentum as she lifted up hard on her mired right foot trying to wretch it free of the mud.

Grunting slightly, the girl pulled and twisted hard on her right leg, her thigh muscles straining and flexing with avengence trying desperately to loosen up the mud’s grip. After twenty minutes of struggling, she was rewarded heavily when she felt her foot rise up slowly from the confines of the river bog, the mud slurped and squelched in protest as madding “SPLCHHs” and “SUCKKs” sounds erupted from the damp doughy ground preventing her freedom from it’s gooey clutches as it stretched upwards like thick, heavy molasses, clinging tightly to the bottom of her calf. Sure it rose slightly by about seven inches, but her foot never surfaced… it was still stuck tight, just below the mud’s surface, caught fast in the intensifying vacuum formed around it and her lower calf and leg.

Mei grunted and strained in agony, pulling up at her right leg in vain. Her entire body began to sweat profusely, there were darkened sweat stains on her breasts and armpits, along with heavy droplets on her milky white skin causing it to glimmer and shine in the bright sun. Another cramp caught her by surprise YET again, and was forced to let it sink back into the mud YET AGAIN! The moment she did her calf sank deeper than before, going past the kneecap and to her lower thigh in the dismal swamp. “OH COME ON!!!” She exclaimed in anger as she watched her thighs slowly be enveloped by thick rings of clay, her hands swatted about in the air, trying to deter away some annoying flies.

Mei was frustrated and royally pissed… It was bad enough that she couldn’t get her feet out to retrieve her precious baby, but now she was garneting the unwanted attention of annoying flies that were lured by her stinky-sweet, straight from the workshop odor of cheap body spray, unwashed pheromones, motor oil, and damp sweaty feet. Mei was quite infamous throughout the Support Department for her persistent and unique “workshop floral stench” and she’d reak of this sweaty strawberry oily mix from the top of her salmon pink dreadlocks down to the tips of her dirty sweaty toes. Sweating heavily from her struggles against the mud, the intensity of her flowery stink increased ten fold as more and more flies started swirling around her.

Wanting to be free of the mud and the annoying flies, Mei shut her eyes tight, clenched her fists and tugged HARD at her stuck leg then the other…. "...UUNNNGGGHHH!!! ...UUMMMMGGGGHHHH!!!" The pink inventor grunted and groaned in anger and frustration as she leaned right then left, repeating this action constantly while pulling up on her stuck legs in earnest. Her leg muscles flexed and quivered as she twisted and strained at her hips and torso, but her feet and lower calves remained firmly stuck in the thick silty muck. Each powerful lift from either legs was greeted by the stretching of thick gooey, heavy, glue-like mud adhering to the fabric of her pant legs along with her sweaty calves and lower legs… each powerful tug or jerk of her thighs only drove her feet deeper and deeper into the firm thick clay… inch by inch the mass thickened and became more packed and firm almost becoming concrete. Which only made her calves more imprisoned within the adhesive tenacity and iron suction of the thick rippling mire. "...UUGGHHH!!! ...ERRRNNNGGGHHH!!!" She hissed as sweat flew from her hair, face, and skin. But no matter how hard she struggled, Mei couldn’t simply break herself free from the mud. She was STUCK!!!

“Heh, heh, heh. T-This… This is fine… It’s fine…. It’s like Thomas Edison said ‘Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying!” She said proudly, refusing to get discouraged over her current situation, she was an inventor, she constantly faced impossible trials on a daily basis, this was just another hurdle for her to pass. She grabbed her sweaty pant-clad thigh and tugged in earnest once more to lift it up from the sticky, heavy gray tar that was the riverbank. Mei thrashed and pumped her legs, her hips twisting and straining, yet her calves remained rooted tightly to the spot. Her frustration subsided as a playful, yet smug grin filled her face. “Don’t worry baby, mommy’s coming, she’s just a little held up at the moment” She smiled warmly at her drone, the device remained silent as her creator continued to wrestle with the thick gooey earthy taffy.

The thickness and heavy density of the mud proved to be problematic along with it’s adhesive nature, sticking to Mei’s bare skin underneath her pants like warm caramel. Forming a water tight inescapable suction along the girth of her sweaty calves and thighs, and due to the very thick nature of the clay ooze, she was sinking into this muddy trap at a snail’s pace. It didn’t help that her slow descent was going totally unnoticed… A few of her classmates wanted to tag along with her and help with the drone, but she refused any company, thinking that her classmates were only in it so they could steal her ideas. She told them that she was fine and didn’t need any help from “spies' '. Looking back, she could’ve used some company should she get herself in trouble, like she is now… after all, she was too preoccupied with getting loose and to retrieve her drone. She pulled harder on her sweaty legs, the summer sun’s rays beat down upon Mei, making her already tiresome situation all the more miserable, she dug her fingers deeper into her leg and pulled harder on it. Her thigh slowly came rising up from the thick gunk, her kneecap and lower leg slowly came up, most of her pant leg was wet and soiled in gray silt and clay. “…UUUNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” Mei snarled as she felt her arm and leg muscles tense and flair up with energy as she kept pulling on her leg while her other leg continued to sink deeper as more pressure was applied to her left, but when her right leg was nearly freed, she lost her grip on it and fell on her butt with a loud wet “PLOT!”

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time” Mei said as she shook some mud off her gloves, she checked back on her drone, an idea began to form in her head. “This is the perfect scenario to test out the drone’s emergency rescue feature! Ha! My genius never ceases to amaze me” She smiled brightly. She made eye contact with the device, making sure that she was staring directly at it. “Initiate emergency rescue” she said, the drone remained silent and stationary as usual. “Not this again! I said initiate emergency rescue!” she said again getting slightly annoyed, once again the device just remained stationary refusing to acknowledge it’s user’s commands. “Did the voice command function fry out after the presentation? How did that happen? Did the circuit burn out or something?” She thought.

The girl looked down and saw that her thighs were resting atop the surface. She was able to move them around but couldn’t lift them out. With all of her struggles, they only liquefied the mud even further making it more adhesive, thick, and sticky. “Heh, at least I can move my legs better than when I was standing. She pumped and wiggled her legs viciously, a look of determination and victory filled her face as she thrust and twisted her torso, hip and head to the left and right, as she writhed and flexed her legs within the thick mucky organic glue, feeling the damp wetness of the mire gently prick her skin through her wet pants. Vigorous “SPLCHs” and “SSUCKs” came from the mud’s suction as it’s grip tightened more and more around her legs as additional thick rings and mounds of clay molded and clung tighter to her calves and thighs. “Ungh!... Mhmph!... Heh, heh, heh it probably wouldn’t be a good sight if someone were to see me stuck like this. Don’t want my perfect image to get ruined. Heh, heh, heh” She nervously laughed, she couldn’t bear the thought of everyone at U.A knowing that the Support Department’s inventor prodigy was getting done in by a pit of dirt and water.

“I can get out of this stuff! I can and I will!” She cried victoriously. The mud felt more compact and firmer than before as it tightened immensely around her feet, calves, and kneecaps, imprisoning them further in the interlocking matrix of the mud. Making it all the more to lift them out, bubbles of trapped air from below the surface rose and popped, spraying small globs of clay on Mei’s skin and clothes but the girl could care less about that, she grew accustomed to getting dirty on a daily basis when working on her babies. She lifted her right leg up again, and she could feel something miraculous happen, the mud’s suction was weakening. Her face lit up like a light bulb as she wiggled and writhed her leg frantically about wanting to be free of the hungry ravenous earth that was the clay bog. “Come on! Ungh!” she grunted, Mei leaned all the way back and shifted her weight to make herself lighter, and even planted her hands down at her sides on the mud’s surface. She rocked gently left and right as her hips began to settle into the warm mass, after fifteen minutes of struggling her right foot came out with a wet “SPLLTH!” heavily coated and encased in a glob of gray clay, upon further inspection Mei saw that her boot came loose when her foot came out revealing a slightly dirty orange sock with nut and bolt designs along with a few holes. “Yeuch! It feels like glue!” She groaned in disgust a she frantically shook her foot to shake of the continents. Once that was done she grabbed her left thigh and tugged at it for a good five minutes until her other foot came out, like her right it came out of her boot at the last minute, but unlike her left, her right foot was bare and showed her cute pump size 8 foot, the soles were lined in a thin layer of dirt and sweat. Her nails were long and used to be in a nice green-yellow color similar to her eyes, but were now in a dull muddy gray. Her toes wiggled profusely at their newfound freedom from the thick confines of her boots and the mud as a whole. “At least the mud feels good on my feet from all the walking I did” She mumbled as she sprayed her toes and took a sigh of mild relief.

With both of her feet now freed, she could now get in closer and nab her drone before anything else happened to it, but she knew that if she walked again she would end up getting stuck once more. So, she decided to crawl atop the damp soil, the soft cracked crust sagged and ruptured slightly as she crawled. Her hands were constantly sinking into the warm gray slop, forcing her to stop every five minutes to pull them out; she ended up losing one of them to the thick soft mud. She took a quick glance at her hand and saw a few splotches of gray goo, her hands were powdered in a faint trace of ash and oil and her nails were also in green-yellow to match her eyes, but due to her work the polish began to chip off. “Maybe I should get a manicure with one of the girls from class 1-A?... Nah… But, I might change my mind. Besides, I gotta maintain my image when the agencies see me at the Gadget Fair. So, I might as well get a manicure when I get out of here” Mei continued to crawl across the gooey bank, her hands feeling nothing but soft mud. Wet, slimy, gooey mud. It also didn’t help that her legs were constantly being sucked at by the damp wet silt, primarily around her ankles and shins, but it was nothing that a few hearty tugs couldn’t do to yank them free from it’s tight, sticky, embrace.

After a long, and tiresome crawl, she was finally within range of the drone. Her eyes beamed brightly upon seeing it and crawled a little bit faster, but that didn’t mean she was out of trouble yet, no fact, she was walking into more of it. Upon bringing her right leg forward, it plunged once more into the gray mud up to the upper thigh nearing her hip. Mei looked down and pulled on her leg but found that the spot she stumbled into was deeper, and the mud here was thicker and more clinger than the previous batch. But as she was focusing all her energy on pulling out her right leg, the ground beneath her left began to sag and rupture slightly, until it plunged into the mud as well going all the way down until it reached her hip. Hatsume was once again trapped in the thick gooey gray matter of the riverbank, and just when she was inches away from her drone. “Are you kidding me?! Come on! I just want my baby! Please let me get my baby!” She cried angrily while madly tugging at her legs in earnest. The mud squelched and quaked as she madly wiggled her legs to and fro within the thick dense clay, as she tried to relinquish her limbs, mud filled into her pant pockets and smeared her pants weighing her down like a pair of concrete shoes while in the ocean. The girl did all she could to pull her legs out, but try as she might, the thick gooey dense clay refused to let go of her. On top of that, the more she struggled within the clay the faster it liquefied, becoming more wet and sticky with her every move. By now, the space around her was nothing but a pool of gray gunk, spewing up from the ground beneath her and she could do nothing but wraith and struggle in vain as she descended deeper into its clutches.

“...Jeez!... Can’t believe I’m still sinking!... Just how deep is this stuff!?” Mei winched at the sensation of the mud caressing and massaging her legs and thighs, feeling the warm silky smooth clay rub itself along her bare skin. The mud was just too thick for her to escape; but, due to her fierce struggles and pumping of her legs had softened it to a FRIGHTENING degree, and was now sinking deeper at a faster pace. The gray tar-like goop gripped her feet, latched tightly onto her calves, and a hard sucking grasp at her thighs. The warm mud flowed thickly along the filthiness of her fair white skin, taking her in deeper, and deeper. “I gotta get outta here!”

The overwhelming dread of being forever trapped in this dismal bog spurred Mei to resume her desperate struggle. She vividly thrashed, pumped her legs, and twisted her entire body in earnest. Yet she found herself still stuck and firmly rooted in place, she leaned forward and dug her hands into the warm mass once more and violently rocked her lower half right and left in anger as the thick rubbery gray matter rippled and quaked. Mei should be grateful that no one saw her in her current situation, especially a ‘certain’ purple haired pervert who was known to be quite the newsonse. Mei’s thighs settled deeper and deeper into the organic muddy glue at a painstakingly fast rate, with each passing second, more and more of her form was being consumed. Her legs just simply wouldn’t budge… it was almost like they were trapped in cement, refusing to move anywhere else other than down into the earth.

The warm tranquil silence of the surrounding area was relentlessly distirbed by the determined, feminine grunts and groans of a sweaty pink haired inventor stuck, struggling, and slowly sinking in a treacherous stretch of mucky ground. Filled with heated frustration, Mei knew that she was hopelessly stuck in the mud, but her ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude refused to make her submit defeat, she could feel herself inch ever deeper into the goop’s clutches. She took a deep breath and began to struggle once more. Her hips and torso twisted and squirmed, the rippling muscles of her thighs strained against the rubbery iron grip of the mud, and sweat flew off every inch of her glistening wet body. She only increased the fragrance of her workshop stink, as more flies and gnats became more infatuated by the scent and more began to swarm around her. The drone beeped once more and picked up noticeable lifeforms swirling around it’s creator. “Anti-Insect perspirant initiated” it chirped as a small spray cannon emerged from the top and shot out a pink cloud of mist at the swarm, the moment it made contact the insects dispersed leaving the girl alone.

“The anti-insect! Pffh! I completely forgot about that!.. Well, at least it works” Mei said proudly as the flies took off. Heavy beads of sweat trickled along her face and dripped off her cheeks and forearms as she writhed about. Her upper thighs were deeply embedded in the warm mud, buried by her immense stubbornness and foolish struggles. As she pathetically twisted and strained at her hips, she was only driving them deeper and deeper, her thighs were nearly consumed and the sweatiness of her crotch began to gently goudge into the thickness of the wet mud’s surface. Deep beneath the surface, the greyness of the gray clay muck eagerly clung to the fragrant bare curves of her womanhood, pressed tightly against the wet fabric of her underwear. Her breathing hardened upon feeling the warm wet sludge gently caress the area around her womanhood as a faint cut blush filled her cheeks, her struggles slowed and her movement speed slowed tremendously.

“Ahh.. Ha.. Ha~ W-why is it… g-getting h-hot in here?`` The blush on her face reddened immensely as the last of her thighs went under and the gray matter filled into her pockets and caressed her nether region below the surface, she slowly wiggled and rocked her body right and left seductively. The blush on her face subsided slightly but was still present, she bit her lip as she rocked her hips to and fro in a rhythmic manner, shaking her ample derriere in the filthy sludge.

“Y-You know… T-This stuff isn’t that… bad~” She giggled softly, this was the first time that Mei felt or experienced something that made her aroused before. The only thing that came close to what she was feeling now, was whenever she came up with ideas for a brand new baby, here though, the arousal levels were off the charts. “Hmmhmm~” She pressed her hands down on the surface in front of her, leaned forward and slipped her groin up and down. From a glance it looked like she was trying to push herself out, but in reality, she was rubbing her femininity on the damp, soft , warm mud which gurgled and squished loudly between her legs with every movement she made. Completely under the lust spell the mud had on her Mei didn’t notice that the mud began to lose more and more of its stability beneath her feet and was getting more soft and lose with each passing minute along with the goop’s strength increasing. The girl was nearing a climax… when it finally happened, a faint “PHHP!” oozed out from the mud’s surface along with a “SHLLP!”, then she shot down past her waist and settled to her stomach, her hands were still placed down atop the mud’s surface to break her plummet. The silt wasted no time in sealing her waist into it’s hungry adhesive suction.

“Crap!” She grumbled upon looking at her current depth now, she was even deeper now and she was still sinking faster now. “I.. I gotta get out of here, now!” She went to lift her arms but found that they wouldn’t budge. “What the…?” she tried moving them again but they still wouldn’t register with her movements, looking down her pupils shrank. Her her forearms were heavily sunk into the pack gummy clay, she shut her eyes tight and gritted her teeth as she PULLED as HARD as she could to pull her trapped arms out. “…Gawd, it's like I’m …UUNGGHHH!!! …STUCK and …Sinking in glue!” she surmised as she struggled. Glue was the correct term indeed, the sticky mud latched onto her forearms like stretchy thick, rubbery mixture of cement and molasses. The more she struggled the thicker and stickier the silt got. Mei could only lift her arms up a few times before the elasticity of the clay pulled them back into its grasp, and as she continued struggling to retrieve her arms her slender mature physique worked itself deeper into the swamp, she sank past her stomach and began to settle to her chest. A worried look filled her face as an onslaught of bubbles ruptured to the surface, spraying small globs of mud all over her

Mei’s entire tank top was drenched in sweat, evidenced by all the dark wet spots plastered throughout, gray splotches of mud stained her upper arms and face as she angrily wiggled and strained against the ever relentless suction of the mud. She leaned her head back and jerked her upper torso up in hopes of ripping her arms free of the super fine gray silt and clay. “…NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she snarled like a wild animal, rearing back and giving it her ALL to rip her forearms free of the mud’s grasp. Mei refused to give up, it was her motto ‘An inventor never gives up in the face of adversity, it’s only another step on her road to progress’ she was going to give it her all, even if it killed her. After fifthteen long minutes of agonizing torture she was finally rewarded for her efforts, her arm began to rise up, her eyes began to sparkle as she continued to pull harder at each of her forearms, hoping to free them from the mud’s tenacious nature and suction.

“COME… ON!... UNGH!... UUNGGHHH!...NNNGGHHH!!!” She grunted, Mei pulled at her arms for all it’s worth, her arm muscles tensed and surged with energy, her tendons strained hard as it pulled at her joints, and her head was tilted all the way back to the point where her goggles almost fell off. Little by little her arms began to come loose from the mud much to her delight. “It’s working! It’s Working! It’s Working!” She chanted happily, she kept going and her right forearm began to rise out of the clay bog, the majority of her arm was lined in gray slime. But just when good fortune began to shine down on her, her spotlight was short-lived when bad luck struck again. The mud shifted and loosened drastically below the surface, in a split second, she dropped down again, past her forearms and chest, and was now breast deep in the sucking clay.

“No!.. No!... NOOOOOOOO!... T-This can’t be happening?! Why is this happening to me!? I am a student of the U.A. 's Support Department! I Shouldn’t be getting myself into embarrassing situations like this!” Mei was feeling mad, embarrassed, and frightened all at the same time. In the blink of an eye, her situation went from bad to worse, she jerked her body upwards along with her arms. She gritted her teeth and tensed every muscle in her body as she twisted and strained her upper torso to it’s limits. She grinded her teeth together and pulled HARD on her arm muscles like no tomorrow, but it really didn’t do a whole lot for her. Only “SHHLPs' ' and “PLTHs' ' came from the mud as it angrily squelched and bubbled in retaliation to her movements. Looking down she saw how her struggles had worked her deeper into the muddy entrapment of the marsh, its thick, silty clay now cupping and molding along the sweaty, bottom curves of her ample breasts. She could feel the warm moisture of the mire soaking through the sweat-drenched fabric of her dirty top. Stuck fast in the tight heavy embrace of the mud, Mei squirmed and writhed, struggling helplessly to free her trapped arms and upper torso. Grunting with extortion and anger, with each move she made, the relenting clay sapped away more at her stamina. “…UMMMPHHH!!! …UUNNNGGGHHHH!!! …DAMN IT!!! …UUMMMGGGHHHHH!!!” she gasped and grunted, struggling in desperation and fear as she was slowly getting close to her head.

By now, she was now bust deep, her nipples were poking through her top, but due to the color of the material they were un-noticeable. She cringed upon feeling the warm slime seep through her top and ooze in between her cleavage, her face reddened slightly again but shook it off. Mei’s arms were stuck… she was totally helpless… and this knowledge brought on panic. She struggled even harder, her legs pushing, her chest twisting in the thick, sticky trap. The mud shrugged off her struggles and groans, stuck to her skin like glue as she sank deeper. Her hair lashed back and forth, showering the mud around her with heavy sweat… her rancid workshop stench stunk up the entire area. “...UNGH!... UUNGH!!!.. I-I’M STUCK!... DAMNIT!'' She fumed angrily, even when the odds were against her she still continued to fight, but as she continued to struggle she sank faster, and ended up being bogged down to her cleavage and armpits. It was then, she stopped her struggles and saw that she had sunk even deeper. Her eyes went wide with fear, her body shuttered, and her heart beat increased. “Crap!... I’M …UUMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!!!…TRAPPED!!!” She exclaimed in fright as she pulled and jerked at her arms with all of her strength, but it was overpowered by the immense iron grip of the clay bog.

The word, “TRAPPED”, amplified the feeling of despair and panic building up within her. The mere thought of being robbed and stripped away of her freedom, spurred her to struggle even harder. But in doing so, she only brought herself down to her shoulders, as well, by this point the clay became so loose and thick that it felt like she was in a tub of dense thick gooey brownie mix. Mei gasped for breath as she stopped struggling, her entire body ached and she was tired, the rubbery gray surface enveloped the entirety of her breasts sealing them in like industrial strength glue. “I can’t move!... I-I can’t move!... I can’t m-move my arms or my body! Ungh! Why did I choose to come out to this place when my drone wasn’t fully optional I-... Wait!... The drone!... That’s it!” She looked ahead and saw the device resting not too far away from her. “Okay, it’s now or never. Please don’t fail me now my baby!”

“Activate emergency rescue!” she yelled, the device, like before, just remained stationary and didn’t correspond to her creator’s orders. “Please don’t do this to me now!” she internally screamed. “Activate emergency rescue!” she yelled again, once again the drone didn’t move. Mei felt her shoulders go under the clay, and dropped down past her collarbone and was to her neck, a few of her pink dreadlocks began to spread out atop the surface. Her fright only got worse and made her all the more worried about her current situation. She writhed and squirmed violently in absolute terror, to the point where her goggles fell off her head. Now on the verge of going under into the river mud, it became apparent that maybe, just MAYBE she could use some help right about now. Before, she dreaded the prospect of asking for help, knowing that she wouldn’t hear the end of her embarrassing situation. She was kinda mad that no one from her class got worried as to where she was and came looking for her… but never once asked or desired for any form of help. Besides, NEVER, would she EVER ask help from ANYONE… given her inventor prodigy mindset, she was just too self-centered, independent, and stubborn to ask for any form of assistance. She didn’t consider it as a form of weakness, she was just too gifted to even bother asking for any form of assistance… but now, she was up to her neck, and her situation was only going to get worse…

“Help…” She called out meekly, too ashamed and humiliated to even say the word. But there was no response, save for the chirping crickets and shimmering rays coming down from the sun. Mei swallowed her self independence and pride and took a deep breath. Then with concern, and a slight tremor in her voice, yelled as loud as she could… “HELP…!!! HELP, SOMEONE…!!! I’M STUCK...!!! The clay formed thick rings around the girth of her neck as she continued to shrink. “I’M STUCK IN THE MUD ...!!! AND I-I’M TRAPPED ....!!! I’M SINKING…!!!” She yelled again, she paused and listened out if someone heard her screams, but no one heard her, which only made her more frightful and scared. The clay was now halfway up her neck and wasn’t going to stop until it consumed her whole, Mei frantically looked around to see if there was anyone or anybody in the area that could help her. “HELLLLP!!!!” She yelled again but no one heard her, “HELP MEEEE!!!!... I’M STUCK IN THE MUD…!!! AND I’M SINKING!!!... PLEASE… HELP ME!!!” No one heard the poor girl’s cries as she yelled her heart out, she nearly strained her voice but she didn’t care, she was scared out of her mind, and wanted nothing more than to be free. “N-no one’s coming to save me, I-I’m gonna die here…. Alone… Lost… and forgotten!” She weeped. By now the mud cupped her chin and began to form along the curves of her face, tears filled her eyes and she began to sob uncontrollably.

She violently rocked her face to and fro within the dense thick clay, which proved to be her downfall as it further fueled her descent. She tilted her head back, hoping that it would slow her descent, her green-yellow eyes widened with absolute terror as viscous …”GLURPs” …”BLUPs” …”SPLCHHs” …”GLOPs” …”SSSUCKs” …”BLURPs” …”SPLUTs” Filled her ears like the annoying rings of an alarm clock. “HELP ME!!! *SNIFF* HELP!!!... PLEASE!!!... *SNIFF* HELLLLP!!!!” She screeched, she cried as the gray mud caressed and formed around the entirety of her face, the majority of her pink locks were spread out atop the gray flat surface. Her eyes darted left and right in sheer panic as she was only inches away from her demise, it was then she caught sight of her precious drone, it was just resting there, it’s camera lense just stared at her as she sank to her doom. “ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RESCUE!!! ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RESCUE!!! ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RESCUE!!! ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RESCUE!!! ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RESCUE!!!” ACTIVATE EMERGENCY RES- MHMMPH!?!” She was cut off when the mud folded over her mouth and silenced her. “MHHMMMM!!! MHHMMMM!!!” nothing but muffled screams came from the girl as the mud covered her nose, leaving her eyes the view the outside world one last time before she left it. Soon, the mud came over her green-yellow eyes and dragged her head under the dismal wet gray surface. Her pink dreadlocks fanned out atop the surface for a few minutes before they were pulled under in a swirl of thick wet silt followed by a spray of thick bubbles erupting from the surface, when that was done the surface smoothed out and resumed it’s normal flat surface. The only evidence of her existence there were the claw marks in the ground, the gray muddy portion of the riverbank, and the foul smell of grease, motor oil, and lavender perfume all mixed in one.

The daren riverbank was silent and peaceful once more, before the pink haired interloper came upon the scene. The drone remained idle as the surrounding cattails and grass blowed and swayed calmly in the wind, the pit where the former U.A. student was still present, the grayed out area was like a sore spot on the tan riverbank, that and her footprints trailing towards the spot were still present on its surface as well. Then a muddy gray coated hand shot up from the pit, it’s muddied fingers clawed and grasped the air in vain trying to find something to grab onto to. It was then that the Rescue Box switched on, it’s targeting scouter saw the hand writhing and straining about in the air and saw a human being below the surface with it’s thermal vision. “Initiate Emergency Rescue!” It chirped, it took off the ground and flew to the other side of the bank. Four retractable poles shot out from the sides and anchored themselves to the ground, with the targeting reticule it shoot a safety line to where the hand was, the muddy hand grabbed hold of it tightly. Once the line was grabbed, the device began to pull her in, the gray muddied hand came up from the goo, and soon Mei’s mud coated body came out too. She was still unconscious but she could feel the warm rays of the sun shining down on her muddy body, the drone retracted the line until she was back onto solid ground and away from danger, once off the bank she laid flat on her back and coughed up wads of gray silt from her mouth.

“I-I’m…. I’M ALIVE!!!” She cried happily, her entire body was coated in gray clay, from her head all the way down to her toes. She looked beside her and saw the Rescue Box in standby mode, her eyes immediately lit up with sparkles. “IT WORKED!... IT WORKED! IT WORKED!” She chanted. “I knew there had to be something that could trigger the Rescue Box’s Emergency Rescue feature, turns out my little incident was just the thing it needed in order to initiate it” She said.

The device beeped a few times but Mei held it within her arms as if it was a newborn baby. “Shh, shh, shh. It’s okay, mommy’s not mad at you, you just had a little hiccup is all. Mommy’s gonna take you back to her lab and do some more maintenance on you so this doesn’t happen again, you wanna be fully operational with no problems don’t you? Yes you do, yes you do” She said in a motherly tone, all the while smothering the machine. Mei took a glance at her gray hand, and then noticed her muddy gray soiled body, as well as her shoeless bare feet. “A shower is in order when I get home, a gorgeous inventor genius like myself can’t be seen looking like''this ``...” She said. With that, she picked up her drone and wiped off some of the mud off her body, when she was done she began to make her way home.

The End

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