Comforting Samus

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Comforting Samus

Postby DJlurker » Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:14 pm

So, this popped into my head after I ended up spoiling myself... hope you enjoy!

Comforting Samus
A Metroid QS Fan Fiction
by DJlurker
(F/F, mud, hugging, kissing, no sex)

A/N: Minor spoilers for Metroid Dread, but nothing beyond what's been shown in preview trailers.

It had been too long... or at least it seemed that way. Samus Aran heaved a sigh as her ship entered the atmosphere of XL-473... As her ship descended, she felt a familiar telepathic presence...

(Samus! You're back!) Ritiya's voice echoed happily in her mind, causing the hunter to smile slightly in spite of herself. (Um, you seem kind of sad, though...)

(Can it wait until I land?) Samus requested politely.

(Of course,) came the reply, Ritiya promptly falling silent, allowing Samus to focus on landing her ship at the sentry outpost...

Upon exiting the ship, Samus walked through the outpost, past the sleeping officer, heading to the outside... Sure enough, Ritiya was waiting for her, her appearance having not changed a bit since last time... The green skinned woman had a small smile on her noseless face, her large blue eyes lighting up upon making visual contact. As usual, she was completely nude, her vine-like hair hanging down past her buttocks, the roots growing from her legs clearly visible.

"Hello, Ritiya," Samus greeted calmly.

"Hi, Samus!" Ritiya responded with a nod. "Hey, your suit looks a bit... diff-er-ent. It's more, um..."

"Mechanical," Samus supplied.

"Right! Meh-can-i-call," Ritiya repeated. "Ugh... I still can't say big words too well..."

"It's all right," the hunter assured her. "My Power Suit is slowly regenerating it's original look from before the BSL incident, that's all."

"Oh. I see. But why are you sad? Did your ZDR mission fail?"

"Not exactly..." Samus shook her head. "I don't want to talk about it. I came back here to take my mind off things..."

"Oh... I'm sorry," Ritiya sighed, gently embracing her lover. "So... the mud bath?"

"The mud bath," Samus affirmed.

*And so, a short while later...*

Standing with Ritiya on the now-familiar riverbank, Samus let her suit dematerialize, revealing her Zero Suit underneath. Heaving a sigh, she promptly peeled that off as well, hanging it over a tree branch. "Nothing intimate this time, okay? I mean it."

"Aww... okay," the plant woman sighed, still staying close as she and Samus trudged through the river water to the muddy bank on the other side... Once they reached the mud, the two women crawled over on hands and knees, the muck trying to suck them in... soon, they reached their desired spot, Ritiya turning herself over, while Samus simply stood upright, swiftly sinking past her knees in the moist mire.

Ritiya remained floating at butt depth, her hands braced behind her, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back, taking in the sun's rays while her root legs absorbed nutrients from the mud below... The familiar sight was comforting to Samus, who took in a deep breath as her groin sank under, her nipples quickly hardening... The blonde woman spread her arms a little to keep herself stable as she continued to ease down, the quick-mud rising up her waist, her stomach...

Samus closed her eyes and moaned as her elbows were swallowed, her bosom coming to rest on the surface, pushed up slightly by the moist mire... She quaked involuntarily, smiling as a wave of pleasure surged through her from head to toe... She resisted the urge to touch herself, however. She remained like that for a while, simply enjoying the feel of the river mud caressing her nude body, lapping at her nipples... Opening her eyes again, she saw Ritiya sigh in contentment as she began to work herself deeper as well... in no time, the plant woman sank to the same depth as Samus, turning herself to face her lover.

"Samus..." she began. "You're so sad... I just can't ignore it. Can't you tell me something? Anything? Just to, um, get it off your chest, as you say?"

The hunter felt her heart twist at Ritiya's earnest plea. "Well... you remember the Chozo who raised me? It turns out, not all of them abandoned their warmongering ways... And I only managed to win by a miracle..."

"Oh no..." Ritiya's muddy hand emerged to be placed over her chest. "I'm so sorry... That must have been awful..."

"You have no idea," Samus sighed, bowing her head. She then became aware of the mud lapping higher up her chest, halfway covering her breasts... she realized it was because of Ritiya swimming closer, then feeling a pair of arms wrapping around her waist... She looked up to see her lover's face, so close, their bosoms lightly pressing together...

"I think you need a hug," Ritiya explained. "Can I do that?"

"Sure..." Samus assented, returning the hug, pressing their nude bodies together. No words were spoken for a while after that, the two women staring into each other's eyes as they gently rocked together in their muddy encasement, occasionally quaking with pleasure... it went no further than that, though.

"Samus," Ritiya spoke up. "I... I want to make clear, something... no matter what happens, I will always... always be here for you. No matter what. Even if I'm your last friend in the universe... I'll be here."

"Ritiya..." Samus felt her blue eyes moistening. "Th, thank you..." With that, she leaned forward, her lips meeting with her lover's... Ritiya made a small 'mmph' of surprise, before closing her eyes and settling into the lip-lock, Samus soon doing the same...

And so they continued like this for a long while, hugging and kissing, enjoying the feel of each other and the quick-mud that lapped at their bare bosoms, hoding them tight, the two lovers occasionally breaking off to draw breath...

Even though they never got intimate, Samus still felt a lot better afterward.


A bit short, but sweet, right? ;)

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