A Muddy Farm Day (M)

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A Muddy Farm Day (M)

Postby Black Clay Lord » Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:14 pm

Here's one of my Year of the Ox projects.

In my family, anyone who has good endurance and stamina is welcome to be a farm hand, whether it's cleaning out the barn, feeding the chickens & ducks, or otherwise just getting messy with the pigs every now and then. However, today required something more than just feeding the animals. Heavy rains from last night have turned most of the farm field into one big muddy swamp. The animals were kept inside the barn due to the field being so swampy.

This is for their safety. The cows, horses, even the pigs, can and do get badly stuck in the mud. Today's farm hands were none other than mudlark twins Pheldon and Salieth, and these two were an absolute team. Pheldon was a physical fighter, but limited in terms of magic. Salieth on the other hand, was well inversed in magic; specifically Shamanism, but did not have the tanking fortitude Pheldon has. This way, their weaknesses are well covered.

As the two suit up for their farm duty, Pheldon opted for a typical cowgirl outfit, whereas Salieth took hers a step further. Pheldon noticed her sister's dressage. "What're you wearing?" Asked Pheldon, just as she was getting a top on. "It's my own cowgirl outfit, like yours." Salieth answered. "No, I mean... Why the cowprint patterns?" Pheldon asks. "What? Oh, these..." Salieth said, realizing what Pheldon was referring to. She blushed.

One could see Salieth's butt was fully exposed on her outfit's pants, and the cowprint holsters do not help in this either. The same isn't true with Pheldon however, yet both took pride in letting the cleavage of their H-Cup breasts hang out like nobody's business. "Are you all set then?" Pheldon asked Salieth. "I am. Let's go." Salieth confirms, and both girls head out onto the farm field. Salieth was the first to take note of how the field was barely solid.

Indeed, everywhere the two looked, with the exception of the rabbit pen, the goat pen, the sheep's field, the duck pond, the turkey pen, and the chicken coop to name a few spots, the open field was approximately 75% swamp. Anywhere solid was isolated as islands. "Sheesh, father really gave us a handful..." Salieth says. "Well, we signed up to do this." Pheldon states. "Now come on! Let's get to it!" She then exclaimed. And so fully began their duties today.

While exploring the field, Salieth immediately started prodding the ground for signs of weakness in the field. She seemed keen on taking advantage of how the farm field was a big swamp waiting to swallow anyone who tries to cross its surface. Yet while Pheldon was also eager for this to happen, her mind was set on getting their job on the fields done. However, as the two traverse the field, they find just how muddy the farm field truly was.

After crossing onto and then stepping off an island of solid earth, Salieth's right leg plunged into the earth to its knee. "Ack!" She cried out as she took her first step off the island she was on. "Quicksand..." She muttered to herself. As Pheldon watched her sister, she too was subjected to the quicksand, but was only in a knee deep spot and therefor; not sinking deeper. Salieth however, had trouble moving through the quicksand. It was extremely thick for her.

In fact, Salieth fell forward on her face after trying to move in the quicksand. She was able to rise up though, shaking her head free of the quicksand. "Oh man..." Salieth says. "I hope the quicksand didn't sink anything unwanted..." And yet, her hopes, along with Pheldon's hopes, were granted. Yes it had that farm smell to it, but... Other than that, the quicksand was free of anything undesired by the two. They were in luck with that today.

Pheldon had reached the vegetable garden and started harvesting any veggies ready for picking, fighting the quicksand to stay above the surface. "Man, I wish my assignments always took place in quicksand..." She said merrily, loving the fact she has to fight the quicksand to harvest the veggies. She looks to Salieth, who is struggling to get over to the vegetable garden. "Salieth, get your butt over here!" Exclaimed Pheldon. "I'm trying!" Salieth responded.

Salieth proceeded to conjure vines in the quicksand on the path she's on and use them to haul herself to the garden, but getting upright was a problem. Salieth was too bogged down to get up by herself. In fact, it looked as if her arms were the quicksand itself. That's how bad the shaman was bogged in the quicksand. Fortunately though, she made it to the vegetable garden where Pheldon rectified Salieth's dilemma in getting upright by hoisting her up herself.

Yet it doesn't change the fact both are knee deep in the quicksand. However, this would not last forever, and both sisters were hoping to sink deeper as they work. And if they went under during the duty... So be it. They weren't going to be denied their sink in quicksand. Yet a question remained. "How're we supposed to get these veggies off to the house?" Pheldon asked Salieth. "The field's a big swamp and we'll lose our supply."

"You just leave that to me." Answered Salieth. Pretty soon, the garden's harvest was finished and Salieth was given the satchels of veggies. From there, she proceeded to use wind magic and form mini tornadoes to carry the harvest off to their household. "Good move," Said Pheldon. "Yet you always make me wish I could do that when you do that..." "I wish I could do the heavy lifting you do!" Salieth exclaimed. But that was enough of that.

Now the two had to do some tilling. Not easy when you're dealing with earth that is 75% mud and is always threatening to swallow you whole. But these two had their methods for tilling in sucking quicksand. As Pheldon arms the right tilling tool, Salieth prepped her shamanistic magic as it was going to be vital. The two proceeded once all was ready. Salieth attempted to even the quicksand out as Pheldon moved across the ground.

However, while the plan was well thought out, Pheldon's part was poorly executed. Her use of tool; a pitch fork, was not perfectly designed for the task of tilling, but it would serve another purpose. The quicksand had given way beneath her once again and Salieth attempted to tame the quicksand that was swallowing her sister, to mostly no avail. The quicksand proved to be relentless, resisting Salieth's shamanistic magic.

"It's resisting my magic! What the crap?!" Salieth exclaimed. "...And what is that stench?" Pheldon asked. It soon became apparent that Salieth's attempts to modify the quicksand gave it a minor farm smell. Not surprising given the fact they're on a farm field. "Ulgh! Salieth! What did you do?!" Asked Pheldon; her tone somewhat annoyed. "I don't know honestly." Answered Salieth, only to be slimed out of nowhere.

Salieth shook her head moments later. "Well, give it a rest..." Pheldon said. "May as well take a break and figure this out later..." She adds. Salieth agreed as Pheldon tossed the pitch fork back into the barn. This was done so that it wouldn't be lost in the quicksand. As the twins sink, they didn't bother to try & change outfits. They just sank in what they had on their person. This did result in the sink being a little more erotic & arousing for them, but...

It was a price Pheldon & Salieth were happy to pay. Sinking deep, the quicksand was found to be immensely thick; hence why it was rather hard to till, and why it was quite resistant to Salieth's magic. Giving in to the desire for a mud bath, and leaving only their bikinis, Pheldon & Salieth ripped their outfits off shortly after. This occured once they've found they were in a spot that went past their knees. In fact, it's a good bet they'd go under here.

Pheldon & Salieth sank slowly. The quicksand was so thick, the two had to churn it in order to get any progress downward. The churning worked well in their favor. ...Perhaps too well. The twins' sinking speed was upped a little, and now it was seen as being moderate instead of just slow. In fact, their already halfway past their thighs, nearing their butt & hips. "Maybe we shouldn't have churned so hard..." Muttered Pheldon.

"There ain't no such thing as churning too hard in quicksand." Said Salieth. "Hmm, I guess so..." Pheldon said as the two sank deeper & deeper. It was not long before they hit butt deep, and the quicksand started pushing against their crotches. The two were immediately lost to the feel of the quicksand to the point they basically forgot what they were doing today; which was to do some farm work, and all they thought about was giving themselves to the quicksand.

"Ooh, yeah..." The twins moaned out. Both were so spellbound, they would just shake their hips & make the quicksand ripple & wave. As their butts disappear, the quicksand loosened more & more slowly. In an attempt to delay their ever increased sinking, Pheldon & Salieth pushed up on the quicksand to try & lift themselves up. This of course, failed, and now their arms were completely mired in the quicksand to the point they cannot pull them out now.

But on their part: This was deliberate. "It's so gripping..." Moaned Salieth. "So helpless... I love it..." Muttered Pheldon. The two sank past their butts & hips, and with their navels being submerged, they were halfway to their breasts now. And all in all the twins were just captivated by the sucking quicksand. By this point, they've basically completely forgotten about what they were doing today; all they can think about was going under.

They soon reached their breasts, and the arousal in the twins only sky-rocketed. Pheldon & Salieth were now totally lost to the feel of the quicksand. Moaning without a care, the quicksand sucked them down steadily more & more as it caressed their breasts. With their breasts at the quicksand's mercy, the twins were quite literally lost in a fantasy world of mud & quicksand. Lightly struggling, their arms couldn't break free, and they loved it.

"It loves our boobies..." Moaned Salieth. "Mmm, yes, take them..." Pheldon moaned out as her & her sister's breasts slowly disappeared into the quicksand, due to their breasts unable to keep them afloat for long. That was how soft the quicksand had gotten, but it was still really thick. Brains fried with pleasure from the sink, Pheldon & Salieth could only observe as their breasts were claimed by the quicksand, and they reached their shoulders soon enough.

But even staying at shoulder deep didn't last long. They disappeared, too, and sinking past their necks, the twins looked up as they were now chin deep. The quicksand was closing around their upturned faces, but they just smiled as it did. "We are yours..." Salieth said to the quicksand. "Take us..." Said Pheldon, as she was the first to disappear. Salieth soon followed, leaving naught but bubbling indents. However, their bliss of being under was short lived.

Not long after they've sank 3 feet or so beneath the surface did they come to their senses soon after. Digging under the quicksand, the twins broke out, rising above the surface, looking like muddy cow girls now. "Oh, gods..." Muttered Salieth. "That was so good..." Said Pheldon. "...But, we best get back to work now." She then adds. Agreeing, Salieth used her shamanism to push herself & Pheldon back onto the surface and back on solid earth.

Now fully focused, the two resumed their farm duty posthaste. And with their coordinated efforts, the tilling & seed planting in the spots needed was finished & it was not a moment too soon, too. Their work finished, it was soon time to come in and have dinner. Before going in however, Pheldon & Salieth washed off as being filthy means they don't get to eat until they do. That's just how it works in my household.

Going in to change, Pheldon & Salieth looked back at the family farmfield, reminescing on how their task on the field, ended up gaining a great sink on the field. "Shame the quicksand won't last forever..." Said Salieth. "It'll be back though." Said Pheldon. "For now, let's just go eat." She adds as the two head off to the dining hall. Yes the farmfield will get swampy again, but only after the next big rainstorm that plagues it. When will that be? Only time will tell.

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