Sinking with Lisa (Reader X Lisa)(non-fatal)(Genshin Impact)

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Sinking with Lisa (Reader X Lisa)(non-fatal)(Genshin Impact)

Postby Solrex » Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:21 am

Author’s Note: So, I approach from a long hiatus, and write once more. I’ll admit, 2nd person is tricky to write in. I feel rusty. I also plan to write an original story about a dwarf who recovers her mana through sinking, but I’m trying to come up with a good name.

Anyways, with this story, it takes place in Teyvat. In Genshin Impact. I checked Lisa’s age before writing this, and according to Google, it’s speculated to be 28-30 years old. Which puts it in the safe range, at least for me. Also, she’s human, so nothing complicated there.

I feel as though this doesn’t live up to some of my other stories, but I wanted to get a foothold before I write the upcoming story. If you have a good female earth/swamp dwarf mage name, lemme know and I’ll consider it.

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy, and let me know if you want a sequel.

In the world of Teyvat, in which you isekai’d to, and are a different character than the Traveler, ended up at the library of the knights of Favonius, and were just a bit too noisy. You got in trouble with Lisa, and that is where our story begins.

As you read a particularly erotic novel in the adult section of the library, you let yet another moan out by mistake. Lisa stands up, sighs, and walks over to you.

“Oh my, someone is being a naughty little cutie. This is your third strike, so I suppose I have to punish you now.” Lisa seductively whispers in your ear, giving you goosebumps and chills down your spine.

“Wh-what did you have in mind?” You stutter, a bit confused and also just slightly turned on by Lisa’s usual demeanor.

“Shhhh, you are making too much noise! Let’s go outside, where we can talk louder, my dear.” Lisa whispers in your ear, her purple hat brushing up against your head as she pulls back. You follow her into the hallway, then outside.

She leads you to a quiet back alley of Mondstat away from a lot of people. She then speaks, “Oh my, you certainly have a strong drive, maybe even a stronger one than me. Tell me, what is it that gets you going the most? As in, what possibly is your kink, sweetie?”

You blush hotly, then whisper in Lisa’s ear. She laughs and responds, “Oh my, that’s really your strongest turn on? Considering the amount of blushing on your face, I don’t suppose that’s a wrong answer. Fortunately, I do know a place that may have that. Give me a moment to assign someone my duties for the day and I’ll take us there immediately. It does sound interesting. Be a sweetie and go buy us a rope from the market with this mora, you will need it.” She finished her monolog with a charming giggle and headed back to the Knights of Favonius building to clear up her day.

You obey her commands and buy a rope from the marketplace. You find a strong and sturdy one, it appears to be able to not snap from what it will need to do. You wait for Lisa to return.

Upon her return, she sees the rope and teases, “My, that rope is certainly thick with some girth to it. Hopefully it will be enough.” You shiver from Lisa’s ever seductive tone.

You walk through the forest for some time, and Lisa takes a turn down a path, and suddenly everything changes. The green leaves become blue and purple, the grass is cyan, the sky is a bright magenta. Seeing your bewildered expression, Lisa smirks and explains, “Oh my, is this your first time going through a hidden waygate? No worries, sweetie, this is normal. Welcome to the Abyss. This is a rather refreshing part of it. We are almost there, just follow me.”

You cautiously follow the purple robed witch through the woods, and you come across a clearing. Before entering, Lisa forcefully stops you with her arm. “This is the spot, dearie, so I would tie that rope to a tree before entering that clearing. Unless your fantasy is to actually perish.” Lisa’s voice, along with the assumption that this clearing, although alien in appearance, is what you whispered in her ear, has gotten you rather hot and bothered, but in the best way. You find a tree, and tie a simple shibari knot, folding the rope in half, looping the bight around the tree, securing the knot, and looping the working ends around your waist in a loose knot after extending it long enough and undressing down to your undergarments.

“Oh my, where did you learn those naughty knots my dear?” Lisa asks.

“Back in my world, I took a few classes to learn them,” you explain. You quickly summarize, and don’t get into the intricacies of the internet or Fetlife, as it would take too long to explain.

Lisa finds a stump to sit on, and speaks, “Alright, cutie, it’s time you enjoy yourself. I’ll sit here, and watch, to start.”

You look ahead to the clearing, the ground just a cyan soil color. It appeared wet, but it was so alien to you, you had no idea what to expect. You stepped barefoot onto the blue soil, and your foot sinks slightly into it. Your next foot follows, and you make your squishy way to the center of the clearing.

After walking on the spongy ground, you then hammer your feet into the ground, sinking into it. Was this really quicksand? The ground was wet, yet doughy, like bread dough, and sticky and slimy as well. Hot red flushed through your face and chest as you sank up to your knees. You could feel yourself getting hard, and moaning a little.

“Really? I see. I suppose the aspect of bondage along with the enveloping sensation could very well be turn ons. Getting this dirty, it must also feel so naughty, does it not?” You nod.

As the blue sludge crawled up your thighs, you continued to get hot and bothered. With Lisa narrating, it didn’t help your case either. You were absolutely turned on, and pumping your legs deeper. As the blue liquid soil crawled up the inside of your thigh, applying heavy pressure to it as it crept up, you gasped and moaned, the creamy sludge getting ever so closer to your groin, covered by your undergarments.

You plunge your covered groin into the foreign soil, and as the folding terrain slipped above your garments, you pulled them out so it could fill inside, and be more intimate. Facing away from Lisa, you could only imagine her expression.

You lead yourself to orgasm, and as you moan, you feel a literal electric orgasm erupt from you. Like, not figurative, but literal electricity. You turn your head and see Lisa shooting electricity into the muck, and while it wasn’t harmful due to being slightly dampened, it was extremely pleasurable, and Lisa just smiled. You continue orgasming until you blackout from both the energy and pleasure.

When you come to, your stomach has completely submerged, and your hands are submerged to your wrists. Lisa has stopped shooting electricity into the ground, assumingly when you passed out. You groan, and lean on your submerged hands.

Lisa speaks up, “Oh my, you made quite the scene. You really do enjoy this, don’t you?” You nod. She continues, “Well, I’ve done my research on this topic, I suppose we can go home now. Maybe next time I could sink with you. But for now, we should head back; get you cleaned up. Now, is a rope enough to get you out?”

You show Lisa the excruciating process of extracting yourself from the blue abyssal bog, and exert heavy force dragging yourself out of the sludge, while moaning as you exert force. “Hmm, interesting to see that some of the pleasure is derived from escaping. I will definitely document this.”

As you push and pull, and escape with slow force, you manage to drag your legs caked in the blue muddy soil out of the bog entirely, and using the rope, you crawl back to dry land. You catch your breath, and rest a bit.

“Now, time to get cleaned up. You are completely filthy, after all, sweetie.” Lisa chuckles, and leads you to an alien looking pond, carrying your clothes and bag as you carry the rope. You quickly get cleaned up, put on a new set of undergarments, and get dressed. Lisa leads you out of the abyss area, through the hidden waygate, back to the forests of Mondstat.

“This was a rather amusing endeavor, and perhaps I will go on another such trip with you in the future. But, please, do be quiet while in the restricted section of the library, alright? I can let you check out the books as needed, just make sure you return them on time. Farewell for now, sweetie.” Lisa plays with your hair a bit before heading back to the library. You smile and go home.

Hidden Quest Complete.

Act II started

(Next time)

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Re: Sinking with Lisa (Reader X Lisa)(non-fatal)(Genshin Impact)

Postby stevensh12 » Wed Dec 22, 2021 3:16 pm

How did I miss this
As a genshin impact fan this is a rare treat and Lisa is a great pick
I hope there's an Act 2 this was great to read and a nice story to see after your long hiatus :D
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Re: Sinking with Lisa (Reader X Lisa)(non-fatal)(Genshin Impact)

Postby Solrex » Thu Dec 23, 2021 3:44 am

stevensh12 wrote:How did I miss this
As a genshin impact fan this is a rare treat and Lisa is a great pick
I hope there's an Act 2 this was great to read and a nice story to see after your long hiatus :D

Thank you very much, I hope to convince myself to write a part 2 sometime, the second person is difficult to write in since I can’t specify genitalia or gender based organs. But, yeah, I can’t wait to write a part 2, plus, it should be easy. When I convince myself to do it. Thank you for the kind words!

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