Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

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Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

Postby Shrek_the_musical_54 » Wed Dec 22, 2021 3:15 am

My first story I’m posting her in QSF. It’s my first story within a Pokémon setting, so I hope you like it! ;)

The Isle of Armor, a large island off the west coast of the Galar region. It was originally simply an empty, unnamed island inhabited by Pokémon that couldn’t be seen on the larger Isle of Galar. That is until the former Galar League Champion Mustard purchased the island after retiring from the league. He gave the island its name and established the Master Dojo, where he taught students the know-how on being successful Pokémon trainers! It was a unique place, much different than mainland Galar in terms of those who live there, people and Pokémon, as well as the environment, which was perfect for a trainer to improve themselves and strengthen their Pokémon allies!

This was especially so for the Gym Leaders, who occasionally traveled to the Isle of Armor to train their Pokémon. It was important for them to be battle-ready, as each year, there were always Gym Challengers to face and give badges to. Today, the Gym Leader that came to the Isle was Nessa, the Water-type Gym Leader at Hulbury, and one of the earlier Gym Leaders fought within the Gym Challenge. She was rather popular throughout Galar, as she juggled both a career as a Gym Leader and a famous model. Juggling both of these jobs wasn’t the easiest thing to do in the world. Luckily it didn’t seem to have any detrimental effects on her mental health. That being said, it was stressful at times, with so much to do and so little time to be by herself. Today was one of those days for her to clear her mind and relax! The day before, she had three different challengers defeat her in Gym Battles, and she was, unfortunately, a sore loser, even if she kept it to herself! Regardless, today she was going to put all of that behind her. During her ride on the Corviknight taxi, she called her friend, Sonia, to tell her that she was going to spend the day at the Isle of Armor.

Soon, after a long, boring ride, locked in the cage that was the carriage carried in the large, armor-clad avian Pokémon’s talons, the Isle of Armor was in sight! Soon, the Corviknight taxi lowered down to the Armor Station, within the Fields of Honor. The station and the area around it was essentially a starting point for trainers who got their hands on the Armor Pass, which allowed them to set foot on the Isle of Armor, just as Nessa did, when she stepped out of the carriage, walking away as she waved to the pilot, his Corviknight letting out a deafening caw. She was greeted by those who worked at the station; the professor who gave out a specific Pokédex that featured Pokémon native to the small island, like Buneary, Slowpoke, and Sandygast, as well as someone who kindly asked for money so that he could “escape” the island. Nessa tipped the man 500 Poké Dollars and left the station.

It was a bright and beautiful sunny day within the Fields of Honor, as well as the Isle of Armor overall! Contrary to popular belief, each individual area did not have its own unique weather. Such a silly rumor. Mustard himself confirmed that this rumor was false, but found it quite humorous, as he had heard something similar in regards to the Wild Area, which was located in central Galar, and the Crown Tundra, the northernmost part of Galar, where dangerous and mysterious Pokémon dwelled. Thankfully today, the sun had shone along the entire island, not a single cloud in the sky, which made Nessa excited, as she was able to enjoy herself and accomplish what she wanted to. She was wearing an orange bikini, alongside orange sweatpants, white socks, and blue sneakers. Somewhat fitting, as blue and orange were the color scheme of her Gym Leader attire. Speaking of her Gym Leader attire, she had it neatly folded within a blue backpack that she carried. It had her attire, as well as her special shoes, which had inner tubes attached to them, camping gear, so she can set up camp wherever she desired, as well as six Poké Balls that consisted of the elite Pokémon team that she used as a Gym Leader. She continued walking through the fields, waving to students of the Master Dojo, as she walked into the Soothing Wetlands.

The Soothing Wetlands were exactly what the name implies, a marsh that students of the Master Dojo used to relax and unwind between classes and training sessions. Upon entering the area, Nessa remembered a time when she came to the wetlands to relax with her Pokémon, another instance of her “unwinding”. She came to this island quite frequently, as it was much more suitable for her needs than the Wild Area. She relaxed in one of the large ponds the last time she came here, but it only backfired on her, as none of her Pokémon could sit still, much to her detriment. Today was going to be different, as she wasn’t going to be relaxing in the Wetlands, but rather, she was going to another part of the island; the Forest of Focus!

The Forest of Focus was a unique part of the island, as it was… as the name implied, a forest that people came to, so they can meditate, and spend time alone, so they can relax and calm their mind. This was the destination that Nessa had planned to go to for the day. It was her first time entering the forest, so she was getting her feet wet with this place. She had heard that the rivers in this forest were calm, serene, had crystal-clear waters, and lacked hostile Pokémon like Gyarados. It was the perfect place to put her plans into action. She quickly set up her tent and set her bag down in it. She refrained from letting out her Pokémon quite yet, as she was concerned that they would cause too much of a ruckus without her supervision, just like the incident in the wetlands.

Having made up her mind, she decided to go by the river but refrained from getting too close, as the riverbed was quite muddy and sticky. She looked on at the clear river, and then at the forest around her, seeing no one in sight. No students, no other Gym Leaders, and no stray Gym Challengers that were trying to complete the Isle of Armor Pokédex! It was just her, her Pokémon, and the wild Pokémon within the forest. She felt a mischievous smirk come across her face, as she had an idea. She went back near her tent and took off her muddy sneakers. She then took off her socks and placed them in her left shoe. She then took off her sweatpants and placed them in her tent. Before she took off her bikini, she stopped. She realized what would happen if someone made her butt-naked in the middle of the woods. Depending on who busted her, there would be serious consequences that she would have to face, putting both of her careers in jeopardy. She took a deep breath and sighed. ‘This is the only chance to do this in my life!’ Nessa thought to herself. Her body had never looked better, and there was no one else in the forest aside from her, and there wasn’t going to be anyone else in the forest, given that it was now sometime in the afternoon, making any encounters with unwitting travelers more unlikely. She braced herself, as she slowly took off her top, and placed it in her tent. She then took off her bikini bottom, and placed it with the rest of her clothes!

Soon, the beautiful, dark-skinned Gym Leader was completely naked. She didn’t know what to think, other than that she was doing something that very few people in Galar can say they’ve ever done; skinny dip in a river! She went back to the soft, muddy riverbed, and tried once again to trudge her way to the water's edge. Progress was slow, as she had to put quite a bit of oomph each time she lifted her feet out of the mud. Things were going okay, despite the hindrances, and she managed to make it to the river! She was soon taken by the slow, but ever-flowing current that moved her, which she enjoyed the feel of. As she continued to be pulled by the river, and its many twists and turns made the ride somewhat rough, she became somewhat agitated by how she was being forced to go down the river. ‘Tch! There really isn’t a point in fighting the current at this point!’ Nessa thought to herself. That was when she started swimming in the direction the current was taking her! This felt much better, plus she thought it was much more fun! ‘Hehe~ why didn’t I do this from the beginning?’ Nessa thought to herself, as she passed by a Milotic, an aquatic Pokémon that resembled a sea serpent, a pretty sea serpent at that! She soon swam past it, her multicolored hair flowing in the water as she continued to swim as if she were a beautiful, captivating nude mermaid. When she encountered a part of the river that didn’t have as many twists and turns as the first part of her aquatic journey, she decided to lay on her back, and float on the water’s surface. ‘Mmm… this is bliss…’ Nessa thought to herself, as the warm sun touched her wet, naked body. She turned her head to the left and the right, seeing that there were no other trainers that ventured into the forest. She smiled, as she knew that there was definitely no one that was going to disturb her, and she was able to unwind and have fun in the river! As she continued peacefully floating on the river’s surface, being pulled ever so gently by the slow, eternal current, looking up the cloudless sky, with the bright, white sun slowly making its way over the horizon, she soon saw three Basculin, which were one-meter-long, green Pokémon that looked like piranhas, soaring above her. As they gracefully leaped through the air, Nessa recognized that they had a red stripe along the top of their bodies which matched the color of their eyes. Nessa giggled to herself, as their splashes tickled her face. Curious as to what the next part of the river looked like, she turned her dark-skinned body around, so that she was facing forward.

As she began to swim breaststroke, being pulled by the river’s current, she noticed in front of her a large Crawdaunt, a Pokémon that was known for its irate disposition. She quickly moved her body, so that she could avoid the large crustaceous Pokémon. The river’s current made it difficult to move sideways, and the Crawdaunt wasn’t budging. Nessa’s panicked expression as she tried desperately to avoid being pinched confused the big, intimidating Crawdaunt. Nessa’s eyes widened as she knew she was running out of time before she and the Crawdaunt collided, but thankfully, luck was on the Gym Leader’s side, as the big, scary Crawdaunt simply walked out of the way. As Nessa passed by, and the Crawdaunt moved to the river’s shore, she sighed in relief, as she knew that the whole scenario could have been uglier. Little did she know was that there was something even more dangerous than a mere Crawdaunt encounter that awaited her. However, the dark-skinned beauty didn’t think about any of that. All she wanted was to relax a little in the river and spend the next morning training her own team of Pokémon before she had to make her way to mainland Galar to continue with her everyday life.

After about 15 more minutes of swimming in the river, relaxing, and seeing all kinds of aquatic Pokémon, Nessa was starting to get a little tired from all the constant swimming and bypassing any obstacles, whether they be rocks, Pokémon, a Rock-type Pokémon, or anything else that she encountered along the way. Although she didn’t expect it, even the river itself told her it was about time to get out, as she saw a Tangrowth trying to cross the river. She knew how dangerous it was to be caught in Tangrowth’s vines, as she heard stories of how another Gym Leader from Galar, Bea, had purposely gotten herself covered in a Tangrowth’s vines to build up her endurance, as well as use it as a mental exercise. Bea was okay, but she learned a valuable lesson; Tangrowth are dangerous Pokémon, even if they were just large bundles of vines, although being a living bundle of vines is what makes the Pokémon dangerous in the first place. Nessa quickly found a shore to her right that she could exit the river from, and slowly crawled toward it, exiting the river, and lying down on the soft sand, absorbing the sun’s warmth. She didn’t care that she was butt-naked, or that while there was a low chance that a human could see her, there could be a dangerous Pokémon that could catch her off guard, especially since she didn’t have her team with her (not that they would’ve been likely to fend off a Grass or Electric-type, as all her Pokémon were Water-types. That’s Gym Leaders for you!). After another 5 minutes of laying on the smooth sand, staring at the sky as twilight began to draw near, she decided to get up, brush the sand on her legs off, and try to find her tent, so she could make dinner for herself and her team.

Unfortunately, her lack of knowledge and whereabouts in the Forest of Focus soon bit her in her naked butt, as she quickly got lost. ‘I hope I’m going the right way…’ Nessa thought to herself. Despite her confidence and reassurance that she was on the right track, she was in fact, not going the right way. Regardless, she continued walking, as she knew the longer she stayed out in the forest, the more likely the chance that a person or Pokémon would catch her. The fact that the sun was setting didn’t make things better, as the Pokémon that are active at night aren’t as friendly as the Pokémon that are active at daytime, especially in the forest! Even still, Nessa still didn’t give up on her search for her tent. Unfortunately, she was getting more and more lost the longer she continued walking through the woods, her slim, soaking wet body dripping water as she continued walking. For some reason, as she continued walking, she couldn’t find any actual Pokémon around her. ‘Hmm… this is odd…’ Nessa thought to herself, ‘I should have seen at least one wild Pokémon around here, maybe they’ve all gone to sleep…’

As the dark-skinned beauty continued to walk through the expansive Forest of Focus, she was focusing on the treetops, looking for any semblance of life, specifically Pokémon, not paying attention to where she was stepping. What did get her attention was when she stepped into cold water, not from the river, but from the swamp that she had unwittingly walked into. ‘A swamp? Nobody told me there was a swamp in this forest!’ Nessa thought to herself, as she continued walking through the dirty waters. She was careful treading through the dirty swamp-water, as it was a stark contrast to the crystal-clear river water. She wasn’t sure why she was choosing to go through this swamp, despite the dangers she was traversing, one of which was soon going to take her life. Regardless, all she wanted was to find her way to the tent before nightfall. That was her only goal. The swamp seemed to be her best bet in getting to her tent unnoticed by people nor Pokémon. However, this secret shortcut would have worked, if she knew where she was going, which she wasn’t, which worked against her, as the swamp contained deadly hazards that no one on the island would find, except for her. Secrets that she would take to the grave.

Eventually, she managed to get out of the dirty, disgusting waters. She sighed in relief as she hated being in that filthy water. At this point, she wished that she was swimming in the river. This made her reminisce about her swim in the river. With her head in her own little world, she continued to walk through the swamp, her dark body still a little wet, despite walking around for as long as she did. Her hair, however, was still dripping wet! She either needed a blow dryer, or to put her hair in a bun, so that her back wasn’t dripping wet like it was currently. As her head was filled with rerunning memories of her skinny dip in the river, she still was not paying attention to her surroundings like she should have. This bit her in her bare, soaking butt, when she suddenly dropped to her thighs in a large pit of mud. This instantly snapped her back to reality, as she loudly gasped when she saw that she had fallen into a pit of mud. “Oh shit…” Nessa yelled, as she tried wiggling her butt to get herself free, only to find that not only could she not move, but she was slowly sinking as well! She didn’t know what to do at this point. She couldn’t move, she was sinking in what appeared to be mud, which she didn’t know how deep it was! Little did she know that it was actually bottomless quicksand, and that if she didn’t act fast, she was going to be pulled under and drown! As the poor, naked beauty sank to her plump butt, she looked around for anything that she could use to help her escape. Luckily, despite her panicking and uncertainty of what to do in such a situation, she saw something that could potentially be her saving grace; a vine!

Nessa didn’t know much about quicksand, or what to do when you’re stuck in it, but she did know one thing; you can use a rope or a vine to escape quicksand. She’d seen it in older jungle movies, so she hoped it would work for her now. Thankfully the vine looked sturdy enough to pull her out, even if she was weighed down by heavy mud, and it wasn’t attached to a Tangrowth, making it safe for her to use. The only problem for now was, the vine was on the other side of the bog, and she had little time to grab it and save herself before she got too deep. When she saw the vine on the other side, a wave of fear overtook her. She looked down at the bog between her and the vine, and saw that it was going to be quite a challenge to get from where she was to where she was close enough to reach the vine. She sighed to herself, as her plump booty sank beneath the mud, she was going to have to “swim” across the bog. As dangerous as it was, she was too far from the edge behind her to reach for it, so the vine in front of her was her only real option.

Nessa took a deep breath, and lunged forward, as far as she could. She tried wiggling her muddy ass out from under the bog, which worked. Her naked butt, which had now been covered in thick mud, was exposed for the world to see. She continued trying to move her body forward, even doing freestyle strokes, to try and pull herself across the thick, sticky slop. “Nnngh! If only I was able to move my legs!!” Nessa grunted, as she attempted to “swim” through the bog, “Then I’d be out of this stuff in no time!” Soon, she made it to the very center of the bog. It was the most dangerous part, as it was truly bottomless. If Nessa didn’t act fast, she wouldn’t be able to haul herself out, and she would be sucked down, deep into the bog’s dark depths. Her ability to hold her breath for 10 minutes wouldn’t be able to save her! Luckily, the vine was in reach, so all she had to do was grab it and pull herself out! Easy, right? Perhaps, but Nessa is naturally a strong girl, so hauling herself out shouldn’t be an issue. As Nessa’s butt sank below the surface once more, and the quicksand was at her ribcage, she quickly grabbed the vine, and pulled on it. To her surprise and horror, as soon as she pulled on the vine, it came towards her, while she herself had not moved an inch forward, only an inch downward, with the mud slowly creeping up toward her plump, dark boobs.

Nessa stared at the vine that she had just pulled. She didn’t know what to do or think. It all just came out of left field to her! “No… no, no, no, no!” muttered Nessa, slowly raising her voice the more she had been consumed by fear and despair, “No… no… no no no no NO NO NO NO NO!!!!” As the mud touched her nipples, her heartbeat had gotten much more rapid! Was this going to be how she died? In a pit of bottomless quicksand, foolishly thinking that she could escape its grasp? She didn’t want to admit it! After all, what would her Pokémon think if they found she was gone forever? What would Sonia think? She didn’t want to think about that! All she wanted to do was get the hell out of this bog! Running out of time, as the bog had nearly finished consuming her breasts, she tried grabbing at the bog’s edge, only to continuously grab mud in an attempt to get a hold of something firm that could help her escape. She only found nothing, nothing but mud. Her reach shortened as she sank deeper. Soon, she had sunken to her shoulders, and she still was unable to grab anything solid that could act as a makeshift lifeline!

“HELP!!!” Nessa shouted, hoping that someone, whether they be human or Pokémon, could hear her, “HELP ME, PLEASE!!!” She didn’t care who it was that came to her rescue, she was that desperate. While she preferred to be rescued by Sonia, the only other person in Galar who has seen her naked, she didn’t mind if her savior was a Tangrowth or a Crawdaunt! As the poor, naked woman sank to her neck, she slowly let her mud-coated hands sink beneath the bog, a sign that she had abandoned hope of saving herself. She looked around at the dark forest around her, the sun had set, letting glittering stars swarm the black sky above the sinking Gym Leader. Tears flowed from her eyes, as she looked up at the beautiful, starry sky, knowing it would be the last time she would be able to see it if she wasn’t rescued in time. She then looked around her to her left, which was blocked off by trees, to her right, which was also blocked off by trees, and in front of her, which she didn’t know what all was there, or what the vine she grabbed had been attacked to, or how it got cut off in the first place.

Nessa sighed in disbelief. “Wow… this is really how I die…” the dark-skinned beauty quietly said, as she felt the mud touching her chin, “Well, at least now that I’m not panicking like a maniac, I can appreciate how good… the mud feels…” Nessa was about to cry again, as she repeated the words she said aloud in her head numerous times over. She wanted to struggle, but that would only make things worse for her. She wanted to scream for help, but she knew, deep down, no one would answer her calls. The students at the Master Dojo never went out at night, any campers would be sleeping, and she doubted the Pokémon that roamed in the darkness of the night would be willing to help her, as she knew they weren’t nearly as friendly and docile as the Pokémon she saw during the day. All she could do was wait for the inevitable to come, for the mud to swallow her whole into its abyssal depths, where she would feel the warm mud against her smooth skin. No one would realize where she went, or how she met her untimely end.

“Help… me…” Nessa whimpered, as she felt the mud climbing up her chin. As she continued sinking, Nessa tilted her head back, so that she once again saw the stars dancing in the sky. As she saw a meteor fly across the star-infested darkness, she wondered how Sonia was doing, and wondered where she was, or why she didn’t come to her rescue. Nessa didn’t hold it against her, as it was her own fault that she swam too far away and got lost in a dangerous forest. As the mud creeped up her face, threatening to engulf it entirely, Nessa tilted her back even further, causing her eyes to be consumed by the mire. All that remained on the surface was her nose and mouth, which were the only things she needed, and the two things delaying her death by quicksand! She started panting, tilting her head back as far as she did put a strain in her neck, plus she was being squeezed by the quicksand, in a way similar to being coiled by a Sandaconda. Eventually, Nessa took a deep breath, and her mouth and nose were quickly sucked under by the mud, putting a timer on her. Her lifetime was reduced to how long she could hold her breath.

After having been sucked under the mud, she tilted her head forward. Tilting it back as far as she did was painful, but it no longer served any purpose if she couldn’t get oxygen into her body. Nessa remained calm, making sure to blow as minimal bubbles as possible. While she could hold her breath for at least 10 minutes, longer than anyone else in Galar, she didn’t want any of the air to go to waste. It may seem foolish for her to delay the inevitable, she still held onto the belief that she would be rescued somehow. Her last hopes were that a Whiscash or a Quagsire would be swimming in the mud bog, and somehow lift her up and out of the bog. As of now, she was at least a meter and a half below the bog’s surface, and 3 minutes had passed since she had submerged. If someone like Sonia had been in her situation, they would have most likely perished. Nessa however, had trained to be able to breathe underwater, but she didn’t expect her training to pay off right here, when she’s sinking in quicksand. 7 minutes had passed, and she was 3 meters below the surface! Nessa was running out of time, and she didn’t feel any Pokémon touching her! She was quickly losing hope of being rescued, and she was running out of time before her life was over. 9 minutes had passed, and she was 6 meters under. Nessa was running out of air. The whole time that Nessa had been submerged, she had been blowing bubbles, but now, with her time almost up, the bubbles slowed down, until finally, they stopped! Nessa had finally passed out after 11 minutes, and she was 8 meters under the bog’s surface. Quite impressive, even for an expert swimmer, but she had nothing to show for it in the end.

All Human Characters are 18+

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Re: Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

Postby UltraWarriorX367 » Wed Dec 22, 2021 5:01 am

This was a great read, I plan to do some Pokémon QS stories of my own sometime later on. Feel free to hit me up if you need any ideas ;) ;)

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Re: Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

Postby Shrek_the_musical_54 » Thu Dec 23, 2021 3:37 pm

UltraWarriorX367 wrote:This was a great read, I plan to do some Pokémon QS stories of my own sometime later on. Feel free to hit me up if you need any ideas ;) ;)

Thanks. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Re: Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

Postby Solrex » Sun Jan 09, 2022 2:50 am

This was really well written, I enjoyed reading it. The writing was very immersive, and I can’t wait for more.

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Re: Swimming in a Bog (F Solo, Nudity, Grim)

Postby Shrek_the_musical_54 » Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:10 pm

Solrex wrote:This was really well written, I enjoyed reading it. The writing was very immersive, and I can’t wait for more.

Thank you! I aim to please! ;)

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