Peach in the Petrified Forest Desert (M)

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Peach in the Petrified Forest Desert (M)

Postby Black Clay Lord » Thu Jun 16, 2022 2:05 am

After my last story, which had a bit more action than relaxation, I decided to focus more on relaxation with this one.

Anyway, I finally got to doing something with my Dragon Ball OC Peach. This is the end result of that.

I was originally going to put her in the Dragon Ball setting of the Diablo Desert, but then I figured I should do more with the locations I myself have made up. I also had plans to do an underground cavern as well, but I dropped the idea since I wanted to focus solely on the desert itself.
On the continent of Olympus, there once stood a beautiful forest; the biggest of all the other forests combined. It was called the Great Forest. A most beautiful woodland that rested southeast in between the La Brea Desert, and the Sand Ocean Desert. For years it sheltered a huge array of life among its many treetops. But one day, 3 decades ago, the Great Forest was set ablaze by a lightning storm. And this was without warning, too.

While no one was hurt; person, animal, or other wise, the entire forest was burned in its entirety, leaving only snags of stone before rains finally put the fire out. Ordinarily it's supposed to takes many, many years for wood to fossilize into stone, but the heat from the surrounding deserts, and the fire itself, plus the lack of oxygen recovering quickly, sped up the process quickly to only a few years for it to be stone.

As a result, over the years, the forest was soon a vast desert system itself. Overtime, many pits of quicksand formed as a result of groundwater being able to run rampant throughout the sands. Some pits are dry. Others have gone to have been changed into pits of clay. How, you might ask? Well, this is Olympus after all. And in this land; explainable or mysterious, many things can happen naturally. Natural forces always come into play in some way after all.

In fact, Peach had come here to figure out one of Olympus's great natural mysteries as to why much of the desert sand was morphed into clay so easily. She knew that clay exists in a desert when conditions are right, and one great example of it is the Clay Sea Desert; where no quicksand there is dry at all. It's a gooey & sticky. Today she was hoping to obtain samples of the clay in this desert for further study back at the house.

But, she was not prepared for the fact that she'll be feeling it on her body here first. For this trip, she dressed accordingly. Her outfit is like that of a jungle explorer's outfit, but with deserts in mind. Her shorts are basically true booty-shorts as they hugged her butt perfectly, and her top was one you could tie around your chest nicely. In fact, Peach had hers wrapped just enough to expose the cleavage of her pleasantly big E-Cup breasts.

And let's not forget the pith helmet the 1/2 mermaid was wearing. It was well made with the desert in mind; covering much of her slender, but curvaceous human form. Though it is a burden on her beautiful long hair. Her peach-pink hair often gets pulled on by her pith helmet, so she had to tie it into a ponytail to minimize the pulling, which seems to work. Not particularly perfect it's true, but, well enough to the point it won't be a real burden the whole trip.

Peach removes her pith helmet to wipe her forehead some. "It's a good thing this is not the La Brea Desert..." She quipped. "Otherwise, I'd be as fried as a mackerel..." Peach puts her pith helmet back on as she moves on through the desert. She watched her step as this desert was one of the few places to have sinkholes appear without any warning at all. In fact, as Peach moved away from one sinkhole, another formed just beneath her feet.

"Gack!" She yelped as she was suddenly ensnared. She found that the sinkhole was swirling like an actual whirlpool in the water, but here it was clay & sand mixed in one with the former taking over in the formation slowly. Peach watched as she was pulled deeper into the sinkhole swirling about around her as the clay melded with the sands within it, turning it into a soft relaxing trap rather than a rough grainy trap. This she was thankful for.

That, and a stone tree nearby provided her with shade. So that's a double fortune. Yet Peach could see that she was already at her butt in the sinkhole as it kept swirling about & consuming her body. And the sinkhole never did let up as it swallowed Peach's hips & butt; dragging her to her torso as she steadily went deeper & deeper. However, the sinkhole began to slow down as Peach relaxed more & more in its grip. This allowed her to find a way out.

She soon took note of a stoned pine tree that was thin, but also long enough to reach the sinkhole. As soon as she was at her breasts; with both arms above the surface, she took aim & shot off a crystalline ki blast at the tree, toppling it down towards her. Getting the downed stone tree well anchored onto a hook shaped slab once it was within reach, Peach started to haul herself out of the sinkhole before it can pick up again.

Though she found the sinkhole intriguing, she didn't want to stay in it & go underground today. Her intent was to get to the heart of the desert. Working herself up slowly, Peach used much of her might to break free of the sinkhole's grip, and was even to climb across the slope of the sinkhole before it had a chance to start picking up speed again. Yet before long, she was freed of the sinkhole, and the tree she used was put back up. "Phew..." She said.

So Peach resumed her way through the desert. Using more petrified trees as a shaded path, she eventually came to a large clearing up ahead. The clearing itself was a great place to resting spot for Peach to settle down some, but as she stepped within, she felt her feet vanish into the gooey clay infused sands. This clearing was clearly a large quicksand pit; a good place to find a link as to how sand becomes clay here, or to unwind with a sink once more.

Peach intends to do both here. Revealing a rope she just now remembered that she packed with her, she ties one end to a sizeable petrified tree. Her rope had to be 8meters long at best. That's long enough as Peach intended to wade & sink in the center; which is not far away, about 3meters away from where she stood. "Nice & steady now..." She says as she begins to travel into the quicksand; the other end of her rope in hand.

Slowly, Peach walks across the gooey quicksand that seemed to ripple & wave with her movement. Her body was already coated from the sinkhole earlier from the chest down, but here she wound up adding a few extra layers of the gooey sands on her feet & ankles thanks to her slow travel across the quicksand's surface. Since she wasn't in any deep spots at the moment, Peach took the time to stop & evaluate the quicksand stuck on her body.

Just from looking at only a smidge of it, and how the quicksand itself, she was able to accurately deduce that an oasis was nearby. Only the oasis here was that of an eternal wellspring. An eternal wellspring never runs out of water, and that water is always managing to seep into the sands across the desert in a good number of areas as groundwater. Of course, it never got the entirety of the desert to be a vast swamp. The petrified trees made sure of that.

From looking at the roots from some fallen petrified trees show that the trees still had some intricate networking systems in their roots. They must divert the water evenly so it prevents the desert from becoming a swamp that's impossible to traverse. Some would think that this would undo the petrification of the trees. Yet, the heat of the other deserts, plus the fact that the petrification had already settled, means that revival is 100% unlikely.

After all, the damage has already been done, and the Petrified Forest Desert has been named a landmark by High Queen Serenity. So that doesn't help the situation now, does it? At any rate, Peach kept her observation going as she moved to the center of the quicksand; taking note of how the moisture in the quicksand was able to condense it into a soft, squishy clay for that relaxing feel to it. The moisture level had to be just right for that, and Peach knew it was.

When she finally reached the center; which was again 3meters from her center, she suddenly plunged into the quicksand to her shapely thighs, almost losing her helmet in the process, too. Peach gasped out during the plunge, but was quick to calm herself as she began her slow descent into the quicksand; slower than the sinkhole from earlier even. "At least I have some shade still..." Peach murmured as she looked up at the canopy-free trees.

Though without canopies, there were plenty of petrified trees in the way of the sun to provide a good screen of shade for Peach as she sank slowly into the quicksand. The quicksand sucked on her thighs slowly until it touched the rims of her booty-shorts, so putting her at butt deep in its maw. The waves of the rippling quicksand lapped against her butt & hips as she rested on its surface. "So nice & cool..." Peach muttered during this exact moment.

Usually quicksand in the desert is supposed to be warm, but here, thanks to the wellspring, the quicksand is comfy & cool to sink in. It had the right temperature to it, and Peach felt happy enough to let the quicksand take her body slowly. Her butt was slowly consumed by the quicksand itself, and her booty-shorts went with it. The quicksand soon hugged her exposed midriff; which was caked from her earlier sinkhole encounter still.

Even so, this did not stop Peach from feeling the quicksand creeping on her skin despite it being nice & caked. Yet Peach just didn't complain. She simply let herself be swallowed more & more at the pace that she was going. "Just so I don't get this left behind on accident..." Says Peach as she reaches for her pith helmet. She removed it from her head, and aiming for where her anchor point is, she threw it over towards where she tied her rope for said anchoring.

Her helmet landed right next to the intended spot with ease, and now Peach was able to relax in the quicksand as she sank some more. Inch-by-inch she went deeper still. However, as she was closing in on her breasts in the quicksand, Peach realized that she was floating. It was getting harder to sink. "Stupid buoyancy..." She says. "I have to get... Deeper..." She then adds. Peach began to pump her legs beneath the gooey quicksand, causing a reaction.

The quicksand aggressively gulped Peach's body down some more, putting her at breast deep officially. Her hair now rests on the quicksand as well. The rippling waves of the quicksand also showed no signs of stopping either as they now lap at Peach's breasts, and she took the time to glance & observe how easily the quicksand lifted her breasts despite them being so big. Yet Peach's ample breasts aren't as heavy as some of her other sisters' are.

The quicksand soon started to pull Peach's breasts down along with the rest of her deeper still. Peach held her head back, eyes closed as she moaned out in absolute pure bliss. And the arousal only got higher as her breasts slowly vanished beneath the quicksand. "Oh, oh yes..." She groaned out, the waves of pleasure overtaking her mind at this point. And the pleasure reached its peak once she was shoulder deep, and her breasts fully submerged.

Though given how her breasts weren't coated earlier, this was to be an expected reaction. "Oh, the quicksand loves me..." Murmured Peach as it kept lapping at her body as she sank still. The quicksand wasted no time rolling over her shoulders & sucking her neck down to her chin within seconds. She also felt it squeezing against her in between her legs, as if trying to exert a more lustful reaction from the human/mermaid hybrid. She never did deliver on that.

Yet this did not stop the sensation Peach was feeling as the quicksand began to roll up to her lovely face, and as it snacked on her hair as it too was going down. Peach tilted her head back just after her bottom lip made contact with the quicksand. Peach simply smiled as she momentarily let her head tilt forward once more. With her mouth under the quicksand, and her nose resting on the surface, she took the time to blow bubbles in the quicksand.

Yet her bubble spree didn't last all that long as Peach tilt her head back once more, allowing it to roll over the remainder of her face as she is soon under the quicksand. Peach sank in the quicksand for 4, perhaps 5meters at best before she decides she's had her fun & swam back up to the surface. Upon emerging, she got a hold of her rope, and the next gooey battle soon began. The quicksand was still quite thick & sticky, so Peach had to work to get out.

It was not an easy task. Peach worked her hips & legs in the quicksand, attempting to loosen it in order to ease her task of swimming out of the quicksand. Literally. Yet with each pull on her rope, and her wiggling of her hips, and the kicking of her legs, Peach steadily made it across the quicksand's surface, and eventually made it back onto the solid ground she was on earlier. "That was fun..." She said. "...But quite the hassle..." She then quipped.

With that, Peach regained her strength before hopping onto her feet, collecting her helmet & rope, and then made for the oasis she saw earlier. There, she added her samplings of the quicksand on her body to take home with her, and washing the rest of it off; going as far as to assume her mermaid form in the water to get the rest of it off, too. As she finishes her bath, and drinks from the crystal clear & eternally clean waters, she looked up at the forest itself.

Looking upon the Petrified Forest within this great desert, she felt that it is still amazing that it didn't take thousands of years for this once great forest to have been petrified & be reduced to a bountiful desert. This desert does hold its share of mysteries, and Peach, along with many of her other siblings, will want to try to discover all of its secrets some day, so it is a really good bet that Peach will be back to this desert to uncover more secrets.

And as for her quicksand experience, will she once again get in when that time permits? For that, only time itself will tell.

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