Me Tarzan: Ethan’s Turn

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Me Tarzan: Ethan’s Turn

Postby Sparky81 » Sat Jul 09, 2022 2:36 pm

This is an ongoing series about Quicksand. The story picks up from the last chapter. Comments are always welcome.

I was in a rage. Iris had pushed me into the quicksand and watched me sink under. She wasn’t worried about getting me out in time or if she could. Just watched me struggle until I went under.My anger grew by the second.

“Are you alright, sugar?”

Iris asked as I sprang up from the muddy edge of the quicksand and grabbed her. Something took a hold of me as if it controlled every thought and action. In seconds she was on her stomach and I was on top of her as we struggled on the edge of quicksand.

With a fistfull of her short black hair I shoved her head into the mud.She bucked and squirmed. Her hand clutched mine, clawing and scratching at it to release my grip. Mud bubbles popped up around her head. Her other hand was reaching, waving,slapping at anything so desperately. I yanked her bathing suit to one side. Pulled out my cock and shoved it in.

Her head came up when I lost my leverage for a few seconds.“No Ethan!” She choked it out but it meant nothing to me. When I had control again I shoved her under. By this time I was deep inside her pounding away. The mud bubbles were coming up fast and popping loudly. Her body twisted and turned as her legs churned in the mud trying to heave me off.I rode her like a cowboy trying to break in a new colt.

Slowly, Iris wasn’t moving so much. Her hands and feet became still like a toy that just ran its batteries down. The mud bubbles that were puckering away became an occasional bubble or two.My excitement and anger peaked as I finished inside her.

Quickly I pulled out and rolled her over. She was breathing but barely. As Iris recovered I gathered myself. When she was ready to stand I helped her up. Without saying a word we went back to the car. A beach towel she threw in the backseat wiped the mud and water what we could, off of us.

It was eerily quiet as I drove us back to her hotel. All our clothes went into the washer while we took showers. Iris in the master bedroom and I used the second bedroom’s shower. The two of us sat on the couch in hotel robes waiting for the clothes to dry.

“I’m sorry I pushed you in.” Iris said“

“I’m sorry too.” I replied.

“Do you think you might like sinking?” She asked

I shrugged. I’ve always been the one watching and being in control. Being the one needing help, I have to think about it. Right now so much is still going on.”

“You’re talking about Gwen and the business with her sister. Judy, Herb, and Kayla mixed up in her death. When was the last time you contacted her?” Iris asked”

“It’s been months.” I replied“

“Then contact her. Set up dinner for us at her house tomorrow night. Tell her it’s urgent.”

“Us?” I looked at her quizzically. “Why so urgent?” I asked

“We’re going to figure this all out and end the pressure on you. I want to help. The way to start is to talk with Gwen and see if we can figure out what to do. Ignoring her only makes it worse.”

Next Chapter: Guess who’s coming to dinner.”

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