The Fate

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The Fate

Postby GlasirMaria » Fri Jul 22, 2022 2:59 pm

This story has been prepared to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Jessica and mix petrification with quicksand:

Disclaimer:This story is set in a fictional universe and the characters that appear are part of a fantasy story in an alternate universe and what happens here is not part of my beliefs, if you don't like it, you can leave without insulting, thanks

Jessica and Amissa are two creatures very close to each other, on the one hand Jessica is an evil demonic cat girl who likes to torment people and on the other hand there is Amissa, who is her servant, slave and current partner. Alhough Jessica loves to torment Amissa in many sensual ways, deep inside that demonic heart there is a strong bond established between these two girls...

Jessica has reddish-colored fur with two tails and a ghostly pink glow at the tip of both tails, showing part of her high magical power. Accompanied by a pair of very bright eyes to match the catgirl's fur. However these eyes have a tone more in line with that of blood, causing an aura of terror for the unfortunates who look into their infernal eyes.She also has a pair of horns which have been decorated with different beautiful watermarks and that unfortunately some enemies use as a handle against her. She usually wears nothing more than a ribcage and a few more bones from a human victim as the only cover that hides her female parts, Amissa on the other hand is a fox girl with strangely unusual fur: Parts of her fur are a light blue color, the humanoid part of her head has wine-colored hair. Her three tails have a black tone except for the middle tail that is a very intense blue. She has a pair of small horns on her forehead and wears slave silks of an Egyptian style but with a very intense bluish color tied by gold chains that leave much to the imagination of those who look at her. Those foolish enough to think that She is a defenseless girl, will discover that she is more powerful than she seems....

Jessica and Amissa usually live together with the rest of the slaves that Jessica owns in some secret place in the underworld where the demons live. However, due to the hostile and inhospitable nature of the underworld, both usually go out to look for resources outside of hell. There, it must be said that despite how mischievous Jessica can be, she enjoys the landscapes and views of the normal world, since long ago she was a normal catgirl, but... that's another story to tell...

One of those mornings when Amissa goes out looking for Jessica, she doesn't come back at the time she was supposed to show up so Jessica opens a portal to the area where Amissa had said she would go. Just as she crosses over she runs into Amissa and asks "What took you so long slave, kneel down and kiss my right foot as an apology", to which Amissa quickly kneels down to lovingly kiss her right foot, then replies " I have heard from some fishermen that not far from here there are some ancient ruins in which high quality fruits grow, I have used concealment magic to disguise myself and listen to discover more and I have been able to find the ruins, however, I have heard stories of a being that also frightens fishermen, how do we proceed, love?

Jessica sighs and says "Whatever it is, I'll take care of it" so after these words Jessica removes her foot from Amissa's mouth and gestures for her to get up, then Amissa gets up and her guides towards the area that had seen away from the fishing village. The area is a kind of island with olive trees and beaches, accompanied by ruins that do not match what is expected. It is as if remains from different periods other than ancient Greece had been mixed with Roman parts.

As they both walk, Jessica sees an inscription in a language that she does not know with cuneiform features on a mural that represents a battle against "something" but impossible to decipher since a large part of the mural has collapsed... Despite the strange mural, they both go deeper and deeper into the strange ruins until they reach what seems to be a patio full of statues that surround a rectangular fountain deteriorated by the passage of time. These statues seem to be soldiers from different periods in very different Strange poses, some of them are even naked. At the far end there are some more but the strange thing is that they have an inscription on the base of the pedestal. The difference is that they are all women, who seem to be in very provocative poses, as if they had enjoyed something....this causes Amissa to approach Jessica and hug her, pressing her chest against the back of the other and kissing her neck, then saying while hugging her: "It seems that the girls enjoyed it, right?", to which Jessica responds: "It seems that they suffered a very sensual fate, can you feel the magic in the environment Amissa? It seems that something bad happened here".Fortunately nothing happens, they only hear the sound of birds singing, the gentle breeze that covers the area and at the other end of the fountains an area of beautiful apple fruit trees and further away huge grape vines that it is clear that they have grown in a wild and natural way for a long time. Jessica flies over with a basket to collect the grapes while Amissa goes to the grape area, on the right hand side there are the remains of what could have been the silo and on the left, a huge house with a temple. Jessica's basket fills up very quickly and she opens a small portal to access her private place. Amissa picks grapes little by little when suddenly she hears a strange sound, similar to the hissing of a snake in the distance that is accompanied with a feeling of weariness and heaviness Other strange sound is heard under her and she feels that it is difficult for her to move. She looks down near the base of the vines and discovers that her feet are covered by a thick mud of strange color which shakes and swirls freely in response to her movements. Frowning, she looks annoyed as she feels the warm gritty mass slowly slide over her ankles. With a grunt, she tries to free her right foot, but the unkempt ground holds firm, sucking like a leech. She then tries to use magic but to her horror she is unable to use magic and tries to call out to Jessica, but she is still out of reach.

Meanwhile Jessica appears again near the trees and hears a hiss near her too, suddenly a sinister voice says " and your other companion should never have set foot on my island and now you will suffer..." Then Jessica turns ready to attack with a ball of fire to whatever it is that threatens her but she realizes that there is nothing around her, she shook her head and thought "maybe I'm imagining it" when suddenly she felt something twist around her ankles and calf and pull on her, then she realized the horrible truth: before her, an enraged half-snake, half-human creature hissed at her and replied "you are not welcome here and by your transgression you will learn not to enter other people's homes " Then with both hands she surprised Jessica holding her arms with great force and stole a passionate kiss from her as she pressed against her chest, looking into her eyes. Jessica was full of rage and tried to use her magic, but for some reason she was unable to use it and she could only squirm in the creature's embrace.…

"Ahhhh...shit! Mistress, I can't get out," she curses. She tries to free herself pumping her legs that were trapped in the quicksand, looking for something that could help her out. The plants are not strong enough to get her out. She is now trapped up to her thighs. Panting, sweat dripping from her exposed skin, she pauses to assess her situation. She then notices that her feet, now hermetically sealed under the swirling earth, continue to slide down. Aided now by the fact that your toes are pointing in that direction. Looking at the mud that holds her, she shudders when it swallows the rest of her legs and begins to press against her crotch while cursing. Trying to escape once more attempting to use part of the vine, but it breaks and she only manages to force the curves of her butt down. Jessica feels that her body weakens while the half-snake creature continues to kiss her until suddenly it releases her "your destiny is already sealed, now you will only have to enjoy it until the end" Jessica is freed and tries to move, but she can't. her chest rose and fell, too tight, she couldn't breathe! There was something wrong, even if she couldn't figure out what it was, it would last forever, she would never experience the changes of life again. Blood flowing through her veins, heart beating, she felt like she was frozen. While gray spots appeared all over her, she was about to turn to stone, but in a strange way, with each part the stone took, this caused an erogenous effect on Jessica, causing her to tremble with pleasure and gasp, slowly covering every inch of her body before her. The creature stared at her, delight in its eye from Jessica’s misfortune, as Jessica exploded in ecstasy when she finally transformed into a beautiful stone statue, wet by the feminine zone, as the only proof that she was once a living being. The creature went to the area of the grapes where she had noticed by the vibrations that something was happening...Amissa gasps as the thick quicksand presses down hard on her, it flows into both of her holes as it swallows the rest of her pelvis, she can feel her silky top pressing against her(,) forcing her nipples to stick out in stiff spots as she is sealed by the hungry mud that continues slowly rising up her waist. Then the creature reaches Amissa's height and with a smile asks seeing her nipples in that state "enjoying my grapes?" to which Amissa replies "fuck you, where's Jessica?". The creature hisses as she laughs and replies "she blew up...and now she's part of my collection". Amissa moans slightly as the quicksand surrounds her ribcage as those quivering sands continue to suck her body in. The creature hears Amissa's comes out in short moans and gasps, as if making love to the mud and smiles "Maybe I can give you a chance, you seem to be a girl capable of pleasing others, You may serve me in exchange for getting you out of there", Amissa replies between moans "fuck you, I only serve Jessica" to which the creature he replies "then I will make you suffer the same fate". To Amissa's surprise the creature rescues her from the trap by her tail with ridiculous ease as she steals a kiss from her and she gazes into her eyes, suffering the same fate as Jessica…The next morning two new pedestals were added with the statues of Jessica and Amissa, what will happen to them from today, nobody knows....
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