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This is my first piece, ever. How did I do? I hope you like it.
There is a graphic sexual scene here, so if you like the erotic sexual encounters with sinking then you'll like it. It's more pleasure based than damsel in distress. Its also in first person. Without further interruptions, enjoy:

Ever since I was in my teens, I have held a deep love in nature and its many wonders. Being in the wilderness and having the suns rays beat down on my bare skin through the various and many gaps in the overhead foliage. Watching the bugs buzz around, zipping here or there. The various animals in their respective habitats. The one biome that I admire most is the forest. I knew that a degree in ecology was in my future as this love persisted from when I was a teenager to the very hectic life I live as a 24-year-old Ecologist working for my local environmental protection agency. My degree was put to work studying about and protecting the local foliage, animals, and environment from disrespectful hooligans and corporate slags fixated on making every penny they can, not caring about who or where suffers.

I told you that I knew since I was a teen that I loved being in nature, but there is one thing by far I love more than anything. Dwelling deep within the forest next to my childhood home there lies a creek which opened up into a local marsh. It fed into that body of water and I knew that area like the back of my hand. After school I would take to the yard and play with my sister and go exploring inside the woods. I was always the adventurous and outgoing one of all my siblings. My sister always envied me as I was endowed with a slim figure and ample chest by the time, I was 15. All the boys were trying to weasel their way into my life using any means necessary but I knew better. I’m very good at reading people’s characters and none of them meant to get closer to me for my feminine charm or personality.

Like I was saying, I would go to the creek and walk along it every day back then. It flowed beside my house in a parallel fashion, so I usually followed the creek upstream to the West. It seemed to go on for miles and I never could get anywhere going in that direction. As calming and relaxing as it was listening to the creek as it flowed down the path and watch the sun walk across its surface, my sense of adventure was calling for me to find a sense of new wonderment. Eventually after weeks of walking one way I found myself going East starting from the point next to my house. Within a couple days of familiarizing myself with the local paths and mapping the meandering creek paths I found myself an expert of finding my way around without referencing any maps.

One day I followed the creek to a path in which hadn’t been mapped. I was second nature to find an interest in mapping it and to see if there was anything interesting therein. The path slowly came to a clearing. The creek acted as if it were dying the father I went. When I got to the mouth of the clearing it was roughly 3 feet wide and slowly tapering off as it got to the center of the clearing. The clearing was pretty big as it looked like the other side of the clearing from me was about 90 feet away. The water completely died off at the center of the clearing and the rest of the clearing was just looked like it was shimmering and moist. Its color was brown like the dirt but there was no water to be seen near it. I wanted to inspect the center of the clearing so I advanced without a care. I wanted to get far as I can and map out the area. It was getting late so I figured I would wrap things up on that day.

I noticed as I got father and father into the clearing the soil I was walking on was getting more and more moist. About 20 feet into the clearing the boots I was wearing sank about a couple inches. It sank past the rubber sole and started to swallow more. I struggled another 12 feet, getting about a third into the clearing and my boots sank to about my ankle. I knew that I wasn’t happy because at that time and moment in time, my very expensive Timberland boots were about to be completely drenched and covered in mud. It threatened to spill over the tops of my boots and inside the cavities that protected my feet. I decided it was best to retreat and call the area impassible.

That experience amused me because when I was younger I always played in the rain. My parents were never happy with me because I would always come back inside drenched with rain and would have left copious amounts of muddy shoe prints all over the house. Saying this, mud was no stranger to me but at that time I ventured into the clearing, but I had used all of my savings to buy the boots I had on that day. I would soon realize that that place was a treasure and I was too ignorant at the time to realize it.

Fast forwarding to the future me, while I was in college still, I had plenty of time to discover who I was in the world and to pursue my interests in the environment and its various biomes that consisted it. But when spring breaks came around, I would find myself going to new places with my friends. One of the breaks my friend Sabrina conned all of us to go to a spa in the deserts of Nevada. It was just a run of the mill spa weekend but one thing really stood out to me. There was a cordoned off area within the flat expanse of the desert. Sabrina and I inquired about the location as it looked like a massive mud pit. The staff kindly explained that it was a mud bath. Both her and I were practically naked, wearing nothing but a bikini and spa flipflops. We took interest in this because there was nothing like this back home in the northern part of NY.

We decided to give it a try and I was the lucky one to try it first. It was huge about 200 square feet of mud in a rectangular plot of land. To be frank it looked like a swimming pool that was naturally crafted by mother earth. It barely looked man made but it surely was. As I grabbed the metal ladder attached to the lip of the structure, I descended myself down into the pit. I got about 3 rungs down before my big toe had reached the surface. Surprisingly, it was warm to the touch. And it felt nice and smooth on my skin as I plunged it deeper into the mud. Not wanting to wait, I went down two more rungs and found myself up to my knees in what felt and looked like clay. It encompassed my legs and hugged them without fail. It felt nice. Apparently, I was relishing the feeling too much because Sabrina was telling me to hurry up so she could get in as well. As I found myself going down one rung at a time it felt as if someone was licking and hugging my body. I can tell you as soon as my bottom bikini touched the surface of the mud, I found myself moaning involuntarily because it felt like someone had stuck their tongue right where it shouldn’t be. But maybe I do want it there. It was super embarrassing but I absolutely loved it. I was being weird.

As time passed Sabrina seemed to have had a normal relaxing experience with the mud. I spend that hour holding back faces and emotions that were to be perfectly honest, one to express complete bliss. That experience was one I could never get over. It was constantly on my mind. Knowing how boys and men acted around me, I found myself being hyper-critical with my standards. Not one man could get past my defenses. It was as if I seen the entire gene pool a complete waste as there were all horny and immature people looking for a quick fix. I ended up focusing on my school for the most part. But part of me always wanted to go back to that spa. Over and over again, day and night and just release my inner most carnal desires, not caring who sees me. But, I knew it was for naught because there would never be a 100 percent chance it would be A) open and B) empty.

Focusing on my present, I’m now a fully vetted employee of my local environmental protection agency focusing on wooded areas near the factories alongside the river. My degree congratulating Regina Peterson in graduating with honors. My first study was to my surprise the area near my house. That creek apparently fed into the river to the east of my house. But my teenage self didn’t derive that fact because I had not ventured far enough or mapped deep enough to come to that understanding. But I am 24 now with the tools and experience to tackle it. My first task of this job was to take soil samples near the river where the creek met the river. Thinking back to my last experience here, it sparked an idea. I knew that when I was 15 I had found a muddy area. It seemed to get deeper the more I walked out into the clearing. Knowing this I could plan to… have some fun. My heart grew heavy with anticipation and it felt as if I understood what love was all about. I had zero time to date as most men were either immature or not entirely on my wavelength. So sexual encounters were never formed because of lack of attachment. Some could say I was demisexual, only having sex with those I have strong attachments too.

Not knowing how deep the clearing would get I decided to prepare. I had an old backpack laying around my old room at my parents’ house. Interestingly enough the map I made of the creek was still on my cork board. An effort so time consuming, I could not part with it. I then decided to step in briefly to get my backpack and to catch up with my parents. After I was done with the formalities, I decided to slip in my supplies I had purchased earlier consisting of fresh clothes, a rope, and copious amounts of water so I may wash up after getting muddy. I decided to get going, my excitement was spreading everywhere… even my most intimate areas.

I decided not to wear to much for this trek. Nothing more than a pair of boots, tan shorts, and a tank top. I was fairly hot out as it was the peak of summer. It was a dry 100 degrees out. As soon as I reached the opening of the creek besides the house the natural shade did wonders as it immediately felt like it dropped 20 degrees. The overhead foliage was a blessing. It blocked even the heavens from observing from above which was slightly comforting. I knew the path to get to the clearing. Within 5 minutes of walking my memory was jogged and I remember like it was yesterday. The map was just an added bonus at this point and it had served its purpose.

Eventually I came to the mouth of the clearing. There trees that overhanged over the clearing but at its center it was clear. The ground was getting moist and the smell in the air was getting musty like a garden gets after it has rained. I was standing next to the end of the creek and as I remembered the center of the pit was about 45 feet from the mouth and another 45 feet to the other side of the clearing. The only thing that I could distinguish as being different was that the creek that fed into the clearing was but a trickle at the mouth of the clearing. It had dwindled down to about nothing. I thought to myself, “Where did all the water go?”

I decided that it was time. That thought was inconsequential to me. I walked to the nearest tree that was next to the mouth of the clearing and I prepared my rope. I tied it around the tree. My excitement was effecting my judgement because all I really wanted to do was take my boots and clothes off and have some fun. The tree was about a foot in diameter fairly small but the rest of the trees were roughly the same size in diameter. I gave it a quick tug and confirmed the trees sturdiness. Having peace of mind that I could escape the mud I could get as deep as I wanted. Having flashbacks of the mud pit at the spa and how it caressed me just made me fall into a lusting state of mind. I quickly tore off my boots and clothes and exposed my body to the world. At this point I didn’t care if even the heavens were watching. I was going to finally have my frenzied release that I so desperately craved.

I walked to the edge of the clearing and my feet immediately sank down. When my foot met the earth, I could see the water from the mud peak through the spaces of my toes. I stood there for about 30 seconds just wiggling my toes and I noticed that the mud was starting to swallow the top of my toes. This excited me to no end. I began by stepping another 20 feet towards the center of the clearing and my feet immediately sank under the mud each time about 2 inches past my ankles. The rope, which was tied to my wrist, was following me like a snake that has sunk their teeth into my wrist trying to gain sustenance from my blood. I’ve always have had a creative mind so it wonders to the imagination quite frequently. I remember getting my boots stuck here about this far in when I was 15 so it seems that it hasn’t changed that much from when I was young. Keeping the pace, I gained another 10 feet into the clearing. By this time it was getting deep enough to almost reach my kneecaps. My pussy was getting hot and I could feel my upper thighs became moist from my juices. My chest sank into excitement. I wanted to get deeper into the mire and I was only 15 feet from the center. I didn’t wait any more than I had to. I extracted my right leg out of the mire and outstretched it over the mire about 3 feet ahead and it immediately sank to about 5 inches from my exposed sex. My mouth was getting dry as my mouth was open and actively panting from the anticipated sexual encounter. I didn’t even need to extract my leg as it was able to brave through the thick much and meet its counterpart. It was thick and it took a lot of leg power but it was possible. I looked behind me and there was not even a deep mark in the mire. Just a unsettled area where one can see, something was there.

Where my feet met the ground it felt as it my feet were at a depreciating decline. It was solid ground but it felt almost as if it was soft at the same time billowing up and down with my movements. I was only about 3 to 6 feet from the center of the clearing so I decided to keep going forward in that fashion I forced my legs forward and I achieved another 2 feet but if felt as if I was walking down a hill. I heard a squelching noise from underneath me and my body began to sink down and forward. It was as if I was being dragged to its true center. All the while this was happening my excitement grew to a breaking point. I had unconsciously moved my right hand to my sex and my left hand to my chest. My breasts were being groped by my feverish desires. As my fingers gained entry to my pussy I could hear my lips spread and my fingers being shoved in and out of my pussy. I was gushing juices from my excitement. Suddenly I could not feel any sort of ground beneath me. This was unsettling but as soon as I noticed my pussy met the surface of the clearing. It felt as if mother nature was saying to me that it wanted to help me reach the release I need. I bucked my hips into the mire. I lost myself in this feeling for about 4 minutes. I didn’t even realize it when my hips were engulfed and it threatened to overtake my belly button and ribs.

I was in pure bliss. It felt as if mother nature was slowly engulfing me into its warm embrace. I felt as if she was trying to hug me and say all is right. Suddenly my fingers within my pussy got extremely agile, partly because of the creamy mud that mixed with my sex but also from my juices. I had never experienced an orgasm before but a warmth took over my body and I cried out into the sky. My eyes were wet with tears, my mouth was dry from moaning and taking on hot air, and my face was drenched in sweat. My groin continued to buck the mire that it was being suffocated in. It didn’t know the meaning of quitting. It was the first sexual experience of my life and it was not stopping anytime soon. My pleasure was so intense that I curled my feet and bent my legs ever so slightly to brace myself. Doing this made my decent into the mire that much quicker. I sank to bottom of my breasts. I effortlessly scooped up mud and covered my breasts cooling them off but also making them slippery. I was able to rub and pinch my nipple so easily and added degree of pleasure throughout my core.

By the time the mud had almost consumed the top of my breasts I had noticed how deep I have gotten. But it was not the only thing I had noticed I noticed my wrist becoming taught with tension as I was nearing the end of my rope. My hand was stuck inside my sex. I didn’t want to stop moving my finger over my g spot but I had to relieve the tension. I struggled by yanking my arm vigorously in an upward motion. It was raised up inch by inch but I had to sacrifice precious inches above the surface as well. As I was moving my hand I had noticed that the sensation of my pussy being filled had not changed it had remained filled by the mud that had been shoved inside. When I noticed this I began bucking forward and my pussy was being sexed upon like a large penis being thrusted into my deepest depths. I was a little gritty but it felt perfect against my g spot and in the deepest part of my pussy. The mud had reached my upper neck almost an inch below my jaw line and chin. It honestly felt like mother nature was trying to add a kinky aspect to this encounter as it was the perfect amount of pressure on my wind pipe. Like a lover lovingly choking his partner into submission. Between my neck, my pussy and trying to extract my arm it was a war by physically and emotionally because I didn’t want the pleasure to stop. My arm felt like it was being squeezed by the rope and it was currently outstretched towards the tree on the edge of the clearing.

The rope was becoming strained and my arm as well. I suddenly felt myself fall ever so slightly and the mire had claimed my chin and it threated to overtake my lower lip. I realized what had happened. Between the mud lubricating my wrist and the tension on the rope, the rope had slipped off of my wrist. I had realized suddenly that there was no way out of this mire. I was still sinking into the deepest depths of the clearing. Being swallowed up and being offered up into mother earth. I still felt the mire filling my pussy and it felt as if it was throbbing inside of it. I had a renewed passion. I knew for a fact that there was no way out of this situation that I had created. The rope was long gone and the mud was going to eat me alive. I decided that there was only one thing to do, and that was to enjoy what life I have left. And there was only one thing on my mind. To get a final orgasm before departing this world. I reluctantly tried to force my hand that had been pulled by the rope back into position next to my sex. By the time I had successfully moved my arm to my sex, the mire had reached my lower lip and was threatening to spill into my mouth. I tilted my head back as far as I could all the while bucking the mire with my hips and pussy.

The phallic mire inside my pussy pulsated and shoved its way near my cervix. My g spot had been gaining all of the attention. At this point there is not reason to interrupt what mother earth was doing to me but there was not reason I could not assist. I positioned my hand on my clit and started rubbing it skillfully with my pointer finger and middle finger. I found myself opening my mouth as far as I could letting out a feral scream. I had reached another orgasm with not much added effort. My clit was like a button. Every time I circled my clit a good number of times the mire would enter my pussy and throb into my depths. It felt like it was expanding as I thrust forward. It was probably because I was getting deeper into the mire and its pressure was becoming known. I could feel the mire start to overtake my ears and the back of my head was being perfectly cradled. It was taking over the top of my skull and started to pour onto my forehead. I could not tilt my head any farther. I was shaking in place because of all the surges of orgasms that were wracking my body. Every time I convulsed the mire took millimeter by millimeter of my upturned face. Finally, the mire closed over my forehead and closed my eyes forever. All that was above the surface was my nose and my lips screaming in pleasure.

I knew my time was only seconds away from the end. I have to think to myself that this is not the worst way to go. Being cradled inside mother earth and being relieved of my life in the one place that I had truly loved, the earth. As I knew my end was coming to an end the mud was pouring over my lower lip and corners of my mouth. I coughed it out and closed my mouth. I took one final deep inhalation of air through my nose and the mud closed over my mouth and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I pull my legs up from the bottom of the mire and doing so forced my nose under the clearing. All that remained was my hair as I could feel it being dragged under. I wanted one more orgasm before my senses were snuffed and my lungs filled with air. I focused all of my remaining energy into rubbing my clit and bucking my hips back and forth. Something new took me by surprise and when I bucked backwards my butt was spread open and a second phallic entity of put overtook my asshole. I was being fucked by mother earth not only once but twice at the same time. I opened my mouth and screamed as it fucked me from behind and I came into the mire. My body convulsed. The surface of the mire would surely be shaking presently which would be the only evidence that I was there on the surface. I was moaning into the mire and every time I expelled air I anxiously tried to bring more in. But I only could introduce mud into my mouth. Eventually the mud painfully crawled down my throat replacing the air which was once there. I was blessed with one more orgasm before I choked because as by body relaxed and slowly shut down my body surged with a monstrous wave of pleasure. My body heaved one more time and I made peace with the world. My body lay within mother earth. Its final resting place peaceful and lost to the bustles of the world.

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