The Tentacle Mire (M)

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The Tentacle Mire (M)

Postby Black Clay Lord » Mon Sep 19, 2022 6:11 am

Hello! This is the part where I share a newly finished story!

Tentacles & mud. Who doesn't love that combination, eh?
In Olympus, there is always to be a surprise in store for travelers when they least expect it to appear. For one thing, there's a chance you may get eaten by a snake & live later on, other times you'd be captured by a slime girl to be her mate if it's the breeding season for monster girls. But one surprise hardly ever talked about is the swamps & marshes giving off a strange magic that makes them create long sticky tentacles. They are known as the Tentacle Mires.

This phenomenon occurs at random, and planning must be made to take advantage of the occasion as not one same location becomes this mire, and it only lasts for one day. It can be hard to detect, but my family had the tools for doing so so we can spot the emergence of one such mire rather easily. Most of my daughters; when they go to investigate Tentacles Mires, know what it's like to be caught in one. Their experience with the tentacles is unforgettable.

Though if anyone has had a much more hands-on experience with a mire like this, it's Genevie. This masochistic warrior is always out to defend those weaker than herself, but at the same time is always looking to get a heavy dose of pleasure; whether it is from receiving pain, or even sinking in quicksand & being wrapped by snakes. Her tale of one of her encounters with the Tentacle Mire took place deep in the Vast Slimy Mudflats.

This area is well known for having among the gooiest mud imaginable. More so than the mud of Mt. Thick 'n Sticky. Genevie had packed up a sect of clean clothes to change into since the slime of the tentacles was quite corrosive & would melt clothing after much prolonged exposure while bound by them. Genevie had to hike through the Like-Like Jungle to get to these mudflats, and from there, it was a short walk away.

Her arrival was timed perfectly. The immense mudflats had hordes of tentacles rising from the mud non-stop. And she even lucked out. The tentacles were all looking like those of an octopus's tentacles. Each one had suction cups from tip to end; just waiting for someone to step into the mire so they could wrap the victim up in their slimy embraces. Though often, they will simply appear smooth without suction cups. Yet, she preferred the suction cups anyway.

Genevie stood by the mire as it was producing more & more tentacles; wearing barely anything but a g-string thong & bra that revealed her ample bust & curves. "Now let's see how well these tentacles will have at me." Genevie giggles as she steps into the mire. The mud itself felt really gooey & thick on Genevie's bare legs; a good sign that she was in for a good sink. However, she didn't even take 10 steps in & already a tentacle detected her entry.

Genevie had taken at least 7 steps into the mud before she felt a tentacle coil her right ankle almost immediately after taking that 7th step in the mud. It tugged on Genevie's leg some to hold her in place as another tentacle got a hold of her other ankle soon enough. "Oh, oh my gods..." Genevie gasps as the tentacles get a firm hold on her ankles. It's at that point that she immediately took note of something concerning the tentacles right then & there.

"They're so very slimy today~!" She then exclaimed happily. As the tentacles on her ankles secure their hold on her legs, they begin to snake up Genevie's legs, leaving no ounce of skin exposed to the air of the mudflats. Genevie still sank with the tentacles coiling her, but the tentacles also saw no problem in pulling her down some themselves, too. Yet these were not the only ones to get a taste of Genevie's body within their slimy, suction-cup laced grasp.

As Genevie sank to her knees, and the tentacles on her legs reach the base of her waist, another tentacle emerges from the mud & puts on a coil around the top of her waist, aligning with her hips & butt as well. It stops just underneath her breasts as well. "Mmm, no, of course you can cuddle my body~." Genevie giggles, feeling the suction cups of the tentacles sucking on her body. She tried to raise her arms so she could stroke one, only to find them pinned down.

She notices that while the big tentacle on her torso wrapped around it, it also got Genevie's arms pinned to her sides as well; making it so she can't move them away from her body. "Did you really want me this badly~?" Genevie asks with a giggle, watching as another tentacle oozes up from the mud and dangled over her breasts. Genevie watched as the tentacle oozed its corrosive slime onto her bikini top, causing it to melt away in seconds.

"My top!" Gasped Genevie. By now the mud was actively swallowing her thighs, and the tentacles were not relenting in wrapping & squeezing the 1/2 mermaid warrior for even a single minute. The fact that the suction cups employed an even more significant grip didn't help either. Genevie was soon butt deep, and the tentacles still prod it as she just sank deeper & deeper while bound in her tentacle cocoon. Yet Genevie kept her eyes on the one at her butt.

She figured it would try thrusting itself up her butt. It's a chance the tentacle fortunately never takes. Instead, the tentacle finds the lining of Genevie's thong, melting it away within seconds. "Hey, my thong!" Genevie exclaimed the moment her thong melted away. Now she was 100% in the nude while still being ensnared by the tentacles dragging her down deeper still into the mire slowly. Her butt is soon obscured by tentacle coils.

Now just about each square inch of Genevie's body was wrapped in slimy, suction-cup aligned tentacles that showed no ounce of resting from squeezing & caressing her shapely body. Genevie at one point does try to jump up to get back at butt deep, and she even makes an attempt to get her arms free of her slimy binds. The tentacles however, held her fast still & her actions only served to make the suction cups on her apply themselves with greater strength.

"Ooh that feels so good...~" Genevie moaned out, still deeply in love with how much she was being squeezed & caressed by the tentacles. Genevie watched as the mud was closing in on her breasts with her belly already having been sucked under the surface. Though thanks to the tentacle wrapped around her torso, it was a bit hard to tell. Even so, the best way to tell was to see how much tentacle layer Genevie had on her at this exact moment.

Finally, Genevie sank to her huge breasts in the mud. The tips of at least 2 tentacles arose & played with her nipples; filling the warrior with pleasure to the point she was instantly aroused. Though to be fair: The mud itself played a huge role in that as well. "So freaking good~!" Genevie moaned out blissfully. Absorbed by the tentacles squeezing her & by the ones teasing her nipples, Genevie does not even notice one more tentacle going around her neck.

It's only when it lightly pulls on her neck that Genevie took the time to notice her neck's been wrapped. "Oh my, even there, huh...~?" Genevie asks as she saw her breasts go under the mud slowly at this point as well. Even under the mud, her nipples were toyed with on occasion. As Genevie pants heavily, the tentacle on her neck coils up to her mouth & seals it shut, muffling her speech & any other noises she'd make from the sensations, but she still loved it all.

Reaching her shoulders, she did not stay at that depth for very long as the tentacles pulled her down to her chin as the tentacle on her mouth stayed in place; even as Genevie moaned & squealed with delight, despite all those being muffled. Finally, Genevie felt two more tentacles ooze onto her forehead; resting there as she slowly but surely goes under; unable to free herself, but really choosing not to, as she remained in her cocoon of tentacles.

Under the mud, Genevie got a good look at where the tentacles came from. They came from the mud itself. No creature on Earth had this many tentacles to ensnare sinkers in the mires they emerge from. Genevie sank quite deeply while bound by the tentacles. Halfway downward into the gooey bottom however, the tentacles let Genevie go & she came to her senses long enough to start swimming up to the surface, and to the edge of the mud pit she was in.

Of course, the mud itself was really thick, but Genevie swam through it in her human form like it was nothing. She had no interest in drowning here, despite the fact that she'd come back to life right away. Even so, Genevie soon broke the surface, emerging on the edge with a very lewd smile on her face as she exits the mud by crawling out of it slowly. Once on dry land, she looked back at the tentacles constantly popping from the surface, smiling still.

"Oh, that was a load of fun...~" Genevie says to herself. "I have to plan ahead, and do this again...~" For now though, she found the nearest body of water, bathed in it until her skin came clean as a whistle, and put on some new clothes on account her last swimsuit melted away from the corrosive slime those tentacles produced. But, she certainly can get a new one like it. But even so, that's the whole story of Genevie's hands-on experience with the Tentacle Mire.

When will it pop up next time? And where will it appear then? None may fully know when & where, but when that time comes... Would anyone care to join her?

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