Avatar girls in jungle

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Avatar girls in jungle

Postby hyue » Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:23 pm

Wrote this a long time ago. Not sure if it's any good. Link to the original fic here. http://cellthirteen.deviantart.com/#/d5n67t1

The jungle lived and breathed as if it were a single living creature. The distant sounds of animal howls, chirping birds and buzzing insects could be heard from all directions. Massive trees rose out of the ground and reached so far into the sky that they blocked out all forms of natural light while various forms of bio-luminescent plants cast a pale light over the jungle floor.

All of this harmonious rhythm was suddenly interrupted by the sound of crackling air followed by a bright blue flash. The smell of singed bark soon filled the air, as a nearby tree was cleaved almost clean in half by the scintillate but eerily cold bolt of lightning.

All other sounds were deadened by the sounds of cracking and splintering wood as the long dead tree toppled over, breaking the surface of the murky waters of a pool directly in front of it. Silence then reigned as smoke slowly spiraled up through the leaves.

Then, one by one. The sounds of the jungle began anew as if nothing had happened.

A rustle could be heard from a bush the bolt had sailed over, it's leaves blackened and burnt by the bolt. Three figures ominously emerged onto the banks of the pond.

The trio formed a spearhead, stepping one by one onto the tree trunk.

The three women each wore sparse clothing, humidity causing sweat to bead slightly on their brows. All wore tops barely concealing their developing chests, the slight hint of perking nipples visible against the material. Two out of the three sported strong sandals on their clearly pedicured feet.

At the point of the arrow, a woman, barely more than a teenager, but with amber eyes steeled with resolve. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the dim lighting of the jungle, her dark brown hair tied back in an elegant bun. Her body, showed signs of being catered to all her life. Her slim yet muscular figure had no markings on it, alabaster skin clinging to strong womanly curves. Her muscular chest, held two small but firm globes a flat stomach leading to her thin waist and strong set hips, all lean with no fat, strong muscle rippling under the skin yet still feminine and attractive. She wore a red top covering only her breasts, straps criss crossing in front of her neck and a small skirt barely able to conceal her firm butt from view.

To her right, was another girl no older than the first with similar signs of pampering, she wore a bored expression, her gray eyes showing none of the fire or drive that her compatriot did. Her black hair coiffed into two smooth silky balls. Her body also exposed in the warm humid climate had the curves of a developing young woman, a smaller chest, but it was clearly developing too fast for her wardrobe as her round breasts seemed to be fighting against the tight fitting burgundy cloth of her strapless top. Her skirt was longer, falling to her ankles, the same silky burgundy material.

The third of the group looked slightly younger, maybe sixteen. Of the three she was only one sporting a tint of tan to her pale complexion. Her brown eyes alight with joy and excitement. Her body was more worked than the other two, a few inches shorter, but with clearly more developed features. Rounder and larger breasts concealed beneath her white top, which scarcely covered them, meeting in a gold band across her cleavage. A slender waist leading to slightly wider hips, a matching skirt barely holding in her round ass, smooth thighs running down lean feminine legs to her bare feet. She had her light brown hair back in a braid and it still fell to just above her slightly bubbled rear. Wearing white, with pink trimming, the clothing embodying her youth and innocence.

"It's so warm here." The youngest said while wiping her brow and looking up at the trees, a smile of awe on her face. "Don't you think so Azula?" She asked tapping the leader's exposed shoulder.

"What? Yes I suppose so." She said in a snappy preoccupied tone. Then looked across the river to the other bank, looking for something but apparently, not sure what or where.

"But isn't it nice?" She said hugging her shoulders. "I mean it is sort of like a steam bath, but nicer, can you feel the grass?" She asked, wriggling her toes in the cool earth.

"Ty Lee" The third and most sombre girl said. "We aren't here for the scenery" Her voice, like her expression lacked any sort of life. "But where are we?" She asked the one called Azula.

"Somewhere the Avatar isn't." She said, her eyes gleaming at the words. "And we need to find a way out of here and catch up with him." She whispered her head turning looking upwards for signs of the flying bison.

"The Avatar!?" Ty Lee gasped still hugging her shoulders, both her and Mai exchanged glances and they all seemed to tense up, preparing for anything to come at them.

They slowly slunk up to the rivers edge, then stepped nimbly onto the fallen trunk. With strength and agility that betrayed their harmless bodies, they threw themselves through the air, each landing soundlessly on the other bank. They proceeded silently through the bushes, barely the sound of the rustling leaves could be heard as they stepped carefully into a clearing.

Ty Lee was the first to step forward into the clearing. Her bare foot stepping lightly but confidently out into the clearing. Then suddenly, her foot sank into the mossy earth up to her ankle. A thick black substance quickly oozing out and enveloping her sunken foot.

Ty Lee made a disgusted expression with her face as she instinctively put her other foot off to the side in an attempt to pull the other free. As she pushed down with her right foot, the substance rose and stretched as she pulled as hard as she could.

But just as it seemed that she would pull herself free, the solid earth that she planted her foot on gave way and she found herself sunk up to both mid calves in the black mud-like substance.

"What is this!" Azula shouted from behind her, causing the young girl to jump in surprise only to be held in place by the thick goo.

Twisting her body to look behind she saw that Azula was just as deep as she was, both feet stuck in the black ooze and pulling at them like an insect caught in molasses. Her expression one of anger as she furiously tugged at her legs, undoubtedly in refusal to be defeated by something as simple as nature.

Mai was also stuck in the 'mud', being close behind the other two and unable to see the danger ahead until it was too late. Her hands were spread out to keep herself balanced. Her face wearing the same bored expression despite their predicament as she looked around for some way to pull herself out.

Ty Lee made another attempt to pull her legs out. This didn't accomplish much as the black goo around her legs only held on, stretching slightly before sucking them back down even further with a disgusting squelch noise.

"Help!" She squeaked, looking back frantically to Mai and Azula, hoping they had better luck freeing themselves.

Reaching down, Azula grabbing hold of her muscular right thigh and pulled hard with her manicured hands. The pulling however, only made it worse as she sank down to her knees in the muck.

This only seemed to agitate the princess even further.

Grunting and heaving with all her might she continued to pull, but her hands slick with sweat slipped and she lost her balance with her upper body leaning awkwardly backwards. She managed to stop herself from falling on her back only to fall too far forwards, her hands instinctively moving forward to brace for her fall.

But on impact the tar welcomed her, grabbing a hold of her forearms all the way to the elbows. Her ass, which was barely covered by the red skirt, was now pointed up in the air, her toned buttocks on full display. Round cheeks flexing as she shifted her weight to keep herself from being pulled deeper forwards.

Meanwhile, Mai had sunk up to her waist but she hadn't remained idle. Prior to sinking further down she had torn off her long skirt and torn the fabric into long thin strips. She then wove them into a rope with one of her trademark daggers at the end.

Throwing the weighted end upwards, Mai almost expressed an emotion when the makeshift rope wrapped itself around a low hanging branch.

"Look Azula!" Said Ty Lee pointing over to Mai, oblivious to the fact that Azula couldn't see behind her. "Mai's made a rope and pulling herself out."

"That's great Ty Lee." Azula sarcastically replied. "Do you have any more astute observations while you're at it?"

"This stuff feels gross!" The acrobat replied, oblivious to the sarcasm.

Meanwhile, with a lot of pulling, Mai had managed to free herself from the mire and climb onto the branch. As she climbed down to the jungle floor, she saw her two friends sinking deeper into the black depths.

"Mai! Do something!" Azula called back over her shoulder at the girl who was now free.

Ty Lee had not sunk as deep or dangerously as Azula, but the black tar was inching up past her waist and she was starting to panic a little.

"Mai pass me one of those branches, then try and pull be out." She said, wriggling her shapely hips in discomfort.

Mai nodded and quickly grabbed the longest, strongest branch she could find. Hurrying back to the tar pit, she extended the branch to Ty Lee while being careful not to step in the mud herself.

By now the young girl was up past her waist, her defined abs tensing as the cool muck pulled them under.

She reached up to grab the branch, the bottoms of her pert breasts now grazing the surface and by the time she got a good grip, she was almost to her shoulders, her whole chest submerged.

Pulling hard on the branch, Mai managed to slowly pull Ty Lee over to the side. The black muck did not relinquish it's victim easily, pulling back against Mai's efforts and making a defined sucking noise as she moved.

Ty lee soon reached the edge and managed to get a firm grip on some rocks. With both girls pulling as hard as they could, finally the lithe gymnast was up onto land.

Still covered in a thin layer of the tar, Ty Lee lay on her back catching her breath, her round breasts rising and falling on her chest.

Mai meanwhile had taken her branch over to Azula, who was now almost completely under. Her arms were completely submerged save for her shoulders. Her legs were also submerged all the way up to her bubbled ass which was also on the verge of disappearing beneath the surface. She was straining her neck just to keep her head above the surface.

Azula began to heave and shift her entire body when Mai extended the branch over to her, firm ass sinking completely beneath the tar as she struggled to pull her arms free.

Eventually, one of her hands slid out of the muck with a sickening slurp noise and grabbed onto the branch for dear life. But this effort came at a cost and now only her head could be seen, her face just breaking the surface.

"Ty Lee come pull!" Mai groaned as her muscles strained, trying to pull the princess free but with little success.

Hearing this, Ty Lee willed her body to get up and move over to Mai, but even with the other pulling it was a challenge to get her to even budge. The black goo clung tightly to her form and resisted every inch of the way. But neither of them dared stop their momentum, knowing that doing so would end the princess's life.

"Don't stop. Pull with everything you've got!" Azula shouted, her eyes wide with panic and some fear as she struggled to keep her mouth above the tar.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of heaving and pulling, they managed to yank her torso out onto solid land. Her feminine hips came out next with a squelching noise as the tar tried to suck her back down and finally her long legs.

With one last heave the two had their leader completely out and on solid land and then collapsed in exhaustion. The two lay back, looking up at the trees and panting.

After a few minutes of just sitting and collecting themselves, Azula walked over. Her entire body save for her face was covered in tar with large globs oozing down and pooling at her feet.

"Alright ladies." She said in her toughest voice. "Come on, we aren't going to let a little mud beat us. Right?!" She said enthusiastically.

Mai stared at her unphased, "We don't really have a choice, do we." She said glancing at Ty Lee who was not succeeding at hiding her displeasure as a scowl and a little bit of fear inched onto her face.

"But Azula" She started to complain.

"No buts! Come on!" The leader said turning on her heal and marching off along the river bank into the jungle of the swamp. Ty Lee looked at Mai with a pout on her lips, but the two followed slowly after the fire princess.

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Re: Avatar girls in jungle

Postby PM2K » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:23 pm

Sweet! :D Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Re: Avatar girls in jungle

Postby hyue » Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:37 pm

Darnit, I was hoping for more feedback.

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Re: Avatar girls in jungle

Postby Korv » Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:22 pm

I was gonna feed you some back but then I got caught up in Christmas plannings. As a sidenote, I wouldn't really be discouraged over lack of feedback since your story has like almost 300 views on a forum filled with shy lurkers; clearly more than a handful of people like it already. It's when people tell you "man this was incomprehensible and awful" that I'd worry.

I thought you did a perfectly fine job, which I know isn't much of a critique, but... well, I'm kinda of wondering and hoping there's going to be a second part since it seems like they've got some fun times ahead of them. Loved the pacing and little back-and-forths between the gals.

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Re: Avatar girls in jungle

Postby quagmire_uk » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:06 pm

At first I assumed this was going to be to do with the movie Avatar and feature blue cat people, till I realised it was Avatar: The Last Airbender. Much more interesting! :)

Yup, those fire nation girls sure are hot... such a shame that the swamp episode didn't feature any sinkiness at all. Your fun story has rectified that mistake! :D

Would have been cool if they had somehow used their fire-bending to escape. Like destroying a tree so some branches or veines fell within reach.

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Re: Avatar girls in jungle

Postby hyue » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:18 am

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