Wraith part 1 (M, F, QS, magic)

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Wraith part 1 (M, F, QS, magic)

Postby nachtjaeger » Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:54 pm

Going to repost some of my older stories that haven't appeared on this forum (the best of them anyway.) Hope you folks enjoy.

The Wraith, the Witch and the mud pit (or, Possession is nine points of the law.)
Copyright 2005 by Ostlandr. Do not repost without permission.

Part One

I can't tell you how it all started. I remember, of course- you don't forget something like that- but there are issues of security clearances. So I'll give you the Cliff Notes version and let you fill in the gaps for yourself.
My college degrees are in advanced physics, and I was working in my field at the time. While I was working on a piece of equipment, an electrical short that shouldn't have happened closed a relay that should have been open, and a large number of very large capacitors discharged all at once. And instead of being behind shielding in the control room, I was on top of the equipment, trying to diagnose what was wrong with it. I had a full second's warning when I heard the capacitors charging- there's a very high pitched sound, like bats and strobe lights make, that not everyone can hear. I was trying to move towards the door as I heard the relay click, and I remember trying desperately to get away when it hit me- then nothing.
The next thing I remember is hazy. I was in the woods somewhere. I found later it was a nature preserve only a few miles from my old lab. It was dark (I had been working late that night) and I was alone. I was also no longer wearing my body. Let me say here that I had been a devout Atheist, and didn't believe in the existence of the soul. Yet here I was, outside my body. I didn't believe I could move any faster than a walk, so I couldn't. I wandered around for awhile, and realized that I was hungry. This was disturbing. If there was a soul, and I no longer had a body, how could I be hungry? Then I heard voices. I moved towards them, somehow hoping they could help me. There was a young couple, standing on a boardwalk kissing. I followed along the path and walked up to them. I tried to speak, but they didn't notice me. But I noticed all the light and warmth they were giving off. I moved close to the girl, and her light and warmth flowed into me, easing my hunger. Suddenly, I felt myself pushed away from her- somehow she had shielded herself. She pulled away from the young man's embrace, looking scared. "Something just touched me." she said. "Something cold- we should get out of here." The young man laughed. "Okay, we'll go back to my place." I moved to him. Light and warmth. I wrapped myself around him, letting the delicious energy flow into me. I could feel his fear, but he apparently couldn't do whatever shield thing the girl did. I tried to press harder against him, and suddenly found myself inside his body, looking out through his eyes. "Help me!" I said, "I'm lost!" I spoke with his voice. The girl's eyes grew wide with fear for a moment- then she grabbed a pendant of some kind out from her clevage, held it up at me, muttered something that sounded like Latin, and hit me with an invisible something that felt like a baseball bat. I ran, leaving her young man's body and any hope of help behind.
If some of this sounds disjointed, please forgive me. I'm trying to recreate what I felt and thought at the time. I've learned a lot more about metaphysics and the occult since then.

My next trial was dawn. I quickly realized that daylight was not good, and that if I let the sun's direct rays hit my non-physical body I was done for. I found a crack between two rocks and somehow squeezed myself into it. So I passed the day, wondering what I had become, what I would do, and if this was my own personal Hell. I passed my nights from then on wandering the nature preserve and surrounding areas feeding off whoever came by. I learned to be more careful- take too much and I would alert the person. Some people seemed to have natural shields, others had learned to shield themselves. If I fed carefully off their "waste energy" I could manage not to alert them to my presence, except as a cold spot. Others had no shields whatsoever or any way of sensing my presence. These were banquets to me. I realized that TANSTAAFL- "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch." I had used this principle in physics often enough. Energy had to come from somewhere, and I knew a human body only had an output of about a hundred watts. I didn't want to find out what would happen if I took too much from one person. And after that first experience, I decided that stealing someone else's body was a really nasty thing to do from a moral standpoint. (Just because I was an atheist doesn't mean I had no moral code.)
Within days I found a good feeding ground. There was an abandoned house on the edge of the woods. Teenagers were using it as a party spot, and it had a nice dark basement. Perfect. And the kids that I scared spread the story of the "haunted house" which brought more curious visitors. I imagine if it had gone on longer I would have starred in an episode of "Real Ghost Hunters" or some such. But fortunately for me it all ended (my ghostly half-existence anyway.)

It was a warm night, about a month after the accident. I didn't have any guests in what I was starting to think of as 'my house', and I was hungry. I ranged out a bit farther than I usually did, down to the far end of the nature preserve. I was learning to 'move' better, and had convinced myself that I could glide across the ground in long strides. Suddenly my senses picked up a bright energy signature up ahead. Humans weren't hard for me to sense, but this was like a beacon, and I homed in on it. When I got there, I was shocked. The source of all this energy was a naked woman- up to her knees in a mud pit. I started to move closer to her, and found myself blocked. There was some kind of energy bubble surrounding her and the mud pit. I touched it, and it burned. Not too painful, but it stopped me for a moment. I pushed at it with my 'hand' (yeah, I know, I was formless but that's the way I pictured myself.) I could reach through it, but it burned where it touched me. I knew that I could get through it, but at the cost of a lot of energy and pain. I decided the prize was worth it. I managed to squeeze through the barrier. I crept up on her carefully, but she wasn't paying any attention to her surroundings. Her clothes were laying there- apparently she'd walked into the mud on purpose, but I didn't care about that. She was in up to her thighs by this time, and she appeared to be really enjoying the mud. I crept up closer and began drinking the energy she was throwing off. She still hadn't noticed me, so I got bolder and slipped right up behind her. I was eagerly sucking up all the energy she was throwing off. Suddenly, she threw her head back, held up her arms in a circle and said "Come into me!" For just a second, the energy flow reversed- I found out later she was drawing energy from the mud- but I couldn't disconnect myself fast enough and suddenly I was inside her body. I froze. I didn't want her to know I was there, or she might stop what she was doing. Her energy level had been steadily building since I spotted her. I tried to relax as I felt the strangeness of being inside a female body. And this female body was at a sexual critical mass on a buildup towards detonation. So there I was, trapped. She was getting more and more turned on as she sank. When the mud reached her private parts, she started to moan with pleasure. Being inside her body, I was also linked to what she was feeling. Ever had an itch, but you were in a public place and couldn't scratch? That's what I was experiencing. While I was pretending not to be there inside her body, I was getting aroused by what she was experiencing. How could I be aroused without a body? But it was happening, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. She/we were waist deep now, and she seemed intent on getting as deep in the mud as she could go. Frustrated at her slow progress, she diverted a bunch of the energy I had been feeding off of down into the mud. Suddenly, the mud warmed and got softer, water bubbling around her/us, and we slid deeper, up to her breasts. How had she done that? My physicist's mind couldn't accept that she could use some kind of psychic energy to affect the physical world like that- but she just had, and there was no way or reason for her to fake it. But I couldn't think about that any more- she was shoulder deep, and she pulled her arms under the mud so she could rub her nipples. She was moving her hips, making the slick mud caress her you-know-where, She started to tremble, and suddenly I couldn't hold back any longer. She screamed out her pleasure, the spasms taking us chin-deep in the mire, and I was right there with her, silently shouting out in climax.
Then it was over. She was spent, half-concious, and completely vulnerable. I decided this was an excellent time to make my exit. I started to slowly slide out of her body when I abruptly found myself wrapped tightly up into a ball and shoved into a locked corner of her mind. "Gotcha!" her voice said to me, but I knew her lips hadn't moved. I next felt searing crushing pain. “You're going to pay for what you just did to me, shadowspawn." Her mental voice rang in my head, vast and powerful. I knew I was about to die- again.
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Re: Wraith part 1 (M, F, QS, magic)

Postby PM2K » Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:49 pm

Awesome. :D

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