She Asked, You Knew...

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She Asked, You Knew...

Postby duuudeization » Sun Jun 20, 2021 4:42 pm

Another nice day, and you set up your folding chair, cooler, and bag with plans to kick it for the better part of the day in your favorite spot.
Its your favorite because the view is nice, there is solitude, and...
It always seemed to draw lovely ladies there, the ones seeking to avoid the stares and frequent catcalls and intrusions common on more popular spots. had one other little perk.
This pleasant little specimen had arrived right after you did, setting up " shop" a ways off. Sipping something hot, she eventually approached, exchanging pleasantries for a few moments before asking if the water in the distance was deep and/or safe for taking a dip.
She asked. You knew. The water was perfectly safe.
Thanking you again, she sets off for the water. In just a few steps she finds one of the many patches of quickmud, sucking her tiny feet in. She gives a squeal, shooting you a dirty look of anger and betrayal. As you settle in for the show, you remind her that you said the WATER was safe...oh, and that you have a rope in the bag, but it doesnt work if her bikini top is on...
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