Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

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Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby hootersfiend » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:37 pm

Alone in the swamp, she knew she had to make her way back to the road....any road. She couldn't remember how she got here in the first place. She remembered simply waking up amidst the foreboding trees and sticky earth. She started running as fast as she could. It was darker than she'd liked, and she feared stumbling and hurting herself....or worse.

Worse came as the ground beneath her seemed to turn to soft mud and water, and she stumbled up to her chest in the muck. She floated there for a moment, cursing her luck. She knew she had to keep moving though, and she'd stumbled pretty far from the ground she'd left behind. No sense going back that way. Looking ahead, she could just make out a mound of earth that didn't seem too far away...perhaps 30 feet or so.

"I can swim to that!" she said to herself. But as soon as she started a motion for swimming, she felt progress...but not the progress she sought. Instead of progressing forward, she was progressing decidedly downward. Oh, my God,she thought in dread, is this quicksand?!!

She tried to move forward yet again....and she actually managed a few horizontal inches toward the mound of earth in the distance, but she also sank further. She stopped, but she panicked. She tried to bear in mind that struggling only exacerbated the sinking effect, but it was too late....she was being drawn inexorably toward a seemingly bottomless demise. Desperately, before she went completely under, she held her breath. She had only one hope left, given the inevitable outcome of the next several seconds. With that, she submerged.

Her mind raced. She thought of her family and friends. She had a light speed reflection on her life. She thought of the loneliness she felt in this dismal marsh. She thought of her boyfriend...and he was the last thing she remembered seeing before she came to in this godforsaken place.

These are my dying thoughts,she realized. What did that bastard do to me?!

Before she could entertain another thought, she realized she'd stopped moving downward. Her feet -- did they hit bottom? She tried to push upward, but could not. In the strain, she lost some of the air she'd so desperately taken in. Afraid to swallow any of the tepid muck, she calmed herself...but she knew she only had another couple of minutes before she'd black out, and surrender to the viscous darkness surrounding her. She tried to press forward....and she was succeeding. With every effort, she exerted a little more. How far was it to that mound? 30 feet? Please, dear God, let me make it there!she thought plaintively.

It seemed like forever in moving that distance...walking through the mud and water like that. She sensed that she'd finally reached an incline of some sort. Could she finally be headed back toward air....and life? She was red-lining exhaustion, and she collapsed in the muck. Have to keep going!she urged herself...and with every fiber of her being she continued her journey toward salvation. Her lungs burned from the pressure of holding so much air. She wanted so bad to exhale, but she knew she could not.

Finally, her head broke the surface of the mire! Reflexively she gasped her first taste of air, stagnant as it was in this swamp, it certainly was the breath of life at this moment! She could feel her feet starting to slip back toward the pit. She kicked her feet forcefully into the ground beneath her, and pushed her way forward as much as the soft earth below the muck would allow. She was covered in mud. Her jersey and her cutoff shorts were heavy with water and mud. Her skin felt slimy. Her hair dangled in her eyes. She felt like shit!

But she could now breathe! Pressing on, she finally managed to crawl the rest of the way out of the muck. When she was satisfied that she was safely out of the pit, she dropped her head to the earth, fully exhausted from the struggle back to life. A moment later, she rolled over, taking in large lungfuls of air.

She thought back to her treacherous boyfriend. That son of a bitch is in for a rude awakening!she mused. For the moment, she lay there, contemplating her retalliation and revenge.


Ok folks, as promised, here, finally, is a quicksand video. There are two versions. Standard view, and 3D view.
If you have red/cyan 3D glasses handy, I think you'll like the effect in the 3D version.

I managed to create a muddy overlay for the girl, so she actually looks a little muddy crawling out of the quicksand.

I hope you'll enjoy this. It was fun to put together. :)

The Hootersfiend
In quicksand 001 full version.wmv
The regular version.
(4.54 MiB) Downloaded 1640 times
In quicksand 001 3D full version.wmv
This is the 3D version of the same video. Check around your place to see if you have the traditional red/cyan 3D glasses. (You probably do if you have a 3D DVD movie lying around.)
(4.19 MiB) Downloaded 344 times

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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby Viridian » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:16 am

The angles on that one was pretty impressive. It was pleasurable to watch.
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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby Doomsand » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:43 am

Hey, well done. That was quite cinematic. Thanks for posting, it was good to watch indeed.

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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby PM2K » Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:36 pm

This is a nice one indeed! Thanks for this! :D

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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby hootersfiend » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:19 pm

Thanks, everyone. It was indeed fun to put together....not to mention distractingly arrousing. LOL!

Doomsand, thanks for the "cinematic" compliment. Most kind. I do try to think in movie terms when doing this stuff, so it looks like I got it right. Thanks again. :)

Viridian, I'm glad you found it pleasurable. :) It was pleasurable to throw together too. I just need to download a LOT more sound FX so I can give my mini-qs-movies more life.

PM2K, I'm happy you enjoyed this one. I try to experiment with a few styles, but namely in the tentacle swamp monster and quicksand variety. Next time, I'll try to make the sinking a little slower...and focus more on the fear and struggle of the victim. :)

Thanks again, everyone. Most kind.

The Hootersfiend

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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby nachtjaeger » Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:27 pm

Another nice one.
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Re: Another sexy girl caught in quicksand....oh,my...

Postby hootersfiend » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:21 pm

Danke, nachtjaeger. :)

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