Searching for 2 stories

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Searching for 2 stories

Postby Kirichii » Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:48 pm

Does anyone know where I can find out get copies of 2 stories.

1. Girl exploring in woods and Glen. She sees something shiny and goes to inspect it. She finds mud and stays sinking in it and starts enjoying herself. She digresses to a flashback of playing in mud when younger and remembers an interesting feeling. It shoots back to present and she removed her to and decides to enjoy herself more. I don't believe she submerges. I was around 15 when it came out so it's almost 15 years old today.

2. It was in a different site. I had a copy and it disappeared. Now the site removed it. It involves her letting her family babysit her kids. She explored her property and finds a sinking pit. She sinks and has lots of fun never getting to deep and always squatting to get deeper. She marks areas that aren't too deep. As summer turns to winter all she can do is fantasize about sinking again. When sorting his she immediately goes to sink again and loses control. She sinks naked pay her hips and then her breasts. When she comes to she realizes how skewed she is and all she can do is say oh no before going under.

Any help will by greatly appreciated ❤❤

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