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Hand-drawn or CGI. If you started with a blank screen or sheet of paper, it's cool to post it here!
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Now on Patreon

Postby AWSands21 » Tue Dec 07, 2021 10:49 pm

Well...never thought I'd be doing this. If this is the wrong place for a post like this, point me in the right direction. It seemed the most appropriate given the topic and my usual content. If posts like these (self-promition) aren't allowed, I apologize. I couldn't find any indications one way or another. I promise I'll only do this once! ;)

I'm on Patreon now. I'm not putting my regular art behind a paywall, don't worry. I'll continue posting contributions here and on DA as usual. But I am offering a few bonuses. Access to old, archived work, alternate versions of current and future art with comic-style dialog/captions, and occasional exclusive drawings, to name a few. If I've included the link correctly, you can check out the full menu there.

I know I'm bound to get mixed reactions and a few eye-rolls for this, but I'm mostly experimenting with the platform for fun. I do put a fair amount of time and effort into my drawings, which has led to a steady increase in both quality and quantity. I'll always love drawing women in quicksand, and I have and will do it gladly for free. Any change tossed my way is just the cherry on top.

Anyways, I dropped the news on DA yesterday, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to spread the word around here as well.
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