I'm sinking for you ( grim. fatal. wiilling, short story)

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I'm sinking for you ( grim. fatal. wiilling, short story)

Postby arvas » Mon Jan 10, 2022 5:18 pm

I was walking through the woods in a tight white dress. This dress was very short, so half of my round elastic ass was visible. The neckline almost completely showed my breasts No. 3. I was walking. playing with my buttocks especially for you. You were always hiding, but you looked very carefully. You were very good as an uninvited spectator, your presence always excited me.
I stopped abruptly and wanted to call you. "But what if you get scared and run away?" - I thought and just lifted the dress, showing the whole ass. I didn't wear panties especially for you. I didn't squirm for long and raised my arms to my chest. I lowered the straps of the dress and showed my breasts. I saw you watching from behind a tree. It turned me on a lot. I hurried to go to my goal, but I didn't forget to wag my ass to please you.
When I came to a big puddle of mud with a sign: "DANGER QUICKSAND". I was wondering if you'd notice that I didn't bring a rope today.
I walked up to the shore of the swamp and smiled. This is the first time I have plunged into this swamp. I took off my dress and laid it carefully on the shore. I left a note for you: "Thank you so much for watching me dive. I really enjoy diving better, feeling your gaze. Although I do not know your name, but I ask you to take my dress for your pleasures. I am so happy that YOU have become my spectator.!!!" - then I kissed the note, leaving a trace of lipstick.
I took a few steps. My legs sank to my knees. I felt myself getting wet. The warm mud was very soft. This dirt enveloped my shins, and I felt an electric discharge at my pussy. "Oh yeaaaaahhhh," I whined, succumbing to the surging waves of excitement. With every inch of my legs submerged, I felt the waves of electricity between my legs getting much stronger.
I screamed loudly and shook with orgasm. The dirt began to swallow the hips, and the excitement became monstrously huge. I felt tears of pleasure flow down my cheeks. I imagined how you looked. My excitement was getting stronger.
The thighs completely disappeared in the mud. I grabbed my womb and felt myself flowing through my fingers. I opened my mouth wide, but I couldn't make a sound from the excitement that overwhelmed me. The fact of your presence increased the excitement several thousand times. I was exhausted from ecstasy. The dirt has already sucked off my ass and started on the lower back. «Ohh yeahhh!! I'm really sinking!!! Please suck me.xuck me. Yeahhh. suck me!!!" - I repeated when the dangerous quicksand was hiding my ribs, one by one. The swamp squeezed my ribs hard. I felt a pain in my chest from this pressure. The more painful it was for me, the more powerful were the waves of coming pleasure.
I cried with incredible excitement when the mud began to lick my nipples with wet movements. «Ohhhh!!! Please! Please!! Please!! Deeper!! Ohhh deeper!!" - I stopped understanding what was happening around me. The orgasm was too amazing. I just felt every wave of pleasure hitting my temples. I squeezed my eyes shut, I couldn't open them from excessive ecstasy. Danger quicksand was already gradually hiding my collarbones. Goosebumps ran down my shoulder blades, making me arch. «AAAhhh. Yeas! Swallow me, swallow me! Yeahhh swallow me," I whispered. Because of the strong pressure on my chest, I couldn't breathe, Because of the lack of screaming, I couldn't let out even a little excitement, which was already driving me crazy.
I was really on the verge of delirium from ecstasy. Swamp has already started sucking my neck. «Take me!! Take me!! Please take me completely!!! Oh I’m really sinking!!! I'm so glad sinking here!!!" I whispered with difficulty, holding my face above the surface.
I took a few deep breaths and the swamp took me completely. My chest was burning from the inside. This fire burned out consciousness, leaving only an orgasm. Completely immersed, I completely went crazy with ecstasy. My body was not ready for such a strong arousal, so I completely plunged into the swamp. I was twitching in the best convulsions of orgasm, my legs seemed to be running at the speed of a car, simultaneously in all directions. I opened my mouth wide in a silent scream of orgasm. I felt pleasure flowing through my body with every sip of hot mud. The agony from the lack of air intensified the unbearable orgasm a billion times. I felt a powerful shock of pleasure, which was stronger than all the previous ones. I couldn't stand such ecstasy and fainted. My body twitched for several more hours in the last convulsions of a finally fading orgasm.
I didn't sing to find out your name. But I am very grateful to you. If it wasn't for your presence, my orgasm would have been a hundred times less. Thank you for the best dive of my life!!!!

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