Sacrifice Pit in old DuckTales cartoon.

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Sacrifice Pit in old DuckTales cartoon.

Postby OdetteFan85 » Thu Jan 20, 2022 4:59 am

When I was a kid, the first image that would come to mind upon hearing the word "cartoon" would be of "DuckTales". I've been going back and watching episodes I haven't seen since childhood. Without warning, I stumbled onto something that may have worked it's way into my sub-conciousness many years ago without me realizing it!

The episode in question is called "Jungle Duck". Pictured here, a jungle tribe has captured Scrooge and the gang, intending as some kind of ritual or execution to force them off that elevated platform into a pool of what the ducks refer to as "crude oil". The moment I saw this image, something in the back of my mind went "click". You see, I had no idea, but I've been imagining myself on that scaffold in the midst of those little huts for a long time!

Believe it or not, imagining myself being forced off a flimsy bamboo platform to sink slowly until I drowned in some bubbling, viscous substance while others eagerly watched was one of the first things I ever remember getting me turned on! Sometimes it was being captured like this, or perhaps I'd be an unlucky member of the tribe chosen for the privilege. Of course, it was my fellow humans that were subjecting me to this rather than ducks!

I'm sure everyone here has imagined themselves encountering quicksand alone in the jungle, but that ensuing struggle being gawked at as a spectacle by voyeuristic heathens added an irresistible dash of spice to the recipe. Over the years I've expanded on the idea and came up with all kinds of variations on this theme, among many others. One of the more outrageous of these is my demise being nationally televised via drone in "The Hunger Games"!

However, that rather-specific blend of quicksand as a means of human sacrifice that seems to be rare, even in sinking-based media! Being that I would have very likely encountered this scene more than once during my formative years, I've drawn a hypothesis that this particular episode of DuckTales might where my developing mind became introduced to such a morbid fantasy.

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Re: Sacrifice Pit in old DuckTales cartoon.

Postby MadMax359 » Fri Jan 21, 2022 1:34 pm

don't call it morbid--- call it exciting!
as long as we're just fantasizing then no one gets hurt :twisted:
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